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Deathtrap Dungeon has to be one of the most boring and worst Playstation games to hit the shelves. A bit like Tomb raider, only worse. You prance around dungeons with a weapon, slaying everything, jumping up high platforms in sparse dungeons, chop up a few demons and getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

You can play as a barbarian who carries a sword and is an all-round question. Another character is a female warrior, wholike the barbarian, carries a sword. The differences in the characters is strengh and speed, and nothing much changes in terms of attributes.

The game starts off when a dragon terrorizes the place and a village build a labyrnith around it. There is a reward of ten thousand gold for the person who manages to slay the dragon. Many people tried the challenge, but failed, and it looks like it is up to you, the player to wander through the maze and slay the dragon, in ten boring levels.

The graphics aren't that good, and don't even match the graphics of the older playstation games which came out on launch. They are blocky, full of glitches, slow animations which are not impressive at all!

I have to give the game some credit for it's sound. Thesound effects on sword slashing, monster cies and dashing are quite good, most probaly the best thing in the game except for the story. As for the music, it shouldn't be hyped over. It is quiet and annoying, and better off with the music off, even though it is quite quiet.

The characters in Deathtrap Dungeon handle far too slow. The attacks from sword take ages as well, the game goes far too slow for my liking.. The enemies go and attack quite fast as well, so if you have fast foe's to tackle, it is a bit harsh with a slow character really.

The screen in the game displays much more then it should. You have health, weapons, magic, items and much, much more on the screen which is really un-needed. Iam Livingstone, the creator of Deathtrap Dungeon should have known that people just want fun in games these days. Mind you... that is a hard thing to ask for in this day and age.


- Ian Livingstone's creation comes to life
- Good sound effetcs
- Good story


- Bad in most aspects
- Ian Livingstone's creation comes to life in an appauling game!


Graphics - 2/10
Music - 2/10
Sound - 9/10
Story - 8/10
Gameplay - 1/10
Enjoyment - 1/10
Lifespan - 3/10
Challenge - 7/10
Overall - 2/10


Try a Tomb Raider game, Castlevania or Nightmare Creatures!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/11/02, Updated 05/11/02

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