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"The Ruler of RPG's (Enix) Gives Us Another Beaut."

This is a really long game and if you have the time and love RPG games, this is a must have. One of the longest intro's I've ever seen, it took me 3 hours just to activate the monsters.

Story line: You (insert your own name as hero here) are the only son (sorry ladies, no female option) of the famous fisherman Borkano and the only nephew of the infamous drunk Hondara. Your friends Maribel, also a fisherman's daughter, and Prince Kiefer, as well as every other person on the island of Estard have mapped out the entire world and it consists entirely of ocean and Estard Isle. Until you uncover a forbidden ruin's puzzle. There are 21 (I think) Altars and each one uncovers a new lost land. You must restore them. An original, 9.5/10 Very important category, counts for 40% of score

Gameplay: This is a very fun game, the battle system has been improved greatly since it's last American sequel. Like all DW's, it is very challenging and LONG. Most of the field battles are easy, and when that's the case, the boss is manageable, but difficult. The problem is usually the key button is the lowest right thumb button (for PSOne, X button), but for this one they tried, although you'll probably use Triangle more often, and this may confuse some. After awhile, you'll be so absorbed, the controls become second-nature. 8/10 Very important, counts for 40% of score

Graphics: Pretty cinema scenes and pictures are extremely overrated compared to everything else, and this game proves it. Think Paper Mario sprites with rotating 3-D backgrounds. 3/10, but remember, Beauty is only skin deep; so many people, thanks to new consoles, think the better the graphics, the better the game, but DW7 proves this is just not the case. Counts for 10% of score

Sound: Koichi Sugiyama, the DW composer for years, has never disappointed, and ain't about to start. The Playstation console allows for a full orchestra, there are strings and horns and percussion, if you listen carefully. Which beats the heck out of the Nintendo and Game Boy sounds (commonly referred to as the tin-can orchestra) 10/10 Low, counts for 10% of score

Replay Value: If you still have a life after beating this game, play it again, because you can never repeat the same path. You probably won't remember how you did it to start off, so how you gonna know? ;)

Buy or Rent? Buy, because otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of money trying to finish this game. This game has 80-hours minimum and that's without side-quests. I've already logged 60 and haven't even finished the first disc.

Extras: For those who played DW3, you may remember the Dharma Temple. Well, it's a lot easier now, with many more classes to choose from. Also, a new form of build-a-town is here which allows for trading of people. That sounds strange, I know, but there is a way to take two memory cards and trade over townsmen from the build-a-town town.

Overall: A great game for nerds like me with no social life (and I mean nerd in a good way) All the above categories are weighed differently, so it's an 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/20/02, Updated 01/20/02

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