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"Three great formats rolled into one explosive game"

-Storyline 10/10-

It follows the movie loosely, adding in elements that make a great game to play. You play as John McClane, a new york cop who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it seems he's always against impossible odds. From an executive building to the streets of New York, you'll find this a roller coaster ride of excitement.

-Graphics 9/10-

It's one of the older games for the PSX, and it's one of the better ones of it's time. It comes in three formats, an overhead seek and destroy, a first person shooter, and a driving game. The blood effects get a little outrageous, but then again, violence and gore is what makes games like these popular, the levels are well detailed, and add a sense of realism, although sometimes they get a little out of hand. To see what I mean, play first person in the driving'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

-Control 7/10-

A little sketchy, and sometimes hard to control. You'll need the light gun for the second game, it's almost a must. Using the controller for some of the games can be difficult to do, because they do require expert handling. The driving portion of the game is absolutely a blast to play, and it's really tight. Once you have a good grip on what you're doing, you'll breeze through with no real problems.

-Sound 10/10-

It's all well worth a movie-based game. The sound effects are first rate, and the occasional snip of voice overs add a humorous outtake to the situations at hand. From the roar of the car engines, to the thump of the guns, you'll find yourself lost in the back ground noises.

-Gameplay 10/10-

Fast paced and always a blast, it's a good combination of shooter, overhead seek and destroy and driving games all rolled into one. Items are easy to find, but some of the levels do get insane to play, and can be difficult, just keep with the firefight and you should do fine.

-Overall 9/10-

Three seperate games, and alot of fun. The sounds and music are nicely done, the voices add a sense of humor and the levels are detailed and eye candy in the least. A deinfate pick up game for 20 bucks, it'll add to your collection for a good corner stone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/06/00, Updated 02/06/00

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