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Reviewed: 11/15/01 | Updated: 11/15/01

Its no wonder this game sold so well in Japan!

You know, when I first saw this game, I wasn't too interested. Even though it was the best selling game in Japan, I still didn't pay much attention to it. When it came out, I though I would give it a chance, so I bought it. Here are my thoughts on this game: This game is absolutely great! I cant believe I wasn't interested in this game. Well, I will break down the review into several different parts. Here we go.

Well, I won't lie to you, the graphics in this game are horrible. Especially the sprites. The back rounds are not too bad though. After playing this game for a few hours though, you will get used to them. Most people including me don't mind bad graphics in a RPG. But I still thought I should include it since it is the only major downside to the game in my opinion.

Although most people don't care about music, I personally do so I am going to give my thoughts on it. I think the music is great. At times, it is a bit bland and boring but there are a lot of songs that I really liked a lot. Especially the battle music.

Ok, this is the best part of the game, what makes it so good. For the first 15 or so hours, you will just have level ups and learn new skills and spells every once in a while. But once you reach a certain part, you receive job classes. You can master these to get more powerful ones. You level them up by fighting battles. Each time they level up, they will learn a new skill or spell. There are also several monster classes which add a whole new level of fun to the game. On top of these great things, there is an immigrant town you can start making about 10 hours into the game. Then there are a whole bunch of fun mini-games that you will be addicted to. Then there are other little side quests such as the monster trainer and the tiny medal quest. this game will most likely take you at least 80 hours to beat. So, I think this games gameplay is great!

Although I like this story a lot, it is very old school story line and I am sure that some will not like it. It is about going into the past to revive destroyed islands. You collect shards throughout the game and when you get a certain amount, you can travel to that island in the past to revive it. So, although it is somewhat of a dumb story, it will still keep you interested enough to like it.

Things you may not like
Ok, this game is old school and people may not like that. The graphics are bad. The game is difficult and frustrating even with a strategy guide. And lastly, you will have to spend A LOT of time leveling up and getting money. Although I didn't, some people will have problems with these things. Hopefully, people can put these problems aside and enjoy this great game.

Rent or Buy
The review will help you make this decision but i think that you should definitely buy it. The game will keep you busy with lots of fun and action for at least 80 hours! Well, I hope this review helped you out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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