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    Secrets FAQ by d0wner

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 [DewPrism / Threads of Fate Secrets FAQ]
                   [version 1.1 / released: 02.11.2001]
                       written by D. Engel [d0wner]
                 :email: d0wner451 (at) hotmail (dot) com
          table of contents
    01> intro
    02> magic colors/effects
    03> rue's sidequests
    04> legendary stuff
    05> rod the blade star
    06> useless/useful items
         -rare wine
         -mysterious statue
    07> the dream sequence
    08> unsolved mysteries
    09> credits/legal BS
        01> INTRO
    This guide exists to help you achieve the few but all-important
    secrets in Square's latest outing Dewprism, also known this side
    of the Pacific as Threads of Fate.  It also serves the purpose of
    pointing out the subtle hidden messages that some obviously bored
    Square programmers have placed in the game.  It is not a walkthru,
    contains no boss strategy, etc.  This game doesn't really need it
    either, but if you must there are plenty of such guides out there.
    However, here's a tip on puzzles: any puzzle in Rue's quest is
    solved by transforming into an enemy and/or using one of their
    abilities, and any puzzle in Mint's game is solved by using her
    various magic spells.  This should take care of at least ninety
    percent of the puzzles.  For the ones it dosn't solve, as well as
    walkthru and strategy info, there are a number of excellent guides
    already posted, and there's no sense beating a dead horse.
    However if you want to finish the game 100%, look no further.  And
    if you were foolish enough to pay for this game, then you are
    probably a little miffed about its length, and would like to get a
    little something more out of it.  Hence the guide.
    Also take note that despite the title this guide is made entirely
    with and for the North American version of the game, somewhat
    ridiculously re-named Threads of Fate.  That might be a good name
    for a message board sim (hey, new genre), but not this game.  To
    ensure maximum Yank confusion, refer to the game as DewPrism at
    all times, especially when speaking to the chumps at EB.
    *A note on treasure chests*
    Although it is true that the hovering neon pink diamond / clam
    shell things that contain items in no way resemble a treasure
    chest, such is their function, and so they shall be called.
    Suggested Soundtrack: Far - Water & Solutions
    >>Where to find this guide:
      *www.gamefaqs.com - surefire way to get the latest version
      *www.gamewinners.com - most likely up to date
      *www.consoledomain.co.uk & gamesdomain.co.uk - should be up to
       date as well, but you never can trust those brits
    >>Where NOT to find this guide:
      *www.rpgamer.com - rpgamer is currently not hosting this guide,
       nor will they ever be.  so don't look for the guide there, cuz
       you won't find it.  while you're at it, do yourself a favor and
       boycott their site, as it might give you VD.
    This section will help you to find all the spell effects in Mint's
    quest, allowing you to cast ridiculously powerful spells that will
    waste all your MP in one fell swoop.  These spells are, for the
    most part, completely useless; but fun, in a demented sort of way.
    Without further ado, here's how to indulge yourself.
    There are a total of seven colors of magic, which work very much
    unlike most other Square games.  You will start the game with
    White and Blue magic.  Forget what you know about magic, because
    almost every spell in this game is offensive, or on occasion
    protective.  There is only one healing spell, which you
    won't get until the end of the game (and it isn't white magic).
    Anyways, the other colors are Red, Green, Black, Yellow and Gold,
    in the order you get them.  None of the colors are hidden in any
    way, you will automatically get them as the story advances.
    The spell effects, on the other hand, are a completely different
    story.  Again there are seven total and you will start with two.
    Aside from the two you start with tho, most of the others are
    devilishly hard to obtain.  Finding the spell effects is both one
    of the game's greatest challenges and greatest rewards, which is
    yet another reason why it is more fun to play as Mint.  The
    effects are listed here in order of when you can first pick them
    up, here's the breakdown:
    >>Normal & Wide >
    You will start the game with these two effects.
