Review by Trinh Nguyen

"Long waiting time finally come , the best RPG of the year !"

I still cant forget the day I was playing the fist Dragon Quest. Still remind me from time to time until Dragon Quest VII was move to PSX . My dream come true , finally it come to my hand , pop it in my PSX and the journey begin .

Story: 9/10 Epic , epic quest , I can't forgeting the story , it star from a very little fishing villar , and you are the son of the fishing man ( hey you can hunting fish every day huh ) anyway , the promblem is Estard Isle is the only one island on the continent . So you and other six friend travel back , back in time to find out how , from there the LONG QUEST begin .

Sound: 7/10 The sound is aright , old but still good .

Graphic: 7/10 Old school graphic , like Dragon Quest VI on Snes , but Dragon Quest VII is still better than other DQ graphic (ofcouse) .

GamePlay: 9/10 Wow , I must say wow , the control is very easy and really kool , you control 3 party member waking around the big world , a beautyful world will pull you in the game forever and never leave .

Battle: 8/10 Same , same other Dragon Quest , 2D battle only see monster on the screen , use magic , attach , heal , is the basic in the game . Some people will enjoy the battle like me .

FMV: 10/10 Finally I can see the movie from Dragon Quest VII this make me love Enix more than ever , the breaktaking graphic of FMV .

Replayability: 9/10 This is my first time playing the game , I already beat the game , but I feel like incomplish , because I din't spend to find all the secret in the game , but one day I will play it again and this time I will make all the different.

OverALL: 10/10 Thank you , thank you , Enix for making such as a beautyful game , This game will make my collection more BIG , I hope one day Enix will make my dream come true again , like making another DRAGON QUEST . Thanks

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 11/17/01

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