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"A great game following a great series!"

Wow. I've been waiting for this game to come out for a LONG time, but was it worth the wait? The answer is yes!

Graphics 9/10

Enix could have done better on the graphics, many people say, but I feel that the graphics suit the game. With the capacity of the PSX, Enix could have made FF8-style characters. However, the 2D characters and 'bird's eye' perspective relate the game to its NES ancestors. The graphics, best described, are a zoomed-out Breath of Fire 3.

Story 8/10

I felt the story in DW7 was the usual-old-thing, and some of the side-stories in the past unnecessary. A few of the recent games have started to get into God and the game's own religions, which I believe is also unncessary. First, they draw away would-be customers who are offended by it, and second, they take away the imagination as to why the world has magic, etc. Dragons, archmages, and things like that are cool, but bringing a god into it makes things complicated.

Gameplay 10/10

Just like the old days. Combat is the same, except with depth to the monsters and enhanced sound. There are techniques, more spells, jobs, side quests, many modes of travel, secrets, and more. They should have let you rotate 360 degrees anywhere, though- dead ends in dungeons are annoying because you never see them ahead of time! Gold and experience are still hard to come by, and some shards take forever to find. I liked the tactics in DW4 better... cutting out 'Conserve MP' was a FATAL mistake: it's either all-out MP or no MP. Try-out was nice, too. It´s still a great game, though. Some of the bosses in this game are HARD, though. And a lack of many party members like in DW4 make strategies less flexible. Class system makes up for this, though.

Sound 8/10

Merry. Gloomy. That's about how the music is divided in this game. Nothing spectacular, nothing bad.

Gimmicks 8/10

The features of DW7 were WAY OVER-RATED at I liked this game for opposite reasons. The mid-battle talk system is pointless- ''This is Maribel's new strategy? It looks pretty good.'' Side-quests are pretty neat, though. Enix should have spent more time on the Japanese-English translation. I go up to a cat... ''Mew''. I see words without spaces between them, and yes/no dialog boxes after non-yes/no questions.

Overall, DW7 is a great game and deserves about a 9. Could have used more party members and easier bosses, but it was pretty cool nevertheless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/01, Updated 11/10/01

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