    >>Super >
    Found in the Underground Ruins.  In the second segment of the
    dungeon, you must collect six tokens to advance.  The room with
    the last token will be side view instead of top down, and you
    must use fire magic to melt the ice block in the way.  Past that
    there are two more ice blocks, which you must melt to get the
    Super effect.  To liquefy all three blocks your MP must be around
    110, it is possible with as little as 106 but if you miss once
    you'll have to start over.  The 2D/3D physics are somewhat odd,
    so it helps to use the D-pad to stay in a perfectly straight line.
    When you get through, you will be rewarded with the Super effect
    as well as the all-important Rare Wine, see the items section for
    details on how to use this.
    >>Power >
    This is also found in the Underground Ruins, and is easier to get,
    but takes some time.  It is found on the body of the boss you
    fight named Skull Beast, the master of breathing fire and
    jumping on platforms.  However, after you run from him on the
    spiral staircase, you automatically go back to town.  So you must
    go back to the Underground Ruins and make your way to the bottom
    of the spiral staircase, and search Skull Beast's body for the
    Power effect.  There is a talking green potted plant just past the
    spot where you first fought Skull Beast which will send you back
    to town real quick-like.
    >>Circle >
    This one is a, um, bitch to get.  The first thing you have to do
    is get Black magic, which you will find on Raging Mountain.  After
    you've got it return to Carona Forrest.  Now return to the part
    where you scale down the rock cliffs.  Very soon you will get to a
    small ledge; from here you can jump to the right to land on
    another longer ledge with a rock at the end.  This particular rock
    is only useful in Rue's quest, so instead from the small ledge you
    started on fall off to the left.  You should land on a piece of
    cliff that you probably missed before, with a Mandola on it.  To
    the left is a gap and then another small ledge with a rock on it.
    This is your target.  Here's the easy part: shoot the rock with
    the spell 'Graviton' (black + power), it may take a few tries,
    just keep inching closer.  Eventually you will blow the rock up,
    revealing a chest.  Now here's the hard part.  You must jump the
    gap to get the chest, and there is _just_ enough space to do it,
    with a very small margin of error.  If you successfully make the
    jump, you will probably land on top of the chest, that's how close
    it is.  If you fall, there is no way back to that point without
    going all the way through Carona Forrest again.  Have fun.
    >>Hyper >
    This one is pretty easy to pick up.  To get it, you must go back
    to Raging Mountain after you finish the Tower of Maya and before
    you head off to Valen's Fortress.  When you reach the top you will
    find Rue, who has been having tea and crumpets with Wygraf.  The
    aged dragon will challenge you to another fight, and when you win,
    he gives you the Hyper effect and his blessings.
    >>Cosmos >
    When the time comes you will receive this spell effect.  Don't
    worry, you can't miss it.
        03> RUE'S SIDEQUESTS
    One of the major differences between Rue and Mint's quests, at
    least as far as secret hunting goes, is that while Mint has to
    search for many of her abilities (effects), all of Rue's abilities
    are out in the open, without exception.  There is not one monster
    in the game that is hidden or difficult for Rue to find, although
    they may be hard to find at the right time, due to the very poor
    system used to decide which you keep.  As a way to compensate for
    this, there are a few quests that have been added in so the Rue
    players can now too feel the frustration of hunting down those
    pesky spell effects, except they are now replaced with useless
    items.  Onward.
    >>The Other Rock in Carona Forrest >
    Remember the circle spell effect?  Now remember the other rock to
    the right that was useless in Mint's quest?  Well that rock's days
    are numbered now.  If you don't know where it is, go to the steep
    cliff in Carona Forrest and when you get to the first ledge that
    appears to drop off, jump right, the rock is at the end of the
    path.  So to smash it, you'll need to transform into 'Bubba', the
    big guy on Raging Mountain with the hammer.  You also need the
    monster 'Stinger', the little porcupine guy found on the very
    cliff in question.  Once you've got them, smash the rock and use
    the Stinger to climb into the small hole behind it.  Inside you
    will find yourself in a small cave with a new enemy which I think
    is called 'Little Bat', pretty self-explanatory.  Once you kill
    all the Little Bats that come at you a treasure chest drops down
    from above, containing a lone Star Stone.  Now if this seems like
    a completely lame reward, it is; there could be another yet to be
    discovered purpose to this.  Or maybe not.
