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"Dragon Warrior VII's excellence shouldn't be a surprize"

Dragon Warrior VII seemed like it was going to be the worst game ever, just by looking at it. But after a while, I really warmed up to it.

Graphics 10/10
It seems like I just bashed the graphics didn't I. Well that is very wrong. Contrary to popular belief the graphics are NOT bad. They are different. That’s all. It’s a style that is not tried very often, within good reason (It would lose it’s cartoony feel and just be bland if overused.), but I think they are very charming and they make me feel good all over.

Story 10/10
Now there is a main story in the game. It’s about the Demon Lord screwin’ everything up in atypical demon lord fashion. However, it seems more like twenty or thirty little stories all combined to make up something very interesting. Even with the 100 hrs of gameplay it never gets boring. I always felt excited to explore a new town or island.

Sound 7/10
The soundtrack is pretty good, but the sound effects lack definition. Some don’t seem like they are doing that much. Some are well done, and cool sounding, like the Karate Kick. The overall worst component of the game.

Replay 5/10
Experiencing the story and interacting with the characters is fun, but some of the mini-quests can feel tedious. Initial play value is extremely high, but I dare say the overall difficulty and sometimes boringness of building up classes can be a real drag to get for. If you feel the need to experience the story again, grab a gameshark, and hulk your characters up, because walking around and fighting the same enemies you fought 1000 times the first time will not be much more fun the second.

Gameplay 10/10
Even with it’s bare bones battle system, Dragon Warrior 7 still manages to hold it’s own with the regular quest and it’s sub-quests. Even with the ten I still have some gripes

-Finding some shards can be irritating, and not fun at all. Nothing sucks more than having to go around the entire world in the past and present to find one shard.

-building up your characters proves to be a real pain at times. The battle system is not the most fun ever, but still semi-enjoyable.

-There is one boss I got stuck at for four hours at least. I hear lots of people have had trouble beating it, and if you play the game there is a good chance you will too. Most bosses after the second or third try can be beaten, but this one was a real pain.

-The second disc is only four hours long

Countering that are several good points.

-The monster collecting sub-quest is THE most rewarding collection quest I have ever played. Why? It’s just regular battles with a tamer in your party, but some of the monsters have hilarious one-liners (My favorite: “Sometimes when Mr. Monster is asleep, I like to crawl into his mouth and lay eggs”-Slime)

-The story is the most interesting I have ever played. The best? Maybe not. By leaps and bounds however, it is the most interesting. There are very few low points in this game. Because of it’s unique story set-up it seems like there is a climax in the story every three hours.

-I did not fight a single battle for two hours when I first started the game. They used it to build up three of the main characters instead, and for that I shall be forever grateful.

Should I buy this game?
Well seeing as it would take two weeks of dedicated play time, which most do not have, I would suggest buying it, as you may actually spend less.

Overall 10/10
It's not perfect, but I love it.What are you waiting for? Buy it now. I dare you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/02/02, Updated 06/02/02

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