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"A truly unique experience!"

Here we review a fine specimen called Deception III - Dark Delusion. You play the part of a beautiful (and hot!) heroine, though there are different scenarios and endings, and set traps similar to in the other Deception titles. Deception III, though, is a whole different ballgame.

In a beautiful display of cubic graphics, You must set traps to destroy your enemies, who scream in their death throes while pouring out pools of cubic crimson. Everyone screams differently, which is always entertaining. Very rarely do you see a game where you actually KILL your opponents, not just wound or defeat them. The CG movies are very nicely done also. If you're a REAL stickler for graphics, and I'm not, then you may not appreciate the value of this rare masterpiece. Anyone who would take better graphics over gameplay this nice belongs in the nuthouse!

Speaking of gameplay, this is where Deception III shines. Its VERY unique in its style, integrating RPG, Strategy, and Action/Adventure elements to breed a new kind of game. You set traps for intruders in different castles and set them off in an effort to slow down and KILL your enemies! Not for the faint of heart, I say, anyone who really minds violence better stay away from this one! Definitely not for kids! But for us adults who understand the difference between fantasy and reality, setting traps for idiot soldiers who walk through and door and immediately get hit by a giant bear trap, set on fire by a giant face on the wall, and slammed by an exploding rock can be an excellent way to spend your spare time. Placing traps and purchasing/creating new traps is a system that requires some getting used to, but setting off the traps is quite easy even though there are many different enemies with different strengths and weaknesses.

Music and sound are merely accents on this game, though the music is mostly repetitive and backdrop-ish, the sound effects are excellent and the screams of the dying certainly could strike a cord in your very soul.

The Story of this game is entertaining so far, you're a heroine, your family is kidnapped ... the rest would be spoiling it for you. You set traps to KILL enemy invaders (yes, KILL!!!) but its not just useless carnage, you are eventually heading toward an actual goal.

Violence is part of our lives, boys and girls, and settings traps for unsuspecting morons isn't much different than breaking necks and shooting people in Metal Gear Solid or destroying other cars in Twisted Metal Black (both great games by the way). Violence toward other people when unwarranted is certainly not a good thing, but when its in a safe environment like a Strategy/RPG like this, have at it. I believe the reason this game is so rare is because of the ''horrible violence and gore.'' While it is CERTAINLY not for children, adults with BRAINS should enjoy this game immensely for it challenges the mind in a way not yet explored by modern gaming. It certainly has a place in my collection with the Final Fantasies and Twisted Metals and Suikodens as a great game.

Replay value is off the charts, considering there are SO many traps and SO many enemies. If you really really want to enjoy your PSX/PS2, hop on eBay and get Deception III for between $10-$15, you won't regret it unless you're a softy!!!

So why a 9 and not a 10 if I like it so much? Well, NO game has been perfect so far but a 9 is as close as you can get. This game is unique and awesome, period.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/19/01, Updated 09/19/01

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