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    Walkthrough (JP) Part 2/2 by IKelley

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     ,---__                                                                    /\ ,.
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      \/ \  \ `.  \\  ._ \ ,--.  ,---.,---.,. ,.,---.,-.,-.,='__| / ____/  /   / |'
        \ \  \  \  \\ \_| | ,-.\ |,"\|| | || \||| | || || || .__ / /_|    /   / /
         \ \  \  \  \\  _ <\'-' \||_-.| | || . || | || || || `__|\___ \\ /   / /
          \ \  \_/  : \ \\ \|_|\_|\__/\___/|_|\|\  _''.__.'| '-.. ,. : |/   / /
           \,'    _~'\/-//-|-''-'`--' `--'`-'`'  `~_' \__|/'___'/\  " /|   / /
         /\   _~'  / `-' '-'                                 `--' \`--||_,','
         \ \~' _~~'                 ____   _______ ___             `---|__-'
          `/_~~'                     `..'   ',,''..'..'
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                                          '     '--'--'
                                       DRAGON QUEST VII
                                       WARRIORS OF EDEN
                             GUIDE PART 2: WALKTHROUGH (SPOILERS!)
                       Written by Ian Kelley: ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu
                                 Version 1.0: Released 1/19/00
                                   First Version: 1/19/00
              Copyright 2000-2001 by Ian Kelley (see end of document for details)
    This document is Copyright 2000 by Ian Kelley. This FAQ is for private and
    personal use only. It was created and is owned by me, Ian Kelley. If you wish to
    use this FAQ on your non-commercial website, please contact me for permission.
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    (such as changing names to fit a domestic release) and distribute it without the
    author's explicit permission.
    Dragon Quest is a trademark of Enix Corporation.
    The most recent version of this guide can be found at:
    www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs)
    Version History
    Future Changes
    Chapter 1: The Ancient Temple
    Chapter 2: A New World
    Chapter 3: Sacrifice to the Fire God
    Chapter 4: The Gray Rain
    Chapter 5: The Animal Town
    Chapter 6: Assault of the Mechanical Soldiers
    Chapter 7: The Gray Rain strikes again
    Chapter 8: Keefa's Decision
    Chapter 9: The retaking of Darma Shinden
    Chapter 10: The People of the Desert
    Chapter 11: The Craze of Crage
    Chapter 12: A Stitch in Time
    Chapter 13: The Great Flood
    Chapter 14: The Perils of Lumen
    Chapter 15: The Revival of the Legendary Hero
    Chapter 16: Aira, Heir to the Dancer
    Chapter 17: The Valley of the Wind
    Chapter 18: The Gentle Monster
    Chapter 19: Sharkeye, Pirate Legend
    Chapter 20: God and the Demonlord Duke it Out
    Chapter 21: God, the Tyrant
    Chapter 22: The Fire Spirit
    Chapter 23: The Earth Spirit
    Chapter 24: The Wind Spirit
    Chapter 25: The Final Conflict
    Chapter 26: The Grand Finale
    Appendix A: Tablet Fragment Locations
    Appendix B: Small Medal Locations
    This is part 2 of my Dragon Quest VII guide, and is intended to be a
    comprehensive walkthrough of the game. It's chock-full of spoilers, so be
    forewarned before reading it! Note that this is part TWO of the guide, and is
    not intended to be a stand-alone document. No gameplay or game-system issues are
    addressed in this document at all. All such information is addressed in part 1
    of this guide. Before sending me any questions about gameplay issues, please
    consult Part 1 of the guide first. I split this (and most of my other FAQs) into
    two pieces because I tend to write really long FAQs, and this makes reading and
    downloading much easier.
    The main purpose of this document is to provide a walkthrough and plot summaries
    for people playing the Japanese version of Dragon Quest VII, with clarification
    for those with little or no Japanese ability so that they will know what is
    going on. If you can read Japanese, you probably won't find this document as
    useful, but it should be able to help you if you're stuck, regardless of
    language skills. (I hope)
    Like the first part of this document, I've taken a different approach to this
    FAQ than earlier FAQs I've written, and instead of primarily using romanized
    Japanese terminology and providing translations in parentheses, I've just used
    English translations wherever I can. I've tried to keep translations consistent
    when dealing with words that don't have a one-to-one meaning, (for example,
    "fushigi" could be effectively translated as "amazing," "mysterious,"
    "miraculous," etc) but I probably slipped at least several times in the
    document, so you might see different terminology used to explain the same thing.
    It should still be straightforward enough to understand though, I hope.
    As of this writing, there has been no announcement for an English-language
    version of DQ7. (and quite frankly, I doubt DQ7 would sit well with most of the
    American public-->no snazzy graphics) Even if it is eventually announced, I have
    no intentions of adapting this document to follow the English version. I don't
    own a domestic PSX, so I couldn't play any domestic version in the first place.
    So use this at your own risk if you're playing Dragon Warrior VII (or whatever
    the domestic release might be called) as sections may not apply. Any questions
    regarding English language versions of DQVII won't be answered, primarily
    because I don't want to give out particularly misleading information. I may
    allow a more domestic-release inclined friend to update this document for me
    should such a release come out--all questions should be directed to them in this
    1.0, 1/19/00: Initial release
    1) Add walkthroughs for the bonus dungeons
    2) Add HP levels for the bosses
    3) Add Monster Manual/park data and where to find individual monsters
                          Chapter 1: The Ancient Temple
    Fishbell: Medical Herb x 5, 10G, 110G, Leather Hat, 3G, 2G, 1G, Hairband, 4G,
     Antidote Herb, Amitt Cracker, Defense Seed
    Grand Estard: Hinoki Stick, 2G x 2, 1G, 5G, Intelligence Seed
    Ruins: 10G, Life Seed
    Royal Ancient Document
    Ancient Key
    Saint's Helm
    Saint's Sword
    Saint's Shield
    Saint's Armor
    Amazing Map
    1. Sleep in your bed
    2. Bring Bolkano his lunch
    3. Uncover Maribel's stowaway plot below deck
    4. Go to the castle and speak to the King
    5. Learn that Keefa is looking for you and meet up with him in the ruins
    6. Find the Pearl
    7. Bring the Ancient Document to the man below Grand Estard
    8. Try to use the Pearl on the Statue's rod
    9. Regroup with Keefa in his room
    10. Talk to the old man below Grand Estard
    11. Return to the Forbidden Area and unlock the Shrine door
    12. Solve the Guardian of Flame puzzle
    13. Solve the Scales puzzle
    14. Retrieve the Ancient Key from the lion's head
    15. Solve the Branching Paths puzzle
    16. Solve the Pillar Puzzle
    17. Place the Saint Items on the four Saint statues
    18. Solve the Blue/Red flame puzzle
    19. Put the Yellow tablet fragments into the hole
    20. Return to Fishbell and get a Yellow Tablet Fragment from Bolkano
    21. Bring the fragment to Keefa, and complete the first Tablet
    At the end of the intro move, you'll see a voice saying "Well, lets go back for
    today...but keep this a secret!"
    You'll start out the game in the small fishing town of Fishbell. Maribel is
    trying to get some information out of you. She says "So you really won't tell
    me?" She insists that she will eventually find out what you're up to. She
    realizes that tomorrow is the annual Amitt fish day, and leaves.
    Head home to your house on the beach.
    Sleep in your bed. Your mother, Mahre, will wake you up. She says your father,
    Bolkano, has already headed to the docks. She tells you when you come downstairs
    to head to the dock to help your dad. before you go, gives Anchovy Sandwich to
    give to dad.
    At the docks, people are there to see your dad and Amitt off. Talk to the
    merchant, he will give you a free Amitt Cracker and Amitt Bun. Go onto the ship
    and Amitt and Bolkano are talking. Amitt doesn't want to change course, but
    Bolkano insists, because of the way the sea is traveling--says catch more fish.
    Give the sandwich to Bolkano, who scarfs it eagerly. Tells you to help clean
    below deck.
    Below deck you'll find Maribel hiding among the barrels. She tells you to be
    quiet, and the cook hears her. The Cook finds her, and tells her she should stop
    sneaking aboard the ship. Maribel asks him to let it slide and starts kissing
    his butt, telling him his food is great. The cook tells her sweet-talking won't
    work and tells her to get off the ship. She gets mad at you and threatens to
    "expose you and Keefa."
    As you go back above deck, Bolkano tells you that once you get strong you can
    come with him. He asks you to take care of your mother, and you get off the
    ship. It leaves.  Head back toward your house. A soldier will come up to you and
    tell you that the King wishes to speak with you. He asks you to come to the
    castle. Maribel comes outside and asks you to take her with you. (No matter what
    you say, you'll have to) Walk a bit, and Maribel will "remind" you how to speak
    with your party members.
    Head to Grand Estard. Maribel will go off, and thanks you. She says she'll make
    it back on her own.
    Wander the town if you like. You can hear nasty rumors about your lazy uncle,
    (you can even find a kid he stole candy from) Hondara, and find Maribel
    philandering with Orca, the son of the item shop owner.
    Head to the castle. You can talk to the soldiers there (the one in the southeast
    gate tower is the only person in the game that likes Hondara) and learn rumors
    about Keefa trashing the treasury. Talk to Keefa's sister Lisa, and she will
    tell you that Keefa doesn't believe that Estard is the only continent in the
    world and is on a quest to try to discover new lands.
    Once you go upstairs, you can hear the king calling to see if anyone's found
    Keefa yet. He comes downstairs flustered, and the Prime minister tries to calm
    him down. The king sees you and takes you to his chamber. He sits you down and
    says "You're hiding something from me, aren't you!" No matter what you say,
    you'll learn that Keefa took his mother's Memento Ring. He asks you to ask Keefa
    to act more like a prince--as you're his best friend, he might listen to you.
    Go home. They're you'll learn that Keefa looking for you, and will be waiting in
    "usual spot"--this refers to the Forbidden Lands to the north. Go there. Keefa
    will give you the Royal Ancient Document. He tells you to read it. Inside is a
    picture of a man with a bright glowing staff. The next page has a picture of
    something looking like a tablet on it, but you can't read it.  Keefa says the
    man looks just like the statue, and that the document says something about the
    sun. He thinks that something will happen if you can fiddle with the statue. He
    pulls out the Sunstone Ring that he took from the castle. He puts the ring on
    the end of the staff. It looks like it shines for a bit, but nothing happens.
    Keefa tells you to hold onto the document while he goes back to the castle to
    search for other possibilities.
    Head back to Grand Estard. You won't actually find Keefa, but you'll hear about
    him trying other possibilities (including jumping into the pool on top of the
    castle after seeing the sun's reflection) and going back to the ruins to try
    something else. If you talk to the women by the well you'll see something
    shining down in the well. Go down and search, and you'll find a Pearl.
    Return to Grand Estard and bring the book Keefa gave you to the old man who
    studies below the town. At first he thinks you're trying to sell it to him, but
    then realizes you want him to study it for you. He takes it and asks you to come
    back later. Leave and try to use the Pearl on the statue. You'll find a letter
    from Keefa asking you to come to his room to discuss any further plans.
    Go back to Keefa's room--he's tapped for ideas. He asks you where the book he
    gave you is. After you tell him about giving to old man, suggests you go there
    to see what he's found. Man finished decoding, says that it's not the sun, but
    "the light of your heart and the strong will of the chosen one." Keefa asks
    "chosen by whom?" and the man says "by whoever made the ruins." Keefa says that
    he might fit those requirements, and the old man laughs, saying that you need to
    stand before the statue and pray. Keefa gets psyched and tells you to head to
    the statue. As you leave the area, however, Keefa gets dragged off by some
    soldiers who were looking for him. He tells you to head home and wait for him
    In the middle of the night, Keefa wakes you up. He says his dad shut him in his
    room, and he snuck out. Head to the ruins. Stand in front of statue and
    concentrate, and a light on the staff shoots out to open the shrine door.
    Investigate inside. There's stuff written on the floor, but you can't read it.
    Try to read it though, and your arm will give off a strange light. After it
    subsides, suddenly you can read the ancient text.
    "When the ruins are opened, the legend will be told again."
    "The saints in a line protect the ruins and will lead to the road of revival."
    "Continuing into the dark clouds will not open the way."
    "Use your inner sight to solve the keys within the directions given"
    Proceed into the basement of the shrine. As you proceed, you will be confronted
    by several puzzles that you will need to solve before you can continue.
    Puzzle 1: "I am the Guardian of Flame. When all the flames are extinguished, I
    will light them again, and give up again the helm I guard."
    Solution: Extinguish the central flame in the room with four guardians. The
    guardian that will relight the flame will be the one opposite to the direction
    that you extinguish it in. Extinguish it from the west side, and the east
    guardian will relight it, revealing the pressure plate where it was before. Step
    on the pressure plate to open the door to where the Saint's Helm is stored.
    In the next room, you will find four statues. They are each labeled as "Statues
    of the Saints."
    Puzzle 2: Scales room
    Solution To complete this room, you need to push the blocks on top of the
    switches to open the doors and give you a clear path to the exit covered by the
    scales gate. Then, step on the scales to lift the gate blocking the door. Once
    you step off the scales, make a dash for the door--if you pushed the blocks onto
    the right switches, you should just make it in time before the gate is lowered.
    Puzzle 3: Lion Head.
    There is a sign on the wall that says: "I am one who only sees the truth. One
    with a pure heart will receive that which will lead the way, and one with an
    evil heart will lose their arm."
    Solution: Stick your arm into the Lion's mouth and pull out the Ancient Key. (It
    won't bite your arm off...it would make for a pretty short adventure if it did)
    With the key, you can open the door beyond the gate. Head into the next room.
    Puzzle 4: Branching paths.
    The stone slab in the next room says: "All living trees sprout leaves in the
    direction of the sun. Lost travelers should also head toward the sun."
    Solution: Look at the picture of the four trees in the center of the room, and
    in the next four rooms, proceed along the paths where the leaves were on the
    trees in the picture. (for the REALLY lazy, this is left-right-left-left)
    Head past the next room and up the long ladder to the room with the dragon
    statue. There you'll find a tablet saying: "The Dragon servant of God is born
    with the holy crystal, and dies with the holy crystal." To raise or lower the
    dragons, move the Holy Crystal from one dais to the other. Move the crystal to
    the right dais, and climb back down the ladder. You can then ride the raft or
    proceed into the lower chamber. The lower chamber you can't open at this point.
    If you go to the door, you'll see a message: "If you want to open my door, seek
    out the secret great pillars. They refer to here. Seek the four colored pillars
    in the octagonal room deep underground."
    Get on the raft and head to the central island. Go down the stairs and you'll
    find another tablet.
    Puzzle 5: Pillar Puzzle.
    The tablet says: "The secret Great Pillars not only show the legend, but open
    the way to revival. Put the tablets drawn on the stands in the correct order,
    and a new way will be opened."
    Solution: In the next room down, use the switches to raise and lower the
    pillars. Look through the eyeholes (make sure another pillar isn't blocking your
    view) to see which picture corresponds to the color of which switch in the
    tablet room. The color is indicated by a colored band on each pillar. Push the
    tablets in the right positions, and the door to the Saint's Armor will be
    Once you have the Saint's Armor, proceed further south on the raft and get the
    Saint's Sword and the Saint's Shield.
    Puzzle 6: Placing the Saint's equipment
    Now you need to figure out which saint needs which item. Head back to the Scales
    room, but instead of proceeding beyond the gate, go up the stairs on the west
    end of the room. Go down the stairs up top, and head to a room with a large
    tablet. It has written on it legends on the four saints.
    Saint 1: "The first Saint is a servant of the Earth. The earth has lived for
    ages and ages, and the armor that protects him is indeed the earth itself."
    Saint 2: "The second Saint is a servant of the Wind. The Wind sometimes acts as
    a blade of vacuum. One could injure oneself with it. What must one hold in one's
    hand to protect themselves from it?"
    Saint 3: "The third Saint is a servant of Fire. When the Fire Saint's soul is
    consumed in the flames of anger, nobody can withstand him. Control your anger
    with reason. Put that on your head that will be such a protection to grant you
    that holy courage."
    Saint 4: "The fourth Saint is a servant of Water. Water is the source of all
    life. The power of a strong waterfall will become our power and drive off evil.
    Is true strength anger? Love? The answer lies within the tip of the Holy Sword."
    Solution: Do I REALLY need to say it? It should be obvious. Come on, just read
    the descriptions! They practically spell it out for you! :)
    Puzzle 7: Red flame, blue flame
    The next room has nine braziers, and two torches--one with a red flame, and blue
    flame. You need to light the braziers with the right colors, by picking up the
    torch and using them to light the flames. When you want to switch colors, you
    need to return the torch to its original resting place.
    Solution: The two statues at the end of the hall have a red and blue gem inset
    in them--this corresponds to the color of the flame that their torches need to
    be lit with. Once lit with the correct flame, they will show you which braziers
    need to be lit with their color. Note that there will be two braziers with no
    fire in them at all.
    Proceed into the next room. A tablet there says: "You who seek to discover the
    true form of the world. The world is divided into four sources, and that form
    remains still. Put the right thing in the right place. The world will show its
    true form."
    Get used to this area. You're going to be spending quite a lot of time here. In
    fact, this is probably the most important place in the game. Pick up the Amazing
    Tablet(Yellow) by the large tablet. Take it into the Yellow Room, where you'll
    find another tablet fragment. Investigate the pedestals to find out where the
    two fragments you've found fit.
    Once you find where they fit, Keefa will suggest you head home for a bit. But
    before you do, head to the large central room, where you can pick up the Amazing
    As you leave, it's already daytime. Keefa says he's heading to castle to look
    for more fragments. He tells you to come see him if you find something.
    When you arrive at home, you'll find out that Bolkano is back from his trip, and
    his new route paid off, as he got lots of fish. Talk to the sailors, and they'll
    tell you he found something weird caught in the nets too. Go talk to Bolkano,
    and he'll greet you, and talk about how his last catch this big was around the
    time you were born. He then starts to drawl off about how surprised he was that
    you were born after only 6 months gestation. You ask him about what he found,
    and it's a Yellow Tablet. He asks you to bring it to the castle and show the
    Bring the tablet to Keefa. He's very surprised, and says it had to be fate that
    you found it since it's such a coincidence. Go back to the ruins, and you'll
    find out that Maribel has been shadowing you. Maribel asks to come with you; if
    you say no she threatens to blackmail you by telling the King that you're
    hanging out where you're not supposed to go. Maribel joins you.
    Head down into the Mysterious Palace and complete the first tablet. A strange
    light erupts from the tablet, and engulfs your party.....
                                Chapter 2: A New World
    Wood Paluna: Clothes, 12G
    Colorstone Mine: Medical Herb, Power Seed, 40G
    East Tower: 20G, Medical Herb, Bronze Knife, Mysterious Tablet(Red), Leather
     Shield, 5G 80G, Defense Seed
    Wood Paluna, first world: Speed Seed, Medical herb, Leather Hat, Antidote Herb
    Colorstone Mine, first world:  Antidote Herb, 13G, Amazing Acorn, Mysterious
     Tablet (Red)
     Green Jewel
     Wooden Doll
    1. Defeat the Slimes attacking Maribel
    2. Meet Matilda and be escorted to the village of Wood Paluna
    3. Meet Patrick and learn about his father
    4. Travel to the Colorstone mine and solve the puzzles there
    5. Bring a green Colorstone back to Patrick
    6. Invade the East Tower with Hank
    7. Defeat the boss of the tower
    8. Return to the clearing you came to this world in
    9. Return to your house, then find Keefa in Grand Estard
    10. Go to the cave in Fishbell and find the hidden ship
    11. Sail to the new island and investigate it
    12. Get the Tablet Fragment out of the Colorstone Mine
    13. Return to Grand Estard Castle and get the old man into the dungeon
    14. Retrieve the Tablet Fragment out of the Castle basement
    You wake up outside, in a small clearing in the woods. Keefa gets up and checks
    on you and Maribel to see if you're OK. Maribel wants to know what happened.
    Keefa says that obviously something happened in the temple, but he doesn't know
    what. He looks around, and says "I've never seen this place before. Did the
    island have a place like this?" Maribel tells him that you're here, so it must.
    She wonders why the sky is so dark. She heads off home, saying "Thanks for
    entertaining me. It was real boring." She leaves. Keefa suggests you head home
    too. As you leave the clearing, you hear Maribel scream. Keefa runs off to see
    what the problem is. Follow him.
    Maribel is being confronted by three Slimes. They attack!
    Fight: Three Slimes
    Once the slimes are defeated, Maribel goes into a frenzy, and says "Why are
    monsters here!" Keefa on the other hand gets excited at having seen real live
    monsters. Maribel tells you that this is all your fault, for forcibly bringing
    her with you (Selective memory!) and tells you to take her home safely.
    In the next area, you'll find a female warrior by some graves. She notices you
    and asks who you are. Keefa apologizes and introduces himself as the prince of
    Grand Estard. The girl is surprised at the name Grand Estard. Keefa introduces
    you and Maribel. She introduces herself as Matilda. Maribel asks why she's
    weeding out here in such a dark place. Matilda says she's bringing the plants
    she has to the grave. Maribel says "But they're just weeds!" Matilda says that
    flowers can't grow here, so they are the best she can do. Maribel offers some
    flower seeds she picked up in the forest near Grand Estard. Matilda asks for
    some, and Maribel gives them all to her. Matilda goes and plants them by the
    Matilda asks where you're going. Keefa says you're going home, and Matilda tells
    you that you probably won't be able to go home. Keefa is confused. Matilda says
    that there is a village up ahead where you can rest if you want. As thanks, she
    joins you to accompany you to the village.
    As soon as you enter the town, you'll find that Matilda has disappeared. Maribel
    and Keefa wonder where she went--Keefa suggests that maybe she went home.
    Something definitely screwy is going on here--the townspeople are in the process
    of destroying their town. An old man will tell you that the village had been
    raided by monsters, who took away all the women of the village. They told the
    remaining men that if they didn't destroy the town, that they would kill the
    One man will tell you the legend of the Town Hero, Paluna. He says 20 years ago
    monsters attacked town. Everyone decided to attack monster together. Led by a
    single young man who went out first to scout ahead and give courage to the
    townspeople, who would come and help after the attack begun. The townspeople
    chickened out, and the man died. His name was Paluna, so they named town after
    On the edge of town, you'll find a small house that has not been destroyed.
    Enter, and a young boy says "Who's there!" Upon seeing that you are human, he
    will bring you inside and shut the door. He says he was afraid that the monsters
    had found his house, and introduces himself as Patrick. He asks if you saw
    Matilda. if you say yes, he is glad--she protects the village from monsters, but
    he hadn't seen her for a while and was worried. The man on the bed then cries
    out. Patrick goes over to see if he's OK. It turns out the man is his father.
    Talk to Patrick. He says that his father is a warrior--he went to the East Tower
    to try to save the women of the town, and got hurt badly in the process.
    Furthermore, the doctor of the town said that a Green Gem would be necessary to
    cure him. They are in the southeast mine, but is the mine is currently teeming
    with monsters so nobody can go close. He wants Matilda to try to get it for him,
    and asks you to ask Matilda for him if you see her.
    Head to the mine. Make sure you buy weapons and armor first!
    In the mine, you'll find Matilda. Maribel asks what she's doing here. Matilda
    says that she sensed that monsters were here, and came to check it out. Keefa
    tells Matilda about Patrick. Matilda says that you can definitely mine green
    Color Stones here, but doesn't know if any are left.  She starts to leave.
    Maribel asks if she's going to ignore Patrick's request. Matilda says that it
    may seem harsh, but she can't focus just on that one boy. Keefa says she really
    is cold, and suggests you look for the Color Stone yourself.
    Take it easy in the mine. Go forward in short steps--don't try to take it all at
    once. You can do the entire mine in one fell swoop--I managed to do it once--but
    Kiss Beasts show up on the bottom floor, and they can outclass your party if you
    proceed too quickly. Once your hero hits level 3 he'll learn Hoimi, which will
    make your survival a lot easier. When Maribel hits level 3, she'll learn Mera,
    which she can put to good use against the Kiss Beasts.
    A few levels into the mine, you'll find some gem puzzles. Gems block your way;
    but if you push two gems of the same color together, they shatter.
    First puzzle:
    This puzzle is so easy it's almost not a puzzle. Just ignore the red gems.
    Second puzzle:
    (R= red gem, Y=Yellow Gem, B=Blue Gem)
      RY RY   R  R
    > B B B R    <
    First push the far-right Blue stone into the Middle Blue stone. Then push the
    lower Red stone west against the south wall until it breaks. Push the two
    Yellows together, then finally push the reds together to access the down
    Third Puzzle:
       |  ______   ______  |
       |B|      |Y|      | |
    ___| |_    _| |_     | |
       BR |____| R |_____| |
        YR ____ RB  _____B
    ___BR_|    |_R_|     | |
       | |      | |      | |
       |B|______|Y|______| |
    The first thing you need to do is push the far-right Blue Gem into the central
    Blue Gem. Then push the central Red Gem (formerly next to the center blue) as
    far left as possible until it breaks. Move one of the central Reds left or right
    (it doesn't matter which) then go around through the outside and push the Yellow
    Gem you have freed into the center of the middle room. Push that Yellow Gem as
    far left as possible, and your path is opened.
    On the bottom level, you'll find the Green Color Stone. But it's huge, and you
    don't know how to bring it back. Matilda then comes in--she was worried that you
    might have gotten whacked by monsters. She offers to help, and finds a weak
    point on the gem's surface. She hits it and breaks off a shard for you. She
    gives you the Green Gem. She then leaves. As she leaves, she stops and then
    gives you a Wooden Doll. She says her older brother gave it to her when she was
    a little girl, but it doesn't suit her any more, so she thought it would be good
    with you.
    Bring the Green Gem back to Patrick. He uses it on his father, and says he hopes
    it heals him faster. Patrick tells you that Matilda saved his father's life.
    Patrick went to the monsters' tower as he was worried about his father. He found
    Hank on the ground wounded, with Matilda next to him; she fought off the
    monsters to save him. Patrick says you must be tired, and pays your way for a
    night in the inn.
    In the inn, Keefa falls fast asleep. Maribel can't. She misses her father and
    mother, and asks if you'll be lonely if you can never return home to Fishbell.
    She then takes it back, saying "I'm just kidding, I don't really miss them" and
    goes to sleep.
    You'll see a flashback with Paluna leaving to fight the monsters. His little
    sister comes up and tells him that it's too dangerous to fight them alone, and
    that he should go with the others. Paluna says that he wants to, but if everyone
    leaves at once, it leaves the town in danger. He says he'll go to stop the
    monster from moving, then everyone will get ready and attack. Before he leaves,
    he gives his sister a doll. He says it's not very good, but he did his best to
    make it. "Be good, Matilda" he says as he leaves.
    Go check on Patrick. You'll find that Hank is all better. Talk to Hank, and he
    says he heard from Patrick what you did for him. He thanks you for your efforts
    to help a total stranger. Patrick tells him that Matilda also helped by carrying
    him back to the village. Hank says "Then I'll have to thank her as well if I see
    her." Hank asks you why you came to the village, and Maribel explains. Hank
    doesn't know what to do, but suggests that if you can defeat the evil power
    influencing the area, maybe you can open a route home. In thanks, he decides to
    go monster hunting. He asks if you will come with him, and promises to protect
    you. Agree, and he will join you. He tells you that you should head to the East
    The entrance to the Tower is guarded by a Golem. It recognizes Hank as the man
    who his boss beat up earlier, and berates him for being stupid enough to come
    back and get killed. It attacks.
    BOSS: Golem
    The only thing the Golem does is attack, but he hits hard for this stage of the
    game. In addition, since you don't have a lot of techniques on hand, there's not
    a whole lot you can do in terms of strategy here. Your best bet is to have
    Maribel cast Rukani on the Golem to reduce his defense while the rest of the
    party beats on him. Use your Hero's Hoimi spell to heal your party if their HP
    gets too low. A few Medical Herbs on other party members as insurance can't hurt
    either. It shouldn't be too tough a fight, as Hank will help heal you.
    Once you beat the Golem, it will drop a Green Tablet. Hank warns you that the
    Golem was merely a low-level guard. If your MP levels are low, you might want to
    consider going back to town to refill them, as there's a more difficult boss
    battle coming up soon. Otherwise, continue into the tower.
    In the heart of the tower, you'll find another monster; he calls you cowards for
    attacking the tower when the boss wasn't there. He says he'll take care of you
    himself even without his boss' help, and attacks.
    BOSS: Chokkinger
    The Chokkinger is not very tough in terms of his attacks; all he does is attack,
    defend, occasionally cast Hoimi to heal himself, and cast Mera when his life
    starts getting low. However, his defense is quite strong, and it is difficult to
    penetrate, so it becomes somewhat of a battle of attrition. However, if you use
    Maribel's Rukani on him, his defense will be lowered to a level where you'll be
    able to inflict a tolerable amount of damage. Eventually the spell's duration
    will end and Maribel will run out of MP, but it helps nonetheless. At this
    point, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that Hank casts Rukani
    himself. Or, if you have Maribel use Payback, when he starts casting Mera you
    can throw it right back at him for free. He's not very hard overall.
    The Chokkinger will drop a Defense seed after you win, and swears, saying that
    his boss would be able to get you easily. As he's dying, he sees his boss coming
    in from behind you. Matilda enters, and the Chokkinger asks her to finish you
    off for him. Matilda turns around and kills him. Matilda tells you that she
    indeed is the source of the terror of the town and the mistress of the tower.
    She says that she was told by her master to take the children from the town. She
    shows her true form, and says that she's not entirely a monster, and her
    memories from when she was a human have come back to her, thanks to Hank's son.
    Hank tells her to shut up and that he is going to kill her. Matilda says that
    Hank's son came after him, just like she did for her brother many years ago.
    Hank realizes that she is the sister of Paluna. Matilda says she was captured by
    the monsters then and one thing led to another--she ended up joining them. Hank
    thanks Matilda for saving him and says that he does not wish to kill her; if she
    returns the women and returns the island to its original state he will not harm
    her. Matilda tells Hank that the girls have been sealed with her life, so unless
    she dies, they cannot be freed. Hank says that he will have to kill her then,
    and Matilda says "I understand."
    BOSS: Matilda
    Since Matilda does nothing but defend, it's hard not to defeat her. You can kill
    her for the experience if you wish, or run away.
    If you run away, Hank asks why you stopped fighting. He hits Matilda hard and
    knocks her across the room. Maribel tells you to do something. Hank starts
    walking across the room. If you let him get to Matilda, he will kill her. If you
    get in his way, he'll ask if you are trying to stop him. Hank tells you he
    doesn't want to kill Matilda, but if he doesn't and the women never return, his
    village will die, so he has no choice. Maribel tries to stop him. Matilda thanks
    Maribel and tells her she has a kind heart. Matilda tells you to visit the
    forest you first met her in again. She thanks Maribel for the flower seeds, then
    kills herself.
    The skies clear, but Hank still feels bad for Matilda's death. He suggests you
    return to town. Do so. You'll find all the women have returned. Go talk to
    Patrick. Hank apologizes for worrying him, and says that the town will no longer
    have to fear the monsters. Patrick asks if Hank found Matilda--Hank says he did
    and thanked her as promised. Patrick goes off to look for her. Inside, Hank
    tells you he doesn't feel very good, as he would have liked for Matilda to
    experience the peace of the town. Hank tells you to visit the forest and see if
    you can find a clue to find your way back to your own country, and that he hopes
    you can return.
    On your way out, you'll find Patrick by the grave, with the now-sprouted
    flowers. You have the option to give him the Wooden Doll if you would like.
    (There's no other use for it, so you might as well) Where you entered, you will
    find a strange light. Step into it, and you will find yourself back at the
    Mysterious Palace. Keefa wonders if what you saw was all just a dream. Maribel
    berates him, and says "of course it wasn't a dream!"  Keefa heads home, and
    Maribel suggests you do too.
    Go back to Fishbell. Maribel heads to her house. Head to your house, and you'll
    learn that while you were out, a new island was discovered. (and it's right near
    your own, at that!) Amitt and your father are currently at the castle discussing
    it. Head there, and you'll find the castle locked tight as an important meeting
    is going on there. Head to the old man's place, and you'll find Keefa there.
    He'll tell you the old man has also been called to the castle. He's not happy
    about being left out, and tells you "it's finally time to use it!" He says he's
    going to Fishbell to get ready, and asks you to come. He tells you "you probably
    know, but I'll be waiting for you in the cave."
    Head to the cave in Fishbell. You'll find that Maribel is there as well--she
    figured out what you're doing. Move the big stone slab to uncover the staircase
    beneath. Enter and you'll find a hidden bay with a boat that you and Keefa have
    been working on repairing for the past few years. You all get on board and set
    sail for the new island.
    Sail to the island to the northwest of Estard. Enter the town there, and you'll
    find--Wood Paluna! The people there deny that the island has just turned up out
    of nowhere and insist it's always been there.
    Inside a house you'll find a Green tablet fragment like the ones you've seen
    before. The old lady nearby tells you her husband found it. She'll let you take
    it, so long as you get permission from her husband. Talk to him, and he'll let
    you take it, and tells you he found it in the nearby Color Stone mine, and
    suggests you check it out as well. Inside another house you'll hear a story from
    a woman that says that the viewing tower in the center of town is called Hank's
    tower, and is named after the hero who saved the village ages ago. Other hints
    in the town will suggest that the events that transpired earlier took place
    years and years ago.
    Head to the Colorstone mine. Talk to the foreman, and he will let you inside, so
    long as you don't disturb the workers.
    The mine is devoid of monsters except for the next-to-last-level, and even then
    they rarely show up. At the very bottom, head through the north passage to find
    a Red Tablet. Once you find it, Keefa suggests you head back to the castle.
    In the castle, you can get inside with Keefa's word to the guards. You'll learn
    that the old man who translated the book for you angrily stormed out of the
    meeting, and is trying to get into the dungeon. The guard will not let him pass
    though. The old man tells you that he wants to meet his friend who resides
    beneath. Talk to the guard and Keefa will persuade him to open the door. Below,
    you'll find the old man talking with an old sailor. The old man is trying to get
    the sailor to give him something. Talk to the old man, and he will ask if you
    know anything about the new island appearing. Keefa explains what happened to
    the old man. The old man tells you that if you are telling the truth, then there
    is something that you will be needing being kept away in the castle. The old man
    tells you to get on the raft and find it, then bring it to him.
    Via the raft, go to the rear of the castle and enter the door. Below the castle,
    push the bookcase out of the way to reveal a hidden door. Behind the door you
    will find a Red Tablet fragment. Bring it to the old man, and he will tell you
    that he found it when he was your age, and that Burns' father took it from him
    and locked it up below the castle. The old man tells you that with it, you
    should be able to unlock another island.
    Bring the tablet to the Mysterious Palace and use it to complete the northwest
    Red Tablet. Once again, you will be sucked into another world.
                      Chapter 3: Sacrifice to the Fire God
    Engou: Antidote Herb x 2, Life Acorn, Clothes, 6G, Pointy Hat, 10G
    Volcano: Power Seed, Defense Seed, Medical herb, Holy Knife, 110G, Antidote Herb
    Engou, present-day: Magic Holy Water, Antidote Herb, 7G, Piece of Cloth
     Suteteko Pants
    Volcano, present-day: Mysterious Tablet (Green), 80G, Medical Herb, 350G, 60G
     Antidote Herb
    Amazing Holy Water
    Amazing Holy Water Bottle
    Round Button
    1. Go to Engou and learn about the Festival.
    2. Sleep at the inn and hear the fortune teller's premonition
    3. Wait until evening at the Inn and attend the Festival
    4. Go to the bottom of the Volcano and defeat the Fire Giant
    5. Get the Holy Water from Hondara
    6. Use the Holy Water to extinguish the Black Fire
    7. Visit the Volcano Island in the first world
    You'll find yourself transported to another, different world. Head southeast,
    until you reach the village of Engou.
    Engou is a small village with little in it. The townspeople worship the Fire
    God, who is said to live in the volcano to the northwest. The four pillars of
    fire by the town are offerings to him. You'll find a fortune teller, Pamila,
    here, who is famous for both her accuracy and her special medicine, though she
    will have nothing to do with you, too ensconced within her own reading.
    Go to the Elder's house. There you'll learn that the town is about to get ready
    for an annual ceremony where the townspeople thank the Fire God by returning his
    gift of fire to them. Talk to the Mayor, and an earthquake will start. If you
    suggest to him that the volcano is about to erupt, he laughs, saying that his
    village has done nothing to anger the Fire God. He explains that every year the
    earthquakes get fierce right before the ceremony. He asks you to stay yourselves
    to witness the ceremony, and suggests you stay in the inn--he would like to
    house you himself, but all of his beds are full.
    Rest at the inn. The next day you'll find Pamila causing a panic among the
    townspeople--she foresaw that the volcano would explode as soon as the Fire-
    Giving Ceremony ends. She warns that the Ceremony must not take place. An
    earthquake occurs, and while Pamila says it's because of a volatile volcano, the
    townspeople just think it's a sign that it's time for the Ceremony. Pamila says
    "don't you believe me!?" When you respond, she'll say "I'm not asking you!"
    At this point the Mayor comes out and asks what the fuss is about. After hearing
    what Pamila said, he invites her in to discuss the matter privately. The
    townspeople return to their daily business. Go upstairs, and Pamila suggests
    that he think of a way to avert the catastrophe. The mayor says that he can't
    stop the ceremony, as the townspeople will fear that the Fire God might get
    angry. He then announces to the townspeople that the ceremony will be held
    tonight. Pamila starts to leave, and is begins to suggest you leave the village,
    then changes her mind and asks you to come to her shop.
    At Pamila's shop you'll introduce yourselves. Pamila asks you to help save the
    village--as outsiders, you can act independently of the village. She'll ask you
    to come speak to her in the evening if you agree to. If you don't agree, you can
    offer to help again once the festival starts. (I don't think the ceremony will
    happen until you agree to help)
    At the festival, talk to Pamila, and she will say that something is happening
    inside the mountain, but it is shut off from the public except during the
    ceremony. She suggests that you investigate when the ceremony starts. Until
    then, she tells you to enjoy the party, but not to get wasted so that you lose
    your edge.
    Go to the northwest brazier and you'll find the mayor with a torch. He has the
    fire tender give you torches as well. The mayor says that the ceremony will
    begin and asks if you're ready. Tell him when you are. He starts the ceremony by
    saying a quick prayer to the Fire God, asking for his protection in the upcoming
    year, then everyone heads off to the volcano.
    At the volcano, people are lined up to throw their fire into the volcano. The
    man at the bottom asks you to line up, but ignore him and head to the top of the
    volcano. Talk to the guy in front, and he won't let you cut in line. The mayor
    comes out, however, and gives you the honor of being first in line, being
    travelers who came a long way and all. The man in front is none too pleased, but
    agrees to give up his place.
    The Mayor leads you to the mouth of the volcano. He tosses his torch in, and
    says that this way the flame that the Fire God lent to the people is returned.
    Throw your own torches in, and the Mayor will thank you and tell you that you
    can return to the town if you want. However, you should proceed to the other
    side of the volcano, where you'll find Pamila. She asks you to hurry into the
    depths of the volcano to find out what's happening, but warns you that there are
    strong monsters inside. If you get hurt, she asks you to come back if you get
    hurt, but not to forget that you're on the clock.
