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    God FAQ by Shdwwyvrn

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    |    GOD FAQ v1.0    |
    Dragon Warrior VII         |
    Enix America               |
    Playstation (PSX)          |
    Created By: Chris McGowan  |
    Date Started: 7/12/05      |
    Date Finished: 7/15/05     |
    E-mail: cmcg@satx.rr.com   |
    I.	Recent Revisions
    II.	Copyright & Plagiarism
    III.	E-mails and IM's
    IV.	Prologue
    V.	God's Stats & Attacks
    VI.	Preparations
    VII.	My Characters
    VIII.	Battle Strategy
    IX.     Final Thoughts
    X.	Credits & Acknowledgments
    I. R E C E N T   R E V I S I O N S
    7/12/05: FAQ created; Version 0.4 complete. "Copyright & Plagiarism", "E-mails
    and IM's", and "Prologue" completed.
    7/14/05: Version 0.7 complete; "God's Stats & Attacks", "Preparations", and "My
    Characters" sections finished.
    7/15/05: Version 1.0 complete!  FAQ has been completed!  Enjoy!
    II. C O P Y R I G H T   &   P L A G I A R I S M
    	This FAQ document is copyrighted to me, Chris McGowan (Ramina).  It is
    I alone that created this FAQ from personal experience with this boss.  The
    credit that I owe to a few people is covered at the end of this FAQ.  Other
    than that, this is my own information and it may not be distributed freely
    without my approval first.  This document cannot be printed or copied and sold
    for a profit.  If you wish to use this FAQ on your web-site, please contact me
    at one of the addresses at the top of this FAQ for permission.  Also, you may
    not alter or change this document in any way without my permission first.
    Dragon Warrior VII for the Playstation game console is a trademark of Enix
    III. E - M A I L S
    	You can contact me any way you please, whether it is by IM or e-mail;
    I'll respond to both.  I love answering questions about Dragon Warrior VII and
    I enjoy chatting with other Dragon Warrior fans.  I'll also accept e-mails and
    IM's for errors or mistakes that you may see in this document.
    IV. P R O L O G U E
    For those of you who don't know the role of God in Dragon Warrior VII, I'll
    give you a brief explanation of who he is, where you'll find him, and how to
    find him.
    If you had been following the story plot of DW7, you already know that
    Orgodemir and God had been in a battle over the world many centuries ago.
    Melvin, the Holy Warrior, had fought alongside God in this battle against
    Orgodemir.  However, Orgodemir was some how able to seal God and Melvin away,
    and at the same time, seal off all of the continents of the world.  The reason
    for this was that he didn't want to make it possible for a chosen Hero to stop
    him.  Thus, sealing off all of the possible bodies of land he could come
    from.  Throughout your quest, you are unlocking all the continents of the
    world and freeing them from darkness.  Along your travels, you find Melvin and
    break the seal constricting him and continue on your quest to destroy
    However, the game doesn't have to stop after defeating the Demon Lord.  You
    can continue the game even after finishing the main quest.  Doing so will
    ultimately lead you to God himself, and he has quite the challenge for you:
    Defeat him in a certain number of turns to earn a prize of your choice.  If
    you are familiar with Dragon Warrior III for the Game Boy Color, this is the
    exact same scenario as Divinegon.  However, God proves to be a more difficult
    challenge than Divinegon was.  If you're interested in completing this
    challenge, then continue reading to find out where to find him and how to
    beat him...
    Once you have completed your main quest of defeating Orgodemir, you may have
    noticed that you can continue from your last saved game (before you beat the
    game).  You also may have noticed that you still have some ? Shards left from
    your travels in your inventory.  Well, it's time to put these remaining shards
    to use.
