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"A game that can either frustrate or fascinate..."

Dragon Warrior 7 is the latest release in the popular series of DW games. The premise of this game is set on one lone island in the entire world as far as the population sees it. You as the hero is the son of a fisherman and lives in a place free of any monsters. And it is the day when you stumble across the secret of the nearby ruins that you begin an adventure back in time to restore the world to what it really was - a place with many countries, towns, villages and population.


Throughout this game you will encounter many different mini-stories to the main one summarised above. The stories themselves are very basic and routine. Most revolving around the villagers-in-danger/defeat-monster-in-dungeon/village-is-saved scenario which leads up to the save-the-world-from-the-evil boss scenario. It can get tedious occasionally but the gameplay does ensure an increasing challenge with each mini-story you go through.


Now this is the main meat of DW7. The battle system itself remains more or less uunchanged from its predecessors in that it uses turn-based combat with all the usual fighting and magic elements to it. There is now a new Talk feature in battles and for roaming around in which you can talk to and interact with your party members who will provide occasional hints should you become stuck as to where you should go next.

The jobs are what makes up the fun of DW7 and had been present in previous games in the seres. The basis of this system is that you can assign your characters to specific jobs and train them to learn new abilities until they master the job and can move onto another job. Initially you have access to 10 jobs but as you master a few of them, more powerful jobs will be opened up to you and it all depends on the combination of the jobs that you master. For example: Cleric+Mage mastered will open up the powerful Sage class. However, the job system is not executed nearly as good as the job systems in FF5 and FFT.

Exploration is the main emphasis on the game. You must explore thoroughly otherwise you will end up becoming stuck. If you miss that certain piece of shard to open up access to the next section of the game, then you must waste time searching for the piece because you will have no idea where it is located.


Nothing special but there are some memorable tracks that you may enjoy.


Let's be honest, graphics alone DO NOT make a game good. I have emphasised this point in my other reviews. The graphics are rubbish, anyone can admit that. But it is not, in my opinion a factor that puts the game down.


DW7 is HUGE! Don't expect to complete this game in a hurry because there are many places to go and people to save. Not to mention the mini-games (casino) and optional-quests (tiny medal quest, build up an immigrant town, build up a monster park.


It is hugely recommended that you rent the game first to find out whether this game fits your taste. Fans of DW games may decide to buy the game to complete their collection but otherwise, rent it first.

Overall score: 7


Pro points:

- The game is longer than many other RPGs available at the moment.
- Job system creates a variation towards building up your characters.
- Nostalgic feelings for anyone familiar with the past DW games.


- Story is disappointingly shallow with the same cliches being played over and over...
- Lack of playable characters may disappoint some fans.
- Character development is considerably low.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/12/02, Updated 01/12/02

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