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I bought Die Hard Trilogy when it first came out in the mid-90's, and I still play it today. It features three games in one: Die Hard (a third person shooter), Die Harder (a first person shooter), and Die Hard with a Vengeance (a vehicle driving game). Due to the fact that the games are so different, it will be best to rate them separately.

Die Hard
This is by far the best choice of the three games. It follows the movie closely, where terrorists have taken over a huge skyscraper, take hostages, and demand certain wants and needs. If you havn't seen the movie, then you will be lost, because the game explains nothing and you just immediately start the action.
Die Hard is a third person perspective shooter. You play as John McLaine, and you have to eliminate all terrorist threat as you go up the skyscraper. You start with a pistol, but you can pick up M60s, Shotguns, and ''Fire Shotguns,'' which is a shotgun that shoots explosives, basically, and can wipe out any enemy within a 20' radius of it's explosion. Quite deadly. Among these guns, you can get frag grenades and smoke grenades. Both prove useful when in a bad situation with 20 guys storming you.
In order to advance to the top of the skyscraper, you have to eliminate all terrorists in each level. As soon as you do, then you have to make it to an elevator within 30 seconds of killing the last baddy. If you don't say goodbye to John as an explosion destroys the entire skyscraper. If you do make it to the elevator, John with say his famous, ''Yippie Kie Yay'' and you will advance to the next level. There are around 40 levels, and each one gets harder; more terrorists, bigger levels, less help from your radar.
The graphics are very well done for the time this game came out. All characters and smooth, and the animation is near perfect. One thing that you will notice is that there is a lot of blood and gore. And I mean a lot. If you shoot the enemies with a pistol, maybe a little blood spurt; shoot them with a M60, and little more blood, but not a lot; shoot them with a shotgun at close range, a lot of blood and gore... blood on the walls, the floor, the ceiling, quite beautiful...; shoot them with the ''Fire Shotgun,'' or throw a grenade at them... they will disintegrate, leaving a pile of blood oozes on the floors and walls. Ish-y!! ISH!!!
The sound is great, and the music is better! All guns sound amazing, and the voices are great too. When an enemy sees you, he may yell, ''Get him!'' or ''You're dead.'' The voice acting is excellent.
The music is awestrucking. It is such a great mix of intense orchestral, techno, and punk music. I highly suggest you put the game CD in the CD player and listen to the music. It is awesome.
Die Hard OVERALL: 9/10

Die Harder
I didn't really like this mode. It is a first person rail shooter. (Definition of rail shooter: A shooter where you control a target on the screen, which represents the gun, and the CPU automatically moves you from place to place.)
The story this time is that you, John McLaine, has learned that some bad guys highjacked a plane that had a buttload of money on it, and you have to eliminate the terrorists in the airport and get to the control center to guide the plane into a safe landing.
The gameplay is very hard. It will take you many times to finish a level without dying. Each time you die, you have to start over at the beginning, so it gets very irritating. You control a target around the screen as the CPU automatically moves you are the level, and you have to kill the enemies. If you like this type of game, then it may be enjoyable, but bare in mind that you can not use a lightgun. You are forced to move around the little target with the directional pad.
There are many levels to go through in this adventure. Each one has it's own atmosphere, and each level is uniquely created as well. You will never repeat the same type of play in two levels. The levels were created masterfully, in my opinion, and they would have been great in the 3rd person prospective.
Everything is destructable in these Die Harder. You can shoot out the windows, shoot bottles off the tables, shoot tiles out of the ground and off the ceiling.... That is a cool thing. If you shoot the tiles off the ceiling, they will cometimes fall down on top of the enemies and kill them in the upmost gory fashion. That brings me to my next subject about Die Harder...
...the blood and gore is even worse than Die Hard. Blood will literally explode out of enemies when you shoot them, and it will ooze out of them when they are dead on the ground. You can repeatedly shoot them too, after they are dead, and they will eventually disintegrate from extensive bullet holes. But none of us would want to do that.
The enemy A.I. is really good in this game. They will hide behind counters, plants, pop machines... anything to get away from your bullets.
The graphics are okay, but not as good as Die Hard. All the enemies seem to be very blocky. The levels are great, graphically, but the enemies seem out of place within them. Every thing in the levels is 3D, too, unlike most games that came out at this time. You won't see the flat trees that always seem to face you, like in most racing titles, but rather a 3D tree. Not to mention you can shoot off the leaves. Fun! Grunt!!! GRUNT!!! Ahem... anyway.
The weapons are the same as from Die Hard, in addition to a more powerful pistol and a an addition of an AK47, and a bazooka. Each weapon has there own strengths and weaknessess.
The audio is great. All the sound effects fit perfectly into the game. All guns sound real; all voices sound amazing; all the innocent bystanders screaming their little heads off... just beautiful. The music is great too, and since Die Harder takes place at Christmas, you will hear sleigh bells within an evil techno beat with slow violin's streaking their tones. It messes with your mind. I mean, you hear bells and all, and you are laughing at the Christmas beauty, when all of a sudden, Santa pulls a quick one on you and the music turns evil and sinister. I always new Santa was evil... always.
Die Harder OVERALL: 7/10

