Review by Rufus Shinra

"An Okay RPG, but doesn't live up to it's Dragon Quest Ancestors"

Hold up, Hold up, Hold up! Your telling me this game sold 4 million copies over in
Japan? I mean don't get me wrong at all this game is okay, but it surly doesn't even compare
to the NES awesomenessness (is that a word?) of the Dragon Warrior regime. Enix, I would of
though way better of you. If your an ''old-skool'' RPGer who thinks that the Final Fantasy
series sold out, your going to have a heart attack when you play this game. I definitely would
NOT recommend this game for beginners, hell, I had trouble with it and I've been playing RPGs
for, I'd say 15 years now. This game is obviously the hardest Dragon Quest (for all you
American's Dragon Quest is the true and Japanese name for Dragon Warrior) game ever. It is a
huge pain in the ass to get through the game, ESPECIALLY the beginning. I think the first
fight in the entire game is about four hours into the first disc (which there are two of).
Yes it's true, it's true, I did waste four hours of my life just to have an encounter with a
::drum roll:: .... slime. Okay, well without further adu, I give you Rufus Shinra's take on
Dragon Quest VII!

+ Dragon Quest VII's Story - 6/10 +

Whoa. Brace yourself for the biggest RPG cliche of all time. A young boy who travels,
get this, through time. But, that's not all, what he changes in the past, he also changes in
.... THE FUTURE! Sound overused? It should, think Chrono Trigger and Zelda, just to name a
few well known ones. Your a fisherman's son who lives on this continent. In fact the entire
world lives on the same continent. The rest is all ocean. But, by finding ''Tablets'' you can
warp back in time to a new continent. Then you must solve the continents problem and it will
appear in the present. Yay! Well after you create a world, evil gets pissed off, you kick
its ass, save the world and then get the girl. I'll leave it at that.

+ Dragon Quest VII's Gameplay - 8/10 +

The gameplay is very lacking for PlayStation. This gameplay is the exact same gameplay
from the older DQs. Determined by the direction your going in your always competing with the
3D movement. The battle system is nothing new and falls in line with about every other RPG
ever made. Equipment systems are the same as the previous installments, easy to manage, but
annoying when you can't front the cash to get a new weapon. They've got a new job system with
a boatload of new jobs that can be earned upon the way. Overall, gameplay nothing new, but
still fun. Just expect a lot more puzzles than battles.

+ Dragon Quest VII's Graphics - 4/10 +

Yes, I can sympathize with Enix and the graphics because this game came out at the most
awkward moment in video game history graphic wise. But... No. Take a look at this game and
compare it to FF9, no FF8, no FF7... you know what FF6 ranks with this game and came out about
7 years before it. I cannot sympathize with that. If this game came out about 4-5 years ago
when PlayStation was just getting started. Who knows, it just might get a 10/10? For all you
people who say graphics don't matter, well they do, for sales at least. I'd much rather have
a good story/gameplay game then a good graphic game any day, but nowadays the majority wants
good graphics so I have to rank it with what the majority wants.

+ The Music of Dragon Quest VII - 7/10 +

The music is nothing special. It's no Chrono Cross, but its better than listening to
the simulated Gameboy music. There are a couple of tunes that get stuck in your head, but the
majority of the time you want to mute the TV it gets so annoying. I've just never had that
much of a fascination with video game music (besides Nobou) and I probably never will.

+ Dragon Quest VII's Replayability - 5/10 +

If you are a hardcore RPG and DQ fan then you might want to plop the disc into your
PlayStation again some time. If you were not impressed the first time around, you'll end up
trading this game in to get something good, like FFX (go see my FFX review, go see my FFX
review, go see my FFX review).

+ Dragon Quest VII Overall - 6/10

There was something I read in Game Informer, Issue 103, that I think sums this game up
the most. ''Final Fantasy VII was a huge step for it's respective series. Dragon Warrior
(Quest) VII is a tiny baby step.''
And no stop e-mailing me, DQ is not a Dairy Queen Ice

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/14/01, Updated 10/14/01

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