    If you return to the Ancient Ruins after beating Orgodemir, you can
    open the door found the back of the room with the map on the ground (requires
    the Final Key).  This is the same room with the 4 elemental shrines that
    teleport you to different lands.  Open the door and head all the way back and
    down the stairs you see at the end.  This will lead you down to a single warp
    pedestal in the center of the room.  Depending on which ? Shards you have
    obtained throughout your journey, you can place them here to create a tablet
    of the Hero's tattoo crest which will warp you to the first of two Bonus
    NOTE:  I will list all of the ? Shards and their locations at the end of this
    section.  There are a total of 18 ? Shards in the entire game, however not all
    of them are needed to reach God.  Seven of the 18 ? Shards you obtain are used
    to complete the Pedestal of Resurrection and to open the portal to Orgodemir
    on disc 1 (I'll still include these seven in the list for reference).  There-
    fore, those particular shards are necessary to finish the game.  But be aware
    that there is one specific ? Shard that can only be obtained after you've
    beaten Orgodemir and restarted from your last save.  What makes this
    particular ? Shard special is that it's possible to permanently miss.
    Navigating through this Bonus Dungeon isn't too hard.  Each area of the
    dungeon is an exact replica of previous cave floors that you have gone through
    before. Therefore, it shouldn't be anything new you haven't seen, making it
    simple to navigate through.  If you want, you can use maps of the previous
    caves to find your way through.  Shdwwrym also gives detailed directions for
    this dungeon in his Walkthrough.  His directions will lead you straight to God
    NOTE:  The monsters you encounter in this dungeon are the hardest you've faced
    so far.  Even tougher than the monsters in the Dark Palace!  Be sure to have
    at least one SageRock and a TeenIdol with Hustle or you may find that you
    won't get very far.  Also, the treasure chests you find along the way have
    some of the best items in the game.  Don't be fooled to think otherwise
    because the chests are in the same spots as the previous dungeons.  They
    contain different items!
    Below is the list of all the ? Shards in the game along with their locations.
    I have listed them in order of obtaining from the first (being the earliest)
    to the last.
    | ? SHARD |                LOCATION                |
    |         | Gracos V drops this one after beating  |
    |   # 1   | him in the Underwater City (present).  |
    |         | 7F of Tower of Darkness in Loomin      |
    |   # 2   | present day (where DarkDraco was).     |
    |         | BeliMawr drops this one after beating  |
    |   # 3   | him at the Great Lighthouse (Coastal   |
    |         | past).                                 |
    |         | Treasure chest on the private dock in  |
    |   # 4   | Coastal town (past).                   |
    |         | Treasure chest in Halfling's Cave (B4) |
    |   # 5   | east of Coastal in the past.           |
    |         | Search under the alter where the nun is|
    |   # 6   | standing in the chapel of Coastal in   |
    |         | the present.                           |
    |         | Prize at Coastal's Casino (priced at   |
    |   # 7   | 2,000 coins).                          |
    |         | Treasure chest in Coral Lake Cave      |
    |   # 8   | (B3-2).                                |
    |         | Talk to the two specters walking around|
    |   # 9   | on B3-1 of Coral Lake Cave.            |
    |         | Talk to the Wise Man in a shrine north |
    |  # 10   | of Hamelia (present).                  |
    |         | Collect 100 TinyMedals and trade them  |
    |  # 11   | in for one at the Medal King's Castle. |
    |         | Talk to the monsters in Coral Lake Cave|
    |  # 12   | after telling the King of Seabed about |
    |         | them.  They will then hand one over.   |
    |         | Treasure chest in your Immigrant Town  |
    |  # 13   | (final form; normal).                  |
    |         | Treasure chest in the AquaCharm's route|
    |  # 14   | of the Dark Palace.                    |
    |         | After defeating Orgodemir on disc 2,   |
    |         | return to Estard and search the well on|
    |         | the eastern side of town (behind the   |
    |         | Inn).  Get the Broken Lithograph from  |
    |         | the well and head down the stairs in   |
    |         | northeast part of town (the stairs     |
    |         | behind Hondara's house).  Head south   |
    |         | from the underground entrance and open |
    |  # 15   | the jail door here and follow the path |
    |         | outside.  You'll see a treasure chest  |
    |         | which is empty.  Place the Broken Lith-|
    |         | ograph in the empty chest, then head   |
    |         | back to Estard Castle and talk to King |
    |         | Burns.  After the ending and credits,  |
    |         | restart from your last saved game and  |
    |         | open the treasure chest to receive this|
    |         | ? Shard.                               |
    |         |                                        |
    |  # 16,  | Beat God in 19 turns or less in the 1st|
    |  # 17,  | Bonus Dungeon.                         |
    |  # 18   |                                        |
    |         |                                        |
    V. G O D ' S   S T A T S   &   A T T A C K S
    First of all, keep in mind that God IS the hardest boss in the entire game as
    far as stats are concerned.  Some people actually found God to be a bit easier
    than Orgodemir, but it all depends on how well-prepared you are.  He has
    several hard-hitting attacks that can put all your characters in critical
    condition fast.  So if you don't prepare correctly, you won't stand a chance.