    >>Ootang in Carona Forrest >
    While passing through Carona Forrest, you may have noticed an
    Ootang (monkey) jumping on the stone ruins.  You also may have
    walked over to him, causing him to jump away and you to follow.
    If the last two statements are true, you probably also noticed
    when you reached the large tree trunk that you are not a Ootang
    and you cannot jump up it.  So here's what to do: make sure you
    can transform into the 'Mandola' enemy (the plant in Carona
    Forrest).  Then approach the Ootang as he is jumping in place and
    become the Mandola.  Hit triangle to use the bloom ability.  The
    Ootang will be aroused by the flower's pleasant aroma and begin
    walking around you.  Now use the plant's one weak attack to shoot
    seeds at the monkey and grab his coin.  Now you can become the
    Ootang and climb up the tree.
    Above you will find another small area above the trees where you
    fight some Stingers and Ootangs.  There is one branch in this area
    that acts like a trampoline; it dosn't move but when you stand on
    it you will bounce up and down.  As an Ootang, jump off this
    branch and it will spring you to the top where you can find a
    chest with <gasp> a single oh-so-valuble Moon Stone.  Besides the
    satisfaction of finding and navigating this area, this is the only
    reward you get...at least in the final version of the game.
    Someone has kindly pointed out to me that in a guide for this game
    done by PSM magazine (written from a beta copy of the game), they
    said that this route led to a shortcut to Klaus' house.  Which,
    like the Moon Stone, is pretty damn useless.  So there you have
    it.  In the final version of the game, at the end of the area  you
    drop down on the rocky cliffs, on a new ledge just to the left
    of the rock Mint needs to destroy to get her 'Circle' effect.  For
    the curious, if you transofm into Bubba and smash the rock, there
    is nothing under it.
    >>Mysterious Wall in the Ghost Temple >
    This isn't really a side quest, but a few people had written in
    asking about it, so I thought I'd clear it up.  When you first are
    allowed to enter the left-hand door in the Ghost Temple, walk
    straight down the first hallway and into the wall in front of you.
    The camera will zoom in on what looks like a door, but you can't
    enter it for now.  This is the door that you escape through with
    Duke and Elle at the end of the Ghost Temple.  For proof, go back
    through the Ghost Temple a second time, and go though the small
    door on the left-hand side of the room where you fought Duke.
    This quasi-side quest involves collecting the three 'Legendary'
    items and bringing them to the bartender Jargen at the pub in
    Carona.  Once this is accomplished a fourth option, 'Today's
    Special', will be added to the somewhat odd selection of drinks
    the bar serves.  Before we get into what this does tho, you'll
    need the 3 Legendary items.  It is worth noting that this is
    probably a jab at that _other_, very similar action RPG from
    Square, Brave Fencer Musashi.  Brave Fencer also contained a
    number of items which were prefixed 'Legendary', and were very
    powerful, unlike the mockeries found here.  For shame.
    >>Legendary Sword >
    The first item can be found in the Underground Ruins. In the room
    right after you run from the boulder, where you must jump on the
    flashing platforms, there is a ledge opposite from the entrance
    with a chest containing the sword.
    >>Legendary Shield >
    This is found on Raging Mountain, right after fighting with Belle
    and Duke.  Jump across the three pillars above the Bubba, the
    first two will have Fire Blobs on them and the third has a chest,
    containing none other than the Legendary Shield.
