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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OrionMinionX

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                               Title: Elemental Gearbolt
                               Author: OrionMinionX
                               Console: Sony PlayStation
                               Genre: FPS/RPG
                               Date Started: 01/21/03
                               Date Completed: 03/21/03
                               Size: 37.6K
                               Version: 1.00
     Legal Disclaimer
      Elemental Gearbolt, is Copyright Working Designs 1998. This guide is
      Copyright 2003 OrionMinionX. This may be not be reproduced under any
      circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
      web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
      permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
      public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All
      trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
      respective trademark and copyright holders. On a sidenote, the "Experience
      Table" is Copyright Working  Designs, and I hope no harm is done in
      utilizing it in my FAQ. Thank you.
      This FAQ, and all versions and updates can only be found at the following
                          |                                |
                          |        TABLE OF CONTENTS       |
                          |                                |
                          |     1. Introduction & Version  |
                          |     2. Controls                |
                          |     3. Characters              |
                          |     4. Weapons                 |
                          |     5. Fairies                 |
                          |     6. Bonus Points            |
                          |     7. Experience Points       |
                          |     8. Walkthrough             |
                          |     9. Bestiary                |
                          |    10. Tricks/Codes            |
                          |    11. Contact Info            |
                          |    12. Credits                 |
                          |    13. Conclusion              |
                               I. Introduction & Version
      Welcome to my Elemental Gearbolt FAQ/Walkthrough. Though this game isn't
      well known to many, it is indeed a great game that is usually overlooked. I
      found it to be one of the best games I have ever played. The way they add
      some various mixtures of FPS elements and some RPG elements as well, is a
      fantastic idea. I wanted to do a guide for this game for a numerous number
      of reasons.
      The first, was to help fellow players to become more affiliated with the
      game mechanics, and learn a thing or two about the game. Another, was to
      help out people that are stuck on a boss or something along those lines. I
      have played and beaten the game on the "Master" difficulty several times,
      and it took me a couple of tries to actually get the bosses down pat. But
      enough of my blabbering, I just hope you find this guide useful.
    Version History
      This section is a helpful reference guide to the status and progression of
      my this FAQ. It explains what I have done to improve this hopefully, great
      FAQ. I decided to put this section at the top of my FAQ to make it easier
      on you, the reader, to see what I have fixed a bit quicker and more
      Version 0.10 - January 21st, 2003 - Began FAQ
      Version 0.25 - February 9th, 2003 - Worked all the way to this point and
                                          finished half of the walkthrough up.
      Version 0.65 - March 6th, 2003    - Finally will send it in after a couple
                                          months. I finished up most of the
                                          Bestiary and 3/4ths of the actual
      Version 1.00 - April 8th, 2003    - Added the rest of the walkthrough. I
                                          sent in the FAQ and will update as much
                                          as possible.
      Version 1.10 - April 21st, 2003   - Worked on the layout, and overall
                                          appearance of the FAQ.
                                     2. Controls
      The following are the controls of Elemental Gearbolt:
      Directional Buttons: Moves the sight on the screen. Moves cursor on Menu items
      and boxes that require a response.
      Start Button: Starts a new game and pauses. Used to confirm menu commands.
      Analog: Same functions as Directional Buttons.
      X Button: Used only in the Options Screen to return to previous screen.
      Circle Button: Fires weapon.
      Square Button: Fires weapon.
      X Button: Shot change. Used to change between weapons during the game. Used
      to confirm menu commands.
                                     3. Characters
    Note: These are taken from the official Elemental Gearbolt instruction book.
    I hope no damage is done. I am simply using the information underneath each
    character. Copyright Working Designs, 1998.
      [Nell(nel)]. Nell was once an active and fearless child, until her untimely
      demise at the hands of the Audo Royal Military Poilce. The Holy Gun, much
      like a parasite, attaches itself to Nell's body to feed off of her
      still-active mind and direct her decomposing flesh. The Navy Holy Gun, with
      the exterior Gold Spirit Circuit, uses her memories in order to find its way
      to the royal palace.
