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Just before I start this review, I'll let everyone know that I only got the game yesterday. I'm only about 10 hours in as of now, that's not even a penprick to this massive game. I'm reviewing it a bit early because I haven't seen too many reviews of the game on many websites yet, besides these others at gamefaqs. So, I'm adding another one and hopefully it will help in your decision to purchase the game or not.

RPG fans are in for quite a treat this year. Already getting the Koei strategy RPG Saiyuki, and the incredibly fun Namco RPG Tales of Destiny 2, Enix finally releases Dragon Warrior 7 in the US. I've been waiting for this game for about two years now. DW7 is the best-selling PSX game of all time in Japan. Everyone was saying how excellent it was, and I was looking forward to it. Finally after countless delays, It's here. I can't really blame Enix for the wait though, especially with the mounds and mounds of text that had to be translated. It's here now, and ready to sell.

Well, it's good overall, but this game is for avid RPG players only. Everyone else should definitely rent first.

At first glance at DW7, it's not going to please the modern gamer. Even though it's in a 3D world, it's got 2D sprite graphics. As for RPG elites, or someone who prefers gameplay and story over graphics, (which you should) this won't be too much of a problem. However, if you're one of those people who are expecting to see PS2 graphics with every new game you play, you'll obviously be disappointed. The game looks extremely dated. So, if you're looking for amazing graphics, you're not going to find it, and you should avoid the game. However, the game isn't based on graphics, it's like any good ol' fashion RPG, story and gameplay. That's a reason why all the magazines are unfairly bashing the game (I'm afraid to see Gamepro's review).

Moving on, the sound in the game is good. The musical score is well composed, with it's only flaw is it being a bit too repetitive. The dungeons in the game are long and difficult, and the music can get on your nerves like it's unrelieved. I wound up muting the TV on occasions.

Now, here comes the big one, gameplay. DW7 has that unforgettable old school RPG gameplay. You travel around a large 3D world with your character parties following you. There are no random battles on the world map, only in dungeons. You can use your action button to pick up various things around you. This is your main tool to solving puzzles in the game. The game's story is told through cut scenes that occur after you complete a certain part of the game. The dungeons are long and difficult. A very challenging game here, if you can't handle it, you'll lose interest soon. These are some of the hardest dungeons I’ve played in a long time.

The battle system is old school turned based glee. It takes place in a first person view where you don't see your characters. You see the enemies in front of you only. You get a menu, with your commands of ''fight'' ''flee'' ''item'' etc... This is your normal turned based engine. There's nothing too special here, but it will satisfy all the old school fans. There are problems though, one is that the battles aren't as fast paced as I would have hoped, and as in old RPG fashion, there's ''a fight EVERY step of the way''. When I say that, I mean it too. There's also the job system too, in which you can upgrade your characters to 54 different classes.

DW7 has a good adventurous storyline. You start off as a boy living in a small fishing town on a single continent planet. There has always been a mystery about there only being one continent. One day, your best friend, known as prince Kiefer is acting up. When you meet him at some ancient ruins, you discover a secret, which leads to the mystery of the land and the disappearance of the continents. The game then leads on to a bigger mystery...

The storyline is good enough to keep you satisfied. While not overly confusing.

Overall, DW7 is a good game. However, It's a bit disappointing. After waiting this long for the game, I expected something absolutely amazing. This is still yet to change though, as I am only a pinch into it. It's still good though, and it's definitely worth a look. However, I’d only pick this up on spot if you are an avid RPGer, everyone else should give this a rent first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/05/01, Updated 11/05/01

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