    When you get far enough into the volcano, you'll actually have to jump down into
    the lava (or what appears to be lava) to reach the lower level. You'll find a
    healing circle towards the very end, which you should stop off in to heal your
    wounds before proceeding. (If you feel that you're not strong enough at this
    point, this room is also an excellent place to build experience, as you can heal
    yourself to full after every fight)
    At the bottom of the volcano, you'll find a strange giant laughing in front of a
    strange machine, berating humans for worshipping a nonexistent god. The machine
    absorbs the torches the villagers drop, and when enough have been dropped, the
    black flame the machine generates will cause the volcano to erupt. Thinking that
    they have angered the Fire God, the people will then fall into depression and
    misery. Of course, you'll try to stop it yourself.
    BOSS: Flame Giant
    The Flame Giant can do several things; attack, use Power Charge, breathe Fire
    Breath, or use a powerful attack that hits your whole party. If your characters
    are in good health, the only one to watch out for is the Power Charge; if you
    see him charging his power, he will do significant damage the next round, so
    counter it by having your characters Defend the following round. Use your Hero's
    Skara spell and Maribel's Rukani spell to increase your defense while decreasing
    the Giant's. Keefa's Flame Slash and Maribel's Mera spell are of little use, not
    surprisingly--the Giant is resistant to Fire attacks. Instead, if you decide to
    go on the offensive with them, use their normal attacks.
    The Flame giant will drop a Blue Mysterious Tablet upon his death. However, even
    though both he and the machine are destroyed, the Black Flame is untouched, and
    floats up to the top of the volcano. Head back to the mouth of the volcano, and
    you'll find the townspeople staring at the Black Flame. Explain to Pamila what
    happened, and she says that you'll need to do something about the flame, as
    there's no telling what it will do. The Mayor asks if she knows how to deal with
    it--she says she doesn't.  She does a quick divination, and sees a dirty room
    and an unsavory-looking man holding a jar with a strange fluid in it. Then she
    sees you (the Hero) in the same room. She says that the fluid in the jar must
    have the power to quench the Flame. She asks if you know who the man is. (It's
    Hondara, if you haven't figured it out already)
    Head back to the portal that took you to the Engou area, and you can return to
    your time. Leave the Palace and go find Hondara in Grand Estard. He's in his
    house, and offers you some Amazing Holy Water in exchange for information about
    what Bolcano and Amitt were called to the castle about. Affirm his suspicions
    that it was about the new island. Hondara gives you the Amazing Holy Water while
    he starts to think of another get-rich-quick scheme and asks you to leave.
    Return to the volcano in Engou. Stand between Pamila and the Mayor and use the
    Amazing Holy Water. After sprinkling it on the flame, it goes out. Pamila
    breathes a sigh of relief and says that there is no more danger of her prophecy
    coming true any more. The mayor declares you the heroes of the town, and you
    return. You'll see a message saying that everyone partied hearty for the rest of
    the night and you stuffed yourselves silly. You'll wake up in the inn and the
    innkeeper wishes you a good journey. Go talk to Pamila, and she will give you a
    Blue Tablet Fragment as thanks for your help. She then tells you to come back if
    you ever need her help again. You're done in Engou for now, so head home.
    When you reach the Palace, Keefa suggests you head back to Grand Estard castle
    to see if you can learn whether or not another island appeared upon rescuing
    Engou. Do so. There you'll learn that the King wants to hear from you directly
    about the islands. Talk to him, and he will tell you that the old man told him
    that you are on a journey to try to return lost islands to the world. He doesn't
    believe entirely that you can, and that he sent out a scout team to look for new
    islands. At that moment, the scout team returns, and reports a new volcanic
    continent to the northwest. He leaves, and the King realizes that the old man
    spoke the truth. He apologizes for doubting him during the earlier meeting. Then
    the King thanks Keefa for his work in uncovering the mystery--but forbids him
    from going on any further adventures at the same time! The old man, shocked,
    says "You're breaking your promise!" but the king ignores him, and tells Keefa
    that he needs to take responsibility and not put himself in any danger, as he is
    to be the future king of Estard. Amitt seconds the notion with Maribel,
    forbidding her to go on any more adventures. Bolcano applauds your courage, but
    says "A man knows when to bow out" and tells you to come home with him. Back at
    home he will tell you that he will not force you to stop your journey, but is
    not too happy about you putting yourself in danger like that. He asks if you
    want to continue your journey.  Regardless of your decision, he will tell you to
    go to bed for the time being.
    When you leave home the next morning, you'll find Maribel waiting for you.
    tell you that she stayed up all night doing it, but finally managed to convince
    her father to let her continue on the journey. She asks if you were intending to
    continue on your own, then tells you that she won't let you hog all the fun. She
    joins your party again. She suggests you go check out the new island, and that
    you continue on without Keefa. However, Maribel and you alone will not be able
    to move the stone slab in the cave to get to the ship. Leave the cave, and
    you'll find Keefa outside. Maribel asks why he's not at the castle, and Keefa
    laughs and says that he snuck out past the guards again. He goes on to say that
    during his compulsory lecture the night before, he said that he was going to
    continue to sneak out of the castle until his father accepted it. He joins your
    Move the slab, board the ship, and  head toward the new island. Not
    surprisingly, you'll discover that it's Engou's island that appeared.
    Engou in the present is much like in the past, except that now it has public hot
    springs at the bottom of the well in the center of town. In Pamila's shop,
    you'll find Pamila and her assistant Ilma. Or at least another Pamila. If you
    question her about her name, she'll tell you that it's a special name given to
    everyone in her family that has fortune telling power. This Pamila, however,
    can't make special medicine like the first Pamila could. You can have your
    fortune told, but Pamila won't be able to see anything. She'll tell you that you
    are special and don't have a predetermined future, so she can't foretell it. Of
    course, that doesn't stop her for charging you for her "services." However,
    she's not totally useless--there's a boy in town who's lost his Round Button.
    Talk to Pamila and she can scry the location. She'll tell you to look by the
    sign to the Inn. There you can find the Button. Return it to the child, and
    he'll give you a Small Medal in exchange.
    You can go to the volcano too; it is open to the public. There's nothing of
    critical importance there for the moment, but there's a portal inside that will
    send you directly to the Fire Shrine in the Mysterious Palace. You might want to
    head into the lower levels of the volcano too--there is a Green Tablet Fragment
    that you will eventually need.
    When you're ready, return to the Mysterious Palace and complete the northwest
    Blue Tablet--it will take you to your next destination.
                                 Chapter 4: The Grey Rain
    Direluck: Leather Hat, 7G, 10G, Medical herb, 5G
    Angel Tears
    1. Talk to the old man and get the Angel's Tears
    2. Rest in the inn and learn the story of the town's demise from the statues
    3. Read Joseph's diary to learn the location of the Secret Base
    4. Go to the Secret Base and use the Angel Tears on the town
    5. Talk to Joseph and bring him to the old man
    6. Visit the new island in the first world
    You'll find yourself on a very small island. Head to the nearby village,
    "Direluck" about sums up the people of the village; they've all been turned to
    stone. If you examine them, you'll discover that they've been petrified for
    quite some time; the statues are all heavily weathered and starting to crumble.
    There is, however, one live old man at the rear of the village by the well. He's
    very surprised to see travelers, and asks what you're doing. Keefa explains your
    quest to him. The old man is shocked to hear the extent of your quest, but asks
    you to forget about restoring this island, as it is too late to save the people
    of the village, with no way to bring them back any more. He tells you to
    continue on your journey.
    As you leave, the old man will stop you and give you some Angel Tears. He says
    that they will restore any petrified human to their normal selves. He tells you
    that he was able to find the Tears too late; by the time he managed to get them,
    all of the statues had weathered to the point where the Tears would be useless.
    He goes on about how the townspeople must hate him, and starts to talk about the
    night, but stops in mid sentence, and tells you that if you are going to rest in
    the inn, not to go outside, because nighttime in the already-darkened area is
    impossible to see in, and very dangerous.
    Head to the inn, and rest. You'll be woken up in the middle of the night by a
    sad voice. Go outside--notice that the statues are now glowing. Examine them and
    the light will become stronger, and will grow and show you a vision for each
    Farmer: The Farmer is thinking about the upcoming Rain Ritual to try to call
    down rain. Direluck is in a very dry area, and he worries about his future if it
    doesn't rain and his crops don't grow. A young boy, Yosef, runs by and knocks
    him over. He stops and apologizes before running off. The farmer smiles and says
    "With energetic children like that, this town surely will have a bright future."
    Woman by front: A warrior walks by her. She asks if he's going out to buy things
    from another village. The warrior, Cleman, says that he is going to buy food and
    as much water as he can to bring back to the village and try to sustain it until
    it rains. While the woman worries that the Rain Ritual won't work, Cleman is
    confident that rain will fall this year. He leaves, and the woman asks him to be
    Priest: The Priest is in his church. A young woman, Millie, comes in and prays
    that Cleman will be safe on his journey. Then a young man comes in and prays
    that he can one day marry Millie--but since Cleman stands in his way, he prays
    that Cleman doesn't return to the village.
    Little Girl: Yosef scribbles something on the wall. The girl, Lena, comes up and
    chastises him for writing graffiti. Yosef tells her not to be so loud, and
    explains that he's just writing it to mark the location. Yosef says that "I've
    found something better than that secret base I found before!" He asks her to
    come over during the Rain Ritual--if she's late, he'll head to the base and wait
    for her there. Lena agrees.
    Middle-aged Woman: The woman is searching for Yosef (she is his mother). Lena
    comes up and asks her if she's seen him anywhere, and she explains that she's
    looking for him herself. She's upset because she told him to stay at home and
    help during the Rain Ritual. Lena has an idea, and Yosef's mother asks if she
    might know where he might be. Lena plays dumb, and Yosef's mother asks her to
    tell him to come home if she sees him. Lena agrees, and leaves.
    Old Woman: The old woman is praying to the rock to let rain fall. The priest
    comes up and thanks her for her prayers, then asks why she's not praying to the
    Water God statue. The old woman says that the statue is just something made by
    human hands, but the rock has been here since long before any people were. The
    priest wonders what the rock is doing there, and the woman laughs, saying "The
    rock isn't here by us, we're here by the rock" (tough to translate) The priest
    agrees, and says that he still has much to learn, thinking about it from a
    human's point of view.
    Young man: The man is looking at the Water God statue, and gets the sense that
    it is smiling. He thinks "The Rain Ritual is going to work this year." He also
    gets glad that Cleman is going to be out of town, because it gives him a chance
    to move in on his girlfriend, Millie. He chuckles and looks forward to the
    Young Woman: The young woman, Millie, is waiting for Cleman inside her house.
    Cleman comes in and apologizes for his tardiness. Millie asks him if he really
    intends to leave town. Cleman says he is, and Millie objects, saying that
    monsters are common outside of town, and she worries what might happen to him.
    Cleman insists that that makes it all the more important that he be the one to
    go--if someone has to go out and go shopping for the village, it should be him,
    since he has a better chance against the monsters than anyone else. Cleman tells
    Millie that he wants to announce their engagement to the rest of the town as
    soon as he gets back. Millie agrees, and Cleman says with that out of the way,
    he can go to town without worry. He (hugs? kisses?) Millie, then leaves.
    Bartender: The Bartender is preparing drinks while Keene talks with Yosef. (his
    son) Yosef asks Keene if he knows what was on the site of the town before it was
    Direluck. Keene doesn't know, and asks the bartender if he does. The bartender
    says that this area was once a battlefield, and that an old town was destroyed.
    The ancestors of the current residents got together after the war and rebuilt it
    as Direluck. He explains that's the reason why old artifacts are occasionally
    dug up in the area. Keen asks why Yosef wants to know. Yosef says "I just did."
    Yosef leaves, and Keene tells him not to dally during the Rain Ritual.
    Keene: The bartender kicks Keene out of the bar, saying that he's going to go to
    the Rain Ritual. Keene leaves, and outside skeptically watches the townspeople
    perform the ritual in the center of town. He starts to go home, and on the way
    it starts to rain! At first Keene is thrilled, but then notices how unusually
    polluted the rain is. The rain starts to turn him to stone! He runs back to his
    house, but doesn't make it inside before he is fully petrified.
    Once you examine Keene's statue, it will shatter into smithereens. You can then
    enter his house. There you can read Yosef's notebook. He recorded the location
    of a secret base that he found--the entrance is below a tree near where he
    scribbled on the wall. You can examine the area now, and discover a hollow
    point, but it will be too dark to find the handle to the entrance. Head to the
    top of the cliff and talk to the old man. He explains that since rain is so
    scarce in the area, every year the townspeople perform the Rain Ritual. He will
    explain that he is Cleman, and 50 years ago went out to buy supplies during the
    Ritual. On his way back, he saw a strange purple cloud over the town, which
    rained a disgusting gray rain. He arrived in town as soon as it stopped and
    discovered the petrified townspeople. He says that the townspeople must have
    wanted to return to their normal selves, and must hold a grudge against him for
    not being able to grant their wish. He explains that he just wants to sit in
    town and wait to join them.
    Go to sleep, and the next day you will be able to find the entrance to the
    secret base Yosef was talking about. It will lead to a tunnel that comes out on
    top of the rock in the middle of town. Go to the top of the rock and sprinkle
    the Angel Tears over the town. The townspeople won't go back to normal, but the
    one person who was petrified in an area not exposed to the elements--Yosef--will
    be returned to normal. He comes out of the secret base he had been in, and
    stumbles around a bit, confused. Talk to him, and he will ask you who you are
    and what happened. If you tell him what happened, he won't believe you. He joins
    your party and asks you to help him look for the townspeople.
    Go talk to Cleman. He will note that the area became light after you used the
    Tears, then will notice Yosef. He asks Yosef where he's been all this time.
    Yosef explains that he's been in the underground secret base. The old man
    realizes that he had been guarded from the wind from within the base, and thanks
    you for discovering that the town is NOT dead after all. The old man is very
    happy, and decides to celebrate. You'll see some messages that talk about how
    Yosef eventually accepted the reality of what happened to the town, and how the
    old man got his zeal for life back. The next day Cleman tells you that he and
    Yosef are going to start a journey to warn people of the Gray Rain, and perhaps
    search for a way to reverse the curse on the weathered statues.
    Return to the present. Yet another island will have appeared. Head to it, and
    you'll discover that Direluck is no more. Instead, just the standing stone is
    there, with an old man. The old man says that he came to the area hearing of the
    stone, and wants to live there, but there is no town. Therefore he wants to
    build a town there himself. He asks you to tell people about the area in case
    you discover anyone who is thinking of moving on your journeys. If you can get
    enough people to come, then perhaps you can build a town there. The old man
    introduces himself as Sim and asks you to consider his request.
    This area will become your player-made town. The town will change depending on
    who you move into the area. At the moment, there aren't too many places where
    potential immigrants will spawn, but as you complete new areas of the game, more
    places for immigrants will pop up as well. Note that until you hit disk 2,
    you'll only be able to raise your population to 27. For more information on the
    immigrant town, check out part 1 of this FAQ/walkthrough.
    You'll find a Green Tablet lying on the ground near the standing stone. Be sure
    to pick it up! It will allow you to complete the northwest green tablet.
                        Chapter 5: The Ancient Curse
    Orphie: Horse Dung, Sharpened Bone, 5G x 2, Small Medal, Antidote Herb,
     Protection Seed, Medical Herb, Acorn of Life, Hairband, Bronze Sword
    Mountain Cave: 20G, Mysterious Tablet (Blue) x 2, Power Seed
    Orphie, Present: Clothes, Medical Herb, 5G, Protection Seed, 30g, Green Tablet
    Mountain Cave, Present: Stone fangs, 120G, Small Medal, Rabbit-ear band
    1. Explore the town filled with animals
    2. Talk to the lumberjack near Fishbell
    3. Bring the lumberjack to the animal town and have him translate.
    4. Free the child chained to the wall
    5. Go to the mountain tomb and defeat Death Amigo
    6. Visit the new island in the present and participate in the ceremony
    7. Receive the Blue Tablet from Death Amigo in the present
    The next town you run into, Orphie, is a strange town--it is filled with
    animals. Animals even tend the shops and will sell you things. There are some
    humans here, but none of them say anything. Explore the town. In one barn, you
    will find a young child chained to the wall by his neck. Here Keefa will decide
    to try to start a conversation with the cow in the barn. He says "I bet you know
    what happened here!" but of course, the cow is a cow and doesn't say anything.
    Keefa mentions that there is a man somewhere that can speak with animals that
    might be able to help.
    The man in question is a lumberjack who lives in a house near Fishbell, on the
    southwest corner of the island. When you find him, he is advising a cat about
    its love life. He doesn't have any interest in your story, but the cat convinces
    him to come with you.
    The lumberjack will join your party as an NPC. He'll participate in combat to a
    limited extent, but many rounds will do nothing. Fortunately he has an unlimited
    supply of Medical Herbs, which he will use on your party during combat.
    Bring the lumberjack to the town. He will try to speak with the animals, but
    will not be able to understand what they are saying. However, when you try to
    talk to the humans in the town, the lumberjack will discover that they in fact
    are animals who were turned into humans by some curse. Talk to all the
    human/animals, and the lumberjack will piece together the story behind the town.
    Apparently, many years ago the town was guarded by white wolves. There was a
    monster that was terrorizing the town, and the white wolves managed to use their
    special powers to fight the monster, but all were killed except for one. She
    managed to imprison the monster in a sarcophagus in a cave on the mountain.
    Recently, someone or something opened the sarcophagus in the cave and released
    the monster. In revenge, it cast the curse on the town, changing all the people
    into animals, and all the animals into people.
    When you find the child chained to the wall, the lumberjack will free him using
    his knife. Without saying a word, the boy runs out of the shack.
    Leave town and head north to the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, you will
    find a wolf. Follow the wolf to a chamber in the mountainside. As soon as you go
    up the stairs, the child you freed will kick you out of the way and examine the
    wolf, who is wounded.  The lumberjack warns you that the monster is nearby. Sure
    enough, the monster appears, and demands to know where the white wolf cub is. He
    says that he had fought the white wolf cub earlier and wounded it, and thinks
    you and the brown wolf are protecting it. He attacks you.
    BOSS: Death Amigo
    The cave you're fighting in has an anti-magic aura, so you can't use any spells
    during the fight. That means no Hoimi, so make sure that all of your characters
    have a good supply of Medical Herbs before going into the fight.  The Death
    Amigo won't use magic either, but packs a pretty hefty punch with his physical
    attacks. He can attack twice in one round, and also occasionally will use a
    Kamaitachi to deal extra damage. To add insult to injury, he also will use
    Blinding Light to make it harder for your party to hit him. You can use this
    against him though--have Maribel use her Payback technique, and you'll end up
    blinding Death Amigo, which is useful, since all his attacks are physical rather
    than magical. The Lumberjack will help out with his unlimited supply of Medical
    Herbs, but it's good not to rely on it too much, as he won't always use them.
    Once you defeat Death Amigo, he starts to lay down some smack talk and threatens
    to turn you into animals. The child then leaps on him and bites him. His bite
    paralyzes Death Amigo, and Death Amigo realizes that the child is in fact the
    White Wolf, as only they have the power to paralyze him like that. Before he is
    imprisoned, Death Amigo curses the child to stay in his human form forever.
    After Death Amigo is imprisoned, the Lumberjack talks with the brown wolf. He
    tells you that the child's mother is the Legendary white wolf that defeated
    Death Amigo the first time. She died in childbirth, and the brown wolf adopted
    her cub. The child then tells you his name--Gabo. Unfortunately, that's pretty
    much the only word he can speak.
    Return to town to find the curse has been lifted. You will learn that the elder
    had kept Gabo as a pet, thinking he was a dog. You'll also learn that it is
    impossible to open the sealed cave from the inside, so that someone must have
    deliberately freed Death Amigo. The Lumberjack will decide to adopt Gabo and his
    mother. Head back to the present time. However, once you enter the temple, Gabo
    will decide to stay with you to search for whomever opened the cave and stop
    him/her/it. The Lumberjack leaves your party with Gabo's adopted mother, and
    Gabo joins your party.
    Head to Orphie in the present time. You'll find that just like the past,
    everyone here is an animal. However, upon further investigation, you'll learn
    it's just that there's a festival going on celebrating the animals saving the
    town in the past, where everyone gets into animal suits. Once you get animal
    suits of your own from the elder, (pig suits, in this case) people will talk to
    you. You'll get to play a game at the festival where there are six people
    dressed as animals in front of you. Three are men, three are women, and you have
    to guess which three are women. I don't think you can actually lose this
    contest--if you guess wrong they will give you another chance. (Though I'm not
    sure, mistakes may be limited--I guessed wrong first try, then lucked out and
    got the other three all right in a row) When you find all three women, you will
    get the Monster Dictionary. You can use it on the overworld to see pictures and
    data of the monsters you've fought. (how many you've beaten, what they've
    dropped, how much EXP and gold you've gotten from that type) You can press the
    circle button while using the book to animate the monster sprite too.
    Head north to the mountain and go into the Sealed Cave. You'll find it open
    again. When you go to the coffin, a voice will threaten you and warn you to stay
    away. Ignore it and open the coffin, and out pops Death Amigo. Only after
    several hundreds of years, he's turned into a human, and has lost the bad
    attitude he had before. In fact, he's extremely polite, and apologizes profusely
    to Gabo for cursing him. He offers to use his magic to turn Gabo back into a
    wolf. Maribel tells him it's OK, but Death Amigo insists and casts the spell on
    Gabo. However, after many years his magic has gotten very rusty, and the spell
    makes Gabo even MORE human, and grants him the ability to speak. Gabo is very
    happy that he can communicate with you now and thanks Death Amigo, telling him
    that he's happy with his human form. Death Amigo then gives you a Blue
    Mysterious Tablet fragment that he had in the bottom of his coffin, and asks you
    to come back and visit whenever you want.
    Head back to the Mysterious Palace when you're ready, and complete the Northeast
    Blue Tablet to travel to the next location.
                     Chapter 6: Assault of the Mechanical Soldiers
    Forish: Small Medal, 3G, 10G, Leather Armor, Mysterious Tablet (red), Power
     Medical Herb, 15G
    Forod Castle: Leather Shield, Scale Armor, Defense Seed, Power Seed, Small Medal
    Zebott's House: Shell Hat, Sharpened Bone, Bronze Knife, 2G
    Soldier Hideout: Power seed (in man-eating box), 250G, Power Seed, Iron Shield,
     Mysterious Tablet (red), 100G
    Forish, Present: Net Tights, 3G, Small Medal, Scale Armor
    Forod, Present: Royal Clothes, 2G, Mysterious Tablet (green), Medical Herb, 5G,
     Small Medal
    Zebott's House, Present: Hairband, Mysterious Tablet (red), Small Medal
    Soldier Hideout, Present: Power Seed, Small Medal, Iron Claw
    Mechanical Parts
    1. Visit Forish and learn about the mechanical soldiers
    2. Go to Forod Castle and defeat the guard to become a mercenary
    3. Talk to the king, then go to the briefing room to discuss the situation
    4. Talk to Zebott in the house to the west
    5. Report to Trad, then take watch on the tower, then speak to the wounded man
    6. Take Trad to Zebott's house
    7. Return to the castle and fight off the mechanical soldiers
    8. Assess the situation in the castle, then rest
    9. Invade the Mechanical Soldier's hideout, defeat the Machine Master and the
       Death Machine.
    10. Visit Forish and Forod, and receive your reward from the king and Heinz
    11. Visit Forish in the present and meet Alman
    12. Visit Forod in the present and talk to the king, then go to Zebott's house
    13. Return to the castle and talk to the king, then talk to Alman in the dungeon
    14. Talk to Alman's granddaughter, then dig under the barrel near the lake
    15. Repair Elly at Forod castle
    16. Receive a Red Tablet from Alman's granddaughter
    The first town you will run across in this area is the town of Forish. There's
    nothing essential here, but you will learn the general situation of the area.
    Forish and the castle Forod have been under attack by an army of mechanical
    soldiers that have been extremely difficult to defeat. The people of Forish are
    essentially holed up in a makeshift fortress in fear of the attacks. You can
    meet a the captain of the guard from the castle, Trad, who is checking up on the
    situation of the town.
    Head to Forod castle. Here you can talk to a soldier, Heinz, and volunteer to be
    mercenaries to protect the castle and town against the mechanical soldiers.
    Before they will allow you to become a mercenary though, the castle soldiers
    will test you in battle to decide whether or not you're worthy. You will have to
    fight a Forod Soldier.
    MINI-BOSS: Forod Soldier
    The Forod Soldier does a fair amount of damage, but Gabo's Howl works on him
    almost every time. You can go through the battle untouched if you have Gabo howl
    every round. You might want to bring along some medical herbs just in case.
    Overall he shouldn't be too difficult to beat.
    Once you pass the test, you are told to talk to the king. The king tells you he
    is in desperate need of help in defending the country from the mechanical
    soldiers. He asks you for your assistance in defending the country; you should
    agree. At this point, Trad comes back and reports on the situation in Forish.
    The king points you out as new mercenaries, and Trad asks you to come to a
    briefing to discuss the current state of affairs in the country.
    Go to the briefing. At the briefing, Trad opens the floor to any suggestions on
    how to deal with the mechanical soldier menace. Talk to the soldiers and get
    their ideas. One of them suggests talking to Zebott, a scholar/hermit who
    researches mechanics. Trad doesn't like the idea, and thinks that Zebott won't
    be able to help. He eventually gives in though, and asks you to go talk to
    Zebott to try and enlist his help.
    Go to the small house to the west of the castle. Inside you will find Zebott.
    Talk to him and ask him to help, but he refuses. He says he actually feels bad
    for the mechanical soldiers, and doesn't care what happens to the castle or the
    town. He won't give in no matter what you say, so return to the castle and
    Trad is not surprised that Zebott wouldn't help when you return to the castle.
    He thanks you for going and tells you to go take watch on the tower for the time
    being. As soon as you reach the tower, a wounded man limps into the castle. The
    guards go up to help him, and he says that Forish has fallen to the mechanical
    soldier attacks, and that they are approaching the castle to siege it as well.
    Trad says that maybe he can talk Zebott into helping you, and joins your party.
    Head back to Zebott's house. Trad tries to convince Zebott to help you, but he
    refuses again, saying that "everyone dies eventually."  Trad tells you enlisting
    Zebott's help is hopeless, and suggest you head back to the castle. As you're
    leaving, a mechanical soldier approaches the house. However, it is broken from a
    previous attack. Zebott comes outside and is intrigued by the soldier. He asks
    Trad to help him bring it inside, so he can study it.
    Head back to the castle while Zebott and Trad are examining the mechanical
    soldier. You will arrive to find that the castle is under attack by the
    mechanical soldiers. You can take out a few of the wandering soldiers outside if
    you want, but you should talk to the guards by the entrance--they suggest you
    try to fortify your defenses so as not to allow the Mechanical Soldiers inside.
    While guarding the door, you will have to defeat three Mechanical soldiers.
    However, as soon as you beat them, more come. It looks hopeless, but Zebott and
    Trad arrive, and all the soldiers attacking the castle start to go nuts,
    attacking each other, falling over, etc, effectively ending the assault. Zebott
    explains that upon researching the soldier he found (who he has named Elly) he
    found that all the soldiers were being controlled by remote via sound waves. He
    altered Elly so that she gives off a similar sound, so by using her, he can send
    commands to the Mechanical soldiers and fry their circuitry.
    Talk to Trad, and he will suggest you make a counterstrike against the Soldiers'
    hideout tomorrow--until then you should rest. At this point, you'll have to play
    messenger between Heinz and Trad several times carrying menial messages/status
    reports assessing the status inside the castle. Once that's done and you've
    rested up, you'll have the plan underway--you'll use Elly to confuse the
    mechanical soldiers guarding the hideout, then kill their boss.
    Go to the hideout, which is in a valley east of Forish. Elly will give off her
    wave signals, frying the Mechanical Soldiers' circuitry so you can get inside.
    The Soldiers' hideout is pretty straightforward. Just proceed to the bottom of
    the area via the elevators until you reach the Machine master at the very
    bottom. He will be very shocked to see you got past the guards, and sics several
    Mechanical Soldiers on you.
    BOSS: Machine Master
    The Machine Master's physical attack is very powerful, so use Manusa on him to
    reduce the his chances of hitting you. He will also summon Mechanical Soldiers
    to attack you. Don't kill them off first, because he will just summon more.
    Instead, use Gabo to distract them with his Howl, while you, Keefa, and Maribel
    concentrate on the Machine Master. If he has it, use Keefa's War Cry charge to
    increase his attack power. Once the Machine Master is dead, picking off his
    Mechanical Soldiers is pretty easy.
    Before dying, the Machine master says "To hell with the Demonlord's orders--I'm
    going to kill all humans!" He summons a gigantic Mechanical soldier to kill you
    and then all the humans on the continent. It attacks you.
    BOSS: Death Machine
    The Death Machine has plenty of nasty techniques to inflict a world of hurt on
    you. A good plan is to put each character in a specific role: have your Hero
    focus on raising your characters' defense power, or casting healing if
    necessary. Keefa should be your primary damage dealer--have him use War Cry
    Charge/Flame Slash. Have Gabo concentrate on stunning the Death Machine with
    Howls, and Maribel should be used primarily for healing and reducing the Death
    Machine's defense rating with Rukani. (Unfortunately, I've found Manusa to be
    ineffective against the Death Machine)
    Once the Death Machine is in pieces, Trad decides to "come help" and sees that
    you've already taken care of everything. He thanks you and tells you to go get
    some rest.
    Go to Forish. The survivors have come out of hiding now that the Mechanical
    Soldier threat is gone. Zebott stops by with Elly, and when a girl sees the
    robot, she gets very upset and attacks it. Zebott berates her, and says that the
    only reason that she's safe is because of Elly. Nobody else believes that Elly
    is not evil or helped you, and Zebott leaves in disgust.
    Go to the castle, and talk to the King with Trad and Zebott. He asks how he can
    reward you. Trad declines any special reward, and tells the king to give it to
    Zebott and the mercenaries that helped defend the castle. Zebott says he doesn't
    want anything either and leaves. The King gives you a Poison Moth Knife as
    reward. As you leave, you will hear the princess talking to Zebott. It turns out
    that Zebott was very close with the princess' older sister, Elly, but she died
    in an accident when she went hunting with Trad--this is the reason that Zebott
    has refused to speak with Trad for so long and holed himself up in a little hut.
    Zebott named the mechanical soldier Elly after the dead princess, because this
    way she will never die, as machines have no life to begin with.
    Before you head out back to the present, talk to Heinz. He will give you a
    monetary reward as your pay as mercenaries.
    Go examine the new continent that has appeared in the present-day. The
    Mechanical Soldier base is now abandoned, and a strange fortune teller has taken
    up residence there. She will help you all through disk 1, and will tell you the
    locations of any Tablet fragments that you are missing should you find yourself
    unable to proceed.
    In Forish, you'll meet an old swordsman named Alman. You'll learn that he
    trained the King in his day. In Forod Castle, you'll see mechanical devices all
    over the place. The big thing they are trying to accomplish there is completion
    of a mechanical human. You can watch the researchers fail trial runs if you
    want. When you talk to the king, a soldier comes running in, and reports that he
    has found an ancient mechanical human in the "forbidden lands" to the West.
    Alman comes in and forbids the king from investigating. The king ignores Alman
    and goes anyway. Alman will ask you to chase after the king and try to stop him.
    Head to Zebott's place. Zebott is long dead, but his skeleton is still there,
    lying on his bed. Elly is there too, but doesn't realize Zebott is dead and is
    trying to nurse him back to health with soup. As you witness her trying to feed
    the corpse soup, the King arrives and pushes you away, and orders the soldiers
    to take Elly to the castle. She doesn't want to go, but the soldiers take her
    anyway. The king gives deference to Zebott's remains, asking to borrow his
    knowledge to help him make a mechanical human to make the peoples' lives easier.
    Back at the castle, the researchers are starting to disassemble Elly to find out
    what makes her tick. Alman pleads with the king to return her. The King realizes
    that Alman must be hiding something from him and throws him in the dungeon,
    saying that he'll speak with him in more detail later. Go to the dungeon and
    talk to Alman. He'll explain that he is a descendant of Zebott's family, and
    knows all about him. He wants Elly to return home, saying that she will not be
    happy without her master. (or what's left of him) He tells you that his
    granddaughter in Forish has some mechanical parts that he can use to repair her.
    Head to Forish and talk to Alman's granddaughter. She tells you to dig under the
    barrel near the pond. (The barrel in question is on the "island" between the
    wall of the building and the stream) Search under where the barrel was, and
    you'll get the parts.
    Bring the parts to Alman and he'll leave with you. The guard (who didn't want
    Alman imprisoned in the first place--he is very respected in the castle)
    switches clothes with Alman so that he won't be noticed in the palace. Take
    Alman to lab, and the researcher there asks you to guard Elly while he goes and
    gets lunch. Alman repairs Elly, and she wakes up. However, she mistakes Alman
    for Zebott, and tells him that he is too sick to be walking around, and should
    go home. She picks Alman up and tries to take him home. The king and some
    soldiers see the robot carrying Alman away, and the soldiers start to attack
    her. At this point, the king has a change of heart and realizes that Elly should
    not be disturbed, and agrees to let her go home. You bring Elly back to her
    house and she returns to her normal routine of trying to nurse Zebott's corpse
    back to health.  The King leaves, but says that even without Elly, he won't stop
    trying to make a mechanical human.  Alman thanks you and goes home. He asks you
    to stop by before you leave the country.
    Stop by Alman's house--his granddaughter will give you a Red Tablet, which you
    will need to complete the Southeast Red Tablet and go to your next location.
                          Chapter 7: The Grey Rain strikes again
    Greenflake: Traveler's clothes, 25g, Flashy clothes, Wooden hat, 3G, Rabbit-ear
     band, Small Medal
    North Cave: Mysterious Tablet (green) x 2, 50G, Small Medal
    Greenflake ruins, present: Mysterious Tablet (green)
    Pamila's Special Medicine
    1. Defeat the Amefurashi on the balcony
    2. Use Angel Tears on the town
    3. Investigate the Herb Garden
    4. Visit Iwan, then Linda, then Pepe's father
    5. Go to Engou and receive medicine from Pamira
    6. Use medicine to cure Pepe
    7. Attend party and look for Pepe, then talk to Boruck, then find Pepe again
    8. Go to the north cave, defeat the Cave Demon, and get tablet fragments
    9. Visit the ruins of Greenflake in the present
    10. Visit the new town east of Greenflake ruins
    Head to the Mysterious Palace and complete the next Tablet to go to the next
    island. Head to the town nearby.
    Upon entry into the town, Greenflake, you will see that you have found yet
    another town that has succumbed to the Grey Rain, and everyone has turned to
    stone.  However, unlike Direluck, the statues have not yet degraded. Search the
    town, and you will find a monster on top of the balcony. Surprised to see you,
    it attacks.
    BOSS: Rainbringer
    Yet another boss that relies almost exclusively on physical attacks, Rainbringer
    is not very tough. Drop his defense with Rukani, raise yours with Skara, and he
    shouldn't be too tough to defeat. If you're lucky you may be able to stun him
    with a Howl or two as well.
    As the Rainbringer dies, he laughs and tells you his death alone will not cure
    the townspeople. Indeed, they don't return to their normal selves even after
    Rainbringer dies. However, if you use the Angel Tears that the old man at
    Direluck gave you on the balcony, you can spread them over the town and cure the
    Head downstairs. You'll see a young man, Iwan, look out the window and get very
    angry; he thinks he sees the gardener's son, Pepe, trying to fool around with
    his fiancee, Linda. He runs out.
    Go outside to the garden. You'll find Pepe on top of Linda--and unconscious.
    Linda says that Pepe threw her to the ground and shielded her with his body to
    protect her from the rain. He got hit directly and continually, so he was
    affected by the rain worse than the others--while he has returned to normal, his
    body is stiff as a board. You help Iwan bring Pepe's body into his house.
    Inside, you'll explain to Boruck, Iwan's father, that everybody had been turned
    to stone by the gray rain. Boruck notes that an old man and a young boy had
    stopped by the village earlier to warn them about the rain. He is upset that
    only Pepe fell victim to the rain's effects. At this point Iwan asks Linda what
    she was doing in the garden in the first place, but Linda won't tell him. She is
    very upset at Pepe's plight. Iwan heads off to the mansion to think of a way to
    cure Pepe and make Linda feel better.
    Head to the mansion, inside, you'll find the maid, Kaya, making some moves on
    Iwan. She tries to convince him that Linda liked Pepe and was philandering with
    him. Iwan rejects Kaya's advances and refuses to believe her.
    Go find Linda, and you will see that a man is trying to give her some money that
    he owed her parents. (Linda is not very well-off financially; there are rumors
    about the town that Pepe wouldn't hook up with her because he wouldn't be able
    to help her with a gardener's salary) Linda doesn't want to take it though.
    Once you've visited both Linda and Iwan, talk to Pepe's father. He will talk
    about a special medicine that would cure anything, made by Pamila in Engou,
    which is over the mountains to the East. Well, being Sealed off from the rest of
    the world, there IS no Engou east of Greenflake. You'll have to go back to the
    Mysterious Palace and go to Engou via the northwest Red Tablet. Once there, talk
    to Pamila and get Pamila's Special Medicine. (Pamila is in the Elder's house--
    she will go back to her shop, and give it to you there) Bring it back to
    The medicine revives Pepe. He wakes up and thanks you. Iwan is happy and decides
    to throw a party to celebrate Pepe's return to health. However, when the party
    actually starts, Pepe skips out of it early. Go search the town; in the
    northwest corner, Pepe is talking to Kaya. Kaya is trying to get Pepe to elope
    with Linda so she can have Iwan. Pepe refuses though.
    Return to the party and talk to Boruck. As soon as you do, it starts to rain.
    All the townspeople panic, thinking it's the Grey Rain again, and run into their
    houses. (However, it's just garden variety rain) Go back to the northwest corner
    of town--this time you'll find Linda trying to convince Pepe to elope with her.
    He refuses, and she calls him a weakling and a coward. He leaves. Go to the
    entrance of town, and you will find that Pepe is leaving town. Keefa tries to
    talk him out of leaving, but fails--Pepe leaves to seek his fortune.
    The next day you'll get some clues about the whereabouts of the nearest tablet--
    a merchant in the town has gone to the North Cave to find a piece. Head there
    The cave is pretty much empty except for two Green Tablet fragments. However,
    before you can get both, you'll enter a room with a monster that has been eating
    people who were lured into the cave because of rumors of great treasure there.
    He laughs at you, saying it was just a ruse to get meals, and attacks.
    BOSS: Cave Demon, 2 Dancing Gems
    The Cave Demon is decidedly the tougher of the opponents you'll be facing here;
    in addition to a double attack, he can cast Gira and Begirama to damage your
    whole party, or blind you with his Blinding Light. The Gems are primarily forms
    of annoyance, casting Rukanan to lower your defense, using Amazing Dance to
    drain your MP, etc. You should focus your efforts on the Demon and get him out
    of the way. Have your Hero cast Behoimi on your party members to heal them,
    while Keefa deals most of the attacks. Maribel can cast Manusa and Rukani on the
    Demon to lower his defenses. Gabo can sometimes distract the Gems with his
    Howls, but another alternative is to have him as a backup healer. Once the Demon
    is dead, focus your efforts on taking the Gems down.