    I'll get into battle preparations a little bit later, but for now, here are
    his stats and attacks that you should be aware of.  There has been some debate
    on his max HP, but most people I've talked to have given me this stat.
    HP: 12,400
    MP: 255 (Infinite)
    ATK: 382
    DEF: 162
    AGL: 173
    EXP: 0
    GOLD: 0
    So, as you can see just by looking at his HP, he'll be one tough cookie.  He
    won't go down easily unless you're level 70 or so with several advanced
    classes mastered.  If his stats don't scare you enough, then take a look at
    all of his attacks:
    PHYSICAL-  Your average attack.  Targets one character dealing about 100-130
    ATTACK     points of damage.
    WINDBEAST- Same as the Fighter's skill.  It targets only 1 of your characters.
    	   Deals around 80-130 points of damage.
    QUICKJOKE- Much like the Jester's skill.  It can cause all of your characters
               to lose a turn from laughing.
    HELLFLAME- Burst of flames that targets all of your characters. Can deal
               between 170 and 250 points of damage.
    BOXERDANC- A dance that can cause all of your characters to lose a turn from
    EYE GLINT- Targets one character to cause Sleep.
    BREATH   - A frigid blast that targets all of your characters dealing 70-120
    RADIATION  points of damage.
    FROM THE    - This is by far his strongest attack.  It's equivalent to a
    NETHERWORLD   Summoner's HellBlast spell which can deal about 270 damage to
                  all of your characters.  Pray to God (hehe, kind of ironic, huh?)
                  that you don't see much of this skill.  It can take out your
                  whole party with only a few uses of it.
    VI. P R E P A R A T I O N S
    So what can a mere human do to assure a victory against the creator of all
    things?  Well, luckily for you you're not the most "average" group of humans.
    With the proper equipment and job classes mastered, you won't have to worry
    about it too much.
    To begin with, you'll want at LEAST two characters in the Godhand class.  It
    would also be nice if both of these characters have mastered it completely.
    You'll definitely want their UltraHit skill, for it plays a major part in
    winning this battle.  For me, my Godhands were Aira and Gabo, but some prefer
    Melvin and Gabo/Aira.  I'll get more into how my party was set up in a little
    bit.  It doesn't really matter which characters you use, just as long as
    Maribel's in there (she makes the best Summoner in my opinion).  If you're
    going to switch characters around, make sure that you're switching Aira and
    Melvin only.  You'll definitely want your Hero (duh), Maribel, and Gabo in
    there for UltraHits and healing purposes, but you can choose between Melvin or
    Aira (whichever one is stronger or has the most skills and spells).
    Next, it would be to your greatest advantage to have Maribel as a Summoner.
    Again, it would be even more of an advantage if she has mastered it.  Being a
    Summoner would also mean that she was once a TeenIdol, therefore she should
    have the Hustle skill.  This is the second biggest factor for pulling off a
    victory.  Hustle does not require any MP and it has the same effects as HealUs
    and the SageRock.  Also, with Maribel being a Summoner, this gives her a huge
    MP bonus.  She'll probably need all the MP she can get for this fight.
