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"The best playstaion RPG I have played"

Final Fantasy this.. Chrono cross that. This is what kids under the age of 13 tell me all the time. But before those hits ever came out there was the game that inspired them all. Its name was Dragon Warrior. A big sell-out in Japan-- the greatest flop in the USofA. Nintendo even gave away copies to those who were subscribed to Nintendo Power for free. That's when people realized this new genre of gaming. The Role Playing Game or otherwise known as the RPG. Over twenty years and many spinoffs, Dragon Warrior has reached its number 7. Five years in the making, was it worth the wait?

Graphics - 7

The first time I showed this game to my 8 year old cousin he was not suprised. His first words when he started this game was, ''You paid dollars for a game that has been beaten over the head with an ugly stick.'' The graphics were definitley outdated. Sure games like Final Fantasy 7 have better graphics, but they are prerendered; furthermore, prerendered graphics can make searching around a pain in the ass. Dragon Warrior 7's graphics are outdated but the camera and the look helps the mood of the game at times.

Story - 10

Past Dragon Warrior games have always been light on story but this story is actually interesting. The best part is the hero is not a knight in shining armor, but a fishermen's son. In the world there is only one island, but Kiefer the prince of Estard doesn't think so. The Shrine that has been forbidden but Kiefer and the Hero are detrimened to find a way to get in there. Once they have found their friend Maribel who is the daughter of the boat owner in Fishbel, they soon fit all the tablets into a pedestal and are transported to a unkown place engulfed in menacing Monsters which were never in their world. They help the people of the island and go back to there own time only to discover that a new island has apeared. I can't go on with the story without spoiling anything so all I can say is this is one great story.

Audio - 9

The sound effects are very similar to the quality of the Super NES, even to the NES at times, and sometimes those bleeps can get annoying. The Music on the other hand is really great and totally makes up for the classic dragon warrior game noises. The new version of the theme are very well composed. I particularly like the boss battle theme. I was very impressed with the music in this game.

Gameplay - 10

Ah, good old classic dragon warrior gameplay returns in DW7 with tons of action. That is the best way to describe the gameplay of this game. If you can play this game past the Dharma Temple you will find that DW7 has one of the deepest job skill systems for any game. It's even better than FF5. You can master new classes and unlock even more classes each with thier own special abilities. The game seems to play out really well and can be quite addicting. This is probably one of the hardest RPG's I have played in a long time.

Replayability - 6

Who with a right mind would play this game again when it takes over 100 hours to beat it! Sure, there are some sidequests but besides that there is no other reason to play this game again.

To buy or to rent?

This is a definite buy. That is all I have to say.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/02, Updated 04/05/02

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