    Once you've got the two Tablets, head back to your world. You'll find that
    Greenflake is no longer a town, but ruins. However, you can get a Green tablet
    on its site. Head further east, and you will find a prosperous Herb town called
    Memorial Leaf. It was founded by Pepe after he left Greenflake.
    With the Green tablet, you can complete the Southwest Green Tablet to travel to
    the next area.
                              Chapter 8: Keefa's Decision
                                  CHAPTER SUMMARY
    Gypsy camp: 25G, Small Medal, Leather Hat, 5G, Defense Seed
    Mountain camp: Speed Seed
    Altar Cave: Fur Cape, 5G, 15G, 20G, Medical Herb, Wisdom Seed, 3G, Amazing
     Acorn, Prayer ring, Mysterious Tablet (Yellow), 15G, Defense Seed, 2 Small
     Medals, Poison Moth Knife
    Archaeological dig, present: Mysterious Tablet (blue), Small Medal
    Bell of the Earth
    Keefa's Letter
    1. Investigate the gypsy camp and witness the ceremony
    2. Talk to Lyra and bring her a drink
    3. Witness monster attack, and head to the altar
    4. Rest at the Mountain Camp
    5. Accompany John into the cave
    6. Empty the lake to go to the Altar
    7. Get the Sacred Artifacts and perform the unsealing ceremony
    8. Return to the present and visit the Archaeological dig to get a tablet
    Head to the west from where you enter the next world. You'll find a small camp
    of nomads, the people of Yuvarl. You enter in the middle of a ceremony going on
    in the Chief's tent--it is a ceremony to dub the next Dancer of the town. The
    Dancer is an important role among the Yuvarl that is passed down from generation
    to generation. Talk to everyone; the ceremony will end, and the chief will come
    out with a girl named Lyla. He announces that she has been dubbed as the next
    dancer. A celebration starts and your party splits up.
    Talk to the people in the area. You will learn that the Yuvarl are on a quest to
    revive God. In order to revive God, a special ceremony must be performed first;
    one that requires a Dancer and a Tura player. Lyla is the Dancer, and her
    fiancee, Jan, is the Tura player. The Yuvarl are currently on a quest to find
    the Holy Altar, where the ceremony must be performed.
    Talk to Keefa and Lyla. Keefa asks you to get Lyla a drink. Go talk to the man
    giving out drinks and get one for her. Bring it to her, and she thanks you.
    Keefa is talking to her about his home country, and how the prince there doesn't
    want to be king. Lyla says she'd probably get along well with the prince, since
    she tried to run away from her destiny once too. At this point Jan comes in the
    tent and gets angry to see you talking to Lyla. He calls you out, but Lyla
    insists that you just brought her a drink. After hearing what really happened,
    Jan apologizes.
    Go to sleep. Before the morning breaks, you'll find that a monster is attacking
    the camp. Keefa drives it off, but Darts, the town guard, got injured and will
    be out of action for a few days. Lyla insists on staying behind to make sure
    he's all right, and Keefa volunteers to stay behind and protect them. Jan wants
    to stay behind too, but as his music is what keeps the monsters at bay when the
    Yuvarl are traveling, he is needed.
    The next day, follow the Yuvarl caravan and head toward the Altar. In the
    mountains to the west, you will find where the Yuvarl have set up camp. There,
    you'll learn that in order to revive God, you'll need two items which are in a
    cave. The nomads are worried about getting the items. Sleep in the camp and
    proceed ahead the next day.
    The third nomad camp is by a large lake. You'll learn that the person
    translating the ancient Yuvarl documents was mistaken, and that the two items
    are actually in the temple by the altar itself, not in a cave. However, the
    altar and temple are currently at the bottom of a lake. In order to get to the
    temple, you'll need to empty the lake, which can only be done by ringing a
    special bell that only the Yuvarl can ring in a cave nearby. You will need to
    enter the cave, and Jan will come with you to use the Bell.
    The cave is fairly straightforward, with only a few minor obstacles. For each,
    there is a tablet with hints on it.
    Tablet 1: "The Brave one will be led by the Flame of God"
    (Follow the fire to get out of the room)
    Tablet 2: "To the East is the Flame of Courage. To the West is the Flame of
    (Apparently this only denotes the two hidden passages leading to treasure
    Tablet 3: "Lack of Greed will lead you to God's Road"
    (Exit the room via the passages without treasure chests near them)
    At the bottom of the cave, Jan will offer the bell to lower the water level. You
    can then go out an exit which will take you to the Altar. At the foot of the
    Altar is a door you can enter, where the Pure Robe and the Earth Tura are kept.
    The Earth Tura must be played by the Tura Player, and the Pure Robe must be worn
    by the Dancer during the ceremony. As you enter, Keefa and Lyla arrive. Keefa
    apologizes for being late; he says that Lyla twisted her ankle on the way and he
    had to carry her. Jan gets really upset, saying that with a twisted ankle, she
    won't be able to dance. Lyla gets angry at him and says that she'll be fine.
    When you leave the room containing the Robe and the Tura, the Chief says that
    it's not the right time to release the seal and revive God; the ancient texts
    say that it will only work when the Earth Tura glows gold, which it is not. Jan
    ignores the Chief and performs the ceremony anyway--it doesn't work.
    After the ceremony, Jan says that he was deliberately trying to perform the
    ceremony early for his own sake. There is a rule in the Yuvarl tribe that before
    God is revived, the Dancer cannot marry a man with a special type of birthmark,
    which Jan has. Jan says that if God were revived, he would be able to ignore the
    rule and marry Lyla. He apologizes for his actions and runs off. Lyla tries to
    chase him, but the Chief stops her. Since the time wasn't right, you now need to
    go back and fill the lake. Darts comes with you this time to take care of the
    Return to the first camp. As you sleep, Keefa gives a little talk to you about
    how he thinks you're destined to be great--however, he wants there to be
    something special that only he can do as well.
    When you wake up, you'll find Keefa is fighting Darts for the right to become
    the protector of the Yuvarl. Keefa wins, and the Chief welcomes him into the
    tribe as the new protector. Keefa tells you he's decided to stay behind in this
    time, and offers to escort you to the Traveler's Gate. When you arrive, he
    pushes you in and stays behind. When you return to your time, you'll find a bag
    with a letter from Keefa and his equipment. He apologizes for his selfish
    decision in the letter, and wishes you well.
    Bring the news of Keefa's decision to the King. The King is extremely upset,
    especially since he was about to officially sanction Keefa's journey. He gives
    you a Blue Tablet, and asks you to leave him alone for the time being.
    The new area you'll find back in the present day has an archaeological dig in
    it. If you pay money to enter, you'll be able to see what looks like a huge
    dinosaur skull. Here you'll be able to get a Blue Tablet to take you to the next
    area, the Southwest Blue tablet.
    In case you're wondering, Keefa is not going to rejoin your party. Nor is there
    any way to get him back, so please don't ask. :)
                          Chapter 9: The Retaking of Darma
    Traveler's Inn: Speed Seed, 3G
    Darma: 50g, Power Seed
    Drifter's Town: Sharpened Bone, Horse Dung x 2, Medical Herb x 2,
     Antidote Herb x  2, Small Medal x 2, World Tree Leaf, 20G, 30G, 3G, 5G
    Valley Village: Medical Herb, Antidote Herb, Leather Armor, Pointed Hat, Small
    Darma Tunnels: Kusari-Gama, Defense Seed x 2, Horse Dung x 4, Amazing Acorn,
     Iron Shield, World Tree Leaf x 2, 50G, Small Medal, 15G, Antidote Herb,
     Medical  Herb, Power Seed, Chiton Shield, Speed Seed, 350G, 200G
    Arena: Medical Herb x 2, Antidote Herb, 50G, Scale Armor
    Darma, Present Day: Silk Robe, Small Medal, Yellow Tablet, 5G
    Traveler's Inn, Present Day: Iron Mask, Defense Seed, Magic Holy Water, 3G
    Bandit Hideout: Clothes, Horse Dung, Small Medal, Iron Shield, Iron Spear
    Mezare: Pirate Clothes, Small Medal, Life Stone, Holy Water, Hoimi Slime Spirit,
     Medical Herb, Mysterious Tablet (Yellow), 6G, 7G
    Darma Key
    Bandit Key
    1. Visit the Traveler's Inn
    2. Talk to the Priest at Darma Shinden and try to change jobs
    3. Meet Kashim and Fural
    4. Fight Suifu and his thugs
    5. Accompany Fural into the Darma Tunnels
    6. Talk to Zajis and Kashim in the bar
    7. Meet Kashim and Neris in the Darma Tunnels, and travel to Valley Village
    8. Find and release the High Priestess, and defeat Inopp and Gonz
    9. Get the Darma Key and defeat the Man-eater
    10. Enter and win the tournament at the arena
    11. Defeat the Evil Priest
    12. Learn about the bandits in Present-day Darma and defeat them in the Pass
    13. Follow the bandits to their hideout and learn the password
    14. Use the password to enter the hideout and defeat the bandit boss
    The first place you will arrive in in the next area is a small inn--this is the
    Last Inn before Darma Shinden. Darma, of course, is the traditional place in the
    Dragon Quest games where you go to change your characters' jobs. There are quite
    a few people here getting ready to go to Darma to change their jobs. One fighter
    in pink armor leaves as you arrive, hoping to change jobs to a Hero. The people
    that run the inn and bar here are friendly, but are somewhat upset that nobody
    who goes to Darma to change jobs stops at the inn on the way back--they wonder
    if something is wrong with the inn.
    Other than that, there's not too much going on here. Probably the biggest
    attraction here is the Casino down the well. You might want to stay here for a
    while and build up your Coin reserves, or play the Lucky Panel game in hopes of
    getting better equipment than you have now/making money. Whenever you're ready,
    head north and west to go to Darma.
    Inside Darma, go talk to the priest at the central altar. He will ask you what
    job you would like to change to. Pick whoever you'd like to change jobs to and
    what job you'd like. After you choose which job you want to change into, the
    priest tells you that in order to change jobs, you need to bathe in the pool of
    holy water behind him to purify yourselves. Enter the pool, and you will
    discover that instead of purifying yourselves, the water robs you of all your
    spells and abilities. The priest laughs, and you are dropped into the Nameless
    As you come to your senses, you will find yourself in a run-down slum, full of
    downcast people who have similarly been tricked by the High Priest into bathing
    in the holy water, and have had all their skills and spells stolen. The slum is
    a lawless place, where might makes right. The strongest man in town, Suifu, is
    de facto leader of the town--he achieved this status by beating up the previous
    "leader" of the town. He enforces one rule of the town--"No touching the
    Soulshatterer"--and anything else goes.
    You can see this practice in action near the entrance of the town, where you'll
    find a warrior mugging a priest. He'll tell you to go away, and if you say no,
    you can beat him up. You'll end up fighting a Devil Armor. He's not easy with
    abilities or spells, so about the only thing you can do is attack and use
    Medical Herbs to heal yourself.
    Other than this little incident, the town is fairly peaceful at the moment. It's
    certainly not a happy place though; just about everyone you talk to laments how
    they're trapped here. The only way out is through a cave nearby, which is
    guarded by monsters--and since everyone is without their powers, nobody is in
    any condition to stand up to them. There are various shops here where you can
    buy some fairly good equipment to help you survive without your powers. A
    "don't-miss" store is the item shop--here you can buy a Thief Key, which will
    allow you to open those locked chests you find in town. Be sure to buy one.
    In a secluded corner of town, you'll find two men, Kashim and Fural, talking
    about a deal. Kashim is a guardian of the High Priestess of Darma, and Fural is
    trying to get "into the group" and become a soldier of the High Priestess as
    well. He had just completed a job for Kashim and retrieved some special medicine
    for him. Kashim tells Fural he will let him join after he completes one more
    job. Fural is upset that he's not getting accepted immediately, but agrees.
    At this point, a group of monsters come to the town. They tell all the
    townspeople that anyone who destroys five people's souls with the Soulshatterer
    Sword will be given their powers back. Suifu comes out and tells the monsters to
    get lost, and that nobody will be taking them up on their offer. The monsters
    leave. Suifu notices you as newcomers and welcomes you to the town--then gives
    you a proper welcome by beating you up. You'll have to fight him and two of his
    flunkies, but don't waste your items trying to beat him, because you can't win
    this fight. Just take the fall.
    You'll wake up in a woman's house. She comes in and greets you as you wake, and
    introduces herself as Neris. Neris herself is rather sickly, but is taken care
    of by her younger brother, Zaji. Kashim enters Neris' house and gives her the
    World Tree Sap that Fural got for him--he got the medicine to help her out. He
    leaves after giving her the medicine. As you leave, you'll find Kashim talking
    with Fural outside to give him his next job--to rescue the High Priestess from
    the monsters that are holding her captive. Fural will ask you to come with him
    to help. Agree, and he will give you the Miracle Stone. This extremely useful
    item can be used in battle an unlimited number of times, and will heal one
    character's wounds roughly to the equivalent of a Hoimi spell. Making judicious
    use of the Miracle Stone will allow you to fight monsters in your "powerless"
    state without having to bring several hundred Medical Herbs with you.
    Head west to the mountain cave. Proceed up a few levels to where the two monster
    guardians of the cave, Inopp and Gonz, hang out. Fural stops you before you walk
    straight into their path, and plans to create a diversion. Unfortunately what he
    doesn't tell you is that his plan is to use YOU as a decoy; Fural creates his
    diversion and gets away while Inopp and Gonz are busy killing you. Inopp and
    Gonz are far too powerful for you to kill in your weakened state; they will kill
    you and you'll wake up back in Neris' house. Maribel is very angry at having
    been used, and swears to get back at Fural.
    Meanwhile, Zaji is not happy with the state of affairs between Neris and Kashim.
    He talks to Neris and gets angry at her flirting with him in order to get him to
    do things for her. Neris' response is less than cooperative, and Zaji goes off
    to the bar to have a word with Kashim himself. Follow him there, and you will
    find Zaji accusing Kashim of playing around with Neris. He warns Kashim to stay
    away from her. Kashim insists that he's not just playing around with her, but
    Zaji doesn't listen. Zaji tells Kashim that he can protect Neris by himself, and
    doesn't need any help.
    As you leave the bar, you hear someone scream. Apparently, the pink-armored
    fighter that you met at the Inn decided to take the monsters up on their offer,
    and used the Soulshatter sword to destroy someone else's soul--he tries
    rationalize his action in that he's not actually killing the people. Suifu comes
    out of his house, and upon seeing that the one rule of the town has been broken,
    prepares to kill the fighter. The fighter runs away, and you hear more screams
    in the direction that he ran. Follow him, and you'll see the trail of soulless
    bodies he left behind. You'll find him in combat with Suifu and Kashim, who
    heavily wound the warrior. Defeated, the fighter gets angry, since he only
    needed to shatter one more soul before the monsters gave him his powers back. In
    his last breath, he charges at Neris. Zaji blocks her and takes the blow of the
    Soulshatterer. The monsters appear and tell the fighter that Zaji's soul is not
    completely destroyed, as the sword needs to pierce deep into the body in order
    to do its work. They're pleased by his efforts though, and agree to give him his
    powers back anyway. They teleport him and the bodies away.
    Neris is very upset at seeing her brother disappear, and asks for your help.
    Kashim wants to help as well, and decides to go save Zaji and the High
    Priestess. He goes off with Neris, and tells you to meet up with him where Inopp
    and Gonz attacked you before.
    Leave the Drifter Town and reenter the cave that leads to Darma. You'll find,
    however, that Inopp and Gonz are no longer guarding the path. Rendezvous with
    Neris and Kashim right beyond where they were, and head into the Valley Village.
    The Valley Village is really just a large cliff on the side of the mountain.
    It's here that all the true priests of Darma are being held captive by the false
    priest who took over the Shinden. The priests are not specifically incarcerated,
    and can do whatever they like in the village, but are prevented by leaving by
    the zombified people who had their souls destroyed by the Soulshatterer. This is
    also where all the people with broken souls get dropped off by the monsters
    after they get teleported away. You'll find the most recently "destroyed" being
    taken care of by the priests in their makeshift clinic.
    Here you'll run into Fural. He tells Kashim that he found the High Priestess,
    but was unable to rescue her. He was, however, able to confirm that she is
    physically unharmed. All of you enter the small house on the hill, which is
    where the Head Priest and right-hand-man of the High Priestess is. Together, you
    formulate a plan to enter into the Darma Prison and attempt to free the High
    Priestess, and take back Darma from the imposters that currently control it.
    Kashim and Fural will take care of the guards, and join your party to enter the
    North Cave. A soul-shattered zombie threatens to call the monsters, but doesn't
    stop you as you enter. Here the path splits into two. The right path leads to
    Darma itself, but the door is locked. The left path leads into Darma Prison.
    Head there, and continue through the prison. It's fairly straightforward, but
    will take a while to get through. At the very end, you will find the High
    Priestess, Foz, who is imprisoned within a magical barrier. You'll see that in
    fact she is only a child.
    Your next task is to free Foz. In order to free her, you have to cut off the
    power being fed to the magical barrier. In order to do so, you need to climb up
    above the area where Foz is imprisoned, and push blocks off the catwalk onto the
    magical generators. The catwalk looks roughly like this (forgive the lousy ASCII
                              |  __   ___   __  |
                              | |  | |   | |  | |
                              | |__| |___| |_X| |
                               ] __   ___   __ [
                              | |  | |   | |  | |
                              | |X_| |___| |__| |
                              |_   ________   __|
    The two "X" marks indicate the areas directly above the magic generators. You
    need to drop the blocks here in order to successfully remove the magic barrier
    trapping Foz. If you accidentally drop the blocks in the wrong places, you can
    leave the area and return; the blocks will have returned to their original
    Once the barrier has been lowered, Foz will be freed. You will be introduced to
    Foz, who will thank you for helping her. However, just as you are getting
    acquainted, Inopp and Gonz come along and attack you. However, now that Foz is
    freed, she uses her magic to reduce their power to normal levels; formerly,
    their powers had greatly increased from absorbing the power of the souls that
    had been shattered in the Drifter town.
    BOSS: Inopp & Gonz
    Because your characters are still powerless, there isn't a heck of a lot you can
    do in terms of strategy to win this battle. The best thing to do is give your
    character with the weakest attack (mops likely, this will be Maribel) and have
    them use the Miracle Stone every turn to heal injured party members. I'd also
    suggest getting rid of Inopp first, since his weapon attack is strong. This
    battle is slightly easier in the sense that Kashim and Fural will also
    participate and help fight. Their attacks are anything but reliable, but they
    will serve as helpful dummy targets. Like most NPCs that join your party, they
    have infinite HP, so they cannot be killed.
    Once Inopp and Gonz are dead, Foz joins you. Head back to the Valley village.
    All the priests are psyched to see Foz back, and she takes them off to make a
    plan to take back Darma. When you enter the Head Priest's house, you'll find
    he's not there, but Zaji and Neris are. Kashim asks how she is, and Neris says
    that she's fine. Zaji is silent. Neris is missing the hairband that Kashim gave
    her, but doesn't know where she lost it. The High Priestess gives you the Darma
    Key so that you can enter Darma through the underground tunnels. She tells you
    there's a room in Darma where the life force of all the tricked people is
    stored, and there you can get your powers back. Despite the unusual demeanor of
    Zaji and Neris, Kashim decides to take them with you.
    Go to the door to the Darma tunnels. Neris asks to borrow the key that the
    Priestess gave you. If you say yes, Kashim will stop you and demand to know who
    she is. If you say no, Neris will laugh and say "Guess I can't mimic her
    personality, just her form" and shows her true form as a monster. Kashim demands
    to know where Neris and the Head Priest are. The monster tells him that Neris is
    alive, but that he ate the Head Priest. The monster gives Zaji the Soulshatterer
    and tells him to steal Kashim's soul with it. Still in his zombie state, Zaji
    complies and attacks Zaji. Meanwhile, the Man-eater attacks you.
    BOSS: Man-eater
    Without your powers, this is again a pretty tough fight. The Man-eater can cast
    some pretty hefty magic, so it's a good idea to have some Medical Herbs on your
    characters other than your dedicated Healer. Otherwise, there's not a heck of a
    lot that you can do other than keep your HP as high as possible.
    Even after the Man-eater dies, Zaji continues to attack Kashim. In the
    altercation, Kashim manages to steal the Soulshatterer from Zaji. He throws the
    sword at him, hoping it contained his soul and could restore it. Surprisingly
    enough, it works, and the Soulshatterer vanishes. (though for a minute it seems
    as if Zaji was killed) Zaji says that he initially was being controlled by the
    Man-eater, but even after the Man-eater died, the sword increased his hatred for
    Kashim to uncontrollable levels, and he couldn't stop fighting.
    Now that Zaji is restored, your next task is to find and rescue Neris. Continue
    through the underground passages into Darma. Eventually you will find a room
    with a huge glowing ball of light. Stand on the altar below it, and you will
    finally get your powers back. Continue through the passages until you reach the
    basement of Darma.
    Here you'll find that the monsters have erected a gigantic arena. It is here
    that the people who shattered souls for the monsters back in the Drifter town
    are brought. Their powers are restored, and they are pitted against each other
    in a tournament. Whoever comes out of the tournament as the victor will be
    allowed to leave Darma. The rules of the tournament are that you have to enter
    in teams of four. If you make it to the final round, you'll have to fight the
    monsters' champion, and only then will you be allowed to leave. If you can't
    agree to work with the other fighters, then you are allowed to bring three
    monsters with you to complete your team. As none of the people here want to work
    together, this means that everyone uses monsters on their team. However, the
    champion is Neris herself, who wields the Soulshatterer! Talk to the right
    people here, and you'll also learn the true reason behind the conquering of
    Darma; the monsters are stealing peoples' powers in order to give to the
    Demonlord, who has been greatly weakened in his battle with God. The arena is
    just a diversion to amuse the monsters.
    Go into the back room of the arena. You'll find Neris with the Soulshatterer.
    Zaji tries to get it from her, but she refuses to give it to him, and threatens
    to destroy his soul if he keeps bothering her.  After leaving Neris' room,
    Kashim and Zaji decide to enter the tournament to try to restore Neris to
    sanity. Zaji says he doesn't want Kashim's help, and goes by himself.  Talk to
    Zaji, and he will offer to team up with you to enter the tournament. Whenever
    you're ready you'll enter the tournament.
    Battle 1: Nepalo and 3 Dragon Slimes
    This battle is a cinch. If you have trouble here, you might want to rethink your
    strategy or buy new equipment, because you probably won't be able to win the
    upcoming battles.
    Battle 2: Garcia and 3 Thunder Rats
    This battle isn't all that tough either, though it's significantly tougher than
    defeating Nepalo. Have your hero attack Garcia, and have Gabo continually stun
    the Thunder Rats with his Howl. Maribel should be used as support, and can use
    the Miracle Stone to heal. Try not to use any MP if you can.
    Battle 3: Thompson and 3 Mud Hands
    This battle is actually easier than defeating Garcia; the Mud Hands are so weak
    you can just ignore them. Focus all your efforts on killing Thompson quickly,
    and you should have no problems taking out the Mud Hands and healing your party
    up to full with the Miracle Stone before the next bout.
    Battle 4: Naputo and 3 Buchuchunpas
    Of all the preliminary Tournament battles, this one is the toughest. Naputo's
    Martial Artist techniques are nothing to sneeze at, and can dish out some heavy
    damage. You may need to use a little MP here in order to win. Try to put the
    Buchuchunpas to sleep with Rariho, so you can concentrate on Naputo--if you
    leave him for last, you'll either die or be heavily wounded for the upcoming
    battles. Be ready to cast healing spells if it's necessary.
    Battle 5: Don Jose and 3 Straw Mouths
    This battle is actually not very hard. Don Jose is nowhere near as threatening
    as Naputo, although the Straw Mouths can be irritating. Cast Manusa on them and
    they won't pose nearly as much as a threat. You can try to put them to sleep or
    Howl at them if you want, but I've found them to work a lot less.
    Final Battle: Neris and 3 Slime Knights
    This battle is VERY tough for this stage of the game. When I first got here,
    Neris had me taking a dirt nap so fast I thought it was a "story" battle that
    you were supposed to lose. Neris hits very hard and is very fast so she usually
    strikes first. She also can use several spells and techniques that are a bit too
    powerful for this stage of the game, though she doesn't always use them.
    Overall, this battle relies a lot more on luck than most have up until now.
    Neris often uses a double attack, and if she consistently uses her
    Hyadalko/Mahyado-Slice combo over and over again, it doesn't really matter what
    you do--you're probably going to die. If your party is weak, this is one of
    those battles where you might be better off letting one of your party members
    die, and focusing all your healing efforts on one heavy-hitter, rather than
    trying to keep the entire party healthy.
    Once you win, you disarm Neris, and Zaji slashes her with the Soulshatterer, as
    the sword seems to have the opposite effect on those whose souls are already
    destroyed. As you have won the tournament, you get the right to leave the
    palace, and in fact are forced to do so. The monsters leave Neris behind, and
    while Zaji wants to stay behind to help her, won't let him. As you are taken
    away, Zaji calls to Kashim and asks him to help his sister; Kashim agrees. Right
    at the entrance to the main temple, Zaji darts away back to the arena. The
    monsters chase after him. If you follow them, you'll see that Kashim and Zaji
    have started a revolt, and all the imprisoned warriors are fighting against
    their captors. They will tell you to go take care of the imposter High Priest if
    you try to help.
    Continue onwards, Foz will join you to fight the false Priest. As you enter the
    main area of Darma, you will find a Martial Artist arguing with the false
    priest. He demands to know why he isn't allowed to leave Darma, even though he
    won one of the tournaments in the arena. The false High Priest tells him that he
    will let him leave, but not alive. He casts a spell and fries the fighter. Go up
    to the imposter and attack him!
    Boss: Antoria
    Antoria is a real bruiser, and can dish out some heavy damage with his physical
    attacks. Most status effect spells don't work well on him--however, you can
    succeed in casting Manusa on him, and if you do, he will become significantly
    easier. However, even blinded he can throw an energy blast that can do over 80
    points of damage, so keep your HP as high as possible.
    Once Antoria is dead, you'll read messages about how you were able to reclaim
    Darma. The next day, you'll find Kashim offering Fural a position among the
    Darma elite as promised, but Fural decides to decline his offer after all. With
    the job changing function of the Shinden restored, Zaji becomes a Warrior to
    protect Neris. He informs Neris of his decision, and Neris responds by saying
    that she is OK on her own and doesn't need his help.  Zaji says nothing and
    decides to go buy a sword. As you leave, you'll see that he has really decided
    to go on a journey by himself.
    Head back to Darma in the present day. But before you do, make sure to Foz and
    change your jobs! What jobs you take will be the most important factor in how
    you do in your upcoming battles throughout the rest of the game. (For more
    information on each of the jobs, see part 1 of this guide)
    Not much is happening in Darma, other than people changing jobs, and providing a
    plethora of information about jobs and job changing for you. There is word of a
    strange band of bandits that is plaguing the area. They have an odd habit of
    burying their victims in the ground up to their shoulders. In fact, there have
    been stories of the bandits NOT robbing people, just burying them. There is also
    someone talking about a man that gives people Magic Carpets in Mezare, a town to
    the east of Darma.
    Head South to the mountain pass. There you'll find a priest sprawled out on the
    ground. Talk to him, and he won't respond. But once you walk past him, he'll
    call out: "HEY!! Were you just going to leave me here!? What cold-hearted
    bastards you are!" He goes on to lecture you and say that if he REALLY was hurt
    so much that he couldn't respond, he could have died. As it turns out, he's
    really just one of the bandits who laid a trap. He calls his buddies, and they
    attack you.
    Fight: Bandit Soldier, Bandit Mage, Bandit, and Eteponge
    This can actually be a tough fight if the bandits get some lucky strikes in
    first. The Bandit Soldier and the Bandit Mage are the heaviest hitters, so try
    to take them out first. Once they're out of the picture, the fight becomes
    relatively easy. If you get lucky, sometimes Manusa will work on the bandits. If
    you find yourself severely outclassed, you might want to try raising a job level
    or two and trying out your new techniques.
    If you win they flee. Chase after them to their hideout. The guard won't let the
    trailing bandit into the hideout until he answers the question "Which way is
    Darma?" The bandit angrily says "Go to hell!" and the guard lets him in. Go up
    the guard and try to bluff your way in. He asks you the password, saying that
    you'll know it if you're really one of the bandits. He asks: "Which way is
    You get the following choices:
    "North, of course."
    "How the hell should I know?"
    "Go to hell!"
    Tell the guard "Go to hell!" and he'll let you in. None of the bandits seem to
    recognize you, so go into the furthest room and talk to the little guy in the
    middle. He asks if you are looking for the boss, and you learn that HE is the
    boss. He says "You came to drive off the bandits right? Well then fight me!"
    BOSS: Bandit Boss
    The Bandit Boss is a total wuss. When/if he casts Iora, he can dish out a fair
    amount of damage, but he only has enough MP to cast it once. You can just let
    the AI handle him and you'll win.
    Once you beat him, he asks you to wait a second and listen to him. First, he
    gives you a Yellow Tablet. He says it's passed up from the stronger to the
    stronger--when the person carrying it meets someone stronger than him, he gives
    them the tablet. Second, he says that he thinks the Demonlord isn't completely
    dead, and that you'll need the Tablet to stop him. (Whereas it's not said openly
    yet in the game, you can piece together bits and pieces from various books in
    bookcases and things that NPCs say that there is a legend that God fought the
    Demonlord in ages past, and neither survived the battle.)
    You can go East to Mezare if you want and start the quest for the Magic Carpet.
    You won't actually be able to finish this quest until the end of Chapter 13 of
    this walkthrough, so I'm covering the entire quest in that chapter. However, you
    are going to need to stop off at Mezare before you can get the Carpet
    regardless, since there is a tablet fragment in the bottom of the well there
    that you will need at the end of Chapter 12. Therefore, you might just want to
    stop off there and retrieve it.
    When you're ready, head back to the Mysterious Palace, and complete your next
    tablet, the Yellow Tablet in the center of the room.
                       Chapter 9: The People of the Desert
    Desert Palace: Silk Robe
    Desert People's Village: Small Medal, Defense Seed, 7G, Antidote Herb, Medical
     Herb, Leather Whip, Yellow Tablet
    Earth Spirit Statue: Power Seed, Defense Seed, Speed Ring, Small Medal, 350G,
     Silver Breastplate
    Archaeological Dig: Small Medal, Mysterious Tablet (Yellow)
    Desert Isle House: Beauty Plant, Silk Robe
    Desert People's Village, Present: Medical Herb, Dancer Clothes, Small Medal,
     Mysterious Tablet (Yellow), 15G, Horse Dung, Life Acorn, Amitt Cracker, Amazing
    Charm of the Desert
    Ancient Fossil
    Bone of Tyranos
    Black Key
    Warehouse Key
    Money and a Letter
    1. Explore the ruins of the Desert Palace and meet Hadeet
    2. Go to the Village of the Desert people and talk to the Chief
    3. Sleep in the Chief's house, then learn the story of the palace
    4. Return to the castle and fight the Bone Rider, then join with Hadeet
    5. Return to the Village and report to the Chief
    6. Use the Desert Charm to get info from the villagers about Tyranos
    7. Return to the present and show the Charm to the Archaeologist
    8. Bring the Archaeologist to the Palace and get the Fossil
    9. Show the Fossil to the Chief
    10. Throw the Fossil in the Nyra river
    11. Ride Tyranos to the Earth Spirit Statue and solve the first-floor puzzle
    12. Talk to the queen to get the Black Key, and climb to the top of the statue
    13. Defeat Set
    14. Return to the present day Desert Palace
    After completing the next tablet, you'll find yourself on the edge of a large
    desert. Head to the nearby castle and explore it.
    The castle is totally deserted. It's in a state of ruin, and corpses (well,
    skulls) lie all about the area. If you explore the room of records, you will
    find a book about the Legendary Hero Melvin, who fought the Demonlord alongside
    of God. Also, there is a tablet that states the philosophy of the people of the
    desert. "Be strong, and live long. Death will come and your spirit will depart
    your body, and you will be reborn." (paraphrased) This is important, so remember
    Lower in the castle, you'll be discovered by a man, who tells you that you do
    not belong in the castle, and asks you to leave. He says that the castle is
    nothing but a graveyard now; the Queen abandoned it and monsters attacked and
    destroyed it. He introduces himself as Hadeet, and tells you that if you tell
    the people of the village to the east that he sent you, they will let you in.
    Head to the village. As you enter, a wounded man limps out, swearing that he
    will save the queen. The guard insists that in his condition, the man will only
    die, but he insists that he can't just sit by idly. Talk to the guard, and he
    will let you in upon hearing that Hadeet sent you. Head to the large house in
    the back end of town. Talk to the Chief, Zarashtro, there, who will welcome you
    in and let you sleep in his son's room overnight. (His son is not in the town at
    the moment)
    The next morning, speak to the Chief, and he will tell you the story of the
    Palace. Originally, the People of the Desert were building a large statue as a
    monument to the Spirit of the Earth, the protector of the desert. The statue,
    when completed, would ward monsters away from the desert. However, the statue
    caught the attention of the monsters nearby. They attacked it, and forced the
    people who were building it to convert it into a statue of the Demonlord. In
    addition, they told the people of the desert that they would need to sacrifice a
    girl to them every year. Rather than sending sacrifices, the Queen went in their
    stead, and hasn't returned. After she left, the darkness you have seen in some
    of the other sealed islands engulfed the desert. The Chief tells you that you
    should leave the desert, as the problem is not something that just a few people
    can solve. He tells you not to go to the palace under any circumstances, because
    it is a deathtrap.
    Of course, this is one of those times you should completely ignore what the NPCs
    tell you to do--go to the palace. Inside, you'll find a monster that was
    responsible for the destruction of the palace. As you meet him, Hadeet arrives,
    and angrily attacks the monster. You'll have to fight a Bone Rider, which should
    be no problem to defeat at this point.
    The defeated Bone Rider pulls out a pendant, and says that it was given to him
    by the Queen as a sign of her approval of him. Because he carries the pendant,
    you have to do what he says by order of the Queen. Hadeet kills him anyway and
    takes the pendant. He then scolds you for ignoring his orders not to hang around
    the castle, and says he will bring you back to the village. However, as you try
    to leave, there is a sandstorm outside; it is too strong for you to attempt to
    leave. In the meantime, Hadeet asks you to help him make graves for all the dead
    people in the palace. You agree.
    You help Hadeet make graves. You, Hadeet, and Gabo gather up the corpses, while
    Maribel digs the graves. Maribel starts to bitch about having to dig holes.
    Hadeet tells her that if she wants to carry the corpses instead, she's welcome
    to. Maribel declines his offer and continues to dig graves. Eventually, you
    finish burying all the dead people in the palace. Hadeet tells you that the
    Queen is evil after you're done; the castle was destroyed because the queen
    insisted on making the statue, and her sacrificing herself to the monsters was
    far too coincidental. Her giving the pendant to the Bone Rider is even more
    evidence that the queen is corrupt.
    The next day, you head out to the village. You go with Hadeet to the Chief (his
    father) and Hadeet presents the pendant to his father as proof that the Queen
    was corrupt. The Chief is surprised to find the pendant, but takes it and
    affirms that it is genuine. However, while he examines it, he finds a piece of
    paper wedged behind the gem in the pendant. He pulls it out and opens it--it is
    a letter from the Queen. The letter is addressed to the townspeople, and in it
    the Queen says that the Demonlord statue is completed, and is the source of the
    darkness engulfing the city. She says that the men that were being forced to
    build the statue are currently safe, but doesn't know how long it will be before
    the monsters decide to kill them. She gave the pendant to a monster she knew
    patrolled the palace, in hope that it might reach the village.
    Hadeet realizes the Queen was not corrupt, and tells his father that he will
    leave the village again to try to find the ancient dragon in the Nyra river.
    Talk to the Chief, and he will give you the Desert Charm. The Desert Charm is
    proof that you are an ally of the Desert People, and if you show them the charm,
    the will do their utmost to help you. He says that the Hadeet is looking for the
    legendary dragon Tyranos, in hope that it will help free the villagers.
    Talk to the townspeople, and show them the Charm. They will tell you about
    Tyranos--he is a legendary dragon that lives in the Nyra river. His
    distinguishing feature is a long golden horn in the center of his head. Talk to
    the Priest, and he will foretell that you are the only ones who have access to
    the place that has what the Desert People are looking for. The old man guarding
    the Food Storage area will also let you enter if you show him the charm. You'll
    find that the girls from the castle are hiding out there in large sacks in case
    the monsters decide to attack the village and look for them.
    Go back to the archaeological dig in your time. The Archaeologist is totally
    puzzled by the large skull that he found, and cannot figure out what type of
    animal it is. He wishes he could go back to when the bones were alive to figure
    out what it was. Ask him about the skull, and he will tell you that when he
    uncovered it, he found fossilized aquatic plants and fish nearby, so the animal
    must have lived nearby. In addition, judging by the types of fish that were near
    the skull, it must have lived in a river rather than the ocean. Tell him about
    your trip into the past and ask to borrow the skull he found. He doesn't believe
    you, but when you show him the Desert Charm, he has trouble explaining it
    otherwise; it is obviously of ancient construction, but is in brand new
    condition. He agrees to lend you the fossil, so long as you take him into the
    past to prove your story.
    Head back to the desert in the past and go to the palace. After seeing the
    palace, the archaeologist nearly wets himself with the find, and starts studying
    every single thing he can see. He tells you to keep the fossil, as it is a small
    price for what you have been able to show him. He stays at the palace to study
    it. Go back to the Desert Peoples' village with the fossil.
    Back in town, you will learn that the Chief is dying and is in a coma. Talk to
    him and his wife. Hadeet returns from his search as you leave--follow him back
    upstairs. The Chief wakes up and tells Hadeet that he's going to die soon.
    Hadeet tells him that he can't die yet, as he has yet to find Tyranos. The Chief
    notices the fossil you are carrying, and asks you to show it to him. Do so, and
    the Chief will say that it's too late anyway, as what you have is Tyranos'
    skull; he is already dead. He asks you to put the skull to rest in the Nyra
    along with him when he dies. Leave the room. As you are about to return to the
    first floor, Hadeet comes in and tells you that his father has died. He
    announces the Chief's death to the townspeople, and says his funeral will take
    place the following day.
    At Zarashtro's funeral, his casket is placed in the Nyra, and floats away.
    Hadeet says that he will be willing to take over his father's job, and everyone
    cheers for the new Chief of the Desert People. Hadeet asks you to put Tyranos'
    skull in the Nyra. Do so. (Use the skull while facing the river) The skull will
    sink into the river, and Tyranos comes to life. Upon seeing Tyranos, Hadeet
    tells the people of the town that he cannot accept the job of Chief just yet, as
    he needs to go and rescue the queen first. He gets on the back of Tyranos, and
    asks you to come as well.
    Mount Tyranos and he will take you to the Demonlord statue. Outside the statue,
    you will find a woman collapsed outside. She tells Hadeet that the monsters are
    planning to kill the queen. The monsters have been trying to get virgins to pray
    to the Demonlord statue, as when they do the Demonlord will become more
    powerful.  The Queen refused to pray, and thus the monsters plan to kill her. At
    this point, some monsters come for the woman. You'll have to fight two Pigmon
    Evils, but they shouldn't be too much trouble for you at this point.
    Inside the Statue, you'll find that your way is closed. A tablet says that in
    order to proceed, you need to prove your friendship with the Desert People.