Die Hard with a Vengeance
This is a vehicle, racing, type game. The story this time around is that some evil terrorist has planted bombs around the city. You, John McLaine, have to drive around town and get the bombs before they explode. You have about 60 seconds to find the bombs, and if you don't make it on time... BOOM!!!! And I mean BOOOOOM!!!!!! Sometimes you just want to let the bombs explode because it is so awesome! You hear a loud boom, then you see the explosion coming towards you, and all the other cars on the roads start flying towards you from the shockwave. It is just awesome. You have to start the level over again if you miss the bombs, though, so if you are reall trying to win, and time runs out... boom! BOOM! BOOOOM!!!! Ahem....
These levels are very hard. As soon as you get past the bomb levels, you get into the ''kill this other driver'' levels, which may sound fun, but are boring. All you do is crash their vehicle and you win.
Although you don't get to select the vehicles, each levels has there own unique vehicle to fit in it. For example, if you are trying to get into a high security area, John may highjack a black Mercedes... to look rich and welcome, I suppose.
The graphics are okay, not the best though. The real-time damage is pretty good, but all that happens is that you're car's bumpers and doors will bend. No broken glass, no fallen-off doors, just dents. But, again, this game was made a long time ago, so what can ya expect?
Blood and gore is in this game too. If you run over an innocent bystander, blood will smear onto the street and onto your car, and your wheels will leave a trail of blood behind them. Interesting enough, though, if you turn your car around and take a look at the dead body, with broken arms and bent-the-wrong-way legs, they will eventually get up, give you the finger, and limp away with their mangled body. Kinda funny to watch.
I forgot to mention above that this game has two different views. Behind the car, or in the driver seat. The driver seat mode is fun, but it is hard to see where the bombs are sometimes. Also, when you hit a person on the sidewalk in the 1st-person view, their blood will smear onto the windshield, and you can turn on your windshield wipers to clean it off. Funny, yes disturbing in the most amusing way.
The sounds are excellent. Cars will honk if you are too slow, you can hear trains, planes, etc. as well. Collision sound effects are beautifully done.
The music is excellent as well. It is mostly rap music, and sounds like you are listening to it through the car radio. It is just amazing. t3h r0x0rz!!!!!11! (sorry, I just had to do that)
Die Hard with a Vengeance OVERALL: 7/10

Yes, a lot of it. Die Hard never gets old... the enemies will never be in the same areas (minus a few instances where some enemies are assigned to a specific area.)
Die Harder gets old after a while; fun for a few tries.
Vengeance gets old quickly because of it's difficulty, but codes and a GameShark can turn it into a fun free-drive experience. :)

OVERALL SCORE: (not an average) 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/03, Updated 03/05/03

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