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"I was wrong..."

What a stupid review I had written ! I was very angry when having stuck near the end of the game. I didn't know how a Puzzle/Strategy game is and I had made a mistake when having criticized this game so strictly. Now I have already thought over to the my last decision : 7/10. I think this score is right now. It's not a bad score of an ordinary for me. So now I will re-analyze why I give this score.

Gameplay 7/10
Not very good, but fairly great. You must arrange many tactics that must suit to each type of enemies, then you must combine with Room Traps to create great combos. The traps are various and useful with a variety of forms and styles. Generally, Deception III also has some good very advantages I must admit anyway. But besides, it also has some bad weaknesses. As I said in the last review, the game makes no sense and fun because you must attend to the story episodes and the strategies more than you get fun. The strategies are almost the same as the sums in your homework because it lacks the fun of a real game. This is the most important mistake of Deception III I think.

Storyline 6/10
Rather good. The game has a story about ancient era which was the era of power and economic odds. This is also a good topic to create following games. As you are playing the game, you can change the ending of the story by following the different situations of the game. This is very great to a strategy game. The thing I hate in this game is that all the endings are so sad. There must be at least one role dying in each ending. I prefer happy endings to this. But it's also great because of that, Tecmo has created a very impressive strategy about power and fame, as a message to people in the life.
But beside the good points there are always bad points (Deception III's rule). The characters have many illogical actions that I can't understand. In arduous situations, no character seems worried or attended that makes the characters in game ''lose their living''. Or is it because of the bad graphic ?

Graphic 7/10
As the last review, the graphic just deserves 7 marks from mine. The graphic doesn't take all the real features of Playstation that the colors are not sharp and clear. The blur making is bad too. We don't see the living in characters' action. Reina and others can't show the sadness, happiness, fear, tremendous state... etc or general emotions on their face because of the low-quality graphic, only the eyes and mouths act unlively. This is a very bad point !

Sound & Music 8/10
The sound can be justified although it's not very real : The clashes of sword cuts seem like shaking toys, the activate-trap sounds are not good. But the music in this game is really wonderful. It's a good combination of modern music and ancient that makes us think of the era in the game. Beside, the music is also suitable with different situations and bosses. This is all right.

Character design 4/10
They are all good. But I still can't be satisfied with Reina's design. She is an adoptee of Rosetta and considered as Paul's sister. Do you see her family ? Rosetta and Paul seem simple in easy clothes while Reina's costume is designed to look like modern fashion, half-modern and half-ancient.

Trap System 8/10
Good traps and bad traps are present. As my opinion, Ceiling Trap is the best. But Tecmo is wise enough to make them as the hardest trap to use alone with enemies. It's rather easy for you lure your enemies to Floor or Wall Traps, but it's the opposite for Ceiling ones. The Room Devices are very great and useful (but I wonder if there are tons of dangerous devices like this in a house. It would be terrible.)

Enemy Design 9/10
Deception III is a game that has the most various enemy system I have ever seen. Although some of them are repeated, they are all have their styles and different attacks - a treasure of strategies for them. Deception III contains very heavy datas about enemies, but the whole game is just in a disc. I like this point !

Modes 7/10
This game has variety of modes to play, including Training before playing. This would support the players to play this game more successfully. But I don't like. My opinion is that other modes just make us more fun and not to be bored this game early.

Replayability 7/10
This is not a very good game in my mind. But I warranty the secrets in the game will confuse you very much and you must play it more if you want to have all the real secrets of the game yourself.

Buy or not ???
- Buy if you are a Strategy Game Fan
- About other fans, it all depends on you.

Overall Score : 7/10

Though it's not perfect, Deception III is the game that has the biggest variety of miracles I have ever seen.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/13/01, Updated 02/04/03

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