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"I used to say Gah hahah haha when I was a Monster."

So many games have come and gone such as the Final Fantasy Series and the Zelda Legend Of Link. From Suikoden to Breath of fire, Seems no game Is really that good with so many options On the PSx or Play Station one. What makes a great RPG (Role playing game) what makes a true adventure. What keeps you playing even though you hate every minute of It? What makes you really want to play a RPG? Kings Field comes to mind as the Hardest RPG for the PS1, Or Kings Field 2 In America. Yet It Is those games that make you want to play after you realize wow this looks and plays like crap but In reality It Is the most Rewarding game ever. Why because you feel like you did something right... and no matter how many times you fall It keeps you up and fighting again and never giving up. What takes Dragon Warrior 7 to a exceptional Level Is the game In Its self. It does not stray or stay to close to the Series roots. As a matter of fact the game plays like a Nintendo Hybrid waiting to explode In your face as you take it Lightly. Yes Like Kings field the game Is hard... Unlike King Field you have you typical RPG and you know where the Great RPG's of today came from AKA Oblivion and Breath of fire and Of course Shinning Force. This Game Really says screw It Im going for the gold and It Almost got there. This Is my first review and hopefully not my last of the games I once played. This game Gets the Silver Medal with Suikoden 2 getting the gold. Why does this game kick so much booty... I will tell you.

Game Play. The game runs smooth an very odd. Yes Imagine your Favorite DW game In 3D. The Controls work very well with the Game play and really to be honest the only thing I do not like Is the First few hours of the game. When you get to the action the game then becomes Intense and you have to plot your moves. Vet Dragon Warriors should have no Problem with the battles. For the rest you better Level up and get gold as the game throws some HARD battles at you. Try to fighting every battle and not flee since the monsters will kick your behind If you can not flee. The battle system Is typical and old school DW style. No new tricks except for the talk command that I found odd... but It Is fun to see what happens. The game Is very set In Its ways meaning you can not restart and hope for a different outcome. You have to win or die trying... I like this because It adds that whole element where you know you can not cheat or there Is no easy way out. face It you live or die fighting... good luck. My favorite part about the game play Is the funny Towns and odd spells casted on them... You have to figure out how to talk to animals save a city from stone and become pigs and yes you are not drunk there Is a pink Pig In this game. The game play takes everything from old school but adds a fresh feel. Kinda like Mother AKA Earth Bound did with Its games. 9/10

Graphics. 3D typical DW Graphics If you Love good looking games Avoid. Yet If you love and respect what the game has done to make this modern and old at the same time. Then you will LOVE this game. This Is like Dragon Warrior 4 On drugs, It works and stills feels 2D. For any DW fan You will love it. 9/10

Sound. Now this Is where It gets tough because the game must have that mid evil sound and feel to felt as A true Dragon Warrior RPG. It does how ever not meet the Standards as of pure gold but It does not suck... The music Is good and offers a real sense of how the games used to be. Little changes were made to make It sound more clear and raw. The game hods Its own with the same old battle sounds and my favorite... walking up and down stairs sound. Everything Is classic with a very good and updated audio. The music fits the game but It can get old at times, meaning you will listen to a cd or maybe tv while playing/ Yet In the end you want to finish with the classic music to your ears. Nothing ever sounds better than the Level Up tune... still In real life I hear It In my head. While being bland It Is great and what you should expect 8/10

Story. Most people hate the story but hey... Chrono Cross and Dragon Warrior 7 Share one common theme, time Travel. Yet Dragon Warrior does it with out all the Glits and Glam, You basically find puzzle pieces to restore the modern world. The most fun I had In any video game to date. Imagine you are trying to figure out a puzzle and your friends team up to find the missing pages. So you set out figure out a statue and Shrine and want to put It all together and your BIG tough buddy is like "Lets do this!" yeah that Is what happens at the start of the adventure. Of course everyone lets them go and do they thang.... but many odd and funny battles are ahead and you will not even understand the humor and the reality of this game. For Example you have a wolf changed to a hum and tied up to a wall and as a human he beats the "boss" and the "boss" tries to change him back yet makes him speak human language by accident of a magic spell.... So The human aka other world monster feels bad and gives the Wold "aka human" a big part of the puzzle. The story adds more than Just looks and hardcore battles It add the nonsense, adult, and otherwise odd themes to make the story that great. Also there Is the Immigrate town and finding the right and all the people Is a chore... but fun as hell. The class system Is top notch and should have been put In the game play section, Yet It Is part of the story and the reason you end up logging 150 hours on this game. The story Is basic but not typical and really leaves you Interested and was and Is my favorite part of this game I say 10/10

Replay value. Good I am playing this again now after 8 years.... Still has that charm and treasure. It Is a classic nothing more needs to be said 7/10

Fun Factor. To me this Is the most Important part of the game... and this game gets an 11/10. Why you can not put It down and you lose everything and you end up become the hero. Unlike the suikoden games you feel like you are the main guy and if he fails you fail. There Is no room for error and trying to figure everything out Is a confusing and frustrating. Yet that Is why It Is fun It offers an actual fight. You van not plow through this game and leveling up Is TONS of fun. Buying new weapons and armor the Inn's can get expensive. Yet the game does not let you down... you never felt so good to get the "Iron Spear" and once you get It you are a beast until the monsters say "not so fast" Yep you learn to hate them so much you will do what it takes to kill em all. After all these years It never gets old 11/10

Over all. 9/10

The game felt rushed and clunky but the legend Is there... It offers anything and everything In an Old school RPG. A must have for RPG gamers and more old school gamers. With the times about with the PS3 and the XBOX 360 do not forget the fun and hate and love of what made gaming the was It Is today. The most enjoyable things come from simple fun and simple fun means enjoyment. This game should be loved by any True RPG lover. The little things In life are often the best that Is the case with this game. WARNING It Is LONG... Yet worth Every minute,

Battle system and class system
Rotational Camera
Great Cast of characters
Time Travel
Tiny Medals
Odd Weapons and Armor
Maribel... I bet she Is a babe : P

Confusing game path
Look A like monsters
No Monsters In party
At times Impossible A.I
No action early on.

Best moment of the game... the meeting with a ex monster
Worst moment of the game... The first 5 hours.

This game also In my opinion holds host to the best enemy In video game history.... The Metal Babble!

If you are lucky enouph to find this or get your hands on It... Do it! The Best Dragon Quest and or Warrior game In My Opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/16/10

Game Release: Dragon Warrior VII (US, 10/31/01)

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