    As far as items and equipment goes, it would be very wise to give the SageRock
    to Aira.  You can obtain a SageRock by trading in 83 TinyMedals to the Medal
    King at his castle north of Hamelia.  If at any time in battle when you're
    desperate for healing (which, unfortunately, will be quite often), Aira can
    take a turn to help Maribel with restoring HP.  Two essential pieces of
    equipment to have for this fight would be the Bolero and the Echo Hat.  The
    Bolero is a piece of armor that halves the MP cost for all spells.  For
    example, if you have it equipped on Gabo when he uses UltraHit, instead of it
    calling for 20 MP to cast, it will only call for 10.  Thus, doubling the amount
    of times you can use it!  Sure, it may not be the best piece of armor as far as
    defense goes, but it's a huge advantage for this fight.  You can obtain a
    Bolero by trading in 95 TinyMedals to the Medal King at his castle north of
    Hamelia.  The Echo Hat is piece of head-armor that will "echo" any spell that
    you cast.  And by echo I mean if you were to cast HealUs with the Echo Hat
    equipped, that same character would cast HealUs again immediately.  However, I
    must inform you that the Echo Hat can only be obtained if you've completed the
    2nd Bonus Dungeon.  This is best equipped on Maribel just in case the HP of
    your party is in critical condition.  By casting HealUs while equipped with the
    Echo Hat, you can heal about 160-200 HP per turn.  The Echo Hat can be obtained
    in 2 ways:  DarkMages drop this item (or you could possibly steal one if you
    have a Thief), and you can find one in a treasure chest in the 2nd Bonus Dun-
    geon.  So if you aren't that far yet, then you obviously will have to rule out
    the Echo Hat until you defeat God in the 1st Bonus Dungeon.  But don't worry,
    he's very well manageable without the Echo Hat.
    Oh, and by the way, DarkMages can only be encountered in the 2nd Bonus Dungeon.
    When you finally get to God at the end of the dungeon, in the area right before
    you find him there will be a monster in a house that will save your game for
    you (he looks like the ZoeMage you fought back in Mardra).  Now would be a
    smart time to save your game... a VERY smart time.  Don't worry about wasting
    MP to heal everyone, because God will completely restore everyone's HP and MP
    before the fight (how nice).
    Now, before we get into the battle tactics, I'm going to post the party that I
    used to defeat God.
    VII. M Y   C H A R A C T E R S
    First of all, just be aware that you don't have to be exact clones of my
    characters.  It's very possible to defeat God without having a full party of
    max-level characters.  However, I wouldn't recommend anything lower than level
    65 unless you've done some serious job class leveling.  DON'T SPEND THE TIME
    a 100% completed game, and leveling my characters to the max just happened to
    be part of that.  The main reason I'm posting my party is so you can have some
    sort of reference as to the equipment they have and so you can kind of compare
    your characters' stats to mine.
    LVL: 99
    HP: 999
    MP: 821
    ATK: 589
    DEF: 477
    CLASS: Hero (was once a Godhand)
    EQUIPMENT: Oceano Sword
               Gaiala Armor
               MetlKing Shield
               MetlKing Helmet
               Life Ring
    LVL: 99
    HP: 602
    MP: 999
    ATK: 400
    DEF: 305
    CLASS: Summoner
    EQUIPMENT: Ultimate Whip
               Pure Bustier
               Magic Shield
               Echo Hat
               Goddess Ring
    LVL: 99
    HP: 967
    MP: 557
    ATK: 598
    DEF: 506
    CLASS: Godhand
    EQUIPMENT: MetlKing Sword
               MetlKing Armor
               MetlKing Shield
               MetlKing Helmet
               Gospel Ring
    LVL: 99
    HP: 876
    MP: 618
    ATK: 610
    DEF: 375
    CLASS: Godhand
    EQUIPMENT: Oricon Claw
               MetlKing Shield
               MetlKing Helmet
               Starry Bracelet
    If you're curious to know where some of the equipment I have can be found, you
    can refer to Shdwwrym's Walkthrough and take a look at his item/equipment list.
