"Heaping amounts of originality, with some minor flaws that bog the overall experience down...still, worth owning."

Tecmo's Deception was one of the first-generation Playstation titles -- and boy, could you ever tell, especially in retrospective. In my opinion, the game just didn't age well at all. However, with Deception III we manage to lose that dated and somewhat hoaky appeal that was slathered all over the first installment. Deception III has extremely high production values, beautiful graphics and a fair amount of gore and sadism. On top of that, the original gameplay of the first is not only still intact, but is better than ever.

For anyone who has never played a Deception game before, it's like this : you strategically place traps to take out people who are after you. Pendulums and bear traps, amongst a huge list of other things, are you're weaponry, and you must lure your predators into them successfully. There is no direct combat in this game.

If strategy is your cup of tea (it really isn't mine, usually) then you will absolutely LOVE this game. And hey, even if you really aren't much into strategy titles, then still give it a shot -- you might just find out that you really enjoy luring people to their deaths in numerous different ways.

The biggest thing that Deception III has going for it is definitely replay value -- since you can set traps anyway you want, you'll have infinite combinations to keep you busy. On top of that, there is a points system that rewards the really brilliant players out there. Earning points gets you more traps.

The biggest flaw with this game is definitely in the shoddy translation -- typos are scattered throughout the dialogue, and some of what the characters say just doesn't make any sense at all. On top of that, the story is a bit confusing and somewhat cheesy -- but it's not all bad, and it's worth sitting through, if for no other reason than to fuel your hatred towards the people who you will be taking out with all of those nifty traps.

There's a lot to be said about this game, but really I think it all boils down to one main point : if you love watching polygonal characters die in big deep-red pools of blood, then you will absolutely adore this title. There is definitely no other games out there like Deception III.


1) extremely original gameplay
2) this installment doesn't feel as hokey and dated as the first
3) lots of blood
4) tons and tons of replay


1) music was rather "blah"
2) horrible translation and tons of typos
3) can get a little hard/frustrating in some parts

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/04

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