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"Threads of Fate- Square's most unknown PS1 game?"

Threads of Fate (ToF) is a Square game released in the time when all the good RPGs were coming out. The time period where we got Chrono Cross, FF9, Parasite Eve 2, Breath of Fire 4, and the like. With an ''all star'' line-up of games like those are a comin' out, it's no wonder ToF was kinda just released. And, uh, nothing really happened. No one really cared. They just continued on with Front Mission 3 or Vagrant Story, awaiting the other RPGs. Not ToF. And maybe, for the best of them.

Graphics- 6/10.
Nothing special here. It goes to show you that Square didn't really put the time into this as most of it's other games in the graphics department, the companies main selling point. Maybe the average graphics didn't help this game image? A game coming from Square was pretty much expected to have incredible visuals. ToF doesn't. Its not ugly, but due to other Square projects, it looks kind of ugly. Ugly in a ''this isn't our best work'' sort of way.

Sound- 5/10.
Another thing Square usually does is make an awesome soundtrack for a game. This game does not have an awesome soundtrack. It doesn't even have a very good soundtrack. There seems to only be 2 standout musics, and the rest are just kinda there. The sound effects don't matter either. Just your average clunking and beeping ;).

Story- 6/10.
There is a legendary relic that can give the finder anything they want. Guess what the object of the game is? To get the relic. There are smaller events happening in the game. Mint is trying to take over the world (The highlight of this game), and Rue is trying to revive a close friend (Boring story). I won't tell you if Mint takes over the world, or if Rue gets his friend back, but the ending, to me, was surprising. Moreso Mint's than Rues.

Gameplay- 6/10.
There are 2 characters in this game. Mint, the egotistical princess, and Rue, the mysterious boy. That about sums up the characters you play as. Mint can use magic, whereas Rue can turn into the monsters he defeats. The game is an action RPG, and the basic ''beat the hell out of enemies with your weapons'' applies here. Some of the dungeons have puzzles to be solved, and some are just so boring to play. And the thing that makes me mad at this game, is the bosses. Some of them can be SO tedious. One of them took me over 10 tries to beat them. And I have beaten Most Zeldas and Alundra. That's how bad some of them are. The game is fun at times, annoying at others.

Extras/Replay- 7/10.
There are 2 seperate quests. Sadly, the only thing different are 1 dungeon and the storyline. But you might want to play Rue's quest after you finish Mint's, but its not a guarantee. The game is also very short, so it won't be bad to go through again if you are bored. Took me 8 hours 10 minutes to beat. There are a few games to play, but they are annoying as well.

Rent. You could beat it in 5 days. :).

Overall- 6/10.
I enjoyed it more at the first, but throughout the game, it just became more and more annoying. You may find the bosses easier than what I did, but the bosses killed the fun of some of the game for me. If you don't have anything else to buy, I would pick it up. Only cost 14.99. Find out for yourself, you could love the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/04/03, Updated 07/04/03

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