    However, be informed that not ALL of the equipment I have can be found without
    having completed the 2nd Bonus Dungeon as well.
    VIII. B A T T L E   S T R A T E G Y
    Once you've made sure that you have everything you need for this fight (items
    such as the SageRock, Bolero, WorldLeaves, etc.), confront God on his platform
    and he asks you for a challenge.  Accept his challenge and he'll replenish all
    of your HP and MP on the spot.  Now, the battle begins!
    Just for organization reasons, I'm going to go in order of the character line-
    up.  First I'll explain the Hero's role in this fight, then Maribel's, then
    Aria's, and so on.  Hopefully this will make the information easier to take in
    and remember.
    HERO:  Hopefully your Hero was a Godhand at one point in time, because you'll
           be needing those skills now.  The Hero's main role in this battle is his
           UltraHit skill.  You'll want to continue to use UltraHit every round
           with him to shave off a decent chunk of God's HP.  What's so great about
           him being in the Hero class is that he'll automatically restore some of
           his HP after each round.  Thus, cutting down on the independent healing
           of himself.  Occasionally you may have to have him help Maribel with
           healing, but you shouldn't rely on him to.  You have specific healers
           for this battle that I'll get to in a bit.  Also, if he has matured in
           the Warrior and Dancer classes together, he'll have SwordDanc.  If at
           any time when he runs out of MP to cast UltraHit, change his attack to
           SwordDanc.  This attack doesn't use MP and it can do roughly 300-400
           points of damage.
           |Summary |  UltraHit!  Only use SwordDanc when he runs out of MP.       |
    MARIBEL:  Maribel acts as your main healer throughout the whole battle.  The
              only time she shouldn't be healing is when she's setting up MagicWall
              and Barrier.  At the very beginning of battle, have her cast the
              MagicWall spell first.  This will cut down on how much damage his
              Lightning from the Netherworld will do.  After MagicWall is up, you
              want to cast Barrier the very next round.  This spell cuts down on
              fire and ice type spells, so his HellFlame and Cold Radiation attacks
              won't be too bad.  After these two support spells are up, immediately
              start using Hustle every single round.  If it seems like Hustle isn't
              healing your characters enough, try HealUs (HealUs seems to have a
              better chance of healing more HP to each character).  If any of your
              characters fall, cast Revive right away.  You can't afford to leave
              someone out in this fight.  After a while, MagicWall and Barrier will
              start to ware off.  This should be a sign to re-cast these two spells
              immediately.  If the MagicWall and/or the Barrier just happens to ware
              off when your party's low on HP, I would make my first priority to
              heal everyone before putting it back up.  But just don't forget to
              put those support spells back up!  They help a bunch.  Also, if God
              puts anyone to sleep with his eye glinting skill, don't bother waking
              them up.  This just calls for another turn in which she isn't
              healing.  The character shouldn't sleep for long, so don't worry
              about it.  With my luck, by the time I was fed up with a sleeping
    	  character and cast an awakening spell, God just put him back to sleep
    	  again.  If Maribel is the one to fall asleep, make sure Aira and Gabo
              are ready to take Maribel's place for healing.
              |Summary |  MagicWall and Barrier for the first two rounds.  The rest|
              |        |  of the battle should be spent using Hustle, HealUs,      |
              |        |  Revive, and even HealAll.  Set up MagicWall and Barrier  |
              |        |  again once they ware off.                                |
    AIRA:  Aira is helpful for this battle in two ways:  For one, she takes on the
           same actions as the Hero (using UltraHit as much as possible).  She also
           acts as a back-up healer for this battle.  If at any time your party is
           low on HP, she can help Maribel by using the SageRock the same round
           Maribel uses Hustle/HealUs.  Total, this will heal roughly 200 HP to
           everyone.  Hell, if she has one of the two support spells that Maribel
           should have used at the start of battle (MagicWall or Barrier), Aria
           can cast MagicWall/Barrier while Maribel casts the other.  This way,
           you'll get both support spells up on the same round!  Other than that,
           she'll be using her UltraHit as much as she can.  If she happens to run
           out of MP, have her use SwordDanc just like the Hero.