    Then, you need to indicate the Desert People's philosophy using the Animal
    The first thing you need to do is use the Desert Charm on tablet to prove your
    friendship to the Desert People. You need to use the Animal statues in the
    correct order, which corresponds to the Desert People's philosophy that you
    found in the palace. The specific order you need to use is Lion, (Be Strong)
    Turtle, (Live Long) Bird, (Soul flying away and departing body) and Snake.
    (shedding skin and starting new life)
    Once the stairs to the next floor are open, climb them. You'll overhear a few
    monsters getting excited about all the added power the Demonlord statue is
    giving them. Go up the stairs, then down a second set of stairs to access the
    switch that will lower the spikes and allow you to continue.
    On the next floor, you'll find the Queen talking with Hadeet. The Queen is
    dejected and says that her sacrifice was totally useless if everyone in the
    castle was killed. She asks Hadeet to kill her. Hadeet tells her that there are
    still people alive in the statue, and that he believes in her. He goes to
    destroy the statue.
    Talk to the Queen. She tells you that the demon Set controls the statue. If you
    take the Darkness Rubies out of the statue's head, then the curse of the desert
    will be lifted, and the desert will return to normal. She then gives you the
    Black Key.
    The route to the next floor is riddled with hidden pits that will drop you down
    to the second floor if you fall in them. The only 100% safe route to the exit is
    over the damage floor.
    On the next floor, you'll find a monster trying to force some girls to pray to
    the Demonlord statue. The girls try and stall. Sneak up on the monster and kill
    it. (it is a very easy fight) Then proceed up to the top of the statue. On the
    head of the statue, you will find Set is beating the stuffing out of Hadeet. Go
    and try to help him, attacking Set yourself.
    BOSS: Set
    Set's main characteristic is an extremely powerful physical attack. He relies
    entirely on direct physical attacks, so your best bet is to boost your defense
    rating as high as you can with spells like Skara. Set uses a Slaughter attack,
    which will do over 80 points of damage if it hits you. Fortunately, he hits
    himself with this attack almost as much as he hits you. This is a fight that is
    best approached defensively. If your characters are low on HP, think of having
    everyone using some sort of healing or assist ability or spell, even if it means
    going a round without dealing any damage to Set.
    Once Set dies, Fedel comes out to the head, and asks you to help her remove the
    rubies from the eyes of the statue. Once you pull the rubies out of their
    sockets, the statue starts to fall apart. In the chaos, you all float downriver.
    When you get ashore, you will find that Hadeet is dead; the wounds given to him
    by Set were too much for him to handle. However, Fedel uses her magic to bring
    him back to life.
    Return to the Desert People's village. The people there are planning to rebuild
    both the castle and the Earth Spirit statue. Hadeet will give you permission to
    take the treasure in the storage area, so before you leave town, stop off there
    to collect your reward. (which includes a Tablet fragment) Once you are done in
    the village stop off at the castle before heading back to your time. Here you
    will find the archaeologist, who will tell you that he plans to stay in this
    time period. He says that he has learned more here in several hours than he did
    in his entire life up until that point. He gives you some money and a letter,
    and asks you to take them to the man that guards the archaeological dig.
    Go back to your time, and give the letter and pay to the dig guard. Once you
    give it to him, he will give you permission to investigate the excavation more
    closely; you can climb down and retrieve the items that are there. Also, you can
    now go to the Desert Palace in your time. When you do, a man at the entrance is
    shocked to see you, saying that "the time of the legend has come" and goes to
    get the queen. The Queen's aide comes out, and addresses you as saviors of the
    desert. She calls the Queen, who comes and greets you. (though not directly--the
    queen speaks directly to nobody but her aide) She tells you that Hadeet foretold
    that you would arrive in the future (as the archaeologist told him where you
    were from) and the people of the desert have been waiting for generations for
    your return. You are welcomed as heroes by everyone in the castle, and they
    throw a huge feast in your honor.
    The next morning, shake off your hangover and head back to the Mysterious Palace
    to complete the next tablet, the Yellow tablet in the southwest corner of the
                              Chapter 10: The Craze of Crage
                                     CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Crage: Leather Hat, Small Medal, Clothes, 3G
    Crage, Present day: Traveler's clothes, Small Medal x 2, 13G, Amitt Bun,
     Intelligence Seed, Intelligence Glasses, Mysterious Tablet (Red), 5G, Silk Hat,
     Fur Hood
    Elf's Jug
    Morning Dew of the Holy Tree
    Blessings Staff
    World Tree Sap
    1. Visit the town of Crage and talk to the elder
    2. Go the World Tree and find the sleeping girl
    3. Return to town and find the plotting townspeople
    3. Go back to the World Tree and defeat the Suspicious Man
    4. Get the Dew with the pot in the girl's house and give it to the girl
    5. Take the Dew to the town and give it to the townspeople
    6. Try to pour dew into the well, then talk to the Elder
    7. Talk to the girl and enter the roots of the World Tree
    8. Defeat the Wolf Devil
    9. Get the Blessings Staff from the girl
    10. Visit Crage and the World tree in the present day
    Soon after entering the next world, you'll arrive at a small traveler's inn.
    There's nothing of great importance there, but the people tell you that the
    people of Crage to the west are acting very strange, and warn you not to go
    Go there anyway. When you're there, you will indeed find that the townspeople
    are acting very strangely; every person in town believes that they are the
    Demonlord. Of course, every person in town claiming to be the Demonlord causes a
    fair deal of conflict in town, and there are several quarrels between people
    each claiming to be the REAL Demonlord. A man in a black cloak suggests to one
    group of people arguing that they should prove they're the true Demonlord by
    cutting down the Holy Tree north of town. They don't want to, because supposedly
    those who meddle with the tree will be cursed. When you enter the Elder's house,
    you'll find that he is very sick, but is not infected with the same insanity
    that possesses the other villagers. Since he cannot move, he asks you a favor--
    he wants you to tell the girl that lives by the Holy Tree what the situation in
    Crage is like, and warn her not to come near.
    Head to the Holy Tree. There's a hut nearby, where you'll find the girl that the
    Elder was talking about. However, she is sleeping heavily and will not wake up.
    Gabo makes a snide comment about how the girl sleeps more than Maribel, and
    faces Maribel's wrath. In any case, head back to town to tell the Elder about
    the girl's condition.
    As you arrive in town, you'll find the townspeople have decided to go to cut
    down the Holy Tree after all, ignoring the curse they might suffer. They leave
    and head north. Follow them to the tree, and you'll find them in the process of
    trying to cutting it down. The girl that was sleeping comes out of her hut and
    tells the townspeople to stop. The man in the black robe tells her she shouldn't
    resist the Demonlord, and knocks her over. Talk to the townspeople and when they
    ask if you are going to try to stop them from cutting down the tree, say yes.
    They say they won't let you interfere, and try to cast Begiragon, Merazon, and
    Ionazun on you respectively. Of course, none of them have that kind of power,
    and the spells fail. The man in the black cloak attacks you for interfering in
    his plan.
    Fight: Suspicious Man
    The Suspicious Man is fast and does lots of damage, but only attacks using
    physical attacks. Cast Manusa on him and all of a sudden he'll have a lot of
    trouble hitting you. Rukani and Gabo's Howl will work too, so after a round or
    two of stat-reducing spells, he'll be in no condition to stand up to you.
    After you defeat the Suspicious Man, he runs away. All three of the "Demonlords"
    threaten you, and run away. With the threat to the tree gone, carry the girl
    into her hut. She asks if you if the tree is OK, and after hearing that it is
    all right for the time being, tells you that the water table in the area has
    become polluted, and has been weakening both her and the forest.  The girl goes
    on to explain that the Holy Tree has the capacity to purify the water table, so
    she is surprised that the people of Crage would try to cut it down. She
    speculates that their water supply was polluted by the Demonlord's curse, which
    is what is causing them to go insane. She asks you to stay in her hut over the
    In the early morning, the girl asks you to collect some dew from the Holy Tree
    using the pot in her house. Go outside and use the pot under the dripping dew.
    Once the pot is full, bring it to the girl, and use it on her. The water works
    extremely well, and restores her to health. She tells you to bring the dew to
    the townspeople, and get them to drink it--it should cure their madness. In
    addition, you could use the dew on the polluted water supply to reverse the
    However, even if you try to give the dew to the townspeople, they will refuse to
    drink it. They are all happy drinking out of the town well. The only person who
    will agree to drink the dew is the elder. It works very well, and fully restores
    him to health. After explaining the situation to him, he tells you to take the
    Holy Tree's dew and pour it into the well, as it is the sole source of water for
    the village. With the restorative power of the Holy Tree, it should purify the
    water source so that the townspeople will regain their sanity. Bring the jug to
    the center of town and use it on the well. Just as you're about to pour it in,
    the Suspicious Man knocks you out of the way. He tells the townspeople that you
    were trying to poison the water supply, and sets up a 24-hour guard to make sure
    that you don't go near the well.
    Confer with the town elder again. Since pouring the water into the well will be
    nigh impossible, he suggests you go straight to the source and pour the dew
    directly into the water table. Go talk to the girl at the Holy Tree, and she
    will take you to a hole near its roots. She says that if you travel through the
    roots of the tree, it will lead you to the water table, but warns you that the
    monsters that poisoned it in the first place are probably still down there.
    The roots of the Holy Tree are like a maze, but are easy enough to navigate.
    It's easy to miss, but where the "skin" of the roots are shredded, you can jump
    off and drop down onto a lower root. In case you get stuck, keep an eye out for
    "shredded" patches like this and use them to jump on new roots to take you
    further along. Eventually you will reach a small cave, where you will find a
    Well Demon that is poisoning the source of the townspeople's water. Go up to
    him, and he will figure out what you are trying to do and attack. He is an easy
    kill overall. Once he's dead, use the Elf's Jug on the well to purify it.
    With the groundwater purified, the curse is lifted and the townspeople come to
    their senses. However, the Suspicious Man doubles over in great pain. Climb up
    the ladder, and he will show his true form and attack you the moment you get out
    of the well.
    BOSS: Wolf Devil
    The Wolf Devil's prime, especially when he dishes out a Bakuretsuken, which
    randomly attacks members in your party several times. He'll also cast Bikilt on
    himself to raise his physical damage even more. For this reason, it's especially
    important to boost your characters' defense as high as possible, especially
    Gabo, as the best armor he can equip at this point is rather weak. Cast Rukani
    on the Devil, healing when necessary. A good strategy is to have one character
    focus on healing, one on support, and one on attack. I used Gabo as my attack
    character, since the Hero can use Skara to raise defense, while using Maribel as
    a healer. Other than that, your strategy will probably vary depending on which
    jobs you're in.
    Once the Wolf Devil dies, the elder thanks you and he asks you to stay the night
    at his house. The next day, he gives you a message the next day that the girl
    that lives by the Holy Tree wants to see you. Visit her, and she will tell you
    that the Holy Tree is in actuality a sapling of the World Tree, which will
    become fully grown within a few hundred years. She herself is a forest spirit
    that is destined to guard the tree. She'll tell you that it was she that started
    the rumor of the curse--mistrustful of humans, she was afraid they would hurt
    the tree, but decides to give them more slack now. She will then give you a
    Staff of Blessings. It will probably be too weak for you to use as a weapon at
    the moment, but don't sell it! When used in battle as an item, it has the same
    effect as a Behoimi spell. Free healing is always a plus.
    Before you head back to your time period, be sure to talk to the farmer in
    Crage. He will give you a Red Tablet that he found.
    In present-day Crage, the World Tree is now fully grown. There is a shop where
    you can buy its sap for 1000 gold. You'll have to wait in line for it, and can
    only buy one at a time--if you try to wait in line after already buying some,
    the shopkeeper will sell the last one to the person ahead of you in line. World
    Tree Sap is a useful item--it will cure your entire party to maximum.
    Other than that, there's nothing too terribly important in Crage at the moment.
    Lots more wells were built (the townspeople got paranoid after the first
    poisoning) and you can visit the vacation home of Brugio, the richest man in the
    world. He's not in his house (in fact he's almost never there--none of the
    people working in the house have ever seen him) but you can do a job for one of
    the maids there. She'll ask you to clean out the pantry--pick up all the bottles
    and smash them, and when you talk to her again, she'll pay you 50 gold for the
    Once you're done at Crage, head north to the fully grown World Tree. You'll
    learn there that the Forest Spirit that protected the World Tree as it grew up
    is now a bluebird that lives in its branches. (though this information is
    inferred) You can also pick up tablet fragment lying on the ground near the tree
    When you're ready, head back to the Mysterious Palace to complete the next
    Tablet. This time, the tablet you'll want to complete is the central Red Tablet.
                             Chapter 12: A Stitch in Time
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Retrude: Medical Herb x 3, Traveler's Clothes, 15G, Small Medal, 10G, Turban,
     Holy Water, Life Stone, Silk Hat, Amazing Acorn, Pointed Hat
    Retrude Bridge: 6G, Shell Hat, Leather Hat
    Baroque's Study: Intelligence Seed
    Time Nexus: Small Medal, Speed Ring, 350G, Magic Holy Water
    Greenflake: 500G, Silk Robe, Net Tights, Small Medal, Clothes, 3G
    Memorial Leaf: Speed Seed, Small Medal, Silver Hairband, Defense Seed, Power
     Seed, 15G
    Retrude Bridge, Present: Small Medal, Beauty Plant
    Retrude, Present: Kimera Wing, Beauty Plant, Gaudy Clothes, 5G, Pointed Hat,
     Holy Water, Mysterious Tablet (Green), Medical Herb x 2
    Baroque Tower: Bow Tie, Defense Seed, Silk Tuxedo, Small Medal, Mysterious
     (Yellow), Mysterious Tablet (Green), Intelligence Seed
    Desert Palace, Past: Gold Bracelet, Small Medal, Mysterious Tablet(Red), 210G
    Clock Tower Key
    Amelia's Letter
    Small Purple Bottle
    Ruby of Darkness
    1. Go to the village of Retrude and the North Bridge to learn about the ceremony
    2. Rest in the Inn and return to the North Bridge
    3. Go to Baroque's study and get the Clock Key.
    4. Stop the Clock.
    5. Examine the picture in Cleeney's basement and enter the Time Nexus
    6. Defeat the Time Master and destroy the Hourglass
    7. Rest overnight in the inn and go to the bridge-opening ceremony
    8. Visit Baroque's study and Cleeney's clinic
    9. Head north to Greenflake and learn about Iwan's family
    10. Go to Memorial Leaf, meet Pepe, and visit the convent on the hill
    11. Tell Pepe about Linda's grave, and escort him there.
    12. Return to Greenflake and witness Kopan's poisoning
    13. Meet Kaya in her house and pick up the Purple Bottle she drops
    14. Give the Purple Bottle to Cherry, then go talk to Polta
    15. Talk to Casadorl and agree to eat dinner with him
    16. Learn of Linda and Iwan from Epe
    17. Climb Baroque's tower and take the treasure in the top
    18. Return to the Desert Palace in the past and get the Darkness Ruby
    In the next area, head to the village of Retrude. Retrude is a city that is
    famous for its clock tower built by Baroque, a renowned architect. There are
    also several other structures built by Baroque here, (they are all very gaudy)
    and a statue he designed as well. You'll actually see a man investigating the
    statue if you take a look at it--he accidentally breaks the arm off of it and
    runs away. People in the town are also talking about a bridge that Baroque has
    designed to the north. It was just finished and will soon be opened. You'll also
    learn about the town doctor, Cleeney, who is Baroque's brother. You can find him
    treating the innkeeper's helper, Amy, who fell down the stairs in the morning
    and twisted her ankle. There's a strange picture in his basement as well that
    gives you a funny feeling if you look at it.
    Head north to Baroque's bridge. There you'll find a guard preventing anyone from
    crossing. He says the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the bridge will be
    tomorrow, and that you can cross the bridge then. You'll have to return to town
    and rest in the inn to wait for the next day.
    When you check out of the inn, you'll find Amy is up and about, and running
    around on the upper floor. She starts to come down the stairs, but trips and
    falls. You catch her, and she apologizes. Head back to the bridge guard. He
    berates you for thinking the ribbon-cutting ceremony is today, and tells you
    that it's actually taking place tomorrow. So head back to the inn and rest
    When you wake up again in the morning, Amy will come and fall down the stairs
    again, and you'll catch her again. You can also notice outside that the statue
    that was formerly broken is whole again, and the man who broke it before will
    break it again. Go talk to the soldier guarding the bridge, who will tell you
    yet again that the ribbon-cutting ceremony is tomorrow. You'll tell him "You
    said that yesterday!" and he'll ask if you're trying to tell him that the same
    day is repeating itself. When you say that you are, he blows you off, saying
    that you're talking crazy like Baroque is.
    Head east to Baroque's lab. Tell Baroque about how you think the same day is
    repeating over and over again. Baroque says that he feels the same way, and
    gives you the key to the clock tower. He tells you that clocks are designed to
    conquer time, and since he's such a genius, the clock he made might have special
    powers. He thinks that it might be broken, and that is causing time to repeat.
    Baroque asks you to investigate the clock tower for him, as he is busy getting
    ready for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
    With the key, you can enter the control room of the clock tower. Pull the lever
    there to stop the clock. It not only stops the clock, but stops time entirely!
    Leave the clock tower when time is stopped, and you'll find everyone frozen in
    place. Head over to Cleeney's house, and you'll find him in the basement with a
    letter in his hand. You can read it--it's from someone named Amelia, who is
    asking Cleeney to take care of her daughter after she dies. You'll also notice a
    strange aura coming from the picture on the wall. Examine the picture, and
    you'll be sucked into the Time Nexus.
    Make sure to explore the Time Nexus thoroughly while you're there--once you
    complete it, you can never return. Since there's a Small medal there, you won't
    want to miss it. (Note--there are 10 more Medals in the game above the level
    needed to get the top Medal item, so if you played past this point and missed
    this medal, don't worry) If you get wounded in the Time Nexus and want to rest
    at an inn/resurrect dead characters, you can return back to Retrude and start
    time again by pulling the lever in the clock tower once more. In order to enter
    the Time Nexus, time will need to be stopped, so if you take a breather, you'll
    need to stop time again before you can come back.
    Further into the Nexus, you'll find a maze of teleporters. This maze is actually
    a lot less complicated than it first appears. There are only a couple of places
    where you can go the "wrong" direction, and for the most part it's fairly
    straightforward. The encounter rate here is pretty low as well, so the odds of
    your dying trying to find your way out are very very slim.
    Once you're in the center of the Nexus, past the teleporter maze, you'll find a
    plaque which states: "Rather than going towards the end, head toward the
    beginning." This is a hint on how to open the gate to the next area. The room
    you are in is actually shaped like a very large clock. If you move to the 12
    o'clock position of the room, then travel counterclockwise along the path back
    to where you started, the portal will appear next to you.
    Through that portal, you will find the Time Master. He controls the Hourglass of
    Time, and synchronized the clock tower with the hourglass, so that every time
    the clock hit 12:00 midnight, the hourglass would flip over and time would
    repeat itself. When he notices you, he is very shocked to see that you aren't
    affected by the time flux like everyone else, and attacks you.
    BOSS: Time Master & 2 Makimaki
    You need to keep two things in mind for this fight; first, you need to keep from
    dying (obviously) from the Time Master's spells and Makimaki's attacks. Second,
    you need to keep the Makimaki from using their Sands of Time; when they do, time
    will be reset back to the beginning of the fight. (which can be a good thing if
    one of your characters gets killed, but is still a pain) The best thing to do is
    kill the Makimaki first, then concentrate on the Time Master. You should focus
    on disabling the Makimaki, then killing them. If you're lucky, you can put them
    to sleep with Rariho, but they are weakest to stun attacks like Gabo's Howl or
    the Martial Artist's Battle Cry attacks. Battle Cry is best because it will
    affect everyone you are facing, even the Time Master. The Time Master's spells
    are pretty nasty, so you should wear armor that increases your magic resistance
    if you can. Having Gabo wear a Magical Robe is an absolute must--it's the only
    item he can equip at this point that will increase his magic resistance, and
    since the best armor he can equip at this point is already pretty rotten (and
    he's pretty stupid, which makes magic defense even worse), you'll find it hard
    to keep him alive without it.
    The Time Master drops a Yellow Tablet once you defeat him. As he dies, he laughs
    at you and says "Killing me will not end the time loop, so long as this
    hourglass is all right!" He then stops in his tracks, says "Oh crap, I shouldn't
    have told them that!" and dies. Break the hourglass, and you'll get some Sands
    of Time of your own. This is probably the biggest cheeseball item in the game;
    use it in battle, and time will revert back to the beginning of the fight.
    What's more, you can never use it up, so you can retry fights again and again so
    long as the person carrying the Sands isn't incapacitated.
    Now that time is back to normal, rest in the inn. At the beginning of the next
    day, it looks like a repeat of time again as Amy almost falls down the stairs,
    but she catches herself, showing that this is indeed a new day. Head to the
    bridge, and you will find the ribbon cutting ceremony about to begin. Talk to
    the people in the crowd and they will move out of your way so you can get to the
    front. The aide who is going to present the opening of the bridge wants a few
    words from Baroque, but he's nowhere to be found. Head to the dock nearby, and
    you'll find Cleeney and Baroque talking. You'll overhear from their discussion
    that Baroque is Amy's father, but doesn't want her to know. Cleeney, on the
    other hand, is trying to get him to tell her. Baroque refuses however, and goes
    off to open the bridge.
    Head to Baroque's study. As you arrive, you'll find his assistant quitting. Talk
    to Baroque; without an assistant, he has nobody to get and prepare food for him,
    so he doesn't know what to do about it. He decides that he's going to go crash
    at Cleeney's house for a while.
    Return and tell Cleeney of his brother's plans. At first Cleeney doesn't like
    the idea of Baroque freeloading, but then realizes he can use the opportunity to
    his advantage. He says that he will try to arrange for Baroque to run into Amy
    more often while he is a guest, in the hope that eventually he will tell her
    that he is her father.
    Now Retrude's quest is basically finished. However, you can head north across
    the bridge to Greenflake. However, you will arrive in a significantly different
    time period--30 years after you came before and rescued the townspeople from
    their petrified state. Iwan and Linda are married and have children. However,
    you learn that Iwan has become lazy and irresponsible over the years. He's deep
    in debt, and had to sell his mansion and move into a smaller home, and he now
    works under Pepe's younger brother Polta in the Herb Garden. His former maid,
    Kaya, is now the lady of the manor. She is married to the richest man in town,
    Casadorl, who is currently very ill and is confined to his room.
    You'll find Iwan and his son Epe working in the Herb Garden. Iwan gets tired of
    the job and decides to call it quits for the day. Epe tries to stop his father
    and get him to finish his work, but fails. Go follow Iwan, and you will find him
    talking to Kaya, who is helping him pay his debts. You'll interrupt them in the
    middle of their conversation, where you'll find Iwan telling Kaya that he knows
    the reason his family fell into ruin was all his fault. You'll also learn that
    despite being married to the richest man in town, Kaya is not very happy with
    her life either. Iwan sees that Kaya is carrying a little bottle that he gave
    her as a child. Its strap is worn, and he offers to replace it, but Kaya refuses
    to change it from its original state. At this point, you'll learn from their
    conversation that Linda has abandoned her family and left town.
    Head east, and you'll find Memorial Leaf in the past. As you enter, a little
    girl, Linda, and her pet Slime, Vicky, leaving, while her father tries to stop
    her. Vicky collides into you. Linda's father tells her to apologizes, but she
    doesn't want to, saying it's the slime's fault. Her father apologizes to you,
    and asks if you remember him. He stops, and then says "you can't be the same,
    the people that helped me did so 30 years ago, and would have aged." It turns
    out that the man is Pepe. Talking to the people in the town, you'll learn that
    Linda is not Pepe's real daughter; her parents died, and Pepe took her in. He
    doesn't have any trouble raising her though, as Pepe is now very wealthy; the
    Herbs he grows are much more effective than standard Medical Herbs and there's a
    worldwide demand for them.
    Go to the convent up on the mountain behind Memorial Leaf. There you'll find out
    that Linda ran away there to become a nun, and is called "Sister Besia" there.
    Recently, Linda/Besia became very sick and died. The nuns want to inform her
    family, but don't know where or who they are. Tell Pepe of Linda's death, and he
    will ask you to bring him to her grave. On the way, he asks you to stop at the
    run-down hut to prepare himself.
    Once you arrive at the convent, all the nuns try to convince Pepe that there is
    no grave of anyone named Linda here. Pepe ignores them and goes to search by
    himself. Once he finds the grave, he says "oh, it's probably just another
    Linda." A nun comes up and tells him that the person buried is THE Linda, and
    they tried to get Pepe to leave to protect him. Pepe apologizes to Linda for not
    eloping with her when she asked.
    Go back to Greenflake to tell Linda's family of her death. You won't get a
    chance to, however, as another incident occurs as soon as you arrive. Kaya's
    dog, Kopan, suddenly keels over in the middle of the garden. Polta brings the
    dog to his house and gives him an antidote. He tells you that somebody poisoned
    the dog. The maid, Cherry, was the one who fed him, but was as equally surprised
    as you to see the dog suddenly fall over. She says the food that she fed the dog
    was initially intended for Kaya's husband, Casadorl. He didn't want it, however,
    so Cherry fed it to Kopan rather than let it go to waste. Cherry has an idea and
    goes back to the manor.
    Follow Cherry back to the manor. She accuses Kaya of poisoning the food that she
    gave Kopan. Kaya brushes off her accusation as being ridiculous, and tells her
    not to say something like that again. You'll learn that whereas Cherry prepares
    much of the food in the house, Kaya likes to add Casadorl's favorite special
    seasoning herself, and bring the food to him. Cherry suspects that when Kaya
    adds the family's secret seasoning, she also poisons the food at the same time.
    Leave the manor, and reenter it. (You may have to talk to some townspeople
    first) As you enter, you'll bump into Kaya. She drops a purple bottle without
    realizing it and continues on. Pick it up and bring it to Cherry. Cherry will
    ask to examine the bottle herself--use it in front of her to give it to her. She
    goes and shows it to Polta, being the resident herbal expert. Polta examines the
    powder in the bottle and says that it is poison, which while not lethal in small
    doses, could build up in someone's system and eventually kill them. Cherry
    realizes that the powder is what made Casadorl sick. She runs out of Polta's
    Chase after Cherry and reenter the manor. Casadorl is sitting at the dining room
    table, happy to eat his wife's home cooking. He invites you to share the meal
    with him. Agree, and sit at the table. Kaya tries to stop you from eating the
    food. Cherry tells Casadorl not to eat the food, as Kaya poisoned it. She offers
    the bottle as proof. Kaya says the bottle only contains the family's secret
    seasoning, and not poison. Casadorl tells her to prove it by eating the contents
    of the bottle. She goes over to the table to do so.
    At this point Iwan comes in and tells her to stop. He confesses that it was he
    that wanted Kaya to make Casadorl sick. Afterwards, he and Kaya leave the house.
    Go talk to Epe, who is in Iwan's house. You'll see a flashback where he asks his
    mother to abandon Iwan and leave town with him. Epe will show you a letter from
    his father; it says that he and Kaya will be leaving the town for good.
    Return back to your time and visit Retrude. You'll find another one of Brugio's
    vacation homes here, but again, he is never there. In addition, you will find
    that Retrude has become the Ranking center of the world. You can record your
    Strength, Intelligence, and Style in the main registration counter, and view
    your ranking compared to everyone else on the three large billboards in the
    center of town. (For more information on the Ranking system, read part 1 of this
    guide) You'll also learn a little bit about Baroque and Amy; Baroque eventually
    told Amy that he is her father, and she became a great architect like him. After
    Baroque died, Amy built the Baroque tower that he designed on the site of his
    old studio. In the top level of his tower, she put all his treasures, and they
    remain there to this day.
    When you're done in Retrude, head East to the Baroque Tower. The guard in front
    will tell you to be careful inside as there are traps and monsters in the tower.
    On each level of the tower, there's a puzzle or trap you'll have to get by in
    order to proceed onward. They're actually fairly easy, but here's a quick
    description of how to get by each:
    Level 1: Push the statues onto the purple strips to open the way to the next
    Level 2: Very straightforward. The only trick here is that the pillars here will
     attack you, and you'll have to fight two fights vs. two Entashismans. They're
     rather easy though--if you defeated the Time Master they should be no problem
    Level 3: The dragon heads will breathe fire if they don't have the eye gem set
     into their heads. You can pull the eye out from either side of the head, so
     with some judicious removing and placing, you can use the gem to turn off each
     dragon head and avoid the fire on your way to the next level.
    Level 4: The level is spinning, but that's it. If you have trouble getting past
     it, take a nice, long break. :)
    Level through the hole: Just step on all four switches.
    On the final level, you can take the treasures from the treasure chests. There's
    a message from Baroque on a tablet, however. He says that he was embarrassed to
    show his true treasures to the world--paintings of his daughter Amy and his
    brother Cleeney--and asks on the tablet for you to leave them where they are.
    There you can find the final piece of the tablet you'll need to head to the next
    At this point, you can also head back to the Desert Palace in the past, and
    you'll discover that Fedel has made quite a lot of headway on repairing it. She
    will give you the Darkness Ruby for safekeeping, and will also allow you access
    to the treasure room in the basement--you can get there via the hidden stairwell
    by the statue in the corridor behind the queen's bedroom.
    Your next tablet to complete will be the southeastern Yellow Tablet. Head to the
    Mysterious Palace, and complete it to travel to the next world.
                              Chapter 13: The Great Flood
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Abon Village: 20G, Medical Herb, Small Medal x2, Full Moon Herb, Pirate Clothes,
     Berserker Spirit
    Fuzu Village: Antidote Herb, Leather Hat, Small Medal, Acorn of Life
    Harmelia: 30G, Iron Spear, Power Seed, Mysterious Tablet(Green), Mermaid Moon
    Ancient Tower: Amazing Acorn, 5G, Spotted Spider Thread, Horse Dung
    Sunken City: Rotting Corpse Spirit, Small Medal x 2, Full Moon Herb, Wave Sword,
     Leaf of the World Tree
    Harmelia, Present Day: Intelligence Seed
    Ancient Tower, present day: Mysterious Tablet(Red), 50G, Horse Dung, Small Medal
     Slime Spirit
    Sunken City, Present: Amazing Acorn, Mysterious Tablet(Red) Small Medal x 2,
     Ruby, Amitt Bun
    Hero Shrine: Life Seed, Mysterious Tablet(Green),
    Brugio's Manor: Bow Tie, Magic Key, Small Medal, Silk Hat, Mysterious
     Tablet(Gold), Turtle Shell, 120G
    Earth Spirit Statue: Mysterious Tablet(Blue)
    Mermaid Moon
    Magic Carpet
    1. Visit Abon Village and stay the night at the Elder's House
    2. Go through the tunnel to the town of Fuzu
    3. Rest in the inn, then head northeast to Harmelia
    4. Listen to the old man playing music, then rest in the inn
    5. Travel through the portal in the center of town
    6. Climb the Ancient Tower, free the townspeople, and confront the musician
    7. Investigate the flooded towns, then enter the Sunken City
    8. Examine the center pillar to open a secret passage to the inner City
    9. Defeat Glacos
    10. Get Harmelia's treasure, then return to the present
    11. Talk to Asmof and get quest to rid the tower of monsters
    12. Defeat the King Slime and learn of the Slimes' plight
    13. Defeat the Gigamutant
    14. Visit the underwater Palace and defeat Glacos the 5th
    15. Go to Mezare and meet Nicora in the bar
    16. Agree to search for the Hero and follow Nicora into his vault
    17. Get the Magic Carpet and try using it outside the town
    18. Return the Magic Carpet to Nicora, then talk to his maid
    19. Check up on Nicora and report his condition to the maid
    20. Show the Mermaid Moon to the maid
    21. Use the Magic Carpet to investigate the Hero Shrine, the Medal King's
        Castle, Brugio's Manor, and the Earth Spirit Statue
    Your first stop in the next village is the small podunk village of Abon. There,
    nothing of any notable interest is going on. The main thing that the townspeople
    are talking about is an old traveling musician who recently stopped by and
    played for everyone. Apparently he was very good.
    This area is a dead end for now; the only way through the mountains to the south
    is through an underground passageway that is currently blocked. Talk to the
    Elder and she will let you stay in her house overnight before you continue on
    the next day. Stay overnight, and the next day Maribel will wake you up, and
    tell you that something strange is going on. Exit the Elder's house, and you'll
    find that all the townspeople have vacated the village! Every single last person
    is gone. However, the passageway under the mountains is now open, so head
    through it.
    On the other side of the mountains, there is a small church where you can save
    your game if you'd like. Further south, you will arrive at the fishing town of
    The people of Fuzu make their living creating nets and fishing, but are having
    difficulty lately, because the number of water monsters has been greatly
    increasing, to the point that going out on a boat is very dangerous. Also,
    you'll learn that the wandering musician who visited Abon also stopped by here
    as well, before moving on to the town of Harmelia to the northeast.
    Before you head to Harmelia, stop and rest at the inn here. When you wake up,
    you'll find that there was a repeat of the phenomenon at Abon, and that all the
    townspeople have mysteriously disappeared here as well. Head northeast through
    the mountains to the town of Harmelia.
    When you arrive in Harmelia, you will finally find the wandering musician.
    You'll arrive right in the middle of his song, with him playing a strange
    instrument in the center square of town.  Once he finishes, all the townspeople
    cheer and ask for an encore. The old man thanks them for their applause, and
    then apologizes, saying that he's in a hurry and must continue onward so cannot
    do an encore. He leaves.
    Investigate the town now. Note the raft at the north edge of town; you can use
    this to travel along the river under some of the buildings. Under the
    westernmost building is the Harmelia treasure room, although the guards will not
    let you access it. You'll also hear some people talking about Majin Glacos, who
    sunk an island nearby in the past. Once you're finished your business in town,
    head to the inn. In the middle of the night, you'll be woken up by mysterious
    music coming outside. Go to the source of the music, and you'll find the old
    musician playing the music, and all the townspeople in a strange trance. As you
    came in in the middle of his song, you are not completely affected by the
    music's spell. The townspeople, however, are not so fortunate, and follow
    willingly as the musician herds them into a strange portal he created. Once all
    the townspeople have been transported, the musician enters the portal himself.
    Follow him inside.
    You'll find that you've been transported onto the ground floor of a strange
    tower. Head upstairs. (Note: If you're having trouble finding a way to the chest
    on the first floor, you can reach it by traveling around the outer "lip" of the
    building, and not get sent outside)
    On the third level of the tower, you'll find all the townspeople being held
    prisoner. Pull the lever outside the door to free them. Inside, you'll find that
    all the townspeople that were kidnapped are safe, and have sort of formed a
    makeshift "town" on the level for the time being. The people there are all angry
    at the old musician, thinking that he's in league with the Demonlord. Some
    townspeople are getting ready to leave the tower now that you freed them. Rest
    and get whatever you need here before heading further. To make it to the next
    level, talk to the child standing near the door upstairs--he will crawl through
    the hole in the wall to open the gate for you.
    You'll find the musician at the top of the tower--he is muttering "It's about
    time now" to himself as you arrive. Talk to him, and he will apologize for
    trapping you all, but explains that it was absolutely necessary, as time was
    short. Before you can ask what he means, the musician says "Look and see for
    yourself what I mean" and points outside.
    Just at this point, there is a large earthquake, and the sea starts to overflow,
    completely swallowing the entire continent. The musician explains that in
    addition to his musical powers, he is also a fortune teller; he foresaw the
    disaster that would befall the continent. As the tower in the mountains is the
    highest part of the continent, it was the safest place for him to evacuate the
    townspeople to. At this point, some of the formerly trapped townspeople come up
    to the top of the tower. One of them accuses the musician of being the one to
    raise the sea level, but the scholar tells him that this flood is of Majin
    Glacos' doing. The soldier is worried, saying that some people left the tower
    before the flood. The musician is shocked to hear that the door to the lower
    levels was unlocked, and is very unhappy about it.
    As you leave the tower, the old man asks you to defeat the monsters causing the
    flood; he would do it himself, but lacks the power to fight them. He also tells
    a quick story about how he became a "musician for justice," and in the story he
    indirectly reveals that he is Jan of the Yuvarl tribe. He the gives you a Green
    Use the raft to travel to the flooded towns. The people who left the tower are
    all safe, and managed to get on boats or reach high ground when the flood
    occurred. A man in Fuzu will tell you that the sunken city in which Glacos
    resides is located to the west, but is deep underwater, so nobody can reach it.
    Head there, and when you are directly above the sunken city, the birthmark on
    the Hero's left arm glows suddenly and a whirlpool opens, which will take you
    inside the city.
    The sunken city is uninhabited by humans, but many of their spirits still haunt
    the area, and you can talk to them. They will tell you about the fall of the
    city and how Glacos sunk it into the ocean. One man's ghost will tell you to
    examine the center pillar in the entry courtyard of the palace. Push it, and
    you'll find a secret passage. You'll also find a potter's ghost, who will tell
    you about his special pots, which are specially aerodynamic and can be thrown
    further than normal pots.
    Further into the palace, you'll find several minor puzzles that you'll need to
    complete before you can proceed. Use the switches to raise platforms and gain
    access to the lever that will lower the water level. There's one area with a lot
    of the special long-range pots; as some of the switches to raise platforms are
    inaccessible, you'll need to throw pots at them to activate them. In addition,
    once you lower the water level, you'll need to throw pots at the same switches
    again; once raised, the platforms will block your way to the staircase down, and
    you'll need to hit the switches again to lower the platforms and clear a way to
    the next level. After that, you'll have another puzzle in which you'll need to
    lower the water level in order to raise the platforms. Once all the necessary
    platforms are back up, you'll need to raise the water level again in order to
    cross using the floating boards.
    When you finally reach the bottom of the palace, you'll find Glacos. (and get a
    very large sense of deja vu if you've played DQVI) Glacos is enjoying himself by
    toying with the spirits of the dead people in the sunken area, who are
    completely under his power. To demonstrate, he summons some spirits of dead
    people, turns them into monsters, and forces them to attack you. You'll have to
    fight three Sea-floor Spirits, but they are very easy to beat and shouldn't pose
    too much trouble. After you defeat them, Glacos continues to force spirits on
    you; you don't want to attack, because you don't want to hurt the spirits. Just
    as you're about to go into battle again, the musician arrives and plays a magic
    song that breaks the curse on the spirits and frees them. Then he heals you.
    Glacos is not pleased at having his toys taken from him, and decides to take out
    his aggressions on you.
    BOSS: Glacos
    Glacos does a ton of damage with multiple attacks per round, with several nasty
    techniques that do damage to your entire party. For this reason, it is generally
    a good idea to fight this battle defensively. A shepherd (or someone with
    shepherd techniques) is very useful in this fight. Shepherds can cast Kiari to
    cure characters poisoned by Glacos' Deadly Poison Fog, and can use Wool Guard to
    defend themselves against his ice breath. If you can waste one of her turns,
    Maribel's Payback is a great technique, to throw Glacos' own techniques back at
    him. I had Gabo use his Flame Claw on Glacos, and my hero (who had both Fighter
    and Martial artist techniques) used the War Cry Charge/Seikenzuki combo. You
    should dedicate at least one character to healing; the musician will help some
    in that respect, but be prepared to lose a lot of HP. There may be some rounds
    you won't be able to get attacks in at all, because everyone is healing. After
    all, dead characters won't do you a heck of a lot of good.