      [Seana(se' nah)]. Seana, Nell's younger sister, was also brutally killed
      during a resistance raid. Programmed into the system with her elder sister
      Nell, Seana's lifeless body is taken over by the Red Holy Gun with the
      exterior Silver Spirit Circuit. Completely covered with the Silver Spirit
      Circuit, she has become a highly skilled fighting machine that may be
      invincible- for 24 hours.
    Prince Bel Cain
      [Bel Cain(bel kan)]. Born to a world of racial hatred, Prince Bel Cain views
      himself as the only hope for peace. With his father, King Jabugul II, being
      pure Audian, and his mother being pure Sulunakan, Bel Cain is a half-breed
      in a twisted world.
      After the murder of his mother at the hands of his father, Bel Cain is left
      alone to resolve the inner conflict between the world of Audo and Sulunakan
      peoples. With the hatred of his father eating away at his very being, Bel
      Cain decides to take control of the world by military force. Once his plan
      is accomplished, he can create a classless Utopia where peace can finally be
      a lasting reality.
    Prince Ialu
      [Ialu(o' loo)]. Despite being pure Audo like his father, King Jabugal II has
      given the throne to Ialu's younger brother Bel Cain. Knowing the throne will
      not be his, Ialu suppresses his thoughts of killing Bel Cain, instead of
      taking a position as the Military Commander. With his strong military
      background, Ialu is committed to preserving the Audo society.
      [Leminea(le me ne' a)]. As the mistress of King Jabugal II, Leminea, despite
      being Sulunakan, is loved by the King only for her beauty. This shallow
      infatuation culminates in her death at the hand of the King shortly after
      bearing Bel Cain.
      The Audo believe that the dead should be buried; however, the Sulunakan
      people believe the dead should be cremated. Because of his selfish desire to
      hold on to his mother even after her death, Prince Bel Cain ignores the
      believes of both races, secretly doing the unthinkable- he preserves his
      beloved mother's body in a glass tube.
      [Tagami(ta' go me)]. Shrouded in black, Tagami is a sexless being who
      unlocks the horrible reality that transpired in this forsaken world. In the
      beginning of the game, Tagami travels to the hill of descending spirits. It
      is here that the forgotten souls of the past have gathered. By touching the
      inscriptions on the wall, Tagami witnesses the entire Elemental Gearbolt
      incident. But perhaps there is more to the story than first appears...
    King Jabugal II
      [Jabugal(ja' boo gol)]. King Jabugal II is an evil, greedy, and selfish
      King, consumed by lust. Being pure Audo, the King has fathered a son, by
      means of Leminea, who is Sugiku, half-Audo and half-Sulunakan. He killed Bal
      Cain's mother in a fit of rage and dosen;t seem to feel any remorse. Jabugal
      II has seen to it that all of the citizens, whether they are Audo, Sugiku,
      or Sulunakan, bend to his selfish, ruthless authority.
                                     4. Weapons
      During the game, you can choose between three different elemental weapon
      types. They are discussed below:
    Blaze Phoenix (Fire Element): The high attack power of the Blaze Phoenix makes
    ----------------------------  it a perfect weapon for beginners or experts.
                                  This shot can destroy any foe that is dim enough
                                  to get in the way.
    Rating: 9/10
    Reason: Best weapon in the game. Very strong. It can be used for almost ANY
            situation, including bosses. Great weapon all-around.
    Thunder Tiger (Wind Element):The Thunder Tiger has the ability to track the
    ---------------------------- enemy for a certain distance. One squeeze of the
                                 trigger will fire a volley of shots, making a hit
                                 bonus easy to attain.
    Rating: 7/10
    Reason: Pretty good weapon. Used against various projectiles that have spread
            shot. A great companion.
    Water Snake (Water Element): Fires numerous shots automatically, making a hit
    ---------------------------  bonus increase easier. On the downside, it's hard
                                 to aim, so getting a combo bonus is very
    Rating: 7/10
    Reason: This is also a pretty good weapon. It is used for some sticky pretty
            sticky situations, and is a asset when it comes to multiple targets.