           |Summary  |  UltraHit should be used as much as possible.  You should   |
           |         |  also take advantage of the SageRock to help Maribel heal.  |
           |         |  If she has one of the two support spells (MagicWall or     |
           |         |  Barrier), have her cast it then have Maribel cast the      |
           |         |  other.                                                     |
    GABO:  Gabo is a strict UltraHitter.  The only time he should not use UltraHit
           is when you're insanely desperate for healing or when Maribel is asleep.
           In that case, he should use HealUs or HealAll.  Since he has the Bolero
           equipped, it would be wise to take advantage of this item and get as
           many UltraHits in there as humanly possible.  UltraHit is the only skill
           that can really put a good dent in God's HP.  GigaSlash isn't bad, but
           it's not recommended for the fact that it calls for more MP and it's
           meant to target more than one enemy.  If you can get an UltraHit in with
           the Hero, Aira, and Gabo in the same round, you'll be getting a total
           damage around 1,200.  On average, you would only need 10 of these triple
           UltraHit rounds to defeat him.  But you also have to work in the extra
           healing you may need that calls for 2 or 3 characters to heal everyone.
           |Summary |  UltraHit all the way.  He really serves no other purpose    |
           |        |  unless you're in dire jeopardy with HP.  If that's the case |
           |        |  he should use HealUs and/or HealAll.  If he has the Bolero  |
           |        |  equipped, he should be able to get PLENTY of UltraHits in   |
           |        |  there.                                                      |
    You may not beat him in 19 turns or less the first couple of tries, but you'll
    eventually get the hang of it and finish him off quick.  When you beat him,
    he's impressed and a bit envious that humans were able to challenge his power,
    so he offers you several prizes for your accomplishment.  Here is a list of the
    prizes he offers:
    |      PRIZES      |
    |   ? Shard  #16   |
    |   ? Shard  #17   |
    |   ? Shard  #18   |
    |      Fillet      |
    |  Dream Camisole  |
    |   Hero's Heart   |
    |                  |
    IX. F I N A L   T H O U G H T S
    If you wish to continue the game further and go for the 2nd Bonus Dungeon, then
    the first three times you defeat him, you should ask for the ? Shards.  These
    last 3 shards will complete the 2nd pedestal underground in the Ancient Ruins.
    At the end of the 2nd Bonus Dungeon (after defeating the 4 elemental spirits),
    God will be waiting at the end and you have the option of sending him to your
    Immigrant Town!  If you agree to send him there, you can go back to your town
    and he'll be there ready to challenge you again.  There's nothing special about
    this challenge (it's the same as the battle in the 1st Bonus Dungeon), but if
    you want to obtain all the prizes he has to offer, you can challenge him as
    many times as you want in your town and get them all.
    The Fillet is a special taming item that allows you to tame ANY monster (with
    the exception of the few untamable monsters).  I believe this can only be used
    once, so use it wisely.  The Dream Camisole is a great piece of armor for
    Maribel that can sometimes stun a monster for one turn when equipped.  The last
    prize (the Hero's Heart) works exactly like any other monster heart you've
    obtained.  When placed in a character's inventory, that character can be
    assigned the Hero class without the need of mastering three intermediate
    character classes.
    Once you have all of his prizes, you can fight him again just to set a record
    for yourself on how many turns it takes you to beat him (my personal record is
    8 turns).
    All in all, you should be proud that you defeated one of the hardest bosses in
    the game.  Congratulations!
    X. C R E D I T S   &   A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S
    I'd like to give credit to Neil and Kiefer of the Dragon's Den forums for God's
    stats and some of his attacks.  That was a big help!
    Secondly, I want to thank Sky Render for reminding me where to obtain the
    Bolero and Echo Hat.
    And last but definitely not least, I want to thank GameFAQs and the authors for
    hosting this FAQ on their site!
    (c) Ramina 2005

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