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"Fun and challenging"

The role-playing game todays have changed a lot ever since Final Fantasy VII came out with its superior graphics and many new features. On the other hand, one game called Dragon Warrior VII has opted for a more traditional approach. The graphics in this game are in 3D but they are no where near as flashy or modern as today’s rpgs. Now, if we look at this game for what is worth, we can find one very solid RPG with strong gameplay. The goal in this review is to provide a good understanding of what Dragon Warrior VI is all about, and why you may want to rent it or buy it.


The story line of Dragon Warrior VII start of slowly with the main character being a fisherman. The hero of this adventure will go through a tough and challenging adventure to solve the world’s mystery, but in order to do so, the hero and its companion will have to travel through the past...
In summary, the story line is non-linear but in the end everything will blend together rather nicely. In my opinion, Dragon Warrior VII doesn’t fall with the all time best RPG story, but it does a very good job.


The music and sounds are very old school which is a good and a bad thing. The sound effects will do the trick, but they could have done a much better job. In addition, the music is nicely composed and I found certain music very addictive like the castles theme. The only problem that I have here is that there isn’t enough music in this game, and I’m sure Enix could have composed some more.


The graphics are all 3D and they aren’t too bad. However, Enix could have made more details in the town’s architecture or the characters sprites. Of course, the graphics will look out dated but they will do the trick. Moreover, I really like the fact that Enix has created lots of cities and a really gigantic map, which provide a more realistic sense of the world. In today’s RPG I’m getting tired of having only a few cities to explore, so I truly welcome the extra effort done by Enix.


I have to say that this game is really worth its money if you consider how much quality hours you can put in it. This game has all the little things that makes rpgs so great with battles, dungeons, cities, storyline and so much more. To be more specific Dragon Warrior VII start of slow with no battles for at least 2 hours which I actually welcome because you know that in role playing games there are lots of battles. The battles are fairly challenging and will require different tactics. For example, certain bosses will require playing the “turtle” by which I mean play on the defensive side and only attack with caution while in other battles the player will feel that a lightning attack is best to take down the boss. Moreover, this game has a job system, which allow the characters to take on classes such as mages, paladin, or even the almighty god hand. Finally, I will warn the gamer that this is long and challenging game but a fun one.


Dragon Warrior VII is an epic RPG that will take you on a quest to save the world. Although this game has a traditional feel to it, I am confident that many players will find this game refreshing from today’s trend, so yes I would recommend this game to rpg lovers.

The bad things:

*No top of the line graphics
*Story line can be too slow at times
*Issues with characters living the party at vital time wasn’t exciting.
*100hrs of gameplay

The good things:

*Many cities and towns, which give a sense of realism.
*Lots of extra things to do.
*An RPG that makes you feel like your are the hero
*100hrs of gameplay

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/03/01, Updated 12/03/01

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