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"Great Game with awesome music"

When I first got Dragon Seeds at a local store for 8 dollars, I thought it would be a lousy game but since I am a dragon freak I bought it anyway. It turned out to be one of my favorite games ever!

Overall 9/10
Dragon Seeds is a turn based strategy game in which one must clone dragons and train them to compete. In order to win you must buy swords and shields for them to use. There are multiple shops and places to go. You must fight with your dragon wisely because if it dies it is gone forever. Every thing was well done except for the story line. There really isn't one. Street fighter has more of a story.

Controls 9/10
The controls are very simple and easy to use. One button for sword attack, one for special, one for shield, forwards, backwards, and charge up attack. The only problem I had was that there should be more controls. Also the turn based fighting really stinks. If it were a fighting game now that would be one of the best games this year.

Sound 10/10
Awesome sound! The opening music is so cool I downloaded it onto my computer so I could listen to it all of the time. One of the best soundtracks ever. Complete lack of voice overs really pissed me off.

Story 1/10
This part really stinks. There is an objective, raise your dragon to be the champion, but other than that nothing. No story, no plot, no character development. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a zero is the part at the beginning.

Difficulty 4/10
My little sister beat the game in about 20 hours of game play. But the incredible replay value makes up for it.
You have to set the controls on human or else you will be yelling at your dragon for being such an ignoramus.

Game play 10/10
Fun raising all of the dragons and getting all of the swords and shields. Fighting against your friends is the best. They seem to have more intelligence than the computer. The memory forest is cool, there you can catch wild dragons to fight with. At Pablo's you can fight other dragons with a wager of up to 9000 bucks they are hard though so watch out. Memory card battle has to be the coolest. Three dragons created from your memory card, how cool is that? I love the game. Great replay value.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/01, Updated 01/05/01

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