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"3 good games based on 3 good movies"


Wow this was really cool! Go through about 20 floors killing terrorists on each one, with some bonus floors in between. With a good choice of weapons, plus a good variety of grenades and smoke bombs, your in for a treat.

Well to be honest these are some of the worst graphics on the playstation. The people are so blocky with bits and pieces sticking out of them. They honestly looked like something from the atari.

Game play-10/10
Bad graphics couldn't stop this from being a great game though because it's so fun going around killing people with handguns, machine guns, shotguns, bazooka type guns and grenades. And when you think you've killed everyone more people come from an elevator just waiting to be blown away with some lead, and they will my friend, they will. But when you finally have killed everybody, ''30'' will appear on the screen, then the countdown has started, you have 30 seconds to find an elevator with a bomb in it(and there's usually more than one elevator on each floor). If you find it in time, you go on to the next floor, and if you don't...well I think you know what happens.

The sounds of the guns and grenades is very satisfying, there are also some good one liners that you'll hear from John Mclain like ''Woh Ho Ho, I got a machine gun'' or ''That's the best christmas bonus I ever got.''

Replay Value-10/10
Every level is fun, and worth playing and they never get boring, because every one is challenging in it's own way, and they're all fun in the same way. But if you do ever get bored, there's too more games to of them being Die hard 2: Die Harder.

If anyone ever says that graphics mean everything they've never played this game.


Well definitely not the best FPS out there, but still fun never-the-less.

Well I thought the graphics were better than they were for Die Hard, but they still could of been better. Even though people did look like people, the background was pretty satisfying also, as well as planes, buildings, etc.

Game play-7/10
Well this reminded me of an arcade type FPS, where the screen moves it's self and you shoot the hell out of everyone. But it's just not as fun with a controller, but then again you don't pay 25 cents after you die(which was a lot of times for me).

The gun shots sounded awesome, the music was good too, not too much else to say.

Replay Value-5/10
After I beat it I only went back and played it a few more times, because this is more like a bonus, Die hard was the reason I really loved this game.

A good bonus if want some more replay value after you beat Die hard, but if this was it's own game it would be horrible.

This time your in a car. And again it's pretty fun but if this was released by itself it would be horrible. Well in this game you have a certain amount of time to run over a bomb, and when you do you have another one. There are also bomb cars, which you must repeatedly crash into before time runs out and it explodes.

People look fairly good and so don't the cars, but still could of been better.

Game play-8/10
There are a few different types of objectives.

1.You have to get to a bomb in time and run it over.
2.There is a car(s) with a bomb attached to it and you have to repeatedly crash into it before time runs out.
3.At the end of each level you have to get to the end which is a random spot with the word ''Exit'' floating in the air.
4.Every other level is a level that is a race with a dump truck(if you haven't seen the movie dump trucks were used to transport gold) to the end of a tunnel.

There are also items you can collect that can help you out, I'll list a few but I'm not sure if I have all of them...

1.Time-Gives you more time to complete your objective.
2.Turbo-Gives you another turbo boost so you can speed up if your low on time.
3.EMS-an ambulance gets in front of you and you can follow it because A.)It leads you towards your destination and B.) It clears traffic for you.
4.Launch-Makes you jump over traffic(big help)
5.? I haven't played this in a while but I think you can also get an extra life but I might be wrong?

Lots of honking and people yelling, just what you'd expect from a speeding taxi.

Replay Value-6.5/10
It's cool to go back sometimes but for the most part this gets repetitive quickly after the first 4 or 5 missions you've seen everything.

Die Hard With a vengeance was awesome at first, but it just doesn't have a lot of variety and isn't as fun as Die Hard IMHO.

3 good games for the price of one, everyone should at least try out this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/11/03, Updated 07/11/03

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