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"An epic adventure"

This game boasts 100 hours of game play, and yes, it really is that long to beat the game, and that's not even counting all the optional and secret stuff there is to do. Casual rpg players who first got into the genre with FFVII might not get what the big deal here is. For the rest of us, it brings back that old school dragon warrior style, while giving us a beautiful world, a great story, and great game play. The game has a nice balance to it, it's not too challenging, and it doesn't hold your hand like some of the other rpgs that were coming out to cater to your casual player. If high tech graphics and fancy cut-scenes are what you look for in your rpgs, this might not be the game for you. For those who care about things like gameplay and story, this game is lots of fun.

The graphics are colorful and beautiful rendered in 3D but still giving you that classic RPG feel. Battles are still in first person 2D, staying true to the series. You also have the option of talking to party members during battles, and the class system makes for interesting fights and lots of strategy.

The story in this game is excellent. It takes a few hours to get going, but once it does, it seems like those hundreds of hours just fly by. The game also has a class system. The classes are very balanced, and even some of the less serious looking classes can be really useful. It's probably one of the best class systems of the genre and rivals those from even strategy rpgs. Not only are there human classes, but you can have a character level up in monster classes as well. There are several tiers to the classes, basic, intermediate, and advanced. You have to unlock the higher classes by mastering some of the lower ones first.

While the game is over 100 hours, that is on a normal playthrough. There are tons of extra things to do. You can gamble in many of the different casinos, you can build your own town (filling it with whatever kind of people you want, which affects what kind of town you might end up with), you can find secret islands, there are hidden bosses to fight, you can catch monsters and view them in a monster park, and there is a ranking association where you can compete with your beauty/intelligence, strength, each of which are affected by the kinds of items you have on, the characters class, the character itself, etc.

The game only has a few small flaws that might turn some players off. The game is a little slow to get going, all the nostalgic stuff might not appeal to everybody, and once you do all the secret stuff and hidden things, there is nothing else to do. Once you beat this game once or twice and do everything, you probably aren't going to play it again for a long time. The story is excellent. I can't stress that enough. I highly recommend this game to fans of the genre, even casual players, just so they can see what old school rpging was like. Playing this game will make you feel like you accomplished something, instead of just being breezing through everything.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/16/10

Game Release: Dragon Warrior VII (US, 10/31/01)

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