"Further proof of, gameplay>graphics"

Dragon Warrior/Quest is a very popular series in Japan and really sparked the RPG crave over there. Now over here RPGs are starting to get popular but still not equal to the amount of craze in Japan. In the US it is known that graphics sell games not gameplay anymore, so releasing a game with not good graphics here will get you bad sales. It is a shame games like these won't sell well becuase of there graphics even if there gameplay is exellent like DW7.

Gamplay(10): This game has it all. First let me say this is probably one of the longest RPGs I have played. Easily to do +100 hours in this game and it doesn't get boring half away through. The battle system is simple and easy to understand, which it should be since your gonna have to fight alot. Now in the game you can reach a job system where you can change classes in which you have a wide variety of choices.

Story(10): The story is well written, not too complex. I'll try not to spoil it but it is about you living on an island which is the only one in the world. Everything is peaceful and there is no monsters on the island. SOon you and your friends find a temple that can transport you back in time to different island with the use of shards. YOu go back in time help the islands to make them show up in your main islands present time. Down the line you will find the cause of why your island was the only one left. I love the story and how it wraps all together in the end.

Graphic(7): I seriously don't know why everyone complains about the graphics because I like them. The 2-d is good, nice and colorful like the 16-bit days. The 3-d looks alot like the sega saturns 3-d graphics to me which is decent. Together they make a nice flow which I think is better than other 2-d/3-d games. Compared to todays games like the FF series I could see someone complaining about these graphics but for me who grew up in 2-d and never grew out of 2-d, I think this is home sweet home.

Sound(8): Kinda of a half good and half average combo. The music in this game is awesome, I love it alot. It's very classical and fits the mood. The sound affects are average nothing great, but gets the job done. Some sound like they were taken out of the NES versions. Good or bad take your pick.

This game is great and I hope people don't pass it by for a game that looks better. The gameplay and the story are the key parts in an RPG and this game has them in a big way. I seriously hope Enix will keep the Dragon Quests coming to America because I will always keep buying them.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/20/01, Updated 11/20/01

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