    As Glacos breathes his final breath, he threatens to take you with him by
    collapsing and flooding the underwater palace, drowning you. Talk to the
    musician, and he'll create another portal for you all to escape. You'll return
    to the tower, and as you arrive, you will see the waters receding with Glacos'
    death. The old musician is very tired and tells you to go ahead without him, and
    he will rest in the tower. The tower is empty of other people, and you'll learn
    from a soldier that everyone went home. Just as you're leaving, the musician
    will toss you a gift as a memento--a Prayer Ring.
    Go back to Harmelia--you will now be allowed to take the treasure in the
    underground storeroom there. One of the chests contains the Mermaid Moon, a
    critical item you will need to complete the game, so be sure to stop there. Once
    you've got the treasure from Harmelia, return to the present, and visit Harmelia
    As you arrive in Harmelia, you'll find Azmof and Beck fishing in the stream that
    goes through town. You may recognize Azmof as the person on the top of the
    Intelligence scale in Retrude--he is a scholar and is renowned as the world's
    smartest man. Beck is his assistant. Beck tries to pull up a fish, but instead
    pulls out a tablet fragment. He tries again, and successfully pulls up a fish.
    Azmof notes that the fish in the stream is the same kind that lives in the
    nearby ocean--it is living proof that the town was once underwater. Talk to him,
    and he will agree to give you the tablet in exchange for you doing a job for
    him. He will give you the details in his house. When you go to his house, he
    tells you that he wants to investigate the tower to the north for his research,
    but monsters live there, and he asks you to defeat them.
    Head to the tower. You won't be able to make it to the top of the tower (the
    door to the top floor is locked) so head to the basement. There you'll find a
    King Slime. He's tougher to kill then your average King Slime, but shouldn't be
    much of a problem for a party capable of taking down Glacos. When you defeat
    him, you'll get a Monster Habitat Plan. The King slime will split into a bunch
    of smaller slimes. The little slimes are pleased by your power, and are happy to
    hear that you are going to get rid of the monsters in the tower--the tower was
    originally theirs, until the monster came in and kicked them out. One of the
    slimes, Slatchi (the only one that can speak Human language fluently) joins you
    to help guide you to the top of the tower. Slatchi will be able to fit through
    the hole in the wall to unlock the door to the top floor. When you arrive at the
    top of the tower, however, there's no monster.  Slatchi starts to taunt and
    badmouth the monster, until he sees it coming--then he hides behind you, saying
    "I'll leave this to you."
    BOSS: Gigamutant
    The Giga Mutant can do some heavy damage with its physical attacks, and its
    Freezing Breath is powerful too, but it won't require too much effort to kill
    providing you don't let your HP dip too low. I used Far Howl a lot with Gabo,
    and fighting techniques with my hero, while Maribel focused on healing.
    Strategies will differ depending on your current job, but the Gigamutant isn't
    nearly as hard as Glacos, so it shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    Once you win, Slachi announces that the tower once again belongs to the Slimes
    and goes to tell his buddies. Go back to town and Azmof goes straight to the
    tower without thanking you or giving you anything. Go chase after the ingrate.
    Once you get there, Azmof calls you a liar as he's being chased out by a King
    Slime. Of course, the King Slime is Slachi, who asks if Azmof is a friend of
    yours. Once you admit you know him, Slachi apologizes, and asks what they're
    doing in the tower. Beck starts mouthing off to the slime, and Azmof shuts him
    up. Azmof tells the slimes he's just here to study, and goes up to the level
    where the makeshift town was. Follow him there, and he'll finally remember to
    give you the Tablet fragment.
    Now head to the Underwater Palace in the present. It's become a monster town
    now, though none of the monsters are particularly aggressive toward you. They
    are protected/ruled by Glacos the 5th, who promises to keep them safe from
    Head to the bottom of the palace, and you'll find Glacos the 5th on his throne.
    He hates and fears humans because of what happened to Glacos the 1st at the
    hands of humans. (i.e. when you killed him) Being humans, he's not exactly happy
    to see you, and attacks.
    BOSS: Glacos the 5th
    Glacos the 5th is essentially identical to his great-great-grandfather, except
    he has more HP. His attacks and patterns are all the same as Glacos' were, so if
    you use the same strategy you used to defeat Glacos, you should be able to
    defeat Glacos the 5th as well.
    Once Glacos the 5th is defeated, he begs for his life, and when you agree to
    spare him, he will give you an Mysterious Tablet?, a tablet fragment without a
    specific color. This will be an essential item to completing the game, but you
    will not need it until much later on.
    Now head to Mezare to do the Magic Carpet quest. You'll hear from the
    townspeople that Nicora, the man with the Carpet, will give the carpet to anyone
    who can use it. Go to his house, and his maid will tell you that he's at the bar
    getting some wine. When you go to the bar, you'll overhear an interesting
    conversation about the Legendary Hero. One man is talking to Nicora, suggesting
    that the reason that the Legendary Hero is not around is because the world is at
    peace. Nicora responds that God sealed the hero away to come back and defeat the
    Demonlord later should he take over the world. The man doesn't buy the story,
    however. Talk to Nicora, and he will ask you for a favor, seeing that you're
    adventurers. Agree and follow him into the woods to his vault. Nicora tells you
    that right before God was killed by the Demonlord, he sealed away the Legendary
    Hero so that he could save the world in the future should the Demonlord conquer
    it. Even though the Demonlord apparently sustained mortal wounds himself in the
    battle with God, Nicora wants to revive the Legendary Hero. He asks you to look
    for the Legendary Hero, and offers to give you the Magic Carpet if you agree to.
    At this point his maid comes in and tries to stop him--Nicora tells her that you
    have agreed to help. His wife says that you won't be able to succeed, and Nicora
    tells her that he's going to do it anyway. He gives you the Magic Carpet and
    tells you to try it out. Leave the town and use it. You'll sit on the carpet,
    but it doesn't fly. Maribel gets angry at having been deceived, and tells you to
    sell the carpet rather than return it. Ignore her, though--take it to Nicora,
    and he will take it back, depressed that it didn't "choose" you. He takes it
    back to the vault. His maid asks you not to get angry at him, and see if he's
    OK. Go to the vault, and Nicora says he wants to search for the Hero himself,
    but he promised his father that he would not leave the town.
    Go back to Nicora's maid and report his condition. The maid tells you that you
    are a lot kinder than other travelers were--most got very angry at Nicora after
    trying out the carpet and failing. She will tell you that in reality, Nicora
    gave you a fake carpet--at his father's request, she hid the real one and
    replaced it with a fake. She tells you that she will give you the real carpet if
    you prove yourselves as worthy adventurers by bringing her the Mermaid's Moon.
    You can then show her your items to see if you have it. For a laugh, give her
    some horse dung and watch her reaction. Giving her something really simple like
    a Medical Herb also elicits a rather humorous reaction as well.
    Once you show her the real Mermaid Moon, she agrees to give you the carpet, and
    asks you to meet her behind the church. There, you'll find her searching for the
    secret set of stairs leading to the hidden storeroom with the carpet--she forgot
    its location. Search smack behind the middle of the church, about one or two
    full steps away from the wall, and you'll uncover the secret passage. Go in and
    get the Magic Carpet, and as you leave, Nicora discovers you. His maid tells him
    the full story about how his father kept the carpet hidden to keep him from
    leaving the town behind. She tells Nicora that as you have found the Mermaid
    Moon, you are worthy adventurers and should have the carpet.
    Now that you have the magic carpet, there are a lot of new places you can go to,
    including Brugio's Manor, the Medal King's Palace, and the Hero Shrine. In the
    Hero Shrine, you'll learn that the Hero, Melvin, is imprisoned in a jewel that
    will give off heat when it is time for him to be freed by the Legendary Heroes.
    The next step in the game is actually somewhat nebulous. At this point, you can
    collect enough Tablet Fragments to go to either Lumen (Northeast red) or
    Provina. (Northeast Green) It may even be possible to go through the various
    quests to get Melvin to join your party as well, but I didn't try--it isn't
    necessary to find him until later, and I didn't try to find him until it was
    necessary. Jump ahead to the end of Chapter 15 if you'd like to try. When you're
    ready, head to Lumen or Provina. Both areas are about the same in terms of
    monster toughness, so it doesn't really matter which one you pick.
                           Chapter 14: The Perils of Lumen
                                  CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Lumen: Medical Herb, Pointed Hat, Hairband, Iron Mask, Iron Axe, Small Medal,
     Defense Seed
    Darkness Tower: Small Medal, Magic Holy Water, Sword of Dozing
    Cliff by Lumen: Mysterious Tablet (Yellow)
    Lumen ruins, Present Day: Small Medal
    Underground Tunnels: 630G, Steel Sword, Armor of Hell
    Lumen, Present Day: Silk Tuxedo, Leather Dress, Bronze Sword, 550G, Net Tights,
     Holy Water, Traveler's Clothes
    Darkness Tower, Present Day: Small medal, Lips' Spirit, 280G, Mysterious Tablet?
    Darkness Tower Key
    1. Enter Lumen and defeat the Baby Goyles
    2. Visit the church and West tower, then enter the central mansion
    3. Defeat Borunga and retrieve the Tower Key in his room
    4. Climb the tower and defeat the Dragon of Darkness
    5. Investigate the Lumen Ruins in the present, and visit the Monster Park
    6. Return to Lumen in the Past and defeat the Hellbaum Roots in the town
    7. Enter the cave under the town via the well and defeat Hellbaum
    8. Return to Lumen in the present and re-investigate ruins
    9. Return to Lumen in the past and talk to Seable.
    10. Learn of plot to kill Chibi and inform Seable of it
    11. Evacuate Chibi to the eastern mountains
    12. Return to town and save Seable from the Hell Worms
    The entrance to the town of Lumen is quite close to the time-gate in this world.
    There is a small mountain/hill you can climb on the way, but there is nothing of
    much interest there, save for a huge hole and a Yellow tablet. Head further west
    to the town of Lumen itself.
    As soon as you enter Lumen, you will find the town being guarded by two Baby
    Goyles. They will attack you, so kill them and enter the town. Lumen is a very
    unlucky town, that has been plagued by disasters. Just recently, there was an
    evil tree, the Hellbaum, which was attacking the town from the hill by
    bombarding it with long-range attacks. The Hellbaum threat is gone now--disabled
    by the monsters that have now taken over the village. The monsters base
    themselves out of the tower to the west, where the Dragon of Darkness resides.
    It is the Dragon of Darkness that has caused the veil of shadow over the town.
    The monsters that directly control the town are controlled by a monster named
    Borunga, who has taken up residence in the large house in the center of town.
    Walk around and talk to everyone. In the well in the northwest corner of town,
    you'll find a makeshift church where some townspeople are hiding out. After you
    visit the church, the Bomb Rock that was guarding the central house will have
    gone inside. You can then enter the house and find Borunga. He will attack you
    when you talk to him.
    BOSS: Borunga
    Borunga's not a boss that you'll really need to worry about. He packs a heavy
    punch, but has no magical attacks, or any attacks that can affect more than one
    target at a time. It shouldn't be too tough to defeat him if you made it this
    Once you kill Borunga, all the monsters in the room flee. Check out the chest of
    drawers in Borunga's room, and you'll get the Darkness Tower Key, which will
    allow you to enter the Darkness Tower. And you'll want to, because as soon as
    you leave the house, the monsters who fled will sic the Dragon of Darkness on
    the town--you'll hear it roaring from on top of the tower.
    Go climb the Tower to stop the monsters from unleashing the Darkness Dragon on
    Lumen. There are no real traps or puzzles per se in the tower, so it shouldn't
    be too hard to reach the top. (providing you don't accidentally get killed by
    the monsters inside) Once you reach the top, you'll see that the reason that the
    Dragon is so royally PO'd is that the monsters are trying to control it, and are
    obviously failing miserably--the Dragon is too powerful for them to handle. And,
    not surprisingly, the angry dragon decides to take out its aggressions on you.
    BOSS: Dragon of Darkness
    The Dragon of Darkness is no pushover. In addition to powerful physical attacks,
    it breathes both Fierce Flames and Ice Breath. It's unlikely that you'll be able
    to cast Fubarha at this point, but if you can, by all means use it, as it will
    make the Dragon's breath weapons a lot less effective. Lowering the Dragon's
    defense with Rukani, then hitting it with a Power Charge/Dragon Slash combo is a
    great way to take him down quickly.
    Once the Dragon is dead, the town is saved. Head back and receive the adoration
    of the townspeople. You'll find that Seable, the man who lived in the house that
    Borunga took over, has moved back in. However, the Bomb Rock that was guarding
    the house is still there. Seable will tell you that he named it Rocky and is
    going to keep it as a pet.
    Head back to the Present day. You'll notice that in the Lumen area, there are
    two towns now. Go to the north one, and the man there will ask you if you're a
    traveling warrior, and if you've fought monsters. Tell him yes, and he will give
    you the Monster Food, which will allow you to attract monsters. Monsters you've
    attracted you can send to the man to create a Monster Park. Before he can create
    a Monster Park though, he needs Monster Habitat Plans to build areas where they
    can live in. At this point you should only have one, (the one you got from the
    Slimes in the tower north of Harmelia) but you will find more throughout the
    progress of your adventure. Don't worry if you get monsters that don't have a
    place to live yet--as soon as the appropriate habitat is built, they will move
    Head to Lumen. When you arrive there, you'll find that, it's been totally
    destroyed. Gabo and Maribel are shocked, and ask you to return to the Lumen in
    the past to find out what happened, as you should have saved the town. So do so.
    Back at Lumen in the past, you'll find that the townspeople are being attacked
    by the roots of Hellbaum--formerly thought to be dead, now attacking the town
    from a distance. Kill all the roots--there are a lot of them, but you can rest
    in the inn for free, so healing shouldn't be a problem. Enter Seable's house,
    and you'll find him being attacked by Hellbaum roots. He suggests you flee
    upstairs, but the roots break up through the second floor as well. Rocky leaps
    to his master's defense, and self-destructs to destroy the Hellbaum roots. Kill
    any remaining roots, then head to the well to go underground and find the source
    of the roots. You can go through the hole in the wall at the bottom of the well.
    It leads to a series of underground caves. Follow the fleeing root, and you will
    find the Hellbaum itself.
    BOSS: HellBaum + 2 Hellbaum roots
    Kill the Hellbaum roots first in this battle. The Hellbaum's double attack is
    bad enough, and the additional damage done by the Roots can prove lethal if you
    don't dispatch them quickly. Make sure that all your characters bring healing
    items, because the Hellbaum will nullify your spellcasting with Mahoton. Fire
    spells like Merami work well, so use them while you can before the Hellbaum puts
    a damper on your magic. Even while under the influence of Mahoton, you can still
    continue to cast Merami by using Flame Claws during battle. If you can kill one
    or both of the Roots before somebody in your party dies, you'll probably do all
    right in this battle.
    Once the Hellbaum is dead, it drops a Green Tablet. Return to town, and the
    people are happy to be finally freed from Hellbaum's reign of terror, though the
    people whose friends and family got killed in the attack are less than enthused.
    Seable has found a new pet--a bug that was clinging to Hellbaum's root, trying
    to bite it. He names it Chibi.
    With Lumen saved once again, return to the Present-day Lumen again. You'll find
    that it's STILL destroyed and in ruins. Time to schlep back to Lumen in the past
    yet again.
    When you return to Lumen, you'll find it--rather peaceful, actually. There's no
    Great Threat to be driven off, nor any evidence of what could have possibly
    destroyed the town. The only point of contention in the town is that many of the
    townspeople are afraid of Chibi, who grew very large and monster-like. Go talk
    to Seable, and some of the townspeople come in and tell him to get rid of Chibi.
    Seable refuses, and tells them that Chibi is smart, kind, and docile, and would
    never harm the town. One guy gets pissed off, and hits Seable. Chibi goes
    ballistic and rushes to his master's defense. This scares the townspeople out of
    their wits, who flee the house. Seable thanks Chibi for trying to protect him,
    but warns him that his method may have only worsened the situation.
    Talk to the people in town huddled in a group outside of Seable's house. They
    ask you to kill Chibi, saying he is too dangerous to be in the town. If you
    agree to kill Chibi, the townsperson who asks you gives you four chances to back
    out. This should be a fairly good indication to you that killing Chibi is a Bad
    Idea, (and it is) but if you insist, the townsperson will suggest that you take
    Chibi out when Seable is sleeping. You'll then need to wait until nighttime, and
    then go into Seable's house and kill Chibi.
    If you refuse to kill Chibi, the townspeople decide that they'll have to find
    out a way to kill him on their own. Go tell Seable of their plan, and he decides
    that it is far too dangerous for Chibi to keep him in the town. He will ask you
    help bring Chibi to the nearby mountains late at night while everyone is asleep
    so as not to draw attention. When nighttime comes, leave town and go to the
    mountain nearby to the east. Seable isn't pleased with what he has to do, but
    leaves Chibi behind. Return to Lumen.
    When you arrive back in town, you hear a woman scream. The town is being invaded
    by Hellworms. Defeat enough of them (you can't kill them) and Maribel suggests
    you retreat to Seable's house. Inside Seable's house, you'll just find that the
    Hellworms have made it inside and are attacking Seable. Save him by killing the
    Hellworm attacking him. That doesn't help though, and more come. Flee the house,
    and you'll find a horde of Hellworms outside waiting for you. At this point
    Chibi appears to save the day--he kills one of the Hellworms, then fends off the
    invasion by scaring the rest of them off. The town is saved, but Chibi dies from
    his injuries shortly afterwards though.
    If you killed Chibi, the invasion of the town still happens, but no cavalry
    comes this time. You'll have to hide in the well until the invasion is over, and
    when you finally come above ground, you'll find the town in ruins without a
    single survivor.
    Providing that you let Chibi live, all the townspeople are repentant for what
    they did to Chibi, and all are grateful to him. Seable asks you to visit Chibi's
    grave, and wonders what it is about him that allows him to make friends with
    monsters so easily.
    Return to present-day Lumen. If Chibi saved the town, you'll finally find that
    it is no longer in ruins. In fact, Chibi's formerly crude grave has become quite
    fancy, and he is known as the town's hero in legend. The legend is a bit
    distorted though--the fact that he was a giant insect seems to have been lost
    over the ages, and you have gone down in history as being Chibi's little
    With Lumen finally saved, you can head to your next destination. Complete the
    northeast Green Tablet, and you're off!
                 Chapter 15:  The Revival of the Legendary Hero
                                 CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Provina: Magic Holy Water, Steel Sword, Small Medal, 37G, Flower Kingfisher
     Spirit, 530G, Leather Armor, Holy Water, Acorn of Life, Full Moon Herb
    Provina, Present: Clothes, 340G, Iron Mask, Small Medal x 2, Suteteko Pants,
     Lips' Spirit, Mysterious Tablet(Yellow)
    Tallest Tower in the World: Gale Bandana, 370G, Small Medal
    Picture of the Goddess
    Top Half of Goddess Statue
    Bottom Half of Goddess Statue
    Hot Stone
    1. Talk to the man hiding at the bridge
    2. Enter Provina and learn of its problem with Ruglars
    3. Climb to the top of the mountain and visit the Church
    4. Chase Roswell to the bridge
    5. Return to Provina and go back to the church
    6. Get the box for the priest in the basement of the church
    7. Get the Priest's Key and the Goddess Picture
    8. Get the halves of the Goddess Statue and douse them in the spring
    9. Defeat the Dragon Soldier
    10. Help the old man in Present-day Provina up the mountain
    11. Go to Grand Estard and learn that Hondara sold the Hot Stone to Brugio
    12. Search Brugio's villas in Crage and Retrude for him
    13. Find Brugio at his estate and tell him about the Stone
    14. Bring Brugio to the top of the World's Tallest Tower
    15. Use the Hot Stone to revive Melvin
    On your way to the nearby town, you will need to cross over a bridge. On it, you
    will find a man cowering in terror. He says that something terrible has happened
    to his town. Continue onward and investigate the source of this problem.
    As soon as you enter the town, named Provina, the guard at the entrance accosts
    you and asks if you're from Ruglars. Maribel asks what Ruglars is, and the guard
    says that it's a country to the south that has been trying to invade the town.
    When Maribel asks why Ruglars would invade such a small town, the guard avoids
    the question, and tells you to leave town as soon as your business is complete.
    Investigate the town. Upon talking to the various townspeople, you will learn
    that Ruglars wants Provina's Golden Goddess Statue. This statue is kept in the
    church on the mountain overlooking Provina--it is said to posses magical power
    that keeps the monsters outside the town at bay. Ruglars recently sent Provina
    an ultimatum, stating that if they did not hand over the statue, Ruglars' army
    would invade the town and take it by force.
    To go to the top of the mountain and see the statue, you'll need to go via a
    cave tunnel at the north end of town. Do so, and there, you'll learn that the
    statue is not indigenous to the town, nor is the priest; years ago, the priest
    washed ashore with the statue near the town. His memory was completely lost, so
    he took up residence in the town and used the statue to keep the monsters away.
    Inside the church you will find the Mayor Ordo and his son Roswell arguing about
    what to do about the ultimatum from Ruglars. Ordo wants to negotiate with the
    King of Ruglars, but Roswell insists that they will not listen to reason.
    At this point, a townsperson comes into the church and announces that Ruglars'
    army is advancing on the town. Roswell grabs the statue and runs out to meet the
    oncoming army. The priest asks you to chase him down and make sure that he is
    all right.
    Go to the bridge and you will find Roswell confronting the army. Rather than
    give them the statue, he decides to destroy it, saying that as long as it
    exists, it will merely cause another war.  The soldiers merely laugh, saying
    that now the statue is destroyed, they can perform their "true task." They
    reveal themselves to be monsters, and they take off to invade the town.
    Return to town, and you will find it under attack by the monsters, who are
    stealing the souls of the townspeople. Roswell gets his leg injured in battle,
    and tells you to protect the priest. On the path up the mountain, you'll find
    Ordo taking a drink. Maribel tells him what's happening, and Ordo, shocked, runs
    to town to do what he can. Talk to the priest, and he runs outside to see the
    silhouette of the burning village below. The vision of the burning village jogs
    his memory, and he says that he vaguely remembers that the previous town he was
    at was burnt to the ground by monsters as well. At this point, Roswell arrives
    to evacuate the priest. Before leaving, they head to the basement of the church
    to get the priest's belongings. Roswell heads down to get a small box for the
    priest, and the priest asks you to assist him, as there is another larger box he
    needs that cannot be moved by one person.  In the basement, you won't see a
    large box anywhere. While you are searching, the priest locks you inside, and
    tells you that he can no longer run.
    Hours later, you manage to break out of the basement. The church is in ruins and
    the priest is gone. Head to town, and you will discover that every one of the
    townspeople had their souls stolen. Roswell walks away, dropping the box he had
    picked up for the priest. It has the Priest's Key and the Picture of the Goddess
    in it. Show Roswell the picture--it's a picture of the injured goddess trying to
    heal herself in a spring. Roswell remembers that the priest used to put some
    holy water on the statue every day, and wonders if there is some sort of
    Head to the bridge and pick up the Top and Bottom Halves of the Statue. Bring
    them to the spring behind Provina's church to toss them in. Before you try to
    fix them, however, a monster appears to stop you.
    BOSS: Dragon Soldier
    All you really need to do in this fight is survive--after a few rounds, the
    battle ends prematurely as Roswell enters the spring. You give him the statue
    and he throws it in the spring. The statue gets revived and saps the Dragon
    Soldier's power. You'll have to fight him again, but he is much easier to kill.
    In fact, he's a total pushover. You should have no trouble with him whatsoever
    at this point.
    As the Dragon Soldier dies, he destroys the statue. Roswell is glad you were
    able to avenge the town, but is sad that it was demolished. However, at that
    moment, you hear a strange sound, and witness as the stolen souls of the
    townspeople are released with the Dragon Soldier's death. Return to the town,
    and all of the townspeople have their souls back. (not perfectly, though--one
    person had his soul swapped with his cow's) Leave the town and head back to the
    portal home. Roswell will stop you as you leave the bridge to bid you farewell.
    He says that because of your perfect timing, you must have been sent by God to
    save the village.
    Head to Provina in the present day. There's not much happening here--several
    things with cows, (the guy who turned into a cow had kids who can speak with
    cows, and a boy is trying to milk a bull) but not much else. Head to the church,
    and you'll find an old man trying to climb the mountain. Help him up, and when
    you reach the top, it turns out that he's the priest of the town. You'll also
    learn that after you left, Ordo and Roswell became priests to replace the one
    who sacrificed his life for the town.
    Now it's time to release the Legendary Hero from his entrapment. You might be
    able to free him earlier on in the game than here, but at this point, freeing
    him is absolutely necessary as you will not be able to proceed without him.
    If you remember what the Guardian of the Hero Shrine near Mezare said, he
    mentioned that the Legendary Hero was trapped in a gem that will give off heat
    when it is time for the Heroes to release him. If you talk to your party while
    in the Hero Shrine, they will give you clues as to the gem's whereabouts--it is
    the Hot Stone, discovered by Hondara way back at the beginning of the game. Head
    back to Grand Estard to get the Hot Stone from him.
    When you arrive at Grand Estard, you will learn that Brugio came to the town and
    bought a stone from Hondara. Talk to Hondara, and he will confirm that the stone
    that he sold was the Hot Stone. Now you have to find the ever-elusive Brugio.
    You'll pick up rumors in Grand Estard that Brugio is heading to his vacation
    homes, so head to his vacation homes in Crage and Retrude to try to find him. He
    won't be in either, however. Talk to all of his employees in each home, and you
    will learn that he has returned to his manor to stash his treasure. Head there
    and you can finally meet him. You'll explain to him that you need the stone to
    revive the Legendary Hero. Brugio is intrigued by your story, but refuses to
    give up the Hot Stone--after searching for years for a worthy treasure, and
    finally discovering it, he does not want to let his prize go so easily.
    Furthermore, he has no way of knowing that the story you are telling is true and
    that you are not just trying to trick him. You will not be able to convince him,
    so leave. On the way out he calls out to you to stop you. He comes up to you and
    say that he's changed his mind about giving you the stone. Your story about the
    Legendary Hero has excited him--he wants to see the Hero for himself, and joins
    your party.
    Head to the World's Tallest Tower; it is west of the Medal King Castle. Formerly
    locked, the Hot Stone will give off a burst of light as you approach, and the
    tower's doors will open.
    The tower itself is, as its name says, rather tall. It takes a while to climb,
    and the maze-like levels don't make it any easier. However, the monsters there
    are nothing to lose sleep over, so it shouldn't be too hard to make it to the
    top. Once you arrive, Brugio hands over the Hot Stone for you to use. Walk to
    the highest point in the tower and hold the stone to the sky. An old man
    appears, and asks you what happened at the battle between God and the Demonlord.
    He was sealed in the Hot Stone during the battle, and the hundreds of years that
    have passed since have seemed to be but an instant to him. You will explain what
    you learned so far; that the Demonlord did indeed kill God, but died himself in
    the battle, and thus peace came to the world. Melvin is a bit concerned about
    the state of the world; he is not convinced that the Demonlord died so easily,
    and wonders why the world is not in a state of chaos if he indeed did win the
    battle. He joins you. Be sure to pick up the Tablet Fragment that materialized
    with him before you leave the tower!
    Brugio is a bit disappointed at the arrival of the hero--he was expecting a
    dashing young man or gorgeous young heroine--but is happy enough to have
    witnessed such a monumental event. Once you reach the bottom of the tower,
    Brugio takes a hike, and goes off to search for a new fantastic treasure for his
    Go back to Mezare to tell Nicora of your success in reviving the Legendary Hero.
    However, you will discover upon your arrival that he already knows of the Hero's
    revival! Apparently it was a misunderstanding though--Nicora mistook a wandering
    warrior that came to Mezare for the Legendary Hero. The warrior pulls you aside
    and explains the story--not wanting to disappoint him, the warrior played along,
    but got more than he bargained for as the entire town hailed his arrival as a
    hero. He pleads with you to play along with the farce, saying that if he is
    revealed to NOT be the Legendary Hero, the entire town will reject him as a
    scammer. Agree, and the "fake hero" thanks you, telling you that he will depart
    the town soon, leaving the townspeople none the wiser.
    Before you complete your next Tablet, (the Southeast Red tablet) you should head
    to Darma ASAP and get Melvin into a job. He will be trailing far behind the rest
    of the party in terms of abilities, so you will need to get his skills up as
    fast as you can. If you have extra money lying around (which is unlikely, but
    possible) you might want to outfit him with some better equipment as well.
                            Chapter 16: Aira, Heir to the Dancer
                                     CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Mardillas: 5G, Magic Shield, Amazing Acorn, Bow Tie, Pointed Hat, Magic Holy
     Water, 13G, 310G, Dodge Clothes, 250G, Amazing Acorn
    Great Temple: Amazing Acorn, Magic Holy Water
    Cave: Medical Herb
    Yuvarl Camp: Acorn of Life x 2, Meaty Bone, Small Medal, 60G,
    Mardillas, Present day: Small medal x 2, Party Dress, Defense Seed
    Great Temple, Present Day: Small Medal, Mysterious Tablet(Green)
    Sparkling Holy Water
    Queen Mother's Letter
    Starry Sky Crystal
    High Priest's Letter
    Tura of the Earth
    1. Investigate Ruglars Castle and Mardillas
    2. Bluff your way past the guards into the castle
    3. (Optional) Retrieve the Sparkling Holy Water
    4. Get the letter from the former Queen
    5. Deliver the letter to the High Priest
    6. Climb the mountain to get the Starry Sky Crystal, bypassing the waterfall
    7. Bring the Crystal to the High Priest and get the Priest's Letter
    8. Go to Mardillas and help Dino
    9. Talk to the King and explore the Magic Research Facility in Town
    10. Return to the High Palace to check up on the High Priest
    11. Go to Mardillas and defeat Medirra's Emissary
    12. Enter the Magic Research Facility, then chase after the King
    13. Defeat Zepple
    14. Go to Fishbell and check up on Maribel's father
    15. Talk to Bolcano and learn about the Yuvarl caravan
    16. Head to the Yuvarl Caravan and learn about the ceremony
    17. Follow Aira to the West Cape
    18. Return the camp and join Aira
    19. Talk to Greta about the Earth Tura
    20. (Optional) Complete Azmof's quest to find his hat
    When you complete the next Tablet, you'll discover that you're in the country of
    Ruglars, the great military power you learned about in Provina. However, visit
    their castle, and you'll see that they're not so tough any more...the castle is
    in ruins. Over ten years ago Ruglars invaded and conquered the neighboring
    country of Mardillas. However, after years of servitude, the magician army of
    Mardillas struck back and gave Ruglars a thorough butt-whupping. And while they
    blew up the castle and sent the country's finest swordsmen running home with
    their tails between their legs, they hardly killed anybody--they even left the
    king alive. The only person of any stature that they did not let live was the
    soldier captain and general of the Ruglars army.
    There's not much going on in Ruglars besides a dejecting king and a bunch of
    soldiers licking their wounds, so head to Mardillas and find out what's going on
    there. There, you'll find a rather large town bustling with activity. There's a
    lot of magic-related stuff going on--a magical research facility (that you
    cannot enter) and plenty of mages of all ages; even a little girl, Mikuwa, is
    trying to learn her first spells. Not everything is well and good, however--talk
    to the priest, Dino, who is a childhood friend of the king--he will tell you
    that the king is acting strangely, trying to build up the country's power even
    after having defeated Ruglars and there's nobody left to fight. In addition, he
    has erected a blockade separating Mardillas from the Great Temple to the south,
    and is looking for powerful Magic Users to join his army.
    Head to Mardillas castle. The guard won't let you inside, and asks if you're a
    messenger from Medirra. Tell him yes--he is suspicious of you, and asks you to
    wait in the foyer while he consults with the king to make sure you are who you
    claim to be. Rather than wait, investigate the areas of the castle that you can
    now enter. You can meet the king's parents, who will ask you to deliver a letter
    to the High Priest at the Great Temple. Agree, and they will give you
    authorization to pass through the checkpoint between Mardillas and the Temple.
    At another area in the castle, you will find a locked treasure chest. There's a
    man standing next to it sent to get the contents by his master. However, he has
    forgotten how to open it, although he remembers the clue to the mechanism:
    "Through the Statue, Cross the T."
        ____ 3 ____
       |           |
       |           |
      1      $      2
      #|           |
       |____ 4 ____|
    (#=statue, $=chest)
    You need to enter via the entrance near the statue, then create a "T" in the way
    in which you enter and exit the room that holds the chest. Starting at the "1,"
    you need to enter/exit doors in numerical order according to the chart above,
    and the chest will open.
    The chest contains Beautifully Sparkling Holy Water. Give it to the man and he
    will thank you, and tell you that he is an apprentice to the staff maker of the
    Fire Tower in the castle. He asks you to visit him later, and he will reward
    Once you've completed these tasks, return to where the guard first let you in.
    He has discovered that you are not Medirra's messenger and will kick you out of
    the castle for trying to bluff your way in. However, now that you have the Queen
    Mother's Letter, you can bring it to the checkpoint and get past it to go to the
    Great Temple. You should do so now.
    When you arrive at the temple, give the letter the Queen Mother gave you to the
    High Priest. He will read the letter--it concerns the activities of the King. He
    will tell you that he is researching a special magic that will help prevent
    tragedy in the country, and asks you to find a reagent necessary to the spell
    that he needs. The name of the reagent is the "Starry Sky Crystal," which is
    located in the cave to the northwest.
    Head to the cave. The pathway up the mountain is not a complicated one, and
    there is no treasure there (aside from a mere Medical Herb in the house halfway
    up the mountain) so you don't need to waste your time searching every cranny for
    anything special. Enter the house by the pool, and you'll find a dwarf and his
    wife living there. The dwarf asks what you're doing this far up the mountain,
    and you explain about how you are searching for the Starry Sky Crystal. The
    dwarf tells you that you can get the Crystal at the top of the mountain, but at
    the moment you won't be able to proceed because the waterfall would wash you
    away should you try to walk through it. He says that in the wee hours of the
    morning, the waterfall stops flowing for a very short period of time, during
    which you will able to proceed. The dwarf's wife will tell you that since you
    can only get the Crystals when the stars reflect off of the pool at the top of
    the mountain, your window of time to make it to the top of the mountain is
    short; you need to make it to the top by the time the sun rises.
    You'll be able to stay at the dwarf's house until it's time for the waterfall to
    stop flowing--he will wake you up when it's time. Rest, and you'll make it under
    the waterfall just in time before it starts again. Continue on to the top of the
    mountain to get the crystal. Be careful not to take the passageway that drops
    you off on the other side of the waterfall before getting it; if you do, you'll
    be stuck and will have to spend another night in the dwarf's house to pass under
    the waterfall again. Once you get the Crystal, speak to the dwarf again, and he
    will tell you that in truth his house was an inn, but as you were working for
    the High Priest he merely asks for you to pay for how many nights you stayed--
    it's optional. It's a petty sum, so don't be stingy and pay him. :)
    When you bring the Crystal back to the High Priest, he will tell you that he's
    been hearing bad rumors about the King of Mardillas--specifically, that he has
    been trying to revive the Ultimate Magic that once laid waste to an entire
    continent. He tried to persuade the King not to pursue such dangerous research,
    but the King would not listen to him and built the roadblock to keep the Priest
    out of his hair. He will give you a letter, and tells you that if you show this
    letter to the castle guards that they will let you inside. He asks you to stall
    the king and slow his research of the Ultimate Magic while he works on
    developing a spell to counter it.
    When you return to Mardillas, you will find that Mikuwa has finally learned to
    cast Mera...but has not mastered it, and goes out of control, pelting fireballs
    all over the place. One accidentally strikes a cloaked man who was walking
    nearby. Mikuwa apologizes, and the cloaked man asks if she wants to become a
    Magic User. Mikuwa says yes, and the man says "Then I'll demonstrate for you"
    and casts Merazoma at her. Dino jumps in the way of the blast and takes it in
    the chest, as the cloaked man walks off. While he is hurt severely, he is still
    all right--check his wounds, and you will carry him to the church, where the nun
    there will heal him. Dino is very concerned, and wonders if the man that tried
    to kill Mikuwa was someone associated with Zeppel. (the king)
    At this point, Dino will tell you about his connection with Zepple, and you'll
    see a flashback to the past when they were all 8. He, Zepple, and their friend
    Lucia are playing near the castle when a wounded soldier limps in and reports
    that Ruglars is attacking before he collapses and dies. Another soldier
    approaches the children and asks Zepple what he's doing outside. Zepple responds
    that he is merely playing, and the soldier starts to take the three children
    into the castle where they will be safe. He's too late, however; a team of
    soldiers from Ruglars approaches and surrounds the soldier, Zepple, Dino, and
    Lucia. The head soldier, who also happens to be the captain of the guard, orders
    the other soldiers to capture the prince. The Mardillas soldier tries to defend
    the children, but the Soldier Captain attacks him and hits him with a stunning
    blow, sending him flying back. The unfortunate soldier bumps into Lucia as he is
    being knocked back, and they both plummet off the edge of the cliff to their
    deaths. Zepple is enraged and tries to kill the Soldier Captain, but he is only
    a child and no match for him--the Captain beats Zepple to a pulp, telling him
    that Mardillas is weak because they rely on magic rather than on swordsmanship
    like Ruglars.
    Dino explains that for the next 10 years, Mardillas was subservient to Ruglars,
    until Zepple ascended to the throne and built up the strength of the Mage army
    until they were powerful enough to wipe the Ruglars army off the map. Dino tells
    you that the King is seeking the Ultimate Magic to make sure that Mardillas is
    never conquered again.
    Head to the castle. The guards let you in upon seeing your letter, as they honor
    the High Priest's wishes as much as they would the King's. The man in the dark
    robe who tried to kill Mikuwa (who is the real messenger of Medirra) is giving
    something to the king. As soon as he sees you, he leaves. Talk to the king, and
    he will insist that he's not researching the Ultimate Magic. Talking to him is
    useless, so go back to town and enter the Magic Research Facility--the letter
    from the High Priest will get you past the guards there as well. You won't be
    able to find any evidence of any subversive research going on, so leave.
    As you exit, a messenger from the Great Temple comes and asks you to return--the
    High Priest has finished developing his spell. However, when you arrive back in
    the Great Palace, you will witness the High Priest adding the final ingredient,
    and the spell failing. Disappointed, the High Priests asks you to go back and
    spy on the king while he tries again.
    As soon as you enter Mardillas, you will be greeted by Medirra's emissary, who
    tells you that the King is about to complete the preparations for the Ultimate
    Magic. If he casts it, it will give him great power--by turning him into the God
    of Destruction, who will eventually destroy the entire continent before
    consuming himself. You ask the emissary why he's telling you all this and he
    responds "I might as well, seeing as how you're going to die right here."
    As you go back, Medirra's emissary comes and says that the King is about to
    complete the Ultimate Magic. When he casts it, it will turn him into the God of
    Destruction, who will destroy the entire continent, and eventually himself. He
    says "Why am I telling you this? Because you're going to die right here." He
    BOSS: Medirra's Emissary
    It's almost not worth mentioning anything about Medirra's Emissary, as he's not
    particularly difficult to kill. He has a slew of HP, but shouldn't pack enough
    punch to do you in. Winning this battle shouldn't require a whole lot of effort
    on your part.
