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    Secrets FAQ by Evil Guacamole

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Einhander For Playstation l
     Secrets FAQ version 1. 5  l
         By Evil Guacamole       l
         Copyright (c) 2002        l 
            Evil Guacamole          l
    Table Of Contents
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    Stage 3
    Stage 4
    Stage 5
    Stage 6
    And finally Stage 7
    A Funny thing happened to me...
    If you think secrets are just the bonuses in
    this game, you're WRONG! The true secrets of
    Einhander are not just the ones you get, they're the 
    ones you see. (P.S. I gonna mention the S. Bonuses
    in this FAQ too)
    Stage 1
    ------------------- Metropolis
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Blow out all the neon signs.
    Bonus #2: Destroy red ship that flys in.
    Bonus #3: Destroy the bottom of the grieve (mini-boss)
    #1: Destroy the big ship quickly when going down the vertical
          shaft, another will fly in and will be carrying wasp. Destroy, Get.
    #2: When in the tunnel before the (normal) boss, move forward as 
          far as you can. When the screen turns, you see the rear of the
    Boss Secrets
    #1: IF you have a powerful weapon, you can shoot off the head
          armor. While the "claw" is falling off, keep shooting the head,
          the little core should fly off immediately.
    #2: (You must get the S bonus 3 first) When fighting the blue
          Drache, wait awhile, sometimes a gunpod will come out. It could
          be a wasp, vulcan or in very rare cases, a Juno.
    Stage 2
    ------------------- Armored Trains
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Destroy 2 hovering sauser guys and then the red one.
    Bonus #2: Destroy 8-10 turrets one the first car.
    Bonus #3: See above, only on the second turret car.
    #1: If you have a wasp, you can shoot all the cores or whatever
          they are, on the very first car.
    #2: Destroy one of the guns on the garnele (mini-boss) and watch
          it malfunction.
    #3: I have the jap version, so I don't know if it works in the American
          version. In the second half of the level, you will fly back on top of
          the train again. In front of you should be a disabled walker bot.
          DON'T shoot it, instead fly over it and blow up the core. Once 
          the walker bot disappears, it should reappear on the centre of the
          screen. Weird!!!
    Boss Secrets
    #1: On hard, the boss will shoot little ships past you, and they will shoot
           you too.
    Stage 3
    ------------- Supply Tunnels
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Shoot the sausers bots real quick and then shoot the red one.
    Bonus #2: Destroy 3-5 red cars when fighting the mini-boss.
    Bonus #3: Destroy the hexagon thing at the top of the screen in the second
                     half of the level. Destroy all the parts that fall out. Get flash.
    #1: When fighting the mini-boss, don't destroy the twin turret. After 
          awhile, it will shoot purple lasers to these little yellow cars. They
          will produce 2 red laser beams going vertically.
    Boss secrets
    #1: When it's back comes up and it fires 3 missiles out, fly behind him
          and watch the missiles blow. (On his head)
    #2: The boss is so heavy that when he moves to one end of the room,
          it slants that way!!
    Stage 4
    --------------Watery Warehouse
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Once the submarine appears, shoot the body. (Preferably 
                      with a hedgehog) When the body explodes, the turret
                       dettaches and trys the shoot you. kill it and get the Juno.
    Bonus #2: Take the bottom path in the factory every time. You will
                      see a robot sliding on a slope near the end. Kill it, get 
    Bonus #3: Destroy the grates, and get the bonus. If you got the second
                     bonus, there will be a green ship there. Shoot it and it will
                     fall to the grates and blow them up.
    #1: If you have a cannon, you can do this trick. In the first half of the
          level, go under the water, and have the cannon down. When you
          see one of those orange boat bots, shoot it. It will sometimes
          flip over!
    #2: Get a hedgehog from one of those orange boat guys. When the
          mini-boss is swimming in the water, fire some at it's head. It will
          blow up before he gets out! (I also got the fastest time to beat a
          mini-boss. Using my watch to time, I got 2 seconds from when it
          got out of the water!!!)
    #3: Once you enter the factory, get the spreader. Switch it to the top.
          Go down, fire, get MOSQUITO.
    #4: Get second bonus. When you are at the grates, fly past the green
          ship. The ship will turn around realistically (rotates the engines
          to turn.) A very good example of how realistic Einhander is.
    Boss Secrets
    #1: If you do not destroy the boss(without armor on) fast, it will
          literally give you HELL! (To see this happening, you will
          definitely need Gameshark or PAR)
    #2: After the armor attaches on, you will see another core in the
          "mouth" area. Shoot it and the boss will fall out, leaving the
          armor for you to fight. It also has another attack now. It will
          create 3 giant polygons that spin around, don't shoot them.
    Stage 5
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Destroy all the "arms" before the mini-boss.
    Bonus #2: Make the mini-boss fall down about 5 times, to 
                     get a flash, and the bonus.
    Bonus #3: Destroy the red Laser beam ship near the end.
    #1: Shoot the engine of core of those bigger ships and they 
          will fall to the ground and blow up.
    #2: Once you flew through the giant wall, kill everything,
          after awhile, you will see 2 blue robots in the background.
          Don't they look like something in Stage 1?
    #3: If you look at the background where the truck carrying the
          python stops. You will see and really weird brown-ish
          robot. Looks kinda like the Garnele...
    #4: Get wasp, see truck, shoot it, get python.
    #5: On hard mode the mini-boss will be SUPER-FAST! And will
          also have a move where he spins around and trys to swat you.
    Boss secrets
    #1: A special way to kill the boss. (Easier will gameshark)
          Get grenade or something that can go backwards. When
          the boss turns around to fire missiles or bouncy grenades,
          go to the core and shoot it, shoot it good! (sorry) The boss
          should die backwards!
    Stage 6
    -------------Stratagem Spacecraft
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Destroy as many of those ships that look like Einhanders
                     as possible. Soon a red one will pop up. I wonder what
                     you do next???
    Bonus #2: Destroy a lot of those tubes things the come out the end.
    Bonus #3: Destroy the tiny part that pops up on the Schwartzigiest.
                      A giant jellyfish comes out after you destroy the boss.
                      Kill this to get the 3rd bonus.
    Since the level is so short, there is no secrets...
    Boss secrets
    After you destroyed the part that pops up. you can do any of these.
    #1: If you destroy the funnel thing at the bottom of the boss, the legs
          stop rotating.
    #2: If you destroy the Schwartzigiest by destroying the funnel or
          the middle part, the jelly fish pops up earlier than usual.
    #3: If you timeout on the boss or the jellyfish, giant lasers (from
          the "main unit" fires down and destroys it. The jellyfish will try to
          escape, but gets shot down anyways.
    Stage 7
    --------------Hyperion Level
    S Bonuses
    Bonus #1: Destroy red EOS
    Bonus #2: see above
    Bonus #3: see above above, get Juno
    Boss secrets
    A funny thing happened to me...
    #1: One time, a ship in Stage 6 crashed into the rocket boosters
          on it's own.
     Sorry, thats all... If you have any Einhander Funnies, send it to
    Legal Crud
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Evil Guacamole. It can not be copied
    for any purpose without the permission from Calvin Lee (Evil 
    Oh... what the hell, copy it if you like.
    Copyright 2002 Evil Guacamole

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