    >>Legendary Helmet >
    Found in the Tower of Maya, at the end of the room containing the
    Wabbit enemies and moving platforms (get to the one in the upper
    left and it will take you to the other side).  Once you're across
    you will find an HP restore and the Legendary Helmet by the door.
    After you round all three up, head into the back alley of Carona
    and up the steps that lead to the pub.  Speak with Jargon behind
    the counter, and he will make the shocking revelation that the
    items you are carrying are not Legendary weapons and armor, but
    kitchenware!  Jargon explains that he could really make use of
    such items, and you are given the option to donate them to him
    (do it).  You have now opened up the elusive 'Today's Special',
    select it and Jargon will cook you one of his four delectable
    dishes (bad to drink on an empty stomach, you know?).  Jargon
    won't charge you anything for his meals, but it's a kill your own
    cow kind of steakhouse.  You have to bring him the skins/internal
    organs/carcasses/souls (like Raziel?) of the monsters you kill,
    whatever those things are that you sell for cash.  Each dish will
    raise one of your for basic stats.  Here's what the multi-talented
    fellow can cook, and the ingredients you'll need:
    =[Pollywog Souffle]=
    50 Pollywogs, max Strength +2
    (Found in Carona Forrest, among other places)
    =[Gudon's Liver Soup]=
    30 Gudons, max Defense +2
    (Gudons are the red lizards in the Underground Ruins)
    =[Minced Fire Blob]=
    50 Fire blobs, max HP +10
    (Fire Blobs are found all over Raging Mountain)
    =[Mushroom Soup]=
    60 Fungies, max MP +10
    (Found in one of the games at Mel's place, play the game which
    involves 'big balls and lots of fun')
    After about a dozen meals/upgrades, Jargon will sadly inform you
    that the utensils you gave him broke.  He gives you a Platinum
    Coin to raise your spirits.
    *A Note on Mushroom Soup*
    For those who have trouble reading between the pixels, Square is
    obviously promoting the use of psychedelics to increase magical
    aptitude.  So if you want to be able to cast spells just like
    Cloud, you'd better put some magic mushrooms on your Wheaties.
        05> ROD THE BLADE STAR
    Just between the Inn and the Klatus residence lies the grassy
    feilds of Carona, home to a fellow named Rod the Blade Star.  Rod
    is a vagabond of sorts (see: bum), and also makes his own weapons
    and tests them in battle.  For the privilege of having him beat
    you up, you must pay 100G.  If you win, however, he pays you 10
    to 1, so your actual take is 900G.  While this may seem like a
    simple training exercise, if you see it through to the end it is
    one of the most challenging parts of the game.
    When you first fight Rod, he will use a weapon called the 'Silver
    Breeze'.  After winning five battles against him, he tells you
    that he's taking a break to work on a new weapon.  Rod has a total
    of four weapons, and he will fight you five times with each one.
    Also, when he stops to make a new weapon he will usually give you
    a gold or platinum coin after the last battle.  His four weapons
    are the Silver Breeze (two short swords), Golden Gale (two gold
    scythe-shaped blades), Black Tornado (a ginormous hammer like an
    Acme mallet that can lower your defense) and the Dark Hurricane
    (a huge double-bladed sword that can shoot out like a chain
    weapon, as well as assault you with deadly balls of salt water).
    If you are playing for the first time through, beating Rod with
    his Dark Hurricane ain't no joke.  My suggestion is to stay away
    from magic, unless you have lots of MP and some burly spells.
    If you're playing as Rue, don't even think about transforming.
    Don't try to rush him, because Rod will attack continuously.
    Watch his patterns and dodge his attacks, then hit him when he
    is vulnerable (ie: jump kick him after he thrusts forward).  If he
    walks over to the water and kneels down he is charging his blade,
    quickly kick him in the back of the head.  If you are playing
    through again as Mint with a clear save, you should have the spell
    Valiant, which is a very good (if not cheap) way to end the battle
    in a few seconds.