    Quick Tip: For enemies that are scattered, your best bet is to use Thunder
    Tiger. For continuous enemies try Water Snake. And for single enemies and also
    bosses, try the Blaze Phoenix.
                                      5. Fairies
     While you are on the battlefield, you will notice small green orbs. These
    orbs usually contain small fairies. These fairies give TONS of points. The
    best way to get them is to make sure you look ahead. If you see a green orb,
    shoot at it quickly, if you go to slow you may miss it or even worse, take
    some damage. There are a total of 20 per Act so keep an eye out.
    Quick Tip: By getting all 20 fairies, you will net yourself an extra 100,000
    bonus points.
                                   6. Bonus Points
      Bonus Points are acquired many ways. One of which is destroying enemies and
      bosses. Another is fairies. Also, linking combos and getting coins also add
      a bit of points. Bonus Points are mainly used for getting more continues and
      also, if you get enough, you can rank in the top ten. Not much, but still
      very useful. There is a multiplier below (Thanks to JWeeks for this info)
       Level:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16
         x2    2   3   3   4   4   5   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  13  15  18
         x3    4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  13  15  17  19  21  25  29  33
         x4    7   9  10  11  13  15  17  19  22  25  29  33  38  44  50  57
         x5   11  13  15  17  20  23  26  30  34  39  45  52  59  68  78  ??
                                 7. Experience Points
      Below is an experience table. By leveling up, you will make your attacks
      much stronger.
        Level                     Experience Points                   Strength
         1                                    0                          280
         2                               50,000                          320
         3                              120,000                          360
         4                              300,000                          400
         5                              520,000                          440
         6                              820,000                          470
         7                            1,170,000                          500
         8                            1,570,000                          530
         9                            2,000,000                          560
        10                            2,500,000                          590
        11                            3,000,000                          620
        12                            3,500,000                          650
        13                            4,000,000                          670
        14                            4,500,000                          680
        15                            5,000,000                          690
        16                            6,000,000                          700
                                    8. Walkthrough
                |          ACT ONE: GRIEVING ANGEL'S DECENT         |
                          Difficulty: |---*------| 4/10
                          Monsters: Tyrl, Vidal, Tiashi, Saferimniru
                          Bosses: Wardom
                          Length: Short/Medium
                          Recommended Weapon: Blaze Phoenix (Fire)
      This place is pretty simple. If you are playing on "Training" mode, than use
      this act to familiarize yourself with the basic game mechanics and how to
      use combo attacks. Keep your eyes peeled for fairies. There are only three
      that I would consider moderately tough to see/get. The monsters in this
      place are easy to kill with your Blaze Phoenix. If you want a chance to get
      some linking combo attacks, switch to another weapon such as the Thunder
      Tiger. When coins drop out of orbs, switch to this quickly to get most or
      all of them. Make sure you take care of the Tyrl's and Tiashi's before
      anything else. Tyrl's are the first beasts' you run into. They are purple
      and shoot via cannon at you. As for the Tiashi's, these are the flying
      things in the level. They are mainly used to distract your attention away
      from the Tyrls' resulting in a hit. Try your best to kill these off quickly
      and than blasting the Tyrl. Vidal's are a VERY hard-hitting beast. They are
      orange and have giant mallots. You will see your first one at the beginning
      of the Act, so get ready to fire. So just follow these guidelines and you
      will be all set. A Wardom strategy is listed below.
    Difficulty: |----*-----|
    Points Acquired: 20,000
      This boss is somewhat difficult. He utilizes a missile attack that, if
      successful, can knock your life down significantly. There are also beasts
      that try to get in your way, and distract you. Try hard to destroy these as
      quickly as possible. I recommend using your Blaze Phoenix this whole battle.
      It does the most damage, and will take care of any monster with 1-2 hits. If
      he does shoot his missiles at you, try hard to aim at them. If you hit one
      it will explode, thus not hitting you. Soon enough, Wardom will fall and you
      will net yourself a whopping 20,000 Bonus Points!