    Talk to the guard by the door to the Magic Research Facility. He overheard what
    the emissary told you and will let you in, telling you that the king just
    entered the Facility himself just now. When you enter, you'll find Dino trying
    to fight his way past the researchers blocking his way to the lower level.
    Eventually he forces his way in--follow him. In the basement of the Research
    Facility, you arrive just as Zepple is casting his spell. Dino tries to kill
    him, apologizing for having to resort to such measures, but the spell he casts
    merely bounces right back. Zepple says that without power he can't protect
    anyone, and thus the Ultimate Magic is necessary. He casts the spell, Manastis,
    then runs out of the room. Chase after him to the castle. At the bridge, you'll
    find him calling out to Lucia that he won't let anyone hurt her again. He then
    loses consciousness as his body transforms and attacks you.
    You can't beat Zepple, so don't try--just let him kill you. After he smacks you
    down, he runs into the castle. The High Priest comes by and resurrects you, and
    explains that he has completed his spell. Go with him into the castle. The High
    Priest casts his spell, Majastis, on the king, and while it weakens him, doesn't
    kill him. You need to finish the job yourselves.
    BOSS: Zepple
    Zepple can be pretty tough, as he uses a very powerful attack/Merazoma combo.
    You'll want at least one person dedicated to healing. I had Melvin use Nio's
    Stand, with Maribel casting Behoma (though anyone with Behoma would work if your
    Maribel doesn't have it) on him every round, while my Hero and Gabo focused on
    the damage-dealing.
    After you defeat the King, the power of his spell is broken, and both he and
    Dino are incapacitated by the strain their respective spells had on their
    bodies. Dino comes in and thanks you for saving the King, and takes both men
    away for healing. The next day the High Priest heads back to his temple, and
    asks you stop by later. Come back after completing a couple of quests, and he
    will have perfected his Majastis spell and will teach it to you. After learning
    Majastis, you will later be able to learn its "big-brother" spell, Gigajastis.
    Also, before you head back to the present, talk to the staff maker, who will
    provide you with a Lightning Staff in thanks for opening the chest for him.
    When you arrive in the present time, you start to head back to your village, and
    someone from Fishbell comes up to tell Maribel that her father is very sick.
    Head to Maribel's house--you will find that her father is no longer in danger of
    dying, but the priest tells you that his worrying about Maribel will only cause
    him more stress and will make things worse. He orders her to stay with her
    father while he is still sick. Maribel consents, and leaves your party. She
    won't be back for quite some time, so you'll need to adapt your combat strategy
    to compensate for her loss.
    Head to your house and talk to Bolkano, who will mention seeing a strange
    nomadic tribe to the northwest while out fishing. Head to the area where you
    first met the Yuvarl, and you will find them there again, having the same
    ceremony they were before--only this time, someone called Aira is doing the
    dance, rather than Lyla. Rather than complete the ceremony though, Aira decides
    she doesn't want to finish it and skips out mid-way. She leaves town.
    Follow Aira to the West Cape. you'll find her at a gravesite. She leaves, saying
    that she has no intention of becoming the next in line to inherit the Dancer
    position. Head back to camp, and you'll find her talking to the elder--she says
    that she is going to seek someone who can play the Earth Tura. The Elder
    objects, but Aira says she'll be all right since she'll be with you. She doesn't
    give you a chance to dissent, and forces her way into your party. The Elder will
    give her the Earth Tura. Before departing, Aira takes you back to the grave. She
    explains that the grave is of one of her ancestors, and his sword is there; she
    wants to bring it along. She talks a bit about her ancestor, and from her
    description, you will learn that the grave is Keefa's. You take a rest on the
    beach before departing. When you do leave, Aira gives you a green Tablet
    Head to Mardillas. After the fiasco of the King-Turned-Rampaging-God, people
    stopped using magic there, and turned to music instead. A lot of people are
    talking about an exceptional Tura player named Johan. He is supposedly very
    good, but doesn't put a lot of work into practicing his musical abilities, and
    rather focuses his efforts into trying to be a player of another sort. Head to
    the castle and talk to the princess, Greta, who is the head of the country. Tell
    her about your search for the Legendary Musician, and she gets excited (this
    being the Country of Music and all) and says that she will open a musician's
    tournament where the contestants have to play the Earth Tura. Since only the
    Legendary Musician should be able to play it well, it will be a good way to find
    out who it is. To attract musicians from across the globe, she posts a very
    large reward to the winner as bait. Greta tells you that it will take a while
    for contestants to gather, and asks you to come back later. The contest will not
    be held for quite some time (read: Disk 2) so you won't need to come back for a
    You'll also want to head to the Great Temple as well. You'll learn that you'll
    have to use "Through the Statue, cross the T" to get through the staircase in
    the courtyard as well. You'll find a new Tablet Fragment waiting for you
    underground there.
    Optional: Azmof's quest
    This is just a mini-quest in the game, and isn't necessary to complete it. I'm
    not 100% sure at what point you'll be able to perform this quest, but it was at
    this point in the game that I discovered it, so I'm putting it here.
    Return to Harmelia and you'll discover that Azmof had his special hat that
    increases his intelligence stolen. In addition, after losing his hat, he went to
    Retrude and registered his intelligence in the Ranking, and is now no longer the
    smartest person in the world. Azmof's assistant is upset--while Azmof is a
    brilliant man on his own, he wants his mentor to be the smartest. Azmof is very
    calm about the theft and tells his assistant that he doesn't want people looking
    for it.
    Talk to the people around the area, and they will tell you that they saw someone
    suspicious-looking wearing dirty clothes around Azmof's house. If this isn't
    enough of a hint for you to figure out who stole it, (and it's not a great one--
    at first I thought it was Hondara but it's not) head to Retrude and check out
    the rankings to see who beat out Azmof in the intelligence ranking. Azmof is #2,
    and "Eteponge" is #1. If you remember way back to when you encountered the
    bandits outside Darma, Eteponge is the really stupid one that looks like a
    zombie. Guess who stole the hat?
    Go talk to Eteponge. He's MUCH more coherent than he was before, and surprise,
    surprise--he's wearing Azmof's hat. He denies stealing it at first, but the
    bandit boss harasses a confession out of him. The bandit boss berates Eteponge,
    saying that "stealing for personal purposes is not allowed." Eteponge gives back
    the Knowledge Hat, and removes his Ranking from the charts. Take it back to
    Azmof, and he will tell you to keep it. Defense-wise, it's not that great a
    piece of equipment, but will boost your intelligence up 20 points, which is
    useful when you're trying to win the Intelligence Ranking Contest.
    Your next tablet is the final Green Tablet, in the southeast corner of the Green
    Room of the Mysterious Palace. Head there and complete it to travel to your next
                           Chapter 17: The Valley of the Wind
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Valley of the Holy Wind: Small Medal, 210G, Pot Lid, 20G, Boomerang, Meaty Bone,
     3G, Monster Habitat Plan, Small Medal, Lightning Staff, Magic Holy Water, World
     Tree Leaf
    Wind Palace: Small Medal, Acorn of Life, 350G, Kimera Spirit, Defense Seed
    Valley of the Holy Wind, present: 540G, 320G, Silver Tray, Gaudy clothes, 10G,
     Acorn of Life
    Wind Palace, Present: Small Medal x 2, Acorn of Life, Mysterious Tablet (Blue),
     Meaty Bone, Sap of the World Tree, Mysterious Tablet (Yellow)
    Coral Cave: Monster Habitat Plan, Mysterious Tablet?
    God Stone
    Pure Robe
    1. Learn of the Valley's troubles and agree to get the God Stone
    2. Defeat the Darkness Demon guarding the entrance to the Wind Palace
    3. Retrieve the God Stone from the Wind Palace and bring it to the Elder
    4. Take Philia to the Wind Palace and set the God Stone in its stand
    5. Rotate the walls to create a wind tunnel to dispose of the black mist
    6. Defeat the Hell Clouder
    7. Return to the present and visit the Valley and Wind Palace
    8. Bring the God Stone to God's Shrine and traverse the Coral Cave
    9. Use the God Stone on God's Crest to travel to the Palace of God's Soldiers
    10. Get the Pure Robe from the Dancer in the Palace of God's Soldiers
    The town you'll need to go to upon entering this area is to the north in a river
    valley. Head there, and you will find the Valley of the Holy Wind, the home of
    the Rifa, a tribe of winged people. The people there are able to fly using the
    propulsion of the wind, which flows constantly through the Valley from the Wind
    Shrine to the north. However, the Rifa are currently uneasy, as they have been
    driven from the Wind Temple by monsters that have taken up residence there.
    What's worse, the God Stone which provides the Rifa with the wind they need to
    fly remains in the Wind Temple, and the Wind in the valley is weakening.
    Enter the Elder's house, and you will find the Elder of the tribe arguing with
    his mother. The Elder insists that the God Stone must be retrieved from the Wind
    Shrine, as it is what gives the valley the endless wind it enjoys. His mother
    argues that the unnaturally occurring endless wind is unnecessary, and that in
    the past the Rifa flew on Nature's wind alone. The Elder says that with the wind
    in its current state, something needs to be done, and his mother tells him he
    can do what he pleases but if he goes to the palace he may not live. Talk to the
    elder, and he will tell you that the Rifa originally were based out of the Wind
    Temple, but a dark cloud descended upon it and monsters invaded--they then all
    fled to the village carved in the wall of the Valley. He says that the
    townspeople have attempted to retrieve the God Stone from the Temple, but
    couldn't even get close with the monsters there--the Rifa have very light frames
    and bone structures to allow them to fly, and lack the physique to fight the
    monsters. This is of course where you come in--as hardy humans, you have what it
    takes to get the stone back. The elder asks you to do so. Agree.
    Cross the river to leave town. On the way out, you'll encounter Philia, the
    Elder's daughter, and two other children. The children are going to fly off to
    pick flowers and ask Philia to come, but she cannot, as she has no wings to fly.
    The children don't see how she could be the daughter of the Elder, and Philia
    explains that she's not Rifa and is adopted. Upon realizing that Philia is not
    just wingless, but not a Rifa at all, the other children start to tease her.
    Come to her aid, and the children flee, saying "They're not Rifa either! They
    must be Philia's friends!" If you chase after them, they'll explain that they're
    not trying to be hurtful, but just feel the urge to make fun of Philia when they
    see she's not like them.
    Once you've crossed the river and left the Valley, you can head up north to the
    Temple. There's a scout station near the Temple where some Rifa are watching the
    state of the palace, looking for an opening to sneak in and take the stone. When
    you talk to the people there, one man will tell you that you won't be able to
    proceed far into the Temple, as there is a door there that only those with Rifa
    blood can open. A woman nearby corrects him, saying that since the God Stone is
    not located beyond the door, you can still retrieve it.
    You can't go straight to the Palace, but have to enter from below in a series of
    caves. The first part is straightforward, but then you will enter a pitch black
    room with a monster statue in it. If you make a false step, you will fall into a
    pit and have to return back to an earlier area of the dungeon. If you examine
    the statue, you will be able to pivot its position. This puzzle is not
    particularly difficult; the trick is to pivot the statue, then walk in the exact
    opposite direction to the one that the statue faces until you reach another
    monster statue. Repeat the process until you eventually find your way into the
    next room.
    Waiting for you in the next room is a Darkness Demon. In order to get proceed
    further, you'll have to kill it.
    BOSS: Darkness Demon
    If you were dumb like me and picked jobs so that Maribel was the only character
    with Priest spells, this fight can be tough. The Demon casts Bagicross, so it's
    important that you go into battle with magic-resistance items equipped. Make
    sure that you have at least one character devoted to healing; two if nobody has
    the Behoma spell. One strategy that worked for me was to have Melvin use the
    Wave Sword to create a Mahokanta barrier, then had him use Nio's Stand. When the
    Majin cast Bagicross, they were all reflected (though they did no damage to the
    Demon) and I had two characters heal Melvin, while the fourth attacked. It took
    a while, but worked. Note that if you use this strategy, all healing you do of
    Melvin will have to be through the use of items or skills, as his Mahokanta will
    reflect any healing magic you try to cast on him.
    Once the Darkness Majin Demon dies, the door opens, but the cloud of darkness
    engulfing the shrine doesn't go away. Go into the palace and retrieve the God
    Stone. The path to the stone itself is somewhat convoluted and drawn-out due to
    the blockaded central room with the rotating walls, but once you reach the Stone
    the way out is not as rough.
    Bring the God Stone to the Elder. You'll find that the Elder isn't home, but his
    mother is there talking to Philia--she tells her that if the wind stops the Rifa
    will die, but she will be able to survive. Philia is confident that the God
    Stone will return and bring the wind back to full health, but the Elder's mother
    tells her that it's not the Stone that protects the valley's wind. At this point
    the Elder returns home and sees you have the stone. Give it to him, and he
    throws a big party for you.
    The next day, shake off your hangover and go to the Elder's house. He's frantic,
    as the God Stone is gone. You learn that his mother took it, and gave it to
    Philia, telling her to throw it in the river. The Elder rushes out to stop her,
    and his mother berates him for not trusting Philia more--knowing how important
    the stone is to her father she would never toss it in the river. Go across the
    bridge, and the wind will suddenly stop. Everyone in the valley falls over,
    paralyzed. Talk to the Elder, and he will tell you that he thinks the wind
    stopped because you took the God Stone from the palace. His mother calls him an
    idiot, and tells you to go get Philia.
    When you find Philia, you'll see she's fallen off a cliff. Go to help her, but
    she lets go before you can reach her. However, before she hits the ground, the
    God Stone slows her descent and saves her. Take her to the Elder's mother, and
    she will explain that the wind has stopped because the Black Cloud has engulfed
    the Spirit Statue at the Wind Temple. In order to start the wind again and save
    the Rifa, you'll have to go to the palace and disperse the cloud. Of course,
    you're in a bind, since you cannot reach the statue without going past the door
    that only the Rifa can open. The Elder's mother tells you to take Philia with
    you and have her open the door--Rifa protests, saying that she isn't Rifa
    herself so she can't help. Her grandmother responds by saying that she really IS
    the Elder's biological daughter--she was just born without wings, and to save
    face her father claimed that she was adopted.
    Philia will join your party. Take her to the palace, and she will be able to
    open the door beyond the God Stone's stand. Beyond the door, you can reach the
    statue and the mist surrounding it. However, by yourselves you will be unable to
    disperse it. To get rid of it, first, you need to put the God Stone back where
    you found it. Then, you have to create a "wind tunnel" directly from the Stone
    room and the exit to the statue--by creating a straight passage you can use the
    wind generated by the Stone to blow the mist away. Of course, the central room
    is not in the correct position for such a passage, so you'll need to create one
    yourself by rotating the sections of wall using the purple rotation switches on
    the ground. It's not too difficult, but below is diagram of what the room should
    look like and the exact positions of the rotation switches will be when the
    passageway is complete:
    __________   ____
    |  _______| |   |
    | *| _______|   |
    |  | |     *    |
    | *| |______    |
    |  |______  |*  |
    |   *     | |   |
    |_________| |___|
    (asterisks indicate rotation switches)
    Once the wind tunnel is complete, the wind flows from the Stone room to the
    Statue, and blows the dark cloud away. Philia heads to retrieve the God Stone
    and asks you to make sure the Statue is all right. Exit via the door to the
    Statue. (it's safe to "break" the tunnel, now that the cloud is gone) You'll
    find a monster there who is very amused with your performance and congratulates
    you on your sharpness. He tells you that in order to restore the wind you will
    have to defeat him, as it is he who is causing the wind to stop.
    BOSS: Hell Clouder
    This is one of the toughest bosses in the game. It may be partially because I
    didn't have Maribel and her skills, but I took more dirt naps courtesy of the
    Hell Clouder than any other boss or monster in the game. The primary reason that
    the Hell Clouder is so hard to kill is that he summons Baby Clouds to help him.
    Not only are the Baby clouds tough to kill for underlings (they have ~300 HP
    each) but they will constantly cast Rariho on your party, and while your
    characters are snoozing the Hell Clouder will open up a big ol' can of whoopass
    on you. The strategy I found that works the best is to use Mahoton or Magic-
    Sealing Song on the Baby Clouds. Without their magic, they're relatively
    harmless. Ignore them once they're magicless (if you kill them the Hell Clouder
    will just summon more) and focus all your attention on the Clouder. I've found
    Fire techniques and Io spells to work quite well on him. (the downside with Io
    spells is that they'll take out the Baby Clouds as well) Boosting up your
    defense with Battle Song or Skult is helpful too; even if the Baby Clouds are
    out of commission he still packs a nasty punch. If Aira is level 23 or higher,
    her Song of the Spirits will make things easier in case someone dies. The
    Clouder is completely immune to any attacks that do Bagi Damage, which
    unfortunately means some of the nicer techniques (Vacuum Slash, Kamaitachi,
    Hurricane, etc.) are not options.
    When the Hell Cloud dies, the darkness is lifted, and the wind starts to flow
    again. Go pick up Philia and leave.
    On the way back, go to the scout post if you want; a scout comes back to say the
    temple is clean. Go to the valley, and the Elder's mother thanks you for saving
    the village, and apologizes to Philia for holding out on telling her the truth
    for so long. Philia says that she's not upset at all, and is happy to know that
    she's her father's biological child. She asks what to do with the God Stone. Her
    grandmother says it's just an ordinary rock, so she can just toss it. You tell
    her how the stone saved Philia when she fell off the cliff. Surprised by your
    story, the elder's mother performs a little experiment and discovers that Philia
    can fly so long as she holds the Stone. Philia decides she doesn't want it
    though and gives it to you to remember her by.
    The Valley of the Holy Wind is saved now, so you can head back to the present
    time and visit it there. There's nothing of any particular interest happening
    there though--over the years, the Rifa have lost their wings and ability to fly.
    You won't be able to visit the elder's house, as a townsperson will block your
    entry. Other than that, the only thing going on here are some children playing
    with boomerangs.
    Head to the temple. Here you'll learn that the Spirit statue has been named
    Philia, and the legend of how she saved the Rifa. The only other piece of vital
    information here comes from a researcher who will tell you about several temples
    that fell from the sky ages ago, the nearest located to the east. Also, be sure
    to pick up the two Tablet Fragments here, as they will allow you passage to the
    next area.
    Before you head back to the Mysterious Palace though, head East to find the
    fallen temple the woman at the Wind Temple was telling you about--it's located
    east of Forish by the lake. There you'll find a man who is waiting for the
    people who hold the God Stone to arrive. Show the Stone to him, and he'll open
    the door to the north, allowing you access to the pond. Climb over the large
    lily pads to the flower--it will take you to the Coral Cave underwater. The God
    Stone will create an air pocket around you that will allow you to breathe. The
    only thing of particular note here is a monster in the second part of the cave
    that will ask you if you know the whereabouts of the King of the Sea. If you
    tell him you do, he will ask you to plead with the King on his behalf to change
    him back to the normal sea creature he used to be. If you do this for him, he
    will reward you. You won't be able to find the King of the Sea for quite some
    time though, so don't break your backs looking for him at the moment.
    At the very end of the cave, you'll find a large crest. Raise the God Stone to
    the sky here, and a platform will appear to take you to the palace that floats
    in the sky. You'll find yourself in the Palace of God's Soldiers. God's Soldiers
    were warriors that fought for God in his battle against the Demonlord years ago-
    -the temple was built as a place for them to stay. Obviously all of God's
    Soldiers are long dead, and the people here are their descendants, waiting for
    the arrival of the Legendary Hero. You will learn that originally there were
    five Palaces in total in the sky, but the other four fell to Earth. Also, make
    sure to speak to the Dancer here--she will give you the Pure Robe, which is
    necessary in the ritual dance to revive God.
    You can use the platform that you rode up here to travel through the air to
    other sections of the Palace. At one section, you'll find the Revival Dais,
    where you can finally place some of those Mysterious Tablets? that you've found.
    Once you're done here, head back to the Mysterious Palace to complete the final
    Yellow tablet in the northeast corner of the room.
                             Chapter 18: The Gentle Monster
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Lebressack: Small Medal, Amazing Acorn
    Demon Mountain: Power Seed, Monster Habitat Plan, Small Medal, Meaty Bone, 650G
    Lebressack, Present: Meaty Bone, Mysterious Tablet (Blue), Rabbit-ear band,
     5 Small Medals, Defense Seed
    Ancient Monument
    1. Go to Lebressack and learn the situation
    2. Rescue the missing villager on the endless road
    3. Speak to all the townspeople, then go to the church and talk to the monster
    4. Talk to the Mayor and refuse to help kill the monster
    5. Escape from prison and try to rescue the monster
    6. Climb Demon Mountain and defeat Botoku at its peak
    7. Return to Lebressack to save the monster
    8. In the present, help Rif find the truth about the history of Lebressack
    The next major town, Lebressack, is engulfed in a deep mist. As soon as you
    enter the town, a man will ask you to help find his missing brother, who
    attempted to go through the mountain pass to the south. Everyone else in the
    town is in a frenzy--a monster has taken residence in the church, and apparently
    killed several townspeople already.
    Head to the south to the mountain pass. The fog there is cursed, and anyone who
    tries to pass through it will find themselves back where they started. You'll
    find the missing villager here as well--he is running in circles trying to
    proceed through the cursed fog. Just as you arrive, you are ambushed by monsters
    who come to eat you. One of them hesitates, saying that "if we eat them we'll
    anger the priest." The second monster says that if they eat your bones as well
    there will be no evidence so there's no problem. They attack. You'll need to
    fight a battle with two Forest Guards. Well, at least the game SAYS they're
    Forest Guards,  but they're far hardier than any other Forest Guards you'll
    encounter in the game. Still, they're nothing more than low-level monsters, and
    should go down easily.
    Once the Forest Guards are out of commission, the lost villager becomes elated
    upon seeing your strength, and says that you might be able to defeat the
    monster. He heads back to town. Follow him, and go to the Mayor's house. There
    you'll find the villager recanting his story to the Mayor. The elder is excited
    to hear what the villager has to tell, and asks where you are. The villager you
    saved stalls a bit, and the other man in the room asks him "You DID bring them
    to the town, right?" At this point the villager will see you and ask you to come
    in. After explaining what happened to the Mayor, he asks you to help the town
    defeat the monster that has taken up residence in the church. He asks you to
    gather information from the villagers.
    Talk to the villagers, and you will hear the full story. Originally, when the
    town was first engulfed in fog, the townspeople were able to pinpoint the source
    of the mist as coming from the nearby Demon Mountain. Being the most able people
    in the village, the priest, the strongest man in the village, the village
    woodcutter and his wife all went to the mountain to defeat the monsters and get
    rid of the fog. None of them returned--instead, the monster now wearing the
    slain priest's clothes came to town and shut himself in the church. The
    townspeople are convinced that he is planning some evil plan, as either a scout
    to plan a monster invasion or to kill the townspeople himself.
    Head to the graveyard and you'll find the son of the woodcutter at his parents'
    graves swearing revenge. The monster comes outside, but won't touch the boy. The
    child tells the monster he will kill it eventually, then runs away. Follow him,
    and he will introduce himself as Lucas. Lucas says that the Goddess Statue in
    his house will protect him, even though his parents are dead. Return to the
    church and enter the back door and talk to the monster. It won't attack you, but
    will merely look at you with a sad look on its face.
    Go to the mayor's house. There the townspeople are having a meeting to discuss
    how to deal with the monster. The Mayor explains that as you were able to kill
    the monsters that were on the mountain pass, you will be able to help lead the
    villagers in killing the monster. At this point, Lucas pulls you aside and asks
    to talk to you in private. He starts to say how he thinks the monster might not
    be so bad, but then says "never mind" and leaves. Talk to the Mayor, and he says
    you should attack the monster before it has a chance to do anything. Someone
    proposes burning down the church while the monster sleeps. Another objects,
    saying that the fire could spread and get out of control. Eventually they decide
    to form an old-fashioned angry mob to take out the monster. They plan to meet in
    front of the church to attack.
    Talk to the mayor and he will ask for your help. (and won't take no for an
    answer) He will tell you to get ready and then and talk to him again. When you
    tell him you're ready, he'll say "Let's go kill the monster!" At this point you
    have two paths you can take--you can either agree to kill the monster, or you
    can refuse. If you refuse, the mayor will ask if you're serious. If you say you
    are, he'll have the townspeople throw you into a makeshift prison. If you agree,
    you'll have to rest upstairs until it's time for the assault.
    Head to the church and talk to the monster. After scoping him out, the
    townspeople will start to attack. The monster on the other hand just sits there
    and takes it, refusing to defend itself. Lucas will then pull you aside behind
    the church and plead with you to stop the villagers, telling you that he thinks
    the monster is not bad. Talk to the mayor to try to convince him not to kill the
    monster. He will get angry at you and have the townspeople beat YOU up and toss
    you onto Demon Mountain.
    Tell the girl at the door to your prison you won't be bad more, and she will let
    you out. Lucas comes running up, saying that the townspeople are going to kill
    the monster and asks you to help. Talk to him and he will join you. Go to the
    church and you will find the townspeople beating the snot out of the monster,
    who doesn't even lift a finger to defend itself. Severely weakened, the monster
    tries to beg for its life. Talk to the mayor--having seen that you escaped from
    your prison, he catches you and dumps you all onto Demon Mountain.
    Now that you're stuck on Demon Mountain, you'll need to find a way out through
    the forest, as the normal exit is blockaded. You'll need to climb over the
    mountain before you can escape.
    At the top of the mountain, you will find a bunch of monsters generating the fog
    that is engulfing the mountain. You'll find that the Priest of Lebressack is
    there as well! Talk to him, and you'll learn that in fact he is really a
    monster. What happened was that when the priest and his party climbed the
    mountain, everyone but the priest was killed and only he made it to the top
    where the boss monsters were hanging out. Obviously in no position to defeat the
    monsters, he struck a bargain with them. He got them to promise not to attack
    the town for as long as he lived, and in exchange, he swapped bodies with the
    lead monster. Therefore the monster in town is really the priest. And, once the
    townspeople kill the priest, the monsters are free to burn the town to the
    ground. In fact, the monsters are making such preparations right now. Obviously
    your party won't sit for this, so you attack the lead monster.
    BOSS: Botoku
    Botoku is a wuss. The only thing he can do to hurt you is physically attack. Get
    your defense high enough through Skara/Skult/War Song and he's powerless. He can
    seal your magic with Mahoton and use Deadly Poison, effectively preventing you
    from any curing outside of Antidote Herbs, but the damage the poison does per
    round is negligible, especially if you use the Staff of Blessings for healing.
    You can even cast Rukani on him and it works.
    Once Botoku is dead, the other monsters flee and the fog dissipates. Head back
    to town. They townspeople have hung up the priest/monster and are about to burn
    him at the stake. Lucas tries to stop them. At that point the priest takes his
    true form and collapses. Take him to the church--Lucas goes and gets the Goddess
    Statue, bringing it in hopes that it will save the priest.
    Go to Mayor's house, and explain to the mayor what happened. He asks you to go
    see Lucas and see how he's doing. As you arrive, the priest limps out of the
    house and asks you to take him to the town exit. He says that if the townspeople
    see him they will remember what they did and feel awful, so he wants to leave
    the town as his presence will only cause feelings of guilt amongst the
    townspeople. As you reach the edge of town, Lucas runs up to see where you're
    taking the Priest. The priest explains that he's leaving town and asks Lucas to
    thank the townspeople for him. Lucas is bewildered as to why the priest would be
    thanking them, and tries to convince the priest not to leave. He asks your
    opinion. Regardless of what you say, the priest says his decision is final.
    Lucas gives the priest the statue to protect him. The priest thanks Lucas and
    At this point the mayor runs up and asks what happened. Lucas explains, and
    mayor asks you if he's telling the truth. He is shocked, especially when he
    hears that the priest wasn't angry and didn't blame the townspeople for what
    they did. He says he can't take all that's happened and asks you to stay at his
    house. The next day, talk to the mayor, and he will tell you that the town is
    going to build a monument to the priest. He says "If you ever meet the priest in
    your travels, be sure to thank him for us, and tell him we hope he will return."
    With the seal on Lebressack broken, return to your time and visit the town in
    the present day. As soon as you enter the town, you'll find a bunch of children
    picking on a boy named Rif--they are calling him a liar. The children depart as
    you enter.
    Investigate the town, and you'll learn that there was a bit of revisionist
    history regarding the incident with the priest; the "new version" has you made
    out to be the ones that attacked the priest, and not the townspeople. In fact,
    history has recorded that the townspeople saved the priest from you, instead of
    vice versa. You've been made out to be the villains, taking the blame from the
    Go talk to Rif--he lives in Lucas' former house. He pleads with you, saying that
    he's not a liar. You'll learn that in his family, the true story of what
    happened with the priest was passed down from generation to generation. As
    everyone else knows the "revised" story, they all accuse him of being a liar.
    Rif himself wonders if perhaps he is the one who's mistaken. He thanks you for
    listening to him with an open mind, and asks you to stop by again.
    Investigate the monument to the priest, and you'll find the "new" story written
    there on a plaque. However, it looks like a section of the story has been
    chipped away, and a new stone put in its place--as if the truth was originally
    written there and someone replaced it. Tell the mayor of your discovery, but he
    won't believe you. Talk to everyone, and then talk to the child guarding the
    warehouse. He will let you into the warehouse, providing you agree to be the
    head child Zazam's lackeys.
    Inside, Zazam is digging something up he found when trying to bury some of the
    "club's" treasure. He asks you to help. Do so, and you'll get an Ancient
    Monument. Read the Monument--it's the part of the plaque that was cut off the
    statue. The girl reads it, and says that the story written on it is the same the
    same as what Rif was saying. They go out to tell the truth to the townspeople.
    Show the monument to the mayor, and he destroys it--he doesn't want the
    townspeople to know the truth. However, Rif's father hopes that in the future
    the children will change the story, since they know the truth. However, the
    future is unsure; if you talk to the children, they are confused, as their
    parents slapped them around for lying. Talk to Zazam, and Rif will come in;
    Zazam called him. He asks what Zazam wants him for. Zazam explains that he knows
    that Rif's not lying, but the adults won't believe him. Apologizes to Rif, asks
    to play together.
    It's time to complete your final Tablet now--the Southeast Blue one. Complete
    it, and proceed to your final quest before the entire world is unsealed.
                         Chapter 19: Sharkeye, Pirate Legend
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Coastarl: Pirate Clothes, Small Medal, Captain's Hat, Mysterious Tablet?
    Hobbit Cave: Small medal, World Tree Sap, Monster Habitat Plan, Viking Helmet,
     Power Seed
    Lighthouse tower: Small Medal, Magic Holy Water, Hell Armor, Stylish Bandana
     Life Acorn
    Hobbit Village: Sound of the Sea Staff, Evil Turtle Spirit, Mysterious Tablet?,
     Meaty Bone
    Coastarl, Present: Small Medal, Amitt Cracker
    Hobbit Cave and village, present: 30G, Meaty Bone, 120g, Small Medal, Amitt Bun,
     50G, Power Seed, Pink Pearl, 16G, Horse Dung, Amazing Acorn, Stylish Suit
    Lighthouse Tower, Present:, Medical Herb x 2, Antidote Herb, World Tree Sap,
     Life Acorn, Small Medal, Magic Holy Water, Amazing Acorn
     Rainbow Drops
     Letter from King Coastarl
     Holy Fire
     Special Membership Card
    1. Talk to the townspeople, king, and innkeeper
    2. Get permission from the King to stay at the inn
    3. Learn of Sharkeye's past from the Bard
    4. Defeat Gamadeus and retrieve the Glowmoss
    5. Set the trap for the monster using the Glowmoss
    6. Fill Hondara's jar with Rainbow Drops from the pool at Grand Estard
    7. Use the Rainbow Drops on the Black Flame and defeat Barikunaja
    8. Get the Holy Fire from Engou and use it to light the Lighthouse Beacon
    9. Return to Coastarl and learn about Anniess
    10. Go to Coastarl in the present day and learn about the Mysterious Tablet
    11. Find the Armorer on top of the Lighthouse Tower and learn about the Priest
    12. Talk to the Priest and search under his altar
    Upon your entry into the next area, you'll find a castle to the north nearby.
    The castle is the central hub of the country of Coastarl, but has been like a
    prison recently--since monsters overran the island, it's one of the only safe
    havens from them.
    Talk to the townspeople and you'll learn some of the history behind the place.
    Previously, the King signed a contract with the world's strongest pirate, Marl
    de Dragonne--or Sharkeye as he's more commonly known--to protect the country. In
    actuality, Sharkeye and the King were best friends, and Sharkeye was happy to
    protect his friend's country. However, their alliance drew the attention of the
    monsters, who unrelentingly assaulted the country--with all the monsters he's
    killed, Sharkeye is not a popular figure among the monsters. In order to save
    the country, Sharkeye acted as a decoy, drawing the monsters away from Coastarl
    by sailing away. He never returned.
    You'll notice that you can't enter any of the houses--they're all locked. You'll
    learn that the people of Coastarl have hidden themselves because tonight is
    going to be a full moon. Speak to the innkeeper, and she'll tell you that you
    need the king's permission to stay tonight. Go to the palace and speak to the
    King's minister, who will tell you that you may not stay at the castle town
    overnight. The King however overrules him, saying that if you managed to make it
    to Coastarl, you must have crossed the Dark Sea and therefore must be pretty
    tough. The Minister opposes the King, saying that "if they see--that--tonight,
    our country's name will be soiled." The King brushes the comment off, saying
    that the country can't get much worse anyway.
    Head to the inn and rest--the Innkeeper will warn you not to go out at night, as
    it's dangerous. In the middle of the night, you'll be awoken by a scream. Go
    outside, and you'll find a monster in the middle of town. It's actually the
    newborn daughter of the armorer who underwent a transformation. Her mother tries
    to talk to her, but the monster doesn't listen and runs away.
    Speak to the Minister, and he'll tell you that five years ago, the Demonlord put
    a curse on the town--any children born there would turn into monsters on the
    first full moon after their birth, then disappear in the darkness. Your pathway
    upstairs will also be opened now, so you can head to the upper levels of the
    castle. You'll find Anniess, Sharkeye's wife, whom he left behind went he went
    on his kamikaze mission. She is currently very ill, and is asleep. You'll wake
    her up, but her maid will put her back in bed.
    Head to the balcony, and talk to the bard there. He'll tell you the story of
    Sharkeye's past, and you'll be treated to several flashbacks.
    The first is set to Sharkeye's (extremely large) ship, where a pirate is
    escorting the Minister of Coastarl on board. He speaks with Sharkeye about the
    King's proposition to join with him, and Sharkeye agrees, changing the ship's
    course to Coastarl. Meanwhile the Bard is on deck playing music and watching the
    whole conversation. Anniess comes outside, and compliments his song. There is a
    brief exchange between the two, and you'll learn that Anniess was a queen who
    left her country in order to marry Sharkeye--she loves him because he protects
    the sea.
    The next flashback is a few years in the future. Sharkeye's exploits repelling
    monsters from Coastarl has caught the attention of the Demonlord's eye, who is
    attacking the castle full force. The King talks with a guard about how Sharkeye
    plans to have a one-on-one showdown with the Demonlord the following day. The
    guard is shocked at Sharkeye's decision, especially since Anniess is pregnant.
    The King says that he wouldn't be able to talk Sharkeye out of it anyway. At
    this point Sharkeye comes in, and says "That's right, you couldn't." The King
    tries to talk him out of it, but fails.
    The final flashback is an exchange between Sharkeye and Anniess at a party for
    his departure--Sharkeye tells Anniess she should stay behind in case something
    happens to him. Despite this morbid statement, he still promises her that he
    will come back in one piece.
    The flashbacks end--head back to the Inn. The next morning, you're woken up by a
    soldier, who tells you that the King wants to see you. Speak to him, and he will
    tell you that one of his scholars has found a possibly way to halt the curse. He
    believes the curse is tied closely to the Great Lighthouse to the north.
    However, being wrapped in darkness as it is, there is no way to follow the
    monster-babies once they go inside. However, in the Hobbit town, located
    underground to the east, their light is provided by a special moss, called
    Glowmoss. The scholar suggests that you get some glowmoss to put on the babies'
    feet, and follow their tracks when they return to town. The King asks you to get
    the moss--he'd go himself, but the Hobbits are not very fond of him.
    Head to the Hobbit Cave and make your way down through the passages to the town
    itself. As soon as you reach the Hobbit Village, the hobbits scream "Humans!"
    and run away. They all refuse to let you in their homes. The Elder is the only
    one who will let you in. He will tell you the Hobbits don't like humans in
    general--they hold a grudge against them. The Hobbit princess, Shukrina, married
    the King of Coastarl, but died of an illness later, and the hobbits blame the
    humans for it. The Elder will give you the location of the glowmoss, however--it
    grows further into the cave, but a large monster that likes to eat it hangs out
    down there too and will not let anyone get close.
    Go to the bottom of the cave and you'll find Gamadeus and his flunkies feasting
    on the Glowmoss. Upon noticing you, they decide they'd rather have you as a
    snack and attack.
    BOSS: Gamadeus + Seahorse Knight + Sea Dragon
    All three enemies use nasty breath weapons. The Seahorses go down fairly easily,
    so you should take them out first. Hit Gamadeus with Deadly Poison, and try to
    put him to sleep if you can. Wool Guard, Fubarha, and Fair Wind are all useful
    techniques to use. Having a method of curing poison is useful too, because
    Gamadeus has a deadly poison attack of his own.
    Once you get the glowmoss and return to the hobbit town, they'll have changed
    their tune a bit, and trust you a little. You'll also learn that the moss you
    retrieved was grown by Shukrina herself. Once your business here is done, return
    to Coastarl.
    When you come back to the castle town, the daughter of the armorer is back. Use
    the moss on the ground by the monster, and it will run away right through it.
    The armorer starts to follow his daughter's tracks, but the king stops him. You
    rest before starting out the next morning. Then, the king tells you that the
    tower you're going  to is surrounded in Black Flame, and you will need Rainbow
    Drops to get rid of it. He'll say that the Scholar knows more. If you've already
    gotten the Drops (you may have had them for quite a while) you can skip this
    next part and go straight to the tower. The scholar will tell you that in order
    to get the Rainbow drops, you need to get it from the Rainbow Lake on a deserted
    island. He asks if you've seen it. If you say yes, you'll respond that your home
    country has it. You've probably seen it already--the Rainbow Lake is under the
    Forbidden Land on Estard, a screen away from where the Water Portal drops you
    off. Go back there and use the now empty bottle that Hondara gave you way back
    when you were doing Engou's quest, and you will get the Drops.
    Head to the tower. It's pitch black, so follow the footprints carefully. If you
    see moving footprints, that's a sure sign that they're on a moving platform, so
    watch your step at those areas! When you reach the top of the tower, use the
    Rainbow Drops on the fire. A portal will open and you'll get sucked into it. Go
    through the door and a monster is waiting. He's pissed off you took so long--he
    was hoping someone with guts would come fight him, so he could kill them slowly-
    -but he's tired of waiting, so he will kill you quickly.
    This boss is easy when you discover his weakness--Deadly Poison Cloud. It works
    on him, and will knock off over 200 of his HP a round. Since he won't cure it,
    theoretically you could just hit him with it once and then heal yourselves for
    the rest of the battle until he dies. He can do critical hits for 200+ damage,
    but he should only survive about five rounds or so if you poison him at the
    Finish him Barikunaja off, and he'll give you an Mysterious Tablet?. He dies,
    but laughs and says that Sharkeye's boat is still frozen. The monsters turn back
    into children and you teleport back to the tower.
