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    Shard Location List by DHubbard

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    Dragon Warrior VII Shard Locations List V 1.1
    (C)2001 Dustin Hubbard (WeirdMan@mmcable.com)
    (This are taken word for word from the Dragon Warrior VII Guidebook, pick it up today!)
    Special thanks to Chuck Neal for helping me find all the ? Shard locations.
    Please visit my website - www.dqshrine.com
    Here's the locations of all but I think the hidden shards in the game.
    I get emails asking daily where certain shards are so I've made this to
    help everybody out. Enjoy!
    Rexwood Region -
    1. Ruins - On the floor in front of the stone monolith in the Tablet room.
    2. Ruins - Next to the Rexwood Tablet in the Land room of the Tablet room.
    3. Fishebel - From Borkano when he returns from his fishing trip.
    Engow Region -
    1. East Tower - Treasure chest on 1F
    2. Colorstone Mine (Present) - On the ground on B7
    3. Estard Castle - Treasure chest in the hidden room in the dungeon.
    Dialec Region -
    1. Mt.Flame - From the FireGiant after defeating him
    2. Engow - From Pamela after the celebration ends.
    Orph Region - 
    1. East Tower - From the Golem after defeating it.
    2. Rexwood (Present) - On the table in a house west of the entrance (Ask the homeowners for it)
    3. Mt.Flame (Present) - Treasure chest on B1
    4. Immigrant Town - On the Ground next to Sim.
    Falrod Region -
    1. Mt. Ceide - Treasure chest on 2F-B
    2. Mt. Ceide - Treasure chest on 5F
    3. Mt. Ceide (Present) - From the reformed Deathpal
    Verdham Region -
    1. Falrish (Past) - Treasure chest in the storeroom in the SW Corner of town.
    2. Mechsoldier's Base - Treasure chest in Boss room.
    3. Zebbot's Cabin (Present) - Treasure chest in the shed behind the cabin.
    4. Falrish - From Armand's Granddaughter after helping Armand and Eri.
    Deja Region -
    1. Orph (Present) - Treasure chest in the Weapon and Armor Shop
    2. Falrod Castle (Present) - Treasure chest in the dungeon.
    3. Marshy Cave - Treasure chest on B2.
    4. Marshy Cave - On the ground on B4-1
    5. Verdham (Present) - On the ground in the ruins of Verdham Town.
    Dharma Region -
    1. Deja Base Camp - Chest inside the tent opposite the Chief's tent.
    2. Estard Castle - Given to you by the King when you return with news of Kiefer.
    3. Archeological Dig - Inside a dresser in the well.
    Dune Region - 
    1. Dialac (Past) - Barrel in Joseph's Secret Base #1
    2. Mentare (Present) - Treasure chest in the Boss's House.
    3. Lake Cave (Past) - Treasure chest in teh apssage opened when lake is drained.
    4. Dharma Temple (Present) - Treasure chest in storeroom in basement.
    5. Western Cave (Present) - Gift from the BanditWig after defeating him.
    Krage Region -
    1. Dharma Temple (Past) - Treasure chest in the basement.
    2. Dune Village (Past) - Treasure chest in the storeroom.
    3. Dune Village (Present) - Inside the giant vase in the center of the village.
    Litorud Region -
    1. Krage (Past) - From the farmer tilling his land (After defeating the WolfDevil)
    2. Krage (Present) - Treasure chest in the basement of Brugeo's Mansion.
    3. Sacred Tree (Present) - On the ground at the base of the tree.
    Hamelia Region -
    1. Penal Town (Past) - Treasure chest in the Gold Bank
    2. Mezar (Present) - On the island in the well
    3. Archaeological Dig (Present) - Treasure chest inside the Dig Site.
    4. Time Pocket Cave (Past) - After defeating the TimeSage
    5. Baloch's Studio (Present) - Treasure room on the top floor.
    Probina Region -
    1. Litorud (Present) - Treasure chest in Dr. Creyney's basement.
    2. Baloch's Studio (Present) - Treasure room on the top floor.
    3. Mountain Tower (Past) - From the Bard
    4. Hamelia (Past) - Treasure room beneath the Pub, once the flood recedes.
    Loomin Region -
    1. Dune Palace (Past) - Queen's Treasure Room (after the Palace is rebuilt)
    2. Mountain Tower (Present) - Treasure chest on the first floor.
    3. Mountain Tower (Present) - Defeat the GigaMute.
    Mardra Region -
    1. Hamelia (Present) - Treasure chest in Dr. Azmov's storeroom beneath the Pub.
    2. Underwater City (Present) - Treasure chest in teh shrine to the right of the entrance.
    3. Tallest Tower (Present) - Appears when you wake the Great Hero, Melvin.
    Lefa Region -
    1. Soldiers of God Shrine - Treasure chest in the shrine.
    2. Probina Temple (Present) - Treasure chest belonging to the old Priest.
    3. Loomin Well Cave (Past) - After defeating the Hellvine
    4. Mardra Fane (Present) - Treasure chest in hidden crypt.
    5. Deja Base Camp (Present) - From Aira.
    Labres Region -
    1. Brugeo's Mansion (Present) - Treasure chest in the basement.
    2. Mountain Gateway (Present) - Treasure chest on the 3rd floor.
    3. East Hill (Past) - At the top of the hill by the HellVine's grave.
    4. Lefa Fane (Present) - On the Blissrock platform.
    Coastal Region -
    1. Sphinx (Present) - Archaeologist's platform in the 5th floor room.
    2. Lefa Fane (Present) - Treasure chest in the storeroom.
    3. Labres (Present) - Treasure chest in the General Store.
    The ? Shard Locations -
    1. Pick it up on the top floor of the Western Tower by Loomin in the Present, where
       you fight DarkDraco in the past.
    2. Treasure box in the town of Coastal (Past)
    3. Treasure box in the Hobbit's Cave east from Coastal (Past)
    4. Beat BeliMawr in the Great Lighthouse.
    5. Treasure box in the Coral Cave.
    6. Get from the wizard in the little shrine north from Hamelia. (Present)
    7. Beat Gracos V in the Undersea Shrine (Present)
    8. Collect 100 Tiny Medals and take them to the Medal King.
    9. Talk to the two translucent spirits running under the guard frames
       in the Coral Cave (Past)
    10. After beating the final boss, get the Broken Lithograph underd the well in Gran Estard.
        Put it in the treasure box you can go through the latice gate under the town and get it
        later. (After loading saved data)
    11. Under the altar where the nun is standing in the chapel of Coastal (Present)
    12. Pay 2000 Coins in the Casino of Coastal for it (Present)
    13. Get from the monsters in Coral Cave (Present) by telling the King of Seabed about the
    14. Treasure box in the Immigrant Town (Normal Final Form)
    15. Treasure box in the Water Amulet's route in the Dark Palace.
    16,17,18 - Beat God in 19 turns in Mysterious World.

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