                              ACT TWO: ENTER THE DRAGON             |
                          Difficulty: |-----*----| 6/10
                          Monsters: Ozle, Flig, Redmag, Beregemill. Sltole
                          Bosses: Midguld
                          Length: Medium/Long
                          Recommended Weapon: Blaze Phoenix (Fire)
      Boy, oh boy, is this place annoying! The fairies are twice as tough to spot
      in this act, and there are new and tougher beasts. When you begin in the
      small forest, you will notice a whole new clan of beasts. Watch out for
      Ozle's. They are the green and purple beasts the mainly linger on the far
      left or right sides of the act. Flig's are small bluish orange pesky buggers
      that will very quickly jump up and attack you, so keep on the look out. When
      you leave this forrested area, you will be on a mountain. You will run into
      the more aerial attackers up here. You will notice a rather large snake-like
      creature in the air. Can you guess who that is? Anyways, the mountain is
      rather simple.
      Now comes the annoying part, the water area. In here you will have MANY
      Redmags' jump out of the water, several at a time mind you. Look around the
      pillars sticking out of the water, for fairies. I still recommend the Blaze
      Phoenix as it can dispose of the enemies rather quickly. When you come to a
      wide opening, you will fight your next boss...
    Difficulty: |------*---|
    Points Acquired: 30,000
      This boss is rather difficult. He utilizes a VERY powerful water-like ball
      attack, that if it hits, will knock your life down. He also has a spike-type
      of attack in which some spikes will come towards you. Quickly switch to the
      Thunder Tiger, and blast them down. Also, when he uses the water ball
      attack, shoot at it with your Blaze Phoenix. You will know when he will do
      this when he lifts his upper body in the air and stares right at you, so be
      ready. The annoying thing is when many Redmags come out of the water, and
      like earlier, swarm you. Quickly dispose of them, and keep using Blaze
      Phoenix on Midguld. He has a lot of health, so this may be a long battle.
               |       ACT THREE: ENTER THE CRYPT OF DESPAIR       |
                          Difficulty: |---*------| 4/10
                          Monsters: Hadeline, Halemod, Ari
                          Bosses: Neethog
                          Length: Short
                          Recommended Weapon: Blaze Phoenix (Fire)
      This place is amazingly easy. The monsters are very weak. Fairies are fairly
      simple to find, but most are located at a far distance. Watch out for
      Hadeline and Halemods. Both species travel in packs and CAN be a burden if
      rushed. Hadelines are small redish orange spider-types. While Halemods are
      an upgraded version that is dark blue and purple. Ari's are pretty weak and
      rarely travel in packs, but still always be on the look out. This place is
      shorter than the others, when you get inside a tunnel type area, you will
      fight Neethog...
    Difficulty: |----*-----|
    Points Acquired: 36,000
      This boss is rather simple. You are going backwards in this battle and as
      you are doing so, TONS of Hadelines will rush towards you. I recommend
      switching to either your Thunder Tiger or Water Snake to take care of them.
      Soon enough, you will notice Neethog raise it's left or right arm. Shoot at
      it IMMEDIATELY with your Blaze Phoenix. If it hits, you will take a large
      amount of damage. But if you shoot it a couple times it will drop it. This
      boss has tons of health, and it will be a rather long fight. But stick in
      there and you will be the victor.
                |              ACT FOUR: PLAINS OF REGRET           |
                          Difficulty: |---*------| 4/10
                          Monsters: [Coming Soon]
                          Bosses: Audmra
                          Length: Medium
                          Recommended Weapon: Blaze Phoenix (Fire)
      This act is pretty simple. The boss is pretty easy as well. The monsters in
      this act are some of the simplest in the game. The one thing that may be
      sort of difficult, is the fact that they are much smaller than in any other
      Act thus far. This will make you, at times, very aggravated if you use a
      controller and not a gun. Because of their size, it make it fairly difficult
      to get a hit on them. But