    If you can beat Rod five times with his Dark Hurricane, give
    yourself a pat on the back.  There is no real reward for this,
    other than the 2 Platinum Coins Rod gives you (one after 'Black
    Tornado' fights, one after 'Dark Hurricane' fights).  Together
    these are worth 30,000G, go buy yourself six upgrades.  The other
    little bonus you get is you can continue to fight Rod after this
    point, and now before every battle he will tell you his stats.
    Coins are used in Threads of Fate as a means of continuing your
    game after you die.  There four types - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and
    Platinum; each allowing you to continue with more MP.  The
    Platinum coin also adds a permanent +1 to each your base attack and
    defense stats.
    These coins can also be bought at the church.  Enter the church
    and approach the alter, and say you would like to pray.  After a
    few seconds you will be politely interrupted asking if you would
    like to give a donation.  Since how much money you are willing to
    donate is obviously a direct reflection of your faith in god, you
    get better coins:
    1,000  - 10 Bronze Coins
    5,000  - 5 Silver Coins
    10,000 - 2 Gold Coins
    30,000 - 1 Platinum Coin
    While this feature seems innocent enough, Square may be trying to
    say something more.  The purpose of the coins, bought at the
    church, is to continue your game.  Now it could be said that
    continuing is to videogames what reincarnation is to life.  With
    that in mind, could Square be making a comment about Western
    religion?  I wonder.
    The Stones in Threads of Fate would definitely fall into the
    'useless' category of items.  There are four types, and as any
    seasoned adventurer knows, the only dignified thing to do with
    priceless stones is pawn them for cash.  Here's how much you get:
    Night Stone - 500G
    Moon Stone  - 1000G
    Dream Stone - 2000G
    Star Stone  - 3000G
    The exception would be the Dream Stone, which has a purpose.  See
    the section 'The Dream Sequence' below for details.
    =[Rare Wine]=
    To Obtain the Rare Wine, look in the magic section above under the
    'Super' spell effect - the wine is in the same place.  Once you've
    got it, _do not_ sell it to that dirty trader guy Marcum.  Go
    into the back alley of Carona and enter Hobbs' shop (to the right
    of the pub).  If you came here before you may have noticed Hobbs
    will sell you upgrades for your Strength, Defense, HP & MP, at the
    insane price of 30,000G an upgrade.  Talk to Hobbs, who will ask
    you to do an old man a favor and hook him up with your liquor.
    Give it to him, and as a token of his appreciation Hobbs will
    give you a discount on everything in his store.  Each upgrade will
    now cost 5,000G; much more reasonable, don't you think?
    The Brooch you can only get as Mint, because it is in Gamul
    Village.  When you get the first lever, hit it so it points left.
    Also hit the next lever you come to.  When you get back to the
    first lever, don't hit it, just jump on the platform.  Next you
    will come to an area with two levers, only hit the one on the
    left, so they face each other.  When you get back to the first
    lever again don't hit it.  Hit the lever in the next area.
    Finally make your way back to the first lever and hit it so it
    points right, and jump on.  This should take you to the Brooch.
    Now that you've got it, you have two chioces.  You can sell it to
    Marcum in Carona; he will offer 4,000G and then 6,000G if you turn
    him down the first time.  Your other option is to go talk to that
    hottie waitress Annette in the pub, who will ask if she can have
    the Brooch.  Give it to her, and she will give you a discount on
    all the drinks: Milk will now cost 10G, Rootbeer 30G, and Tropical
    Delight 50G.  If you think about it tho, this is pretty useless -
    it doesn't save you much cash, and most people don't use the
    drinks anyways because it is so easy to restore MP in the field.
    If it were me I'd take the 6,000G and run, but it's your call.
