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"Amazing...simply amazing."

I have been waiting 3 years for this game. And now I got it. And it lives up to my expectations. This game, is insanely fun for the Old-school Rpg gamers. The puzzles, are in the ranks of clever and intuitive, and at the same time, not too hard to the point of frustration. The story is brilliant. People has despise this game because of it's lack of character development. Well, I find this better. No more do I have to suffer through the usual, ''Guy starts off adventure, guy talks about troubled past. Guy solves problem of past.'' the sound has quality slightly better than the 16-bit days. The music is lively and will get you humming in no time. The graphics, people say this is the worst part of the game. Though I don't disagree.

Lets start from bad to good. The graphics are colorful, giving the game a likable look. The 3D backgrounds aren't half bad, and even, at times, impresses. The sprites aren't as bad either, as other people say it is. The FMV lacks in detail though. So all in all, the graphics are pretty low for a PSX game. But it fits the setting of this game very well. I cannot imagine myself enjoying this in full 3D (Ex: Final Fantasy).

The sound is very lively and upbeat. Sometimes gets you humming. Too bad most of the music seems slightly, and I mean slightly better than MIDI quality (Ex: 16 bit RPG games.) most of the sounds are used over, but still fits the setting very well. The usual effects are there. You know, the step, and door noises. It even changes depending on where you are! So if your walking on sand, you here feets rattling in the sand...etc. The spell effects are very bland. And gets annoying at times.

As I said before, the story is brilliant. What it lacks in the character development (which I think is a good thing Enix left out) it more than makes up it's roots. You control ''The Hero'' who you get to name whatever you want, lives in a small, peaceful town. And is befriended with the prince of Estard. They go on adventures..and one of them will change their fates, and the world's, forever. I don't want to spoil anything. The reason why Enix didn't explain everything in the beginning is because they want you to find out. So I suggest you do that. Let me tall you, it's an long and an epic story that you won't soon forget.

The Gameplay is as good as it comes. The Puzzles are very very clever. They wowed me and continue to. They are not easy, trust me. But they aren't frustrating. And most of it makes sense. I have not yet played a game with so much interactivity than this game. You can literally open every door and thing. You could pick up most anything..even flowers! The controls, are questionable at times. And the battles are a chore. The amount of battles are to frequent. The Exp. Points and money don't come very often. Making the beginning very battle-heavy just to get the right armor and weapons. Though after this part, the rest of the game is just amazing.

This game is epic in many ways, but why did I rank it a 6 out of 10? Because I didn't expect this to be the best RPG I ever played. It's the third best I ever played (Grandia and FF7 takes the number 1 and 2 spot.) But this game is not worth a rent. It isn't even worth to be borrowed. No, this game is worth a buy! And if you borrow or rent this game, you won't be playing it to the fullest, and this game needs to be played to the fullest!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/04/02, Updated 01/04/02

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