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"You cant expect more from the best selling game in Japan."

First of All I would just like to say that the game is awesome. Forget reading my review go and buy it but, of course you should be sure of your decisions.

Gameplay score:10/10
There is something about the gameplay that makes you want to take time to play it instead of playing it on your spare time. The game play is just like a regular RPG except there is more. When you first attack you have 3 different attack options: Attack, skill, and magic. This adds more of a gameplay into the game. Skill does not take magic points but magic does, Another thing about the gameplay is that You have classes. yes you heard me, classes. Each class has special magic, stats , and skills. If you Master certain classes. Then you get special classes. A big thing in the Dragon warrior saga.

Story score:10/10
The Story is One of the best. Just like in the ads, it says. In the whole world There is only one island. Puts up a lot of mystery into the game. Then you uncover the secrets of why there is only one island in the world, so one day the hero sets out with his friend Kiefer and Maribel They go to the temple and get sucked into the past where the world is full. You do not get to see the map of the whole world but you do see the place that is not in the present. So you uncover the mysteries, unlock the past to a better Future. Very good story, one of the best.

Sound score:8/10
The usual type of sound that you here, when there is mystery, the sound is eerie. When there is nobody in the town, you hear no music. The sound is pretty basic. but there is some sounds like when you attack the monster you here a slashing sound, when you do magic and cast a fireball you can here the casting of fire, etc. Just real basic stuff.

Graphics score:8/10
The graphics I think are a big leap for dragon warrior, and I like the way it lays out. If you press r1 the screen moves so you can see the back of the house, the front of the yard etc. So the world is really interactive, as you can see everything in the room. The battle graphics have not changed much but the backgrounds have such as fire in the back. It also shows to the certain setting you have with you, as if your in a dungeon, there is a dungeon background. So the graphics are decent. The CGI is decent as well. There is not a lot of CGI but the story counts doesn't it?

Replayability score:7/10
The replayability is decent in the game, but I think the game is so long that you might not want to play it, but believe me, the story makes you want to play it again, so if you have the time, you would play it again.

Buy or rent???
Well of course buy, I seriously doubt you would finish this game in the small rental time, but if your not sure you want to buy this game then rent it just before you buy it. NOTE:It takes about a little less then 2 hours to get in to the first battle so just take sometime and patience and wait. So do not turn your playstation/PS2 off just because you can fight. Just wait. This game does not lag as much as the original Dragon warrior.

Buy or Rent:Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/01, Updated 12/08/01

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