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"I don't like giving a game such a low score but DW 7 leaves no choice."

Dragon Warrior VII is a miserable attempt for Enix to go back the the old school way of gaming. Unfortunitly, if this is old school gaming, then why does it feel so much worse than any old Final Fantasy game or it's original predessors?

Graphics 2/10

For a game being copyrighted in 2001, and for this being one of the last PSX games, the graphics are terrible. The 3-d overhead perspective is used in this game and never have I seen it executed in a poorer manner. The game Breath of Fire III had better graphics and that game came out three years ago. When you walk around in the game, the areas seem to get pixilated and look like the land is going through seizures. Also, this is the first game that I've ever been able to see a black box around certain objects. If your walking through a forest, around the larger trees you can see a light black box that must've made it's way through the test playing process because man is it noticable. Another thing that was annoying about the graphics was that the characters moved much faster than they walked. It really looked like the characters hovered acrost the ground with the occasional movement of their feet. I know that that is a minor gripe, but I found it to be annoying.

Story: (7/10)

Not all is bad in the world of Dragon Warrior 7 though. I found myself drawn to the story of this game. It wasn't a great story but was by no means a bad one either. You play a silent hero (yeah, this is a game where the hero doesn't talk)whom accidently leads himself and his friends to another world(s). The only thing I disliked was the game seemed to give you a bit of story, then throw you into a big gameplay segment that could last hours, then put in more story, only to repeat the process. The game grows boring at because nothing interesting occurs. Believe me, this game has it's fair share of twist and turns but if you look at the full picture, over the 60+ hours of gameplay, not much happans in the story. I guess if you if your an avid Dragon Warrior fan then this game would be for you (I personally prefer the faster paced Final Fantasy games).

Music: (5/10)

The music in Dragon Warrior VII isn't all that good. I found most of the music putting me to sleep because it was so slow and dull. The battle themes in this game weren't bad, but they could've been ALOT better too. The sound effects have a very nintindo feel to them which, had the game actually been old school, would've fit the game perfectly. Unfortunitly, the sound effects detracted from the expirience of the game because of there terrible 8 bit NES type sound.

Gameplay: 3/10

First thing you must understand is that I'm an avid Final Fantasy fan. When I think of a battle system, I expect to see your characters in some shape or form in the battle. For the most part in todays RPG market you don't usually have to worry about a game having a bad battle system, but this game proves that statement wrong now doesn't it? Here is how a battle works: While walking around you bump into a fight, the screen disappears and is quickly replaced by an extemely blurry battle ground (if you have a stigmatism try taking off your glasses while playing any other game and that's what Dragon Warrior 7's battle settings look like), an enemy appears, and you proceed to enter commands for your invisible characters to do. Even worse is that all the events in the battle are told to you through text messages which significantly slows down the battle. I found this battle system to be very boring. I know that is what the past Dragon Warrior games have done but isn't it time to revolutionise the series as opposed to dwelling in the past? Other than that, the gameplay in this game is very comparable to most other RPGs. You may find yourself a bit disappointed by the menu system as well but once again, it's exactly the same as all the past Dragon Warrior games.

Overall: 4.3 or 4/10

Dragon Warrior VII is one of the weaker epics to that the PSX has seen. Ironically, it's one of the last PSX games to come out. I strongly reccomend that you buy a diffrent epic over this game. I've played 14 epics for the PSX and in my opinion, this is one of the worst ones. I would definitly RENT this game before buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/02/02, Updated 01/02/02

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