Review by Hiro.

"A old-school RPG that is simply amazing but is perhaps too long for its own good."

Not many companies make a RPG like this. Dragon Warrior 7 is not a RPG that shows off technically or show innovative gameplay. Dragon Warrior 7 is in no way complex what so ever. This is why I love the game so much, this is why it is so good. But the story is SO slow that sometimes it can be a boring game and it is around 100 hours which is too long for its own good.
Graphics: 70%
The graphics are fitting for this game. The graphics are very pixelated with sprites out of a Super Nintendo game. But this just makes it more obvious that the point of this game is to be old school. So the graphics are in no way something to complain about. However, sometimes they give you an headache cause they are too pixelated perhaps. The FMV in the game is very ugly but there is almost no FMV so there is nothing to cry about here. Overall, the word for the graphics is ''fitting.''
Sound: 75%
The music is really nice and engaging. Some of it might not be memorable but some tunes will stay with you for alittle bit. While it is not the best music it is really good still. However, the quality is very poor and is in the bottom of the barrel for a Playstation title. This being released as one of the last Playstation titles is a suprise, however, it started production early on in the Playstation 1's life and was released in Japan half a year ago. So it has an MILD excuse to have low quality sound.
Story: 75%
The overall story sounds epic. The story is basically this: The hero, Keifer, and Meribel live in the only island in the world, however they find a artifact which brings them back in time and they find out the world had more islands. They then go on a quest to see what happens to the islands and in the end it all ties together. However, the story is basically only in the very beginning and in the very end. For about 70% of the game you are going to islands witnessing a bunch of side stories and at first it is exciting. But about half way through the side stories get dry and I found myself having to take a break because there was no sign on story. However, I went through and for the last 30% of the game the side stories get really good and the story picks up again. Just the very middle of the story gets really boring.
Gameplay: 90%
The gameplay is as simple as it gets and stays true to the past Dragon Warrior games. So if you are a Dragon Warrior fan this game will be a pleasant suprise to you. It is basically the same as any other Dragon Warrior. The menu is simple and you search every little place for secret items which is really fun. The battle system is the same which is a good thing. It is in a 3rd person view and you basically have the average commands, some may hate this though but I loved it. There is also a job system, much of the game I found myself leveling up my job system and you can combine them and so on. You get it around 20 hours in the game and it makes the all ready good gameplay ten times better. However, the game is 100 hours so at points I had enough of the gameplay and wanted to move on to do other things. Overall, some of the simple and best gameplay in town.

Why is it rated ''Teen?''
This game overall deserves a Teen rating because it has alot to do with RELIGIOUS THEMES and that might be too much for younger kids. There is some language but nothing horrible. There is also SEXUAL THEMES that are pretty strong compared to other games. In terms of blood, there is the TINIEST BIT OF BLOOD but nothing worse than what you would find in a kids game. The game has its ADULT THEMES BUT IS FINE FOR KIDS OVER 8.

Overall: 83% (This is not an average)
A game that took me back to time in the SNES era and I enjoyed it but the story is too slow and the game is simply too long which really affects the game. This game is still never the less a must-buy, even with its fairly noticable flaws.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/01, Updated 12/21/01

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