    Go talk to King, and he says Anniess has disappeared. She left a note telling
    you not to worry, but he still is. Now that the Dark Fire is gone, he asks you
    to get Holy Fire from Engou. He gives you a letter to take to Engou describing
    the situation. Take the letter to Engou (either will do--I took it to present-
    day Engou but both work) and talk to the mayor. He'll give you permission to
    take some of the Holy Fire. Talk to the keeper of the flame (in Elder's house)
    and he will fill your bottle with Holy Fire. Take it back to Coastarl.
    Take the Fire to the top of the tower and light it. As soon as you do, the
    monsters all flee the area. Soldiers come up to the top of the tower to see
    what's up, and upon seeing the lighthouse re-lit with the everlasting flame of
    the Holy Fire, one soldier takes a piece of it to get some flame to light the
    castle lighthouse. He gives the fire to you and you walk up to king who hails
    you as heroes. As a reward, he gives you Suiryu's Sword. The old man who was
    hanging around Anniess' room comes out of the castle, and says he's the King of
    the Ocean Floor. He says that Anniess is currently in the sea. A nearby warrior
    thinks she threw herself into the ocean. The old man berates him, and says that
    he turned Anniess into an immortal mermaid so she can live long to see her
    husband again, who is frozen in ice. The King of the Ocean Floor goes on to say
    that Anniess won't be able to become a human again, but can protect Sharkeye
    when he awakens. The Minister asks what will happen to her in-utero child. The
    old man says that Sharkeye benefited from protection of the Spirits, and as his
    son, the fetus also had protection, and was probably taken off to some place &
    time to be protected, put in another woman's womb, and born elsewhere.
    Light the castle lighthouse. With the eternal flame restored, the entire town
    throws a big party. The next day, you'll learn that the Bard you talked to
    earlier was actually a ghost. The king suggests that you stop by the hobbits
    before you leave. There, the Hobbit Elder will let you take the treasures in the
    With the curse broken and the lighthouse burning again, the seal on Coastarl is
    broken, and it appears in the present, finally completing the restoration of the
    world! Head to Coastarl and see what happened since you were there in the past.
    Coastarl is a very different place in the present. The King got up and left the
    castle, and took up residence with the Hobbits. The former castle town is now a
    traveler's town, and the castle itself has been converted into a Casino. And
    quite a nice casino as well---you can buy a Monster Habitat Plan and Amazing
    Tablet? at the concessions desk, and the third floor Lucky Panel game has some
    fantastic prizes, including Monster Spirits! You'll also learn about a Frozen
    Ship in a cave south of the desert at the casino, though by this point you'll
    probably have already found it during your travels. There is also a Dancer on
    the balcony that you need a special membership card for.
    Head to the Hobbit Cave. You'll learn there from a man that for some reason, the
    ice that sealed off Sharkeye's ship has not yet been melted, which is odd, since
    the Demonlord should have died as a result of his wounds in the battle with God.
    Talk to King there, and he will give you a Special Membership Card that the
    Dancer in the Casino required. Bring it to her and she will ask if you want her
    to Puff Puff you. Say yes, and she'll tell you close your eyes. You do, and she
    blows a horn. She'll say that it raises your luck. I don't know if this actually
    does anything, or if it's just a gag. I've heard rumors that hearing the horn
    boosts your chances at winning at the games in the casino, but I don't know if
    this is actually true. I tried to test the theory by playing the slots right
    after speaking to her--once I won REALLY big (got three 7s, then three 7s twice
    more during the bonus games) but the other times I didn't seem to win any more
    than usual.
    You'll also hear from a man on the third floor of the casino about somebody who
    won a tablet fragment in the games here. Talk to the people in the casino, and
    you can track him to down to the passage underground the Casino. When you find
    him, he'll tell you that he sold the fragment to the Armorer. The armorer is
    gone, though--you can speak to his wife, and she'll tell you that he left to try
    to climb the Lighthouse Tower a month ago.
    Head to the top of the tower, and you'll find the armorer, collapsed and
    exhausted, but alive. (He'll only tell you about the tablet if you've heard
    about it from his wife, so trying to skip the early steps in tracking the tablet
    down won't work.) He'll tell you that he gave the tablet to the priest. The
    priest is in the basement of the casino, so head there. Talk to him, but he'll
    play dumb about the tablet and leaves. Follow him back to his church and keep
    nagging him, but he will continue to play dumb. Speak to one of the nuns nearby,
    and she will note that the priest is constantly looking under the altar. Search
    under the altar yourself, and lo and behold, you'll find the Mysterious Tablet?
    that you've been looking for. This tablet is the final one to use in the Revival
    Dais, so head to the Palace in the Sky.
                  Chapter 20: God and the Demonlord Duke it Out
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Cave below archaeological dig: Small Medal
    1. Complete the Revival Dais' tablet
    2. Go through the Coral Cave and use the God Stone at God's Crest
    3. Return to the present and get the Flying God Stone from the Priestess
    4. Get the Mysterious Tablet? from the shrine north of Harmelia
    5. Return to Fishbell and learn about the state of the archaeological dig
    6. Complete the tablet at the bottom of the archaeological dig
    7. Kill the Demonlord
    8. Put Disk 2 in your Playstation
    This is a quick chapter, but an important one nonetheless. Head to the Palace in
    the Sky and complete the Revival Dais. You'll be teleported to the past, right
    after the showdown between God and the Demonlord--both are now dead. Head to
    God's Shrine, and at the top floor, you'll find the God Soldier Captain, who
    will recognize Melvin. He will tell you to go to God's Crest via the Coral Cave.
    Go through the Coral Cave like you did before, and raise the God Stone on God's
    Crest again. This time, all four of the fallen Temples raise out of the ground.
    Return to the present, and all the temples will by flying at the Temple in the
    Sky. Talk to the High Priestess there, and she will summon a huge God Stone for
    you. This God Stone is hollow, and will allow you to ride in it. You can use
    this as a vehicle, and even fly over mountains with it.
    Use the God Stone to fly north of Harmelia to a small shrine. There, a man in
    robes is waiting for you. He gives you an Mysterious Tablet? and says that it
    needs to be placed in a temple buried deep underground. If you complete the
    tablet there, it will take you back to the time when God died.
    Return to Fishbell. When you arrive, there is a soldier in your house who is
    looking for you, and asks you to go to the castle. There, King Burns will inform
    you that he says that they discovered a large series of caverns under the
    archaeological dig. These caverns were teeming with monsters, and as they are
    now connected to the surface, pose a real threat. The King asks you to take care
    of them before they spill out over the whole world.
    Find the cave in the archaeological dig. You'll find lots of dead workers inside
    the hole. Fight your way to the bottom, where you'll find an evil-looking tablet
    in evil-looking place. Complete it with your remaining Mysterious Tablets? and
    you'll be teleported into the past.
    The next thing you will see is God's showdown with the Demonlord. Melvin is
    behind God, and asks why he went to fight the Demonlord without him. The
    Demonlord laughs and calls God a fool for relying on humans to do his dirty
    work, and attacks Melvin. The attack hurts Melvin, but he grins and says he
    won't go down so easily. He is prepared to attack the Demonlord, but God seals
    him in the Hot Stone. Before losing consciousness, Melvin protests loudly,
    asking God why he won't let him fight, and if he intends to die. The Hot Stone
    flies off. The Demonlord tells God that he is finished and does not stand a
    chance of winning the battle with his wounded body. He attacks, and God fires
    off a last desperate energy bolt at the Demonlord. The attack gravely injures
    the Demonlord, who angrily attacks and kills God. The Demonlord emerges
    victorious, but lost a whole lot of power in the battle. He limps off to his
    palace, wounded.
    You teleport into the Demonlord's palace. Climb up to his throne room--the route
    is a little convoluted but not too hard--and talk to him. He gives you a chance
    to run away. Talk to him again and attack.
    BOSS: Orgo Demirra
     Orgo Demirra's first form is really easy to beat. I had someone using a Sage
    Stone every round and he couldn't even touch me. Sometimes he would cast
    Merazoma, which hurts (well over 100 damage) and when he starts getting really
    hurt, he'll cast Ionazun. But other than that, he shouldn't pose too much
    trouble as most of his attacks don't do much damage. If you have a high HP
    character with Nio's Stand, you could use that and then heal him/her with Behoma
    every round if you wanted too, though this can be a dangerous tactic.
    Once you defeat his first form, Orgo Demirra will transform into a more powerful
    BOSS: Orgo Demirra
    This form of Orgo Demirra is significantly tougher than his first. He has a
    bunch of heavy damage dealing techniques--Fierce Flames, Ice Breath, Vacuum
    Wave, etc. Very few of his attacks are directly physical or magical, so boosting
    defense and magic defense is a waste, especially since he will just negate their
    effects with his Freezing Wave. The only defense spell worth keeping up is
    Fubarha. What I did is have two characters attack, and two characters support,
    healing with the Sage Stone and Blessing Staff, or using special support skills
    if they had the time. There were a couple of times also I had to do "timeout"
    rounds where nobody attacked and everyone healed. But overall he's not an enemy
    to lose sleep over. If you have a high-level Sage (Fubarha, Summon) or Magic
    Fighter (Bikilt) he should be a cinch.
    The Demonlord curses you for cheapshotting him in his wounded state, and tells
    you that "you can't touch my soul" as he dies. As you leave you see a message
    about getting "God's blessing" and a final island is unsealed and rises out of
    the ocean.
                            Chapter 21: God, the Tyrant
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Crystal Palace:, Life Seed, Small Medal, Silk Teddie
    Anchovy Sandwich
    1. Return to Fishbell, then have an audience with King Burns
    2. Go to Mardillas and learn the tournament is about to start
    3. Watch (listen?) the tournament at the Great Temple.
    4. Rest in the Tent by the Sunken temple
    5. Lower the water level and perform the God-reviving ceremony
    6. Enjoy the party in your honor at Fishbell and talk to the King
    7. Deliver the Anchovy Sandwich to Bolcano and help below deck
    8. Find God's Messengers and meet with them in Grand Estard Castle
    9. Fly to the Crystal Palace via the God Stone
    10. Have an audience with God
    11. Return to Fishbell and have Maribel join you
    12. Go to the Mysterious Palace and receive Melvin's message
    13. Speak to the King of Coastarl and get permission to enter the Lighthouse
    14. Retrieve the Holy Flame from the Lighthouse
    15. Enter the Traveler's door
    The Demonlord is dead. Back at the Sky Palace, the priestess tells you that you
    may have defeated the Demonlord and revived the world that he had sealed off,
    but that not everything is done. You still need to revive God. She says that the
    altar where you need to revive God is underwater, and that she will return you
    to the surface.
    You teleport into the Forbidden Land. Gabo wants something to eat since he got
    hungry fighting the Demonlord. Aira wants to go find the legendary Tura player.
    Go to Fishbell anyway. At this point, Maribel's dad is fully healed, but Maribel
    decides she doesn't want to leave the house. You'll also hear that the king
    wants to see you. Go to see him--he's eating, but finishes as you arrive. Sit in
    your chairs, and the King says that he knows you've done something really big
    since everything seems even more peaceful than before. He asks if your journey
    is over. After hearing about your plans to revive God, he tells you to go to
    Mardillas to find a musician. (surprise surprise)
    As you arrive at Mardillas, you'll discover that the tournament Greta wanted to
    hold is about to start. Greta says that it is being held at the Great Palace.
    She goes there, and asks you to come with her. Go there, and at your word, the
    tournament starts. You give the Earth Tura to the soldier.
     First contestant, Petra: Very bad; he can't play the Tura at all. People scream
    at him to get off the stage.
     Second, Decarpo: Also really bad. The spectators start getting sarcastic.
     Third, Yohan: The minute he gets on stage, everyone starts cheering. Greta asks
    if he's that good. The Prime Minister tells her he's the best in Mardillas. He
    plays, and is better than the first two contestants, but still sucks. Greta is a
    bit upset that this is the best that the #1 musician in Mardillas can produce.
     Fourth, Rurusugoi: Once again, the crowd gets nasty as this contestant's
    attempts fail miserably.
     Fifth, Yuril: At this point, the contestants' performances start getting really
    You see a message that says that nobody was able to successfully play the Earth
    Tura. At the end of the tournament, Greta starts berating the crowd--she doesn't
    know who to proclaim as the winner. The Prime minister points out that only a
    special person could play the Earth Tura. Greta says it's just a piece of
    garbage and orders the soldier to destroy it. The Minister gets upset. At this
    point, an old man comes up. He asks to give the contestant another shot. He goes
    over and tells Yohan that he should be able to play it--you'll see that the old
    man is actually Yohan's master. Greta tells the old man if Yohan can't play it,
    she'll have his (the old man's) head. Yohan is upset, and his master tells him
    to be calm down before trying to play. Yohan manages to do so, and plays the
    Earth Tura well. It turns out that Yohan was Legendary Musician after all.
    Next day, the Princess tells Yohan to help revive god, and asks what he wants as
    a reward. Yohan says he personally wants "a hot chick, some good booze, and
    great food" but asks her to take care of his master instead. Yohan joins the
    party. Before you leave, he'll ask you to go see his master. Do so, and he
    apologizes for his behavior at the competition. Master tells him to go and learn
    lots of songs and play seriously as punishment.
    Go to the Sunken Temple. The guy at the entrance sees that you've found the
    Legendary Musician, and takes you to the elder of the Yuvarl tribe. The Elder
    says Yohan isn't what he imagined, and doubts his authenticity. Yohan replies
    that if he doesn't believe him, then he can just leave. The elder renegs on his
    statement, and Yohan suggests that you rest in the tent before lowering the
    water level.
    Next day, the Elder gives Aira the Earth Bell. Go through the passageway as you
    did before, and lower the water level. Once the water level is down, talk to the
    Elder. He starts to give Aira a Pure Robe, but then sees you've already got one.
    Very surprised. He also says that in the past they misread the ancient text--the
    interpretation of the "gold glowing Tura" should have been read as "when the sun
    sets to the point that the glint off the Tura is gold."
    You wait until the right time, then do the dance again. Just as before, nothing
    happens, or so it seems for a moment. But then the crystal on the altar glows
    and explodes, knocking everyone around. God is revived. Melvin approaches God
    and asks  if he remembers him. God does, and tells Melvin that his job is over
    and that everyone can return to their homes and live in peace. The Elder says
    that their job is finished and asks you to take care of Aira. Aira asks what
    he's talking about--she now has a place of her own to return to--Grand Estard.
    The Elder teleports you to the Mysterious Temple. Yohan wakes up, leaves, and
    says that he's going home--Melvin wonders how he's going to get there. Melvin
    then suggests you return to Fishbell and visit your parents.
    As he broadcast the message all across the entire world, your parents know how
    you were instrumental in God's revival, and throw a festival in your honor. Talk
    to everyone, and once you talk to the cook in the ship and leave, the festival
    starts. Talk to everyone and enjoy the festival for a bit, then talk to the old
    man guarding the town entrance. Yohan will enter to deliver a message that the
    King wants to see you.
    Head to the castle and talk to King Burns. He congratulates you on your efforts,
    thanks you for reviving the islands, defeating the Demonlord, and reviving God.
    He asks what you will do now--if you want to follow in your father's footsteps
    and become a fisherman or not. Then he asks Gabo what he's going to do. Gabo
    says he's going to go hang with the lumberjack and his mother for a while.
    Melvin says he's going to return to God and help protect the world. King
    suggests that he help build God's Palace. Aira doesn't know what she is going to
    do next, and the King asks if she'd like to stay at castle as a guard or tutor
    to Lisa. She agrees. The King starts another party within Grand Estard.
    You'll then see parties from all over the world, hear they continued for days.
    Months pass.
    Your mother wakes you up, and reminds you that you promised to help your father.
    Head to the docks, and as you leave, she'll gives you an Anchovy Sandwich to
    take to him. Give Bolcano his sandwich, and like before, he tells you to help
    below deck. However, the Cook doesn't need your help, and tells you to go above
    deck. Before you cast off, a sailor comes up and asks you to come to shore--
    people claiming to be Messengers of God just arrived via rowboat. Bolcano casts
    off, and asks you to see them in your place. Maribel goes off to see what's
    happening. You'll learn from the townspeople that they went to Grand Estard, but
    were very rude and condescending to the villagers.
    Follow God's Messengers to the castle, and speak to the Prime Minister there. He
    has a message from the king, asking to fetch you. Sit in the chair by the King,
    and he asks you and Aira to come him to the Crystal Palace, God's new temple, to
    have an audience with God. Nebira, the head Messenger, leaves--he says there's
    not enough room for all of you in the boat, so you'll need to arrange your own
    transportation to get to the Palace. The King suggests that you go via the God
    Stone. Aira laughs and says that the king has been nagging her to ride it for a
    very long time--Burns tells her to be quiet, and takes you to the top of the
    castle. You summon the God Stone and get in. Gabo runs up and jumps in as well.
    At the Crystal Palace, Nebira takes you inside. He asks the King what he thinks
    of the palace. The King is quite simply taken aback by the Palace's splendor.
    Then he asks what you think, before taking Burns alone upstairs. The soldiers
    tell you to look around, and rest if you want, as the audience with God may take
    some time. Wander around, and you'll find that representatives of towns and
    countries from all over the world were called to the audience.
    Head to the stairs to the upper levels. Melvin appears and greets you. He says
    that God has not yet come, but that he has been summoned to deal with someone
    causing trouble outside the palace. He tells two guards to come with him to help
    quell the ruckus, and asks you to guard the upper levels in his stead. Go
    upstairs, and the guard posted there won't let you past. Another guard asks who
    you are, and upon learning that you were the people directly responsible for
    reviving God, allows you into the audience chamber.
    Talk to everyone in the chamber, and God will appear. Nicora takes the fake
    hero, Ruglay, up to God--Ruglay gets very nervous, but God doesn't break his
    cover and reveal that he's truly not the Legendary Hero. God then makes a
    proclamation--he commands the people of the world not to fight and throw away
    their weapons, and even forbids them from killing monsters. He'll also take the
    Dark Ruby from you to rid you of the evil artifact. Before disappearing, he
    tells all the people present that he is the ultimate power and the only God, and
    orders them not to worship any other gods besides himself.
    Leave the palace. Outside, you'll discover that the man causing trouble was
    Hondara--he's trying to get inside, but Melvin won't let him in. Hondara pleads
    to you to get him inside, saying "Isn't God coming?" Once he learns that God
    left, Hondara decides to leave--he had some scheme in mind he was hoping God
    would assist him with. After Hondara leaves, Melvin tells you he was a bit
    disturbed by how overbearing God was, but decides to stay at the Palace. At this
    point, Nebira emerges from the Palace to tell Melvin that God has returned, and
    wants to speak with him personally. Melvin bids you farewell as he leaves to
    speak with God, and you leave.
    After you leave, you see what's happening at the palace. The Messengers of God
    are trying to capture Melvin, who they have cornered on the outer perimeter of
    the Crystal Palace. Melvin is very upset, and says "I can't believe this--this
    is ridiculous!" He jumps off the palace to escape the guards. Nebira comes out
    on the ledge and orders the guards to catch him, as he has rebelled against God.
    As Melvin runs away, Nebira laughs, saying that "God controls the world. You
    cannot escape."
    Meanwhile, as you travel with the God Stone back to Estard, a storm hits and
    there's a huge earthquake. You crash-land at the castle. Everyone is all right,
    except for the king, who was hurt badly in the crash and is unconscious. The
    Prime Minister has the king taken off to have his injuries attended to. Leave
    the area. As you exit, some frantic soldiers run up to report that there are
    monsters outside of town!
    Return to Fishbell. A woman comes running up, and tells you that something
    happened to Bolcano while you were gone. Go to the docks, and you will learn
    that when the storm hit, Bolcano was thrown from the ship, and they were unable
    to find him. Maribel looks out over the waves and notes that the sky and waters
    are darkened, exactly like those from the sealed islands you had traveled to--
    it's almost as if Estard has been sealed like all the other islands you freed.
    Since the Demonlord is dead, she is very confused, and wonders if something else
    could have done it. She joins your party and suggests you head to the Mysterious
    Palace to find an escape route off the island.
    As you reach the palace, you hear someone calling you from the statue in the
    courtyard of the Mysterious Palace. Head to the statue, and you'll hear Melvin's
    voice--he asks if it's you talking to the statue. He is using the telepathic
    powers God gave him to transmit his voice to the statue. He says that he has
    something to tell you--God  wiped several areas off the face of the earth,
    saying they were evil. Estard was one of the areas included. Melvin opposed
    God's decision and was branded a rebel. He is currently hiding out in Coastarl,
    where he has investigated into the matter. During his investigations, he learned
    about the Elemental Spirits, which are divine entities similar to God--they
    might know what his intentions are. He doesn't know where they are, but bets
    they're located in the areas God sealed off. He breaks off the conversation
    suddenly then, as someone is coming.
    Enter the Palace and check out the Tablets and Traveler's Doors. Both are sealed
    off and useless. After you examine the Traveler's Doors, you hear Melvin's voice
    again, and he asks if the portals are sealed and you're trapped on the island.
    Once hearing you are, Melvin explains that he thinks the Traveler Doors take you
    to the Elementals, as they each lead to an elemental "source"--the volcano of
    Engou (fire), the Great Desert, (earth) the Wind Palace. (Air) and the Rainbow
    Lake (water) Maribel notices that the fire on above the shrines containing the
    Doors is out. Melvin says he will try to get some of Engou's Holy Fire from the
    island and send it to you.
    You will now be controlling Melvin. Since the Holy Fire in town's lighthouse
    somehow went out, you'll need to go to lighthouse tower to the north in order to
    get any Holy Fire. However, the guards at the entrance will not let you in--they
    say that you need the King's permission to enter. Head to the Hobbit Village and
    talk to the king of Coastarl. He is muttering about how he doesn't like the
    message that God was sending, and asks what you want. Realizing you may be one
    of God's Messengers, he gets ancy and asks if you're one of God's soldiers. (I
    said no) He will give you permission to get God's fire.
    With the King's permission, climb to the top of the lighthouse and get some Holy
    Fire. Melvin manages to send the fire to you and lights the torch outside the
    miniature Fire shrine. Go outside to double-check, and you'll discover that the
    teleporter now works. Go through it and head to Engou.
                             Chapter 22: The Fire Spirit
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Lower Volcanic Caves: Magma Staff, Small Medal, Power Seed, World Tree Sap
    Sharkeye's Ship: Captain Hat, Pirate Clothes x2, Amitt Cracker, Small Medal,
     Monster Habitat Plan, 20G, Power Seed
    Burning Water
    Inferno Key
    Fire Amulet
    1. Investigate Engou and get Pamila to join your party
    2. Head to the lower caves in the Volcano
    3. Use the Burning Water to restore the Fire God
    4. Defeat the Fire Spirit
    5. Return to Fishbell and use the boat to travel to the warship
    6. Meet Sharkeye and unseal the Earth and Wind Shrines
    When you teleport to the volcano, you'll discover that this island too has been
    sealed off from the rest of the world. What's more, the volcano has been greatly
    weakened, and its magma has cooled and hardened. Leave the volcano and go to
    Engou to check up on its residents.
    In Engou, the people are very disoriented, and don't have a clue what has
    happened to the island. When you speak to one man, some monsters attack him.
    Kill them, and then report the invasion to the Mayor. Inside the Mayor's house,
    he and Pamila are trying to make heads or tails of the situation. After hearing
    that the town was just attacked, Pamila is shocked and disturbed, as the Fire
    God should have protected the town from monster attacks. You go on to explain
    about the lava-less volcano, and Pamila asks you to take her there to
    investigate first-hand. She joins your party. Before you leave town, Pamila asks
    you to take her to her house first. When you do, she'll instruct her aide, Ilma,
    to look for "it."
    Bring Pamila to the mouth of the volcano. Upon inspecting the state of the
    volcano, she suggests that something might have happened to the Fire God to
    cause the lava to cool. Talk to the warrior guarding the entrance to the volcano
    cave, and when he hears about the monsters entering the town and your
    investigation, he will let you by. Once you reach the bottom of the volcano, you
    will find the entrance to the Lower Volcanic Caves. Pamila warns you before you
    enter, as she senses a strong power from within.
    Enter the Lower Volcanic Caves and continue downward toward the core of the
    Volcano. If you're lucky, you can run into Gold Slimes here, who will
    significantly increase the size of your coffers when you defeat them. Be careful
    of the flames that shoot out of the holes in the ground though--only walk
    forward at safe times. Not even Toramana will protect you if you walk through
    one of the flame geysers.
    At very bottom of the caverns is a door that won't budge. Stuck, Pamila says
    that it's time to use "it." She casts a spell to commune with Ilma, and asks her
    to bring "it." While you wait, she will tell you the story of the Fire God: he
    is thought to be a part of a larger god. Some think that when God fought the
    Demonlord, he split off four pieces of himself before dying, who became the four
    Elemental Gods that control the elements. As the Volcano near Engou is the spot
    on the earth where Fire energy is the most concentrated, the Fire God took up
    residence there.
    Ilma arrives with her warrior escort about this time. She delivers a bottle of
    Burning Water and the Inferno Key to Pamila before returning to town. The
    Inferno Key will open the door in front of you, so use it to enter. Inside
    you'll find a large lava pit. Examine it and you'll hear a weak voice calling
    "who's there?" Pamila will realize the voice is that of the Fire God. The Fire
    God can't come out--he is too weak, and the lava is not hot enough. Pamila will
    tell you that you need to use the Burning Water to make the lava burn hotter.
    Throw the Burning Water into the lava pit. It gets REALLY hot, the Fire God says
    that his strength has returned, and appears before you. Pamila asks "are you the
    Fire God?" He responds that he is not a god, but is the Fire Spirit. Pamila asks
    him to help save the island, but the Fire Spirit refuses, saying that he refuses
    to take orders from a human. Gabo gets pissed off and chews out the Fire Spirit
    for refusing to help you after you saved his life. Pleased by Gabo's energy, the
    Fire Spirit says that he likes strong people and would like to test you to see
    if you are worthy of his help. You'll have to fight him to get his aid.
    Boss: Fire Spirit
    The Fire Elemental has a LOT of HP, so no matter what strategy you use, it will
    take quite a while to beat him. The secret to winning this fight is Fubarha. All
    of the Spirit's attacks are Flame-based, so Fubarha will reduce what normally
    would do 80 damage to the party to 20-30 damage to the party. Just make sure you
    don't let it wear off. If you don't have anyone in the party that can cast
    Fubarha, try to equip everyone with armor that increases Flame resistance.
    You'll still probably want a dedicated healer just to be safe. I find that
    Seiken-zuki misses a lot, so other techniques like Bakuretsuken or Mahyado Slash
    are better alternatives. Obviously, fire-based techniques and spells are next to
    useless against the Fire Spirit.
    Upon his defeat, the Fire Spirit is surprised at your strength, and agrees to
    help you.  He attempts to use his power to unseal the continent, but fails. He
    tells you that he will need the help of the other three Spirits in order to
    counteract the spell that sealed off the islands. Pamila asks where the other
    Spirits are, and the Fire Spirit tells her that they're all currently in a state
    of slumber. He goes to the Mysterious Palace to wait for them, and drops the
    Flame Amulet as he leaves.
    Head back to Engou and drop Pamila off, then return to Fishbell. Back at
    Fishbell, you'll find a girl near the entrance who says something about a cursed
    boat appearing on the shoreline. Walk to the beach, and you'll find all the
    townspeople looking out over the water; there is a huge warship on the horizon.
    Talk to Amitt--he is thinking of sailing out to the ship to see what the deal
    is. Then talk to your mother, and she will ask you to go with him on the chance
    that the warship found and rescued Bolcano. Relay her message to Amitt, and he
    will let you on board his ship--he wants you aboard anyway to defend the vessel
    in case the warship is hostile. He will go below deck; to launch the ship,
    follow him and speak to him there.
    Amitt's ship follows the lights on the water to the warship. You throw up a rope
    ladder on the warship and start to board. Thinking that monsters are boarding
    the ship, a sailor on board the warship runs up and cuts the ladder. Kadel, the
    first made of the warship, comes over and looks over the railing to see you
    floating in the water below. He calls the sailor an idiot and orders him to
    throw you a life preserver while he goes to call Sharkeye--this is none other
    than Sharkeye's ship, newly released after being frozen in ice for centuries.
    While the scenes change, you'll see another flashback to when Sharkeye was on
    his kamikaze trip to attack the Demonlord. A mate orders all noncombatants below
    deck as the warrior pirates and Coastarl soldiers brace themselves for battle.
    Sharkeye goes to consult with Kadel to see how it's faring, and Kadel reports
    that there are lots of monsters on the horizon, but is not worried, as Sharkeye
    has the blessing of the Water Goddess as signified by his Water Crest birthmark.
    Sharkeye says that his birthmark represents only part of the Crest, so he can't
    utilize the Goddess' full power, but will do his best. Kadel tells Sharkeye that
    he has an obligation to return alive for his unborn son's sake. Sharkeye tells
    Kadel that he had a dream of what his full-grown son would be like, and hopes
    that his son will be able to help Kadel in the future. The monsters approach,
    and Kadel orders the cannons to fire...
    Maribel wakes you up. She's really angry at being dropped into the ocean. A
    sailor comes and tells you that the captain wants to see you. He takes you to
    Sharkeye, who apologizes for his mate's rashness, and tells you that Amitt
    explained the situation to him. He has trouble believing that his ship has been
    frozen in ice for hundreds of years, but accepts the situation. He then asks if
    the rumors he's heard of you saving all sorts of countries is true. Upon hearing
    that you did help many countries, including Coastarl, Sharkeye asks you to show
    him the Suiryu Sword, which he assumes you must have picked up when in Coastarl.
    Show it to him, and Sharkeye takes you outside to speak to you alone.
    Outside, Sharkeye confers to you that he's not sure what to do now. He asks you
    to show him the Suiryu sword again, and when you pull it out, he looks at your
    arm and notices your birthmark. He realizes that it's a piece of the Water
    Crest. The crests on each of your arms react, and jump off your arms and meld
    together to light the other two Shrines.
    You hear a voice that tells you that you and Sharkeye are the last remnants of
    God. The voice informs you of the other two shrines being lit, and says that you
    will now be able to revive the other two Spirits. The voice then identifies
    herself as the Water Spirit, who has been protecting you all along. She tells
    you that once all the Spirits are awakened, you should take the Suiryu Sword to
    the Rainbow Lake and pray, "Water gives birth to life, Earth raises life, wind
    carries life, fire brings glory to life and returns it to water." She says that
    when the power of all the four Elements are aligned, she should be able to free
    the sealed islands from the world of darkness. She tells you to go and revive
    the other spirits while she waits.
    As the voice of the Spirit dies, Sharkeye realizes that his birthmark is gone
    and that you are one of his lineage--his power has transferred to you. (In case
    you haven't figured it out already, the game is suggesting that you are
    Sharkeye's son, transported from the womb of Anniess to your mother's) He says
    that the ship will head out tomorrow, following the line of flame that the Fire
    God created when he was released.
    The next day, you'll discover that the flames lead to Darma, which was also
    sealed off by God. You can now change jobs if you need to. When you're ready to
    return to Fishbell, talk to the helmsman, and he will take you there. From now
    on, if you'd like to return to Darma, just board Sharkeye's ship and talk to the
    helmsman to have him ferry you there.
    Once you're ready, head to either the Earth or the Wind shrine.
                           Chapter 23: The Earth Spirit
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Inside the Earth Spirit Statue: Mimic Spirit
    Royal Key
    Eye Gem
    Rouge Gem
    Heart-Shaped Gem
    Ear Gem
    Nose Gem
    1. Travel to the Desert People's village and speak to the Elder
    2. Speak to the Queen to learn about the plight of the castle
    3. Return to the Desert People's village and recruit Sayard
    4. Speak to the Shaman at the bottom of the Pot
    5. Perform the revival ceremony in the desert
    6. Rescue Sayard's brothers from the basement of the Palace
    7. Retrieve the Feature gems from the inner sanctum of the Earth Spirit Statue
    8. Revive the Earth Spirit
    If you went to the Wind Shrine next, go on to the next chapter and do it first,
    then come back to this one when you're done.
    Go to the Desert People's Village. There the people are pretty depressed at
    having been sealed off from the rest of the world. At first, they don't remember
    you, but a man by the Elder's house recognizes you as the Savior of the Desert
    and gets excited. He urges you to see the Elder. Speak to the Elder, and he is
    very happy to see you. He tells you that after getting sealed off, the Queen
    prayed to God for help, but instead of getting help, she merely got a mob of
    monsters sicced on the castle. He asks you to go to the castle to help the
    You'll find the castle heavily guarded--nobody is outside, and the guards are
    preventing anything from getting in or out. He will check you out, then bring
    you inside the castle. Talk to the queen's assistants--they start to relay your
    message to the Queen, then inform you that she wants to speak to you directly.
    They ask everyone else to leave you and the Queen alone. Talk to the queen--she
    says that she thinks that the Darkness Ruby stored in the basement was causing
    the problem, and prayed to God for help. She tells you that he answered her
    prayer, then pauses and asks if you will believe what she is about to say. Tell
    her you will, and she will say that upon hearing about the Darkness Ruby, God
    said "So that's where it was!" and sent monsters there to steal it. The Queen
    asks you if you gave the other Darkness Ruby to God; upon hearing that he now
    has both, she gets worried, and asks you to awaken the Earth Spirit to save the
    desert, as it's obvious that God will not be of any help. She tells you that the
    Shaman in the village knows the spell necessary to awaken him. As you leave, she
    offers to help you by ordering one of the Elder's sons to assist you in your
    Head back to the village and talk to the sons of the Elder. None of them want to
    go with you, and make excuses. The Elder tells you to choose one, as they're all
    too cowardly to volunteer on their own. As soon as they hear their father's
    decision, they all start to fake illness. The youngest son, Sayard, who has been
    "divorced" from the family, offers to join you as his brothers are sick. Go to
    his hut behind the Elder's house--he tells his cats to take care of the place
    while he's gone there. He asks your name (as calling you "savior" all the time
    is somewhat clunky) and joins your party.
    Climb into the big pot in the middle of town, and talk to the man fishing in the
    sand in the bottom. He is the Shaman, and will listen to your story. He tells
    you that he knows where the Spirit is located. Sayard asks the Shaman where the
    Spirit is and how you can awaken him. The Shaman's response is "The Spirit is
    everywhere." Sayard gets angry, thinking the old man is trying to deceive him,
    but the Shaman laughs and says that he never tells a like--the desert IS the
    Earth Spirit. He asks if you'd like to meet the Spirit in person, and if you
    tell him yes, he will tell you to follow him, as the pot is too small a place to
    summon him. The Shaman climbs out of the pot. Outside, he'll tell you that you
    need to perform a specific ceremony in order for the Spirit to take on a more
    concrete body. He goes on to say that he knows how to perform the ceremony and
    will do so outside town. He leaves town--follow him.
    On the outskirts of town, the Shaman says that to start the ceremony, he must
    draw the form of the Spirit in pure, unpolluted earth. Follow him to the patch
    of desert that the portal to the Mysterious Palace is located at. There, he will
    start the ceremony. He starts to draw a figure in the sand, orally describing
    and dwelling on each part of the Spirit's body as he draws it. (for example, he
    talks about how his hands are "large enough to block the Naira" as he draws
    them) However, he stops the chant and the drawing when he reaches the Spirit's
    face--in old age, he's forgotten how to draw it.
    Return to the Elder--he will tell you that there should be some clue regarding
    the ceremony in the Earth Temple in the Palace basement. Return to the palace,
    and speak to the Queen. She will give you permission to enter the Temple--
    formerly it was blocked off, as the throng of monsters that arrived to steal the
    Darkness Ruby took up residence there. Enter the basement, and you will discover
    that Sayard's three brothers have beat you to the punch and gotten the item that
    you are looking for. They refuse to give it to you, and try to blackmail
    concessions from you in exchange for it.  At that moment though, monsters leap
    out and ambush them. Sayard's brothers cower in terror, and you step forward to
    kill the monsters--they're nothing special, just normal monsters with slightly
    beefed-up stats. (like the Baby Goyles that guarded Lumen)
    Once you rescue Sayard's brothers, they claim that they could have taken on the
    monsters themselves. (despite their former pleas for help) When questioned about
    what they are doing in the Earth Temple, they claim they are searching for
    something to save the desert, as they don't want the monsters getting their
    hands on it first. They tell you that they will give you what they found if
    Sayard promises not to try to succeed their father and become the next Town
    Elder. Sayard tells them he never wanted to be the Elder in the first place. His
    brothers are exuberant that they will have one less person to compete with, and
    give you the Royal Key.
    When you show the key to the Queen, she will tell you that it is a palace
    treasure that has been handed down over the generations from Hadeet. It is the
    key to the inner sanctum of the Earth Spirit Statue. Go to the Statue and speak
    to the guard by the door--he will let you by.
    In the next room, you will find several phrases written on the tiles on the
    "Those eyes can light up any darkness."
    "The mouth is closed and can only time can open it."
    "The ears are born from a heart split by twins."
    "The nose is higher than anyone in the world, yet lower as well."
    (Sorry if some of these sound clunky, but are tough to translate--for example,
    to have your "nose high" means "to be proud" in Japanese, but translating it as
    such would ruin the hint)
    These are clues to some of the puzzles you'll encounter further below. Skip the
    next paragraph/section if you don't want to be spoiled:
    Puzzle 1: Further into the statue, you'll find sarcophagi with open doors. For
     each sarcophagus you close, the room will get a little bit darker. Close them
     all and the Eye Gems will appear.
    Puzzle 2: The Rouge Gem is located behind a gargoyle's face. The gargoyle's
     mouth can open and let you through to pick it up, but you can't open it on
     your own. Sit in front of it and wait, and eventually the mouth will open and
     allow you to get access to the Gem.
    Puzzle 3: The Nose Gem is located below a series of "unending stairs" under the
     floor with the Rouge Gem. In order to get it, you first have to climb the
     stairs, then go down as far as possible to find it.
    Puzzle 4: On the way to getting the Nose Gem, you'll find the Heart Gem.
     Down then up to get Heart Gem. Use the Gem to split it in two to form the
     Earring Gems.
    Once you have all four Feature gems, bring them to the Shaman. The Shaman uses
    them to create the face of the Spirit and complete the summoning ritual. The
    Spirit appears, applauds your courage and knowledge, and asks what you want of
    him. You explain the situation, and he agrees to help. First, he creates an
    earthquake that kills all the monsters attacking the town and castle. Then, he
    says that he is going to go to Darma and wait for all four Spirits to be
    revived. He gives you the Earth Amulet to use in case you need his assistance in
    the future. Then he disappears.
    Sayard prepares to return to town, and thanks you for giving him the opportunity
    to see the Earth Spirit. The Shaman tries to return as well but the ceremony and
    summoning drained the energy from him and he can't move, so Sayard carries him
    back to the village. As he departs, Sayard tells you to visit the queen before
    leaving the desert. Do so--she pretty much just thanks you and wishes you luck.
    Return through the portal in the desert to the Mysterious Palace. If you've
    already revived the Wind Spirit, jump ahead to Chapter 25--otherwise, enter the
    Wind Shrine in the Palace to teleport to the Temple of Wind.
