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"Three games in one. What more could you ask for?"

Die Hard Trilogy is without a doubt, the best value for money game you can find for the Playstation. It consists of three games (Die Hard, Die Hard 2 and Die Hard With A Vengeance), each one being buyable in it’s own right. But roll the three of them together into one disc and it’s an amazingly cheap, irresistible package.

The first of the three is a third-person shooter, you view all of the action from over McLanes shoulder. You start at the bottom of that now famous building and must make your way up, storey by storey, to the top. Each level has a huge number of terrorists to blow away, and a few hostages, which you can save if it’s points you’re after. To proceed up to the next floor all the terrorists on a level must be disposed of, and a bomb on one of the elevators must be disarmed within a thirty second period.
The level design isn’t terribly original, but it looks just like one would expect the inside of a building would, and there are plenty of long corridors and sneaky hiding spots to spring an ambush on those pesky terrorists.
The biggest problem with this section of the trilogy is the repetition that the levels have, towards the end you’ll find yourself on levels with names like “Office 6” which is exactly like the first five office levels except with more baddies and a different elevator to hunt down. Overall, Die Hard is probably the worst of the three.

Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
Die Harder is delivered in the form of a first-person shooter. It’s played in and around the airport from the movie. The body count tends to get very high in this second installment and at times it can be very overwhelming with up to ten terrorists all plugging away at you at one time. Using a light gun makes Die Harder easier by a long way, but using the controller makes blasting away your foes slower and a lot harder to aim.
This game can be very frustrating at times if the controller is your weapon of choice as you’ll most likely be killed before the end of Level 2 due to the sheer number of enemies.
There’s a wide choice of weapons to be found in this game, you start of with a weak little pistol which has unlimited ammo, but as the game progresses you’ll find yourself wielding all sorts of machine-guns and shotguns, maybe even a few rockets and grenades.
Overall, Die Harder won’t be as much fun for the gamer unless they’ve got themselves a good gun. You’re enjoyment and the lifespan will increase considerably if you use this alternative to the controller. It’s probably the hardest of the three to get all the way to the end in, but by using the cheats wisely you can still have a helluva good time on this one.

Die Hard With A Vengeance
Die Hard With A Vengeance is a driving game, based on that hectic ride from this movie of the same name. The premise of the game is this; there have been quite a large number of bombs planted around town by that madman Simon, you the player (once again playing the role of McLane) must drive around the city eliminating the bombs one by one within a strict time-limit. These bombs must be disarmed at all costs, and if this means a few innocent pedestrians are splattered onto your windshield, then so be it.
The pace of this game is nothing short of frantic, there is very little time to get from point A to point B and the traffic always does it’s best to postpone your attempt at heroism.
At the completion of each level you must compete in race against Simons cronies as they try to escape the city. There isn’t a slow moment in DHWAV.
The biggest problem that this game has is the steering physics of your vehicles. The turning is not as responsive as it should be in a game of this nature, when time means everything, and a lot of the time you’ll find yourself jammed into a corner or up against a wall simply because the car couldn’t turn fast enough.
Once this steering has been gotten used to then Die Hard With A Vengeance turns out to be a little bundle of joy. It’s extremely playable and the best of the three installments

The graphics of the trilogy are definitely looking dated now. Whilst the overall appearance is satisfactory, it comes off looking rather ragged. The characters for the most part, are very simply detailed, usually a face whacked onto a mish-mash of arms and legs, they also have a slightly blocky appearance.
The backgrounds have a nice amount of detail in all three of the games, everything was portrayed as realistically as could have been hoped (the offices had their chairs and desks, the cities had their buildings, parks and rather large amounts of pedestrians), but they tend to look a little bit bland using flat, dull colours.
Something that the game could have used was a few good FMV sequences, whether it be from the movie or otherwise, but for some reason the developers completely ditched the idea and just left it as it was. It’s a real pity that we couldn’t see the real Bruce in action.
There is a HUGE amount of fairly realistic blood dispersed from your attackers and at times it can be quite nauseating, luckily this feature can be turned down for those who are weaker at the knees.
Overall, whilst the graphics were very good at the time of this trios released, they just can’t compete with the newer, more professional looking games like MGS and the Syphon Filter series. Graphics don’t make a game however and you’d be a fool to pass this up just because of them.

The sound is nothing special, but like the graphics the audio still manages to get the job done. There are various snippets of speech delivered from the star of the games and movies, Bruce Willis, this fact alone may put you of the trilogy for life or make it your favourite game of all time.
The huge number of weapons each have their own sound effect, all of them are of a fairly realistic nature with solid sounding gunshots. Background music is only found in Die Hard and it’s the same annoying tune all the way through. Past the gunshots the other sound effects are sparse in number and primitive in nature, the only exception being Die Hard With A Vengeance.
Overall, the sound is not up to the standards that it could have been, and should have received a lot more attention. Then again, there isn’t exactly anything stopping you from turning it down.

The majority of the gameplay is focused on fast paced frantic action, in a lot of situations you’ll find yourself to be in a race against time or pressured to take action quickly. Once a game has been started up then it’s a non-stop ride of thrills and spills to the end.
There are very few games with a body count that can compare to the one found in this game (especially if you’re prone to driving on the footpath in the third game) the amount of terrorists and innocents killed and blood shed is exorbitant.
Overall, the gameplay in this trilogy is suited for those that have a tendency towards senseless violence. You’ll be shooting down terrorists like ducks at a carnival until the cows come home.

When it comes to replay value this game can’t be beat. Each of the three games will take a while on their own to knock over, add the three together and you’ve got a lot of playing time on your hands. Once you finish them off there’s still enough incentive to go back and beat them all again! Putting it simply, you’ll definitely be entertained up until your next purchase.

This game is all about fun, although it is violent fun. There’s just something about these games that will keep a person glued to the screen, tackling each of the three games over and over. It may be due to the bloodshed and the carnage but who cares! As long as the games make you happy this is all that matters.

There is definitely a fair amount of challenge to be found here. None of these games are simple enough to be considered easy-beats but they’re all passable. The learning curve offered by all three is good, the first levels are a lot less frantic than the later tend to be. Overall, the challenge is a bit on the difficult side but it’s definitely not impossible.
- The value for money is unmatched
- Three games means triple the lifespan
- Fast paced, frantic fun

- Audio/Video looking dated now
- Some people may find the amount of blood appalling and sick
- A little bit on the hard side
SOUND – 5/10

DIE HARD 1 - 6
DIE HARD 2 - 8

OVERALL – 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/12/00, Updated 05/12/00

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