• Misc. Codes

    At the title screen press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, StartBonus Characters
    At the title screen press Triangle x9, Square x9Enable Super Saiyanjin 4 Goku (US Version)
    At the title screen press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, XEnable Super Saiyanjin 4 Son Goku (JP Version)
    At the title screen press L1 + R1 + R2 + L2Sound Test

    Contributed By: jygting and V0038.


  • Pan's secret move

    While using Pan in any game mode, hold down and press square. Pan will then shoot a fireball that disappears right infront of her. If you do this while also doing Pan's down forward square combo, the fireball will stay there and continuosly deal damage to the enemy you are using the combo on (a similar effect happens rarely with Vegeta and Cells dash combos, but its just a yellow dashing mark that stays, and it deals no damage).

    NOTE: This MAY require a few trys in order for the ball to stay while you do the down forward square combo, but I do suggest holding down, and then as soon as you press square slide your thumb from down to towards your opponent and press square again almost as if its all one move.

    Contributed By: Justdog11.


  • Alternate Costumes

    Select your character by pressing Square + X + Circle in either Training or 2 Player Mode to have their second costume

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Random Tournament Mode Fighters

    In the character screen at the tournament mode, press the Start button to randomly choose the characters to enter the tournament.

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • Self-Destruct

    All forms of Vegita and Majin Boo have the ability to perform a self-destruct. Basically, the character who is performing this will be seem to power up something and then create a loud and large explosion that will inflict damage on nearby opponents. This technique will not injure your character but it uses up quite a lot of your character's Ki power. To do the self-destruct, simply press Forward, Back, Down, Up and then the fireball button, which is the default Triangle button.

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • Wire framed fighters

    When choosing a character in two player or training mode, hold Select and press X to fight without texture mapping or shading.

    Contributed By: jygting.

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