                            Chapter 24: The Wind Spirit
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Elder's House: Silver hairband, 7G
    Wind Tower: Small Medal, Miracle Sword, 1200G, Defense Seed, Speed Seed
    Ancestor Village: Speed Seed Small Medal, Wind Hat
    Wind Maze: Small medal, Speed Ring
    Sealed Shrine Key
    Light Ball of the Holy Wind
    1. Save the man from the Snow Bat
    2. Learn of the researchers' plan
    3. Hear Sephana's story and offer to help her
    As soon as you get out of the Wind Temple, a Snow Bat flies up and attacks a
    bystander. Kill it--it's slightly tougher than a normal Snow Bat, but is nowhere
    near boss-level difficulty. The man you rescued thanks you and wonders what the
    world's coming to. A nun by the Philia Statue says that if the statue is
    completed, then the Wind Spirit can be summoned--but she doesn't know what is
    missing. Enter the room behind the main worship area where all the researchers
    are. You'll find them all around a table conferring with each other; go into the
    room and you will find them reading an article written by Philia about how to
    avert a problem like the one the island is currently suffering from. "Go to the
    Rock to the south and climb it" is the only thing that they can glean from the
    article that seems to be of any help. One researcher suggests that the rock
    mentioned might be the Wind Tower south of the Valley of the Holy Wind. Another
    researcher says that there's no evidence that would help, but seeing as how
    there's not much else to go on, suggests they might as well try it. They'd like
    to tell the Mayor of the Valley about their idea, but none of them can get there
    as the wilds are now teeming with monsters.
    Go to the Valley of the Holy Wind to relay the researchers' message. Everyone
    there is assembled at the Elder's house, hoping for some sort of guidance from
    her in the current state of emergency. The man who was formerly guarding the
    entrance to her house calls her. She emerges from her house, and the townspeople
    are all shocked to see that she has wings! The Elder identifies herself as
    Sephana, and in regards to the situation, forbids any townspeople from leaving
    the Valley, as she doesn't want any getting killed by the monsters that inhabit
    the wilderness. She tells the townspeople that she intends to seek out the
    source of the problem herself, even if it costs her her life. In regards to her
    wings, she explains that they just sort of sprouted two months ago. She hopes
    that they might provide some sort of hint about how to save the Valley. Before
    leaving, she asks any people that are confident in their fighting ability to
    meet her inside.
    Go inside Sephana's house and offer to help her. She wants to go to the Wind
    Tower, saying that ever since her wings sprouted, she's felt an unnatural urge
    to go there. After you relay the researchers' message to her, she wants to go
    even more. Sephana asks if you will accompany her to the tower--when you say
    yes, she will want to leave immediately.
    Head to the Wind Tower and climb it. It's fairly high, but there are no major
    obstacles or puzzles to stumble on on the way up.  At the top of the tower,
    you'll find an altar. Aira wonders what you need to do there, and Gabo
    investigates the hole in the middle of the altar. For a minute, it seems like a
    dead end, but then a strong gust blows and someone calls Sephana...it's Philia!
    Philia tells Sephana to use the wind to fly up, and she will be able to find the
    Wind Robe, which is what she needs. Philia then greets you, and asks if you
    remember her. She tells you that during her research after you left the Valley,
    she discovered where you were from, what you were looking for, and why she was
    born without wings. Apparently, she was the last of the Rifa to have wings, but
    she had the ability to give them to another of the Rifa in your time, when they
    were needed.
    Grab onto Sephana, and she flies up into the air. You'll find yourself in the
    village of the Ancestors. Probably the first thing you'll notice is that the
    village is in a "hyper-gravity" zone, on a tiny cubical planet(?) If you walk
    off the "edge" of one of its faces, instead of falling off, you'll just walk
    onto the adjoining face. From talking to the people in the town, you'll learn
    that this is the ancestral home of those that the Rifa were descended from
    before they flew down to the earth.
    You can find the Elder of the town, who is a slob--he's lying down in his room,
    which is covered in garbage. He says that he's willing to talk, but the room is
    so dirty he can't think straight. Clean it for him by tossing all the junk on
    the floor in the garbage. He will introduce himself once the room is clean, and
    says that he would gladly give you the Wind Robe, but a monster from the Wind
    Maze stole it generations ago. After causing trouble in the town, the monster
    returned to the Maze with the Robe, and to prevent him from bothering the
    townspeople ever again, they sealed him in the Maze so that he could never
    escape. The Elder gives you the key to the maze and tells you that if you can
    get the robe back from the monster, you are welcome to have it. Before you
    leave, he stops you and gives you the Light Ball of the Holy Wind. The Light
    Ball can be used to transport you between the lower and the upper worlds.
    Unlock the door and enter the Wind Maze. The physics of the Maze are identical
    to those of the Ancestral Village, except the shape is more convoluted to
    confuse you. The key to solving the maze is to remember that you can walk off
    edges, but not up walls. If you need to walk onto a wall that you're facing,
    like if you are standing on face 1 on diagram 1 below and want to get to face 3:
      ___                _______               ___
     /  /|              /  _2__/|             |\__\
    /__/ |____         /  /| 3 ||         ____|1| |
    |  |3/1  /| --->  /__/1|___|/  --->  |\ 3 \ | |
    |  |/___/ |       | | /              | \___\| |
    |___2___|/        |_|/                \|____2_|
    Starting on the 1 in diagram 1 you'd need to walk off the ledge that connects 1
    and 2, and you'd end up with a screen sort of like diagram 2. (if you rotated
    the viewpoint) With side 2 on top, you can walk off the edge to either side 1 or
    side 3. If you walked off the edge that connects side 2 and side 3, the screen
    would rotate again to something like the third diagram, and you would be
    standing on side 3.
    The other thing that's tricky about the Wind Maze is that it's rather fiendishly
    designed to have areas you need to get to that simply CAN'T get to normally by
    walking off edges and finding a way there. To get to these places, you need to
    fall through small holes at certain parts of the maze--they will drop you off in
    an area where you can proceed. In the first part of the maze, you need to fall
    through a hole at the far end of the maze to land on the platform next to the
    teleporter. In the second part of the maze, you need to fall through two holes
    in order to make it out.
    At the end of the maze, you will find a treasure box. However, once you open it,
    you will discover that it's empty. A monster appears, and says that your
    presence in the maze must mean that it is now free. It thanks you and asks what
    it can do for you in return for freeing it. You'll ask for the Robe, but it will
    refuse to give it to you and attack.
    BOSS: Nengle
    For a boss appearing this late in the game, Nengle is an easy kill. He uses
    normal attacks, Sword dance, and the occasional Body Bash, but that's about it.
    Raise your defense with Skult/War Song and he should be a breeze. A long breeze,
    since he's got a ton of HP--but a breeze nonetheless.
    After getting the Wind Robe, the statue behind the treasure chest will turn into
    a teleporter back to town. Enter it and go talk to the elder. He wants to give
    you something besides the robe, but his room is too messy, (Again! Already!?)
    and he can't find it. Pick up his garbage again and he'll give you the Wind Hat.
    Now that you have the Wind Robe, take it to the Temple. Put the robe on the
    Philia statue ("use" the robe while standing in front of the statue) and a green
    light shoots out of it, eventually forming the Wind Spirit. The Wind Spirit is
    very laid-back, and a bit ditzy--she says that she'll help you in exchange for a
    good-looking guy. However, after you explain the current situation, she realizes
    that circumstances are more dire than she first thought, and agrees to help you
    for free. She gives you the Wind Amulet to use in case you need her assistance
    again. She goes to Darma to wait for the revival of the other Spirits.
    As you leave the Temple, you notice that Sephana stayed behind and left your
    party. Backtrack and talk to her. She says she wants to thank you, and although
    she wants to go with you, she can't abandon the Rifa. She wishes you good luck
    on your quest.
    If you haven't revived the Earth Spirit yet, go back to Chapter 23 before
    proceeding. Otherwise, return to island of Estard via the teleporter in the Wind
                         Chapter 25: The Final Conflict
                                   CHAPTER SUMMARY:
    Dark Palace: Berserker Helm, Small Medal x 3, 1250G, Leaf of the World Tree,
    Tragedy Shield, Monster Habitat Plan, Tornado Shield, Gaiarla's Armor
    Final Key
    Lar's Mirror
    Broken Tablet
    1. Board Sharkeye's Ship and revive the Water Spirit
    2. Return to Grand Estard Castle to pick up the Flying Rock
    3. Fly to the Dark Palace and descend to the bottom
    4. Defeat Orgo Demirra
    5. Enjoy the ending!
    With the Earth, Fire, and Wind spirits revived, return to Sharkeye's Ship. He
    has the Wind, Earth, and Fire auras ready to use. You raise the Suiryu Sword,
    and the Elemental Auras form a beam of light that shoots out of the sword and
    indicates where you should go. Sharkeye takes the ship along the beam's path,
    and it leads to the Rainbow Lake. The Suiryu Sword drops into the lake, and
    revives the Water Spirit, who was sleeping beneath it.
    With the Water Spirit awake, all four of the Elemental Spirits have been
    revived. They join their powers and break the seal on the islands that had been
    condemned by God. They return to the rest of the world, and you are free. The
    Water Spirit gives you the Water Amulet, before she and the other three Spirits
    fly to the Crystal palace to confront God.
    At the Crystal Palace, the four Spirits call God, demand to know if it was
    really him that sealed them into the darkness, and question his authenticity.
    God appears and tells the four Spirits that as the ultimate creator, only his
    power is needed to guide the world, and that their presence is unnecessary. God
    then tries to use his power to seal them off. However, they fight back and blast
    him with their power. The combined power of the Spirits breaks God's disguise
    and reveal his true form to be Orgo Demirra.
    Orgo Demirra laughs, and says that he was just pretending to be God to pass the
    time and play around with the humans. Having used all their power to break his
    illusion, the four Spirits are helpless--with them out of the way, Orgo Demirra
    says that all he needs to do is kill "the Hero and those pesky humans" before he
    will be unopposed in the world, and nobody will be able to stop him. He swats
    the Spirits away like flies, and the Crystal Palace raises out of the ground to
    reveal its true form as the Dark Palace.
    You and your party, who were at the foot of the Palace when all this happened,
    are knocked down. Melvin, who was spying on the priests of the Palace, drops
    down and helps you up, asking if you're all right. He says that he wants to
    attack the Dark Palace, but the entrance is too high to get to from the ground.
    The only way you're going to get into the Dark Palace is by flying there with
    the Flying Rock, so return to Grand Estard to retrieve it. There, the King will
    ask if revealing God's true form was your doing. At this point, Maribel skips
    out of the party again to go check on her parents and make sure they're all
    right--Melvin fills the fourth slot that she leaves. If you return to her house,
    you can talk to her in her room and swap her out with another party member. From
    this point on, whenever you want to change your party lineup, just head to
    Maribel's room and leave whoever you want behind. When you drop someone off in
    Maribel's room, they keep all of their equipment, but put any other items
    they're carrying in the bag. You can retrieve them at any time, but while
    they're not in your active party they won't gain any experience or job levels.
    When you're ready, you can go to the Crystal palace at any time. Just to clean
    up some odds and ends though, at this point you can talk to the King of the Sea
    Floor--the entrance to his palace is near Fishbell. There you can learn the
    whereabouts of Anniess--she is being held in a safe place by the Water Spirit
    until Orgo Demirra is killed. If you talk to him again and met the monster in
    the Coral Cave earlier, you can persuade him to return the monster to its
    original form--he will ask you to tell it to come to his palace to be changed
    back. When you do, it will give you an Amazing Tablet? before leaving. In
    addition, if you talk to the ghosts in the Coral Cave, they will give you an
    Amazing Tablet? as well.
    When you're equipped and ready, get in the Flying Rock and fly to the Crystal
    Palace. You'll find yourself on the roof. Climb down into the Palace and head to
    the basement, where you'll find a big hole in the floor. Fall through the hole
    and you will be in the Dark Palace.
    Early on in the Dark Palace, you will find a big glowing circle. Don't step on
    it--it will damage you. In addition, you will also find the Final Key and Lar's
    Mirror here. The Final Key will allow you to open the "prison door" type doors
    that you've seen at various points of the game, and a Dragon Quest just wouldn't
    be a Dragon Quest without Lar's Mirror. :) While it doesn't perform any function
    within the story, if a monster transforms using Moshas, you can use the Mirror
    on it to return it to its true form.
    After getting through the Dark Palace, you'll enter the Bio-cave. Here, you have
    to be careful of the pulsating yellow blobs with purple spikes; if you walk in
    front of their "mouths" and are too close they will catch you with their
    "tongues," eat you, and spit you out elsewhere. That's not to say they're
    useless; there are some places that are inaccessible without being "eaten." In
    fact, the staircase down to the next level is only accessible by getting eaten
    by a blob nearby it. The blob you want to get eaten by is on the second level of
    the biocave, and is facing south, near a chest.
    The staircase on the second level of the biocave leads to the monster egg
    chamber. There are a bunch of blobs that you can freely enter and exit, and they
    have lots of eggs in them. You can break the eggs and kill the monsters within
    them. In the large blob against the far north wall of the "blob cave," you can
    uncover the door to the next area by destroying the eggs in the far northeast
    In the next area, you'll find a room with force fields. What you need to do here
    is fairly simple, especially if you look ahead at the direction the force fields
    are traveling. You need to ride the force fields on the right side of the room
    up to the very top, then up and to the left, and back down onto a ledge. From
    ledge, step onto the force field that leads down and along the edge of the ledge
    the exit is on. Then all you have to do is climb down the rocky face to the
    The next room is a dead end. Here you need to use the power of your Amulets to
    proceed. The next area you will enter will depend on which Amulet you use--there
    are four exits to the area, and each spirit has the power to open the way to one
    of them. Whatever path you take, they will all end up in the throne room of the
    Demonlord. If you want to visit all four paths and get the treasures in, you
    will need to teleport out of the dungeon using Riremitt after collecting the
    treasures--there is no way back otherwise, and once you enter the Demonlord's
    throne room, the only way out that doesn't involve winning the game is in body
    Earth Amulet: The Earth Spirit will guide your way into an Earth Maze. Whereas
    the entire area seems to be dead-ends, the Earth Spirit will help you by
    destroying weak sections of wall when you approach them, so to proceed you will
    need to test various sections of the walls until you can find one that the
    Spirit can knock over.
    Wind Amulet: The Wind Spirit will guide you into another anti-gravity maze. The
    maze has the same basic concept as before--fall through the hole to get to the
    Fire Amulet: The Fire Spirit will open the way into a lava cave. Other than
    being rather convoluted in its construction, there's not anything special
    required to complete it.
    Water Amulet: The Water Spirit will drop you into a very large pool of shallow
    water. Basically you just need to wade your way to a staircase, and follow the
    underground tunnels to the way out. It's not as straightforward as it might
    seem--in order to get where you're going, you'll need to ascend and descend
    several staircases.
    At the end of each of the Elemental caves, you'll see a gathering of energy.
    Step into the energy and your characters will be healed to max and teleported
    into Orgo Demirra's throne room. If you don't want to fight him just yet, be
    sure to teleport out of the dungeon before you step into it.
    Continue into the throne room to meet Orgo Demirra. He goes on about calling you
    stupid puppets of God, and how you should worship him instead. He attacks you,
    saying how he will make you regret your decision to oppose him.
    BOSS: Orgo Demirra:
    Orgo Demirra's first form is fairly easy to beat. He has some nasty breath
    attacks, but these can be easily countered with Fubarha. Stampeding Sheep will
    do quite a lot of damage at this point (about 400 a pop if you succeed and are
    in your 30s in terms of levels) which is comparable to even some of the toughest
    techniques like Ultima Sword. A Bikilt/War Cry Charge/Seiken-Zuki combo works
    well too. Use Hustle Dance to cure your party, using the Sage Stone for good
    measure will help too. A lot of Orgo Demirra's attacks are physical, so if you
    up your physical defense with something like War Song your chances will be
    raised. Try to conserve your MP for the upcoming battle though.
    Once you deal enough damage, Orgo Demirra will return to his humanoid form, and
    you'll have to fight him like that.
    BOSS: Orgo Demirra, second form:
    This form of Orgo Demirra has the double attack you've grown to be accustomed to
    when fighting DQVII bosses. In addition, he'll use a wide variety of attacks,
    both physical and magical. His nastiest is the flame he throws from his hands,
    along with a strong Ionazun. In addition, his gaze can put you to sleep, so it
    helps to have a technique that can awake sleeping characters. If he eliminates
    your support spells with Freezing Wave, you'll need to cast them again. Since
    his primary attacks come in the form of magic and flame, casting Magic Barrier
    and Fubarha, and making sure you have good resistance before entering the fight
    is very important. If you have more than one character that can heal the entire
    party without using MP (Hustle Dance, Sage Stone, etc.) that will help quite a
    good deal. Physical attacks work well on this form of Orgo Demirra; you can keep
    calling the sheep to trample him. If you have Maribel in the party, you can have
    her use Payback to return any attacks he uses too; free Ionazuns are always
    nice. :)
    Once you beat up Orgo Demirra again, he'll change into a weird mix between his
    human and monster forms.
    BOSS: Orgo Demirra, third form:
    This form gets really powerful. It has double attacks, and some really vicious
    physical attacks that deal well over 200 points of damage. Fortunately his HP
    aren't too high in this form, and with good damaging techniques (Sheep, Seiken-
    zuki, Ultima Sword, etc) you can take him down in only a few rounds. Most of his
    attacks are physical, with a few "breath weapon" type attacks, so having high
    defense and breath resistance is important for this battle. Overall I've found
    this form to be less troublesome than his second, because he relies a lot less
    on group attacks.
    Once you beat this form of Demirra, he starts to weaken, and lose control of his
    body. In desperation, he undergoes another transformation and uses all his power
    to try to kill you.
    Boss: Orgo Demirra, final form.
    Make sure you've got Magic Barrier up and all your characters in good health
    when you start this fight, because Orgo Demirra will cast Madante, and if you
    get caught in it with even moderate amounts of HP and no defense, it's dirt nap
    time for you. Actually he will cast Madante throughout the battle, which is
    cheating (since it's supposed to use up all your MP) but he does it anyway.
    He'll also occasionally sprout monsters to help him attack. You need to be able
    to do a fair amount of damage to him quickly, because he will Meditiate, which
    heals him 500 HP. Fortunately this form of Demirra is very slow. Odds are your
    entire party will act before the round is over. Pull out all the stops on him,
    using your most powerful physical techniques. Using Ultima Sword and two
    characters calling Sheep, I was able to take him down in five rounds with little
    Orgo Demirra is astonished that you could have defeated him, and dies. As his
    world collapses in on itself, you escape via the flying platform you were
    standing on.
                              Chapter 26: The Grand Finale
    After defeating the Demonlord, you arrive at the Sky Palace. There a soldier
    greets you. He says he was waiting for you and this time, he asks you inside.
    Inside the priestess is waiting for you, and she cannot express her happiness
    enough. She says you were great, that God was irrelevant and you did everything
    with your own power and guided the people well. She tells you to return to your
    homes and rest well. Talk to everyone. Some thank you, some wonder if the real
    God isn't around somewhere, one person suggests that you yourselves are God.
    When you're ready to leave, a platform comes to take you to the Flying Rock. At
    this point Melvin leaps off and stays at the Temple. A soldier comes up and says
    that the God Stone is trying to commune with him. He asks if you understand the
    reasons he has to leave, and thanks you for everything before you depart. You
    enter the Flying Stone.
    First Stop: Darma
    Here you can talk to the Bandits. They thank you--Eteponge will serve you some
    of his special Stew. The bandit boss says it was the right decision to give you
    the tablet, and asks you to drop by the hideout every once in a while. You can
    find Brugio too; he wants to make the Demonlord's castle one of his estates.
    Also you can see that the old man who swore he would change jobs to a young girl
    has actually done so. :P
    Next Stop: Valley of the Wind
    You'll see several people with wings, but they're all fake--they're just wearing
    them for fashion purposes. Sephana's wings, on the other hand disappeared as
    soon as the Demonlord was defeated. She thinks that they returned to the person
    who they really belonged to (i.e. Philia) once their job was complete. She
    thanks you for saving world, and says that there was nothing to fear with Wind
    Spirit and you working together to protect the world. She asks you to drop by
    and visit occasionally.
    Next Stop: Mezare
    Go talk to Nicora. He says he heard you defeated the Demonlord and thanks you.
    Ruglay is gone though, and Nicora wonders where he went. At this point Ruglay
    comes in, wounded. He sees you, pulls you in, and asks you to say that he fought
    the Demonlord with you, and swears to God that this will be the last lie he
    tells. Back in the common area, he starts talking about "Wasn't that rough when
    the Demonlord cast Ionazun at me!?" If you don't play along he glares at you. If
    you do, he claims that you did all the work.
    Next Stop: Desert Palace
    Go talk to the queen, and she will want to speak to you directly again. She
    thanks you for all your work; not only did you save the desert in the past and
    the present, but the whole world as well. The Queen says that tales of your
    heroism will go down in the history of the Desert People forever. She wishes you
    well on all your future exploits, and says that the people of the desert are
    friends and the desert is your home should you ever want to return. A Priest at
    the palace is trying to get the Shaman to take him in as a disciple. The Shaman
    says that first he should be the disciple of the nearby cat. The Priest doesn't
    understand. You'll find Sayard as well--he is getting ready to go on a journey
    around the world, now that the Demonlord is dead. He tells you that he feels
    proud to have known you, and says that maybe you'll run into each other
    somewhere again. Finally, you can meet a scholar here who found remnants of
    something the original archaeologist you brought to the past left behind for
    future generations to learn from.
    Next Stop: Engou
    At Engou, the Mayor says he was wrong in the way that he was leading the town.
    He says the he had forgotten about the Fire God and only thought of making town
    bigger. He vows to start to paying his respects to the Fire God like the town
    used to do so long ago. In fact, he has just readied another ceremony to thank
    the Fire God, and asks you to participate. There's another celebration
    beforehand--everyone is partying, a bard is singing a song honoring you, etc.
    Talk to Pamila, and she will tell you that she was watching the fight with the
    Demonlord via crystal ball. Ilma will tell you that she tried her hand at
    fortune telling herself, and foretold that you would defeat the Demonlord--but
    asks you to keep it a secret from Pamila. When you're ready, talk to the Mayor,
    and the offering to the Fire God starts. Your party thanks the Fire spirit and
    drops your torches into the volcano.
    Next Stop: Mardillas
    Yohan has decided to get serious with his playing--he says that he can attract
    girls better that way. He hits on Aira if she's there; Aira playfully rejects
    him. Yohan says that she's better with you anyway and tells you to "go for it."
    Greta thanks you, and says she's proud to call you friend. She says that until
    she met you she was stuck hanging around old men, and that her life started to
    get interesting once you showed up. She asks if you're glad to know a cute,
    smart, princess like her. After that, she asks to see you alone. Go into her
    room--she starts to say something but backs off, and says that for
    the time being she won't say anything. She you to come visit her occasionally,
    and gives you a kiss before you leave.
    Next Stop: Hobbit Cave
    The King is back to his old happy self. The Queen is relieved, the Elder Hobbit
    is getting ready to go to the casino. They say that you will go down as the
    second great legend of Coastarl, after Sharkeye.
    Next Stop: Sharkeye's Ship
    Borongo (the ship's mate that dropped you into the ocean) takes you to Sharkeye
    as the crew cheers you. Sharkeye congratulates you on your victory, and says
    that many of the crewmembers want you to be the successor to Sharkeye as the
    head of the Marl de Dragonne pirates. He asks if you're interested in succeeding
    him. Regardless of your answer, he says he's heading back toward Fishbell, but
    needs to stop off because the King of the Sea has business with him. Then he
    formally presents you to his crew and tells them never to forget your bravery.
    Next Stop: Grand Estard
    If your party isn't full already, whoever stayed behind joins your party now.
    You can either talk to the King or go out into the town and talk to the
    townspeople. The old man who deciphered the Royal Document will tell you about a
    special treasure box on a ledge in town--if you put something broken in it, it
    will go back in time and restore it. You can also find a broken tablet fragment
    in the well of the town. (I'll let you put two and two together as to what to
    do) When you're ready, talk to the King--he says you did great. He tells you
    that if it wasn't for you, the world would still be sealed off for all eternity,
    or they would all still be worshipping a false god. He calls you the savior of
    the world, and says that even though the start of your journey was just a tiny
    little personal adventure, it mushroomed into a worldwide legend. He goes on to
    say that if Keefa had not gone off with the ring none of this would have ever
    happened. At first, he thought he had been bringing him up wrong, but is now
    very proud of his son. He starts a celebration.
    After seeing images of people celebrating, you'll see message saying that
    everyone from Fishbell came to the castle to celebrate and how the celebrations
    reflected those around the world.
    The next scene moves to your bedroom as you wake up in your house. Your mother
    comes up and says it's the Annual Amitt Fish day, and that your father already
    went to the dock. As you leave, your mother gives you two Anchovy Sandwiches--
    one for you, and one for your father. Go to the dock. Gabo is there to see you
    off on your first fishing outing. He tells you to be careful and bring back lots
    of fish. Bolkano tells you to greet the people in the ship before you cast off.
    Maribel has snuck aboard yet again, and the cook finds her again. The cook tells
    Maribel to get off the boat, and Bolcano comes in and asks what the fuss is
    about. Bolcano tells her she's allowed to come just this once. Maribel is
    excited. Leave and the boat takes off.
    Sit back and enjoy the credits and mini-movie in the background!
    After the credits, you'll see you and Bolkano pull in a net full of fish. Among
    the fish, you catch something that looks like a stone fragment. It's not a map
    this time though, but a message.
    "To my best friend (hero name), I'm traveling with the Yuvarl. How long has it
    been since we split up...Since you left, there's been no sign of Jan. As the
    protector of the town, I married Lyla. In case you find this, let my dad know
    that I'm doing all right. And that I am always with you as your friend.
    Congratulations! You've beaten DQVII! As with all recent DQ releases though,
    it's not yet truly over--try to discover and complete the two Bonus Dungeons
    Enix added to the game!
    Yellow, Northwest: (Wood Paluna)
    1) Mysterious Palace: Already set into the Dais
    2) Mysterious Palace: Near the entrance
    3) Mysterious Palace: Lying on the floor in the Yellow Tablet room
    4) Fishbell: Gotten from Bolcano
    Red, Northwest: (Engou)
    1) Tower east of Paluna: Treasure chest, first floor
    2) Color Stone Mine, Present: On the ground on the bottom floor
    3) Grand Estard Castle: In treasure box under castle--get there using raft
    Blue, Northwest: (Direluck)
    1) Volcano, Past: Get from defeating the Fire Giant
    2) Engou, Past: Get from Pamila after saving the town
    Green, Northwest: (Orphie)
    1) Tower east of Paluna: Get from defeating the Golem
    2) Wood Paluna, Present: Inside a house
    3) Volcano, Present: In a treasure chest
    4) Direluck site, Present: On the ground near the stone pillar
    Blue, Northeast: (Forish/Forod)
    1) Prison Mountain, Past: In a treasure chest
    2) Prison Mountain, Past: In a treasure chest
    3) Prison Mountain, Present: Get from Death Amigo after opening his coffin
    Red, Southeast: (Greenflake)
    1) Forish, Past: In a treasure chest
    2) Mechanical Soldier's Hideout, Past: In a treasure chest
    3) Zebott's House, Present: In a treasure chest
    4) Forish, Present: Get from Alman's granddaughter
    Green Southwest: (Yuvarl camp)
    1) Orphie, Present: In the equipment shop
    2) Forod, Present: Inside a chest in the prison
    3) Greenflake Cave, Past: In a treasure chest
    4) Greenflake Cave, Past: Lying on the floor
    5) Greenflake ruins, present: Lying on the ground
    Blue Southeast: (Darma)
    1) Yuvarl Camp, Past: Inside a box
    2) Grand Estard Castle: Given to you by the King
    3) Archaeological Dig: Inside the Well
    Yellow Center: (Desert Palace)
    1) Direluck: In a pot in the "Secret Base"
    2) Memorial Leaf: Inside a chest in the big house
    3) Cave by God's Altar: Treasure Chest
    4) Bandit Camp: Given to you by the Bandit boss after you defeat him
    Yellow Southwest: (Crage)
    1) Darma, Past: In a treasure chest
    2) Desert Village, Past: In a chest in the storage area
    3) Desert Village, Present: In a pot
    Red, Center: (Retrude)
    1) Crage, Past: Get from a farmer after defeating the Wolf Devil
    2) Crage, Present: In the basement of Brugio's villa
    3) The World Tree, Present: Lying on the ground
    Yellow, Southeast: (Harmelia)
    1) Nameless town: In a treasure chest
    2) Mezare: In the Well
    3) Archaeological Dig: In the base of the dig
    4) Time Nexus: Gotten from the Time Master after defeating him
    5) Baroque Tower: Treasure Chest
    Red, Northeast: (Lumen)
    1) Desert Palace, Past: In a treasure chest in the basement
    2) Harmelia, Present: In a chest below the city (use raft to reach)
    3) Mysterious Tower, Present: Get when defeating the Gigamutant
    Green, Northeast: (Provina)
    1) Retrude, present: In the basement of Cleeney's former house
    2) Baroque Tower: In a treasure chest
    3) Mysterious Tower, Past: Given to you by the Musician
    4) Harmelia, Past: In a chest below the city (use raft to reach)
    Red, Southwest: (Mardillas)
    1) Mysterious Tower, Present: In a treasure chest
    2) Underwater City, Present: In a treasure chest
    3) World's Tallest Tower: Get when freeing Melvin
    Green, Southeast: (Valley of the Wind)
    1) Lumen, Past: Get from defeating Hellbaum
    2) Provina: In the church at the top of the mountain
    3) House east of Mezare: In a chest
    4) Mountain Grave: Aira gives it to you after joining your party
    5) Great Temple, Present: In the basement below the island in the courtyard
    Yellow, Northeast: (Lebressack)
    1) Brugio's Manor: Basement
    2) Hill West of Lumen (Past): On the ground
    3) Provina: In a treasure chest in the cave to the church
    4) Wind Temple, Present: By the dais where the God Stone was
    Blue, Southeast: (Coastarl)
    1) Earth Spirit Statue, Present: On the top floor
    2) Wind Temple, Present: In a treasure chest
    3) Lebressack, Present: In a treasure chest
    Dais in the Palace in the Sky:
    1) Darkness Tower, Present: On the top floor
    2) Coastarl, Past: In a treasure chest
    3) Hobbit Cave, Past: In a treasure chest
    Dais in the Archaeological Dig:
    1) Coral Cave: In a treasure chest
    2) Great Lighthouse, Past: Get after defeating Barikunaja
    3) Coastarl, Present: Under the Altar in the church (see Chapter ??)
    3) Shrine north of Harmelia: Man inside gives it to you
    Angel Dais in the Mysterious Temple:
    1) Underwater City, Present: Get from Glacos the 5th
    2) Grand Estard: In the treasure box on the cliff (see Ending for details)
    3) Coral Cave: Get from ghosts (must be Disk 2)
    3) Medal King Castle: Get from Medal King after getting 100 Medals
    "Dragon Quest VII" Dais
    1) Coastarl, Present: Buy in the Casino
    2) Last Dungeon: Deluge Cave
    3) Coral Cave: Monster gives it to you after completing his task
    4) Immigrant Town: In a treasure chest after reaching 35+ people
    5) Bonus Dungeon 1: Defeat God in under 20 turns
    1) Fishbell: Above the Church
    2) Engou, Present: Trade with child for Round Button
    3) Orphie: In a chest of drawers in the inn
    4) Prison Mountain: In a treasure chest
    5) Sim's House: In his well
    6) Forish, Past: In a barrel in a house to the southeast
    7) Forod, Past: In pot in the northwest area of the castle
    8) Mechanical Soldier hideout, Present: in a treasure chest
    9) Forish, Present: In a treasure chest in the warehouse under the church steps
    10) Forod, Present: In a barrel in a building (Barracks? I took lousy notes :P)
    11) Zebott's House, Present: In a barrel
    12) Greenflake: Behind the counter of the Item Store
    13) Cave northeast of Greenflake, Past: Treasure chest
    14) Cave northeast of Greenflake ruins, Present: In a barrel in basement
    15) Memorial Leaf: In a pot in the ruined house
    16) Yuvarl camp, Past: In a box in Lyra's Tent
    17) Cave to God's Altar, past: Treasure box
    18) Cave to God's Altar, past: Another treasure chest
    19) Archaeological Dig: In the well
    20) Darma, Past: In a treasure chest in the basement
    21) Nameless Town: In a pot behind the bar counter
    22) Nameless Town: In a barrel by the wall (what wall? Bad notes again)
    23) Mountain Village: On top of a grave
    24) Mountain Village: In the well
    25) Foz's Prison: In a treasure chest
    26) Foz' Prison: In a pot
    27) Mountain tunnel to Darma: In a treasure chest
    28) Bandit Hideout: In a pot in the Treasure chamber
    29) Darma, Present: In a pot
    30) Desert Town, Past: In a pot in a house
    31*) Demonlord Statue: In a treasure chest
    32) Desert Town, Present: In a barrel
    33) Archaeological dig: In a pot in the pit
    34) Crage, Past: In the Elder's desk
    35) Crage, Present: In a closet in the well
    36) Crage, Present: In a closet in the inn
    37) Retrude, Past: In a barrel on the roof of the equipment store
    38*) Time Nexus: Treasure Chest
    39) Greenflake (Retrude version): In the Well
    40) Greenflake (Retrude version): In a barrel in the mansion
    41) Memorial Leaf (Retrude version): In a chest in the mansion
    42) Memorial Leaf (Retrude version): In the cave on the road to the convent
    43) Baroque's Bridge, Present: In a barrel
    44) Baroque's Bridge, Present: In the well
    45) Baroque Tower: In a treasure chest
    46) Abon village: In the Elder's desk
    47) Abon Village: In a treasure chest under village
    48) Fuzu: In a barrel in the bar
    49) Underwater city, past: In a pot
    50) Underwater city, past: In a chest
    51) Underwater city, past: In a chest
    52) Harmelia, Present: Lying on the floor in the area with the cat by the river
    53) Mysterious Tower, Present: In a pot
    54) Underwater City, Present: In a chest
    55) Underwater City, Present: In a chest
    56) Mezare, Present: In Nicora's treasure room
    57) Brugio's Manor: In a treasure chest
    58) Lumen, Past: In Seable's House
    59) Darkness Tower, Past: In a treasure chest
    60) Lumen, present: In the well
    61) Darkness Tower, present: In a treasure chest
    62) Provina, past: In a barrel
    63) Provina, present: In the well
    64) Provina, Past: In the church basement
    65) World's Tallest Tower: In a treasure chest
    66) Mardillas, Past: In a closet in the king's room
    67) Great Temple, Past: In a pot
    68) Mardillas, Present: In a barrel
    69) Mardillas, Present: In the well
    70) Great Palace, Present: In a treasure chest below island in courtyard
    71) Yuvarl camp, present: In a pot
    72) Desert Palace, past: In a treasure chest
    73) Valley of the Wind, past: In a barrel
    74) Tunnels to the Wind Palace: In a treasure chest
    75) Wind Palace: In a barrel
    76) Wind Palace: In a treasure chest
    77) Wind Palace: In a treasure chest
    78) Lebressack, Past: In the elder's house
    79) Demon Mountain: In a treasure chest
    80-84) Lebressack, present: Find all 5 in one pop by one of the graves
    85) Coastarl, Past: In a barrel
    86) Hobbit cave, past: In a treasure chest
    87) Great Lighthouse, Past: In a closet
    88) Coastarl, Present: In a treasure chest
    89) Hobbit Cave, present: In a treasure chest
    90) Great Lighthouse, Present: Treasure chest
    91) House north of Harmelia: By the grave
    92) Cave under archaeological dig: In a treasure chest
    93) Crystal Palace: In a treasure chest
    94) Inner Volcano: In a treasure chest
    95) Sharkeye's Ship: In a pot
    96) Sharkeye's Ship: Talk to his cat, and it will give it to you
    97) Wind Tower: In a treasure chest
    98) Anti-gravity village: In a barrel in the inn
    99) Wind Maze: In a treasure chest
    100) Dark Palace: In a chest
    101) Bio-cave: In a chest
    102) Last dungeon: On the floor (behind prison gate? Ugh these notes are awful)
    103) Last dungeon, Earth area: In a chest
    104) Grand Estard: Chest in palace treasury
    105) Grand Estard: On the floor in the dungeon
    106*) Immigrant Town, Pop. 5~14: In a pot in the tent
    107*) Immigrant Town, Pop. 15~19: In a pot
    108*) Immigrant Town, Pop. 20~24: In a treasure chest
    109) Immigrant Town, Pop. 25~29: In a pot
    110) Immigrant Town, Pop. 30~34: In a pot
    111) Immigrant Town, Pop. 30~34: In a pot
    112) Immigrant Town, Pop. 35+ (Not a special town): In a barrel
    113) Immigrant Town, Pop. 35+ (Great Farm): In a pot
    114) Immigrant Town, Pop. 35+ (Premium Bazaar): In a pot in item store
    115) Immigrant Town, Pop. 35+ (Grand Slum): In a pot
    116) Immigrant Town, Pop. 35+ (Grand Slum): In a pot
    117) Bonus dungeon #1: In a pot in a house
    118) Bonus dungeon #1: In a chest in the cave
    119) Bonus dungeon #1: In a barrel in a house
    120) Bonus dungeon #2: In a pot
                                  THANKS AND CREDITS
    Thanks to the following, without whom this FAQ would not have been possible:
    * Enix, for continuing to produce great DQ games. Also for bringing out the
    Official DQ7 guidebooks to fill in those extra tidbits of info I couldn't fill
    in myself.
    * Ken Ma, for getting me into DQ :)
    * Hiryu, for putting up the best darn DQ page in existence. Filled some holes in
    the Monster Jobs section, as well as providing variables on some equipment and
    prerequisites for the Town forms. Posts on the message boards provided a good
    deal of raw data in general. Check out his "Dragon Quest World" site at
    http://www3.justnet.ne.jp/~sugino/DQ.htm. No, really! Go there!
    * Hiro, for helping me fill some holes in the Abilities and Spells section.
    * Boko-kun, for information on what happens if you kill Chibi in Lebressack
    * Everyone on the DQ7 board at GameFAQs for their info and moral support :)
    If you contributed information to this FAQ and feel that I've left you out,
    please let me know.
    It was at the top of the FAQ, but here it is again for good measure:
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    I am very, very serious about this. FAQ-stealing is a very big problem. Since
    seeing my Star Ocean: The Second Story walkthrough stolen by Expert Gamer
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    comes to plagiarism--especially now that I have a job and enough money to hire a
    lawyer. ;) FAQ writing is a labor of love--it's time-consuming and takes a lot
    of work and dedication to complete. When I, (and I think I speak for most other
    FAQ writers as well) see somebody else profiting off my work when I intended it
    to be free, it makes me very angry. Since a domestic release of Dragon Quest VII
    has yet to be announced, this may be less of an issue, but rest assured if it
    ever does, I will be keeping a sharp eye out for any unauthorized copying
    (Expert Gamer, I will be watching you like a hawk) and will take appropriate
    action should I find any. Have some ethics, people.
    (Oh, a hint to you Expert Gamer guys: if you're going to use an FAQ based on the
    Japanese version of a game to write a walkthrough of a domestic game without
    playing it first, it helps to make sure of ALL the domestic names are the same--
    when you use romanizations I fudged or substitute words I left in Japanese with
    question marks, it makes it blatantly obvious)
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