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Reviewed: 04/11/02 | Updated: 04/11/02

It took 3+ years for this game to come out and almost equally as long for my review of

Dragon Warrior VII has been (probably) the most awaited RPG/game to ever come out. This was following the great DQV and more importantly VI. Seeing how this game took over three years to come out in Japan, people figured that it would be such an epic ... it would make Final Fantasy VI look like crap.

Well, it does and it doesn't ...

(This is the English version being reviewed)

Graphics: 6/10

-I know I'm going to get over 100 e-mails asking me how I can give this game a 7/10 and FFIX only a 9/10. I'll tell you why. I ake graphics for what they are in RPG's EX- How they fit the game. I personally LOVE old-school graphics and DWVII could have easily gotten a 10/10 from me. I'll explain them in more detail ...

The game is in full 3-D in towns, and ''Breath of Fire'' 3-D in caves, ect. The character sprites are small and only Goku has decent design, it looks like all the other characters were considered NPC's how other games use lesser detail (think Shenmue). I love the ''style'' of these type of characters but I HATE the pixles. The world map could have been done A LOT better, including a map that actually helps you while playing (the map you have just sits there with an arrow for where you are and it's NOT labled. Also, you have to press select to see it every time you want to see it). Now I KNOW and RESPECT DQ ''tradition'' but this could have been changed.

The game is WAY to pixxly ... the characters/map/battle backgrounds are all WAY to pixxly for even the SNES. Again Enix could have made this game have ''old-school'' graphics that are sharp and looked great (think DQVI/FFVI-ish).

Bringing me to the battles ... the backgrounds needed to look a lot better than they did. Again WAY to pixxly. I SEE NO REASON that they wearn't done 50x better and they had three years to get it done, too. The spells can at times look really cool, but also have some pixxle/chrispness problems as well (although not near as bad as the other stuff).

Sound: 8/10

-Although DW7 does have a SNES feel to it ... the sound is great for the game. It's not FFVI or IX or anything but it's very good for the game and you'll hum a TON of tunes. I wouldn't BUY the sound track, but it's definitly a good one (I also thought it could have been done A LOT better though, given the time involved).

Story: 8/10

-The story is good. It's about a young boy from a small fishing town who strives to adventure with his friends (Keifer/Maribel). They hop upon a huge secret of finding other worlds (that are there but just not until you find them in the ''past''). Overall this is a great story but there could have been more AND have better character devolpment (which is on par with PONG).

Gameplay: 10/10

-THIS is where it gets good! This IS DW at it's best and it shows in DW7 as well. The job classes are back in this DW and it's more advanced than the great DQVI. I'm not going into huge detail here because you can figure it out by playing or by reading a strat guide but basically you choose a class & level through it by fighting a certin number amount of battles. Once you learn certin classes you can ''advance'' to higher level classes, ect. The ''Hero'' class is the last one you can get and takes a LOT of fighting to achive. The overall gameplay of this game CAN reach over 200 hours! This is definitly higher than any other RPG ... ever! This means you kinda need a lot of time to play this game (although you CAN beat it in 60 to 70 hours, without getting all the secerts, ect.) This game is VERY deep, making it VERY FUN for hardcore gamers and DQ nuts alike to play. I know *I* really enjoyed it. The biggest dissapointment of this game was the pathetic character development. You don't get to know really anything about the charcters except the small introductions you get when you get them (in the area that your in or event, ect). As you progress ... it just doesn't change very much. There are a few excpetions ... but I'm talking mainly about development here. This REALLY hurt the game in a lot of people's minds, however I will just say ''that stinks'' and go on with my life.

Control: 10/10

-Control in this game is great with FULL 3-D in most area's and easy control's. There's not much to say except it's ... fine.

Overall: 9/10

-This game was good enough (in principle) to beat FFIX as the greatest ever but it just can't do it. It is however an RPG that if your a HUGE DQ fan you HAVE to play. If you like RPG's like FF7-10 because they have cool graphics and there fast-paced and easy then this game probably isn't for you (like the rest of America). But, if you like awesome gameplay and great challenge with a good story and solid sound then you'll eat this game up! But you do need patience and you'll have to put up with a few graphical twerks.

**** (out of 5)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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