    =[Mysterious Statue]=
    The Mysterious Statue can only be obtained as Rue.  After clearing
    the Ghost Temple, return to it and enter the left door.  Make your
    way to the end, there is a door shortly before the room where you
    fought Duke that was previously blocked by a wall, which is now
    open.  Enter to find 3 Dolls and 3 chests which contain, among
    other things, the Mysterious Statue.  Now return to Carona.  If
    you talk to Marcum, he will offer to buy the statue from you for
    4,000G, turn him down and he'll offer you 6,000G (he won't go any
    higher).  Your other option is to take it to Klaus, who will give
    you MP +10 in exchange for it.
    The Dream Sequence is a relatively quick little sidequest that
    will reward you with a permanent Strength +4.  Go to the hotel in
    Carona (red banner in front) and stay the night (500G). Search the
    corner of the room to find the Dream Stone.  Now go to sleep, and
    you will have a short dream of an Ootang in Carona Forrest jumping
    into a hollow tree stump.  Leave the hotel and go to the forrest.
    You can now jump into that tree stump, landing in a cave below.
    About halfway through you will come across a small Mandola.  Upon
    examining it you get the message that it is wilted.  Now you need
    a water spell: if you're playing as Mint just use your Blue
    magic.  However, if you're playing as Rue you will need to be able
    to transform into a Spectre (found in the Ghost Temple) who has a
    water spell.  So give the plant some water and it will grow to
    full size.  Now jump on top of the flower and onto the ledge to
    the left.  There you will find a chest containing a book, aptly
    titled 'The Last Hero'.
    Now that you've got the book, head back to Carona and over to
    Rod's place.  He will tell you that he's always wanted to read the
    book, and asks if you'll give it to him.  Do so, and in exchange
    he will give you the Strength +4.  What a guy.
    This section includes 'they-might-be-secrets', things that seem
    odd or out of place but haven't been figured out yet.  You are
    hereby encouraged to try and solve these mysteries, and if you
    send in a solution it will be added to the guide and you'll get
    full credit for finding it.  Take a moment to read the disclaimer
    below, and happy hunting.
    Attempting to apprehend these crafty secrets on your own may
    result in insomnia, developing a lolita complex as a result of
    hanging around Mint too much, and conspiracy theories against the
    church.  You have been warned.
    =[Locked Door Under the Church]=
    Most players will notice the first time exploring Carona that
    there are a few door that appear to be locked.  The first two are
    the large black doors on either side of the church.  At first they
    look very much like doors, but they _could_ be passed off as just
    very strange architecture.  The third door, however, is much more
    blatant.  Under the church is a brown wooden door, with two boards
    across the front horizontally, barring the entrance.  It is also
    set back into the wall a bit, making it very stand out.  As you
    know if you've been inside, the entire church is contained on the
    upper story, and the first floor is by no means accessible from
    the second.  Since this building/room is probably part of the
    church, and in very plain view, yet there is never so much as a
    mention of it, Square may be trying to say that the church has
    something to hide.  This would tie into their previous message
    regarding the coins.  Makes sense, don't you think?
    Another possibility would be that this room is connected to the
    locked door in Klatus' house.  Right before you walk down the
    stairs into his workshop there is a door directly in front of you.
    On the door is a piece of paper with a red circle pained on it(?).
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    =[Blue & Black Dream Stones]=
    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (aka my gameshark), it
    is now known that there are, in addition to the regular Dream
    Stone, also blue and black versions.  The name in your inventory
    is still 'Dream Stone', but the crystal ball that is usually white
    is turned to blue or black.  It is unknown how these are obtained
    without the use of a gameshark, or what their purpose is.  In
    addition to the obvious possibility that these have some as of yet
    undiscovered use, there is also the possibility that they were
    part of a feature removed or never completed before the game's
    release, and have no real use.  Just something to keep in mind.
    It should be noted that they cannot be sold at any shop.
    After much debate and wasted time, the conclusion has been reached
    that the Blue and Black Dream Stones had a purpose in the Japanese
    version of the game, which was removed from the American version.
    Thus you can get them with a gameshark but can't do anything with
    'em.  Oh well.  If anyone discovers a way to get these without a
    gameshark, please send it in.
    This just in, we have a report of a possible legit Black Dream
    Stone.  On Sunday, October 8th, 2000 at 13:01:22 EDT, our
    intelligence intercepted the following cryptic message:
    "at the Hotel Near the Crate thing theres a Black Stone"
    Nothing has been confirmed at this point, as we are still working
    on deciphering and interpreting the message. Proceed with caution.
        09> CREDITS / LEGAL BS
    =[Legal BS]=
    This guide is copyright 2000 D. Engel.  It is intended for free
    distribution in any form or medium as long as it remains free.
    This is the point of the internet - to be able to exchange
    knowledge.  It should be illegal to charge money for anything that
    is not tangible, and it is especially bad to charge money for
    something like a videogame guide (I won't name names, because
    everyone and their mother is affiliated with them, but you know
    who I'm talking about).  So, you may use and distribute this
    guide any way and any where you choose, as long as you leave it in
    its original form and give credit to the author. Also, if you post
    this guide on your page I would request that you just drop me a
    line and let me know, but this is not necessary.  You _may not_
    charge anyone money for any part of this document, or seek to
    profit from it in any way whatsoever.  You also may not use any
    portion of this document in any new document or take credit for
    this work.  This is only the second FAQ I've written and somebody
    already tried to take credit for the first one I wrote, so I'll be
    watching for this.  It is illegal, I will find you and press
    charges if this happens.  Basically respect the work others do,
    and use this FAQ any way you please.
    Also, you should be advised that the man at the wheel is my
    attorney.  He's not just some digbat I found on the strip.  I
    think he's Samoan.  But that doesn't matter - are you prejudiced?
    Threads of Fate & DewPrism, as well as all names from the game
    contained within are copyright 2000 Squaresoft.  As is your soul.
    The word 'ginormous' is copyright 2000 S. Simons, 'the Enforcer'.
    Thanks to Square (Xenogears team) for making 'filler' games like
    this one to keep us distracted between more important events in
    out lives, like Final Fantasies and Chrono Cross.
    Thanks to Junya Nakano for composing the soundtrack.  Although it
    is my personal opinion that the music works well in the game but
    not alone, if you like the music and want to purchase the OST, you
    can try here: [www.gamemusic.com].
    Thanks to JTKauffman and Sim Yee Chiang both for creating their
    wonderfully written guides to the Japanese version.  If you need
    a full walkthough, I suggest JTKauffman's.  Oh yeah, and read the
    GIA, it's good for you [www.thegia.com].
    Thanks to Womb Raider for doing what Womb Raider does best.
    ...moving right along.
    Thanks to Randeler for finding the Moon Stone in Carona Forrest.
    Thanks to Richard Ryley for pancakes on Sunday.
    Thanks to Julius Cheah, Kelv C. & Bilbo Baggins for all the
    backstage passes, Prarie Oysters and good times.  But I'll tell
    you guys somethin - you don't know a damn thing about fly fishin.
    Wonder how Square came up with these great character designs?
                    ...glad you asked.  Well...
    Dosn't Mint look kinda like Asuka?  And isn't Rod just a bit
    like Kaji?  Rue is a shoe-in for Shinji, as is DollMaster for
    Gendo and PsycoMaster for Fuyutsuki.  So where's Rei?
    The first version of this FAQ was released 8.11.00.  It is
    written in max 66 characters per line format, because 66 is my
    second favorite number.
    Send questions, comments, contributions and flame mail to:
    [d0wner451 (at) hotmail (dot) com], & that's a zer0 in d0wner.
    >>PSO: SavageHenry
    This FAQ was brought to you by the letter 'H' and the number 33.
    Check out my Einhander FAQ.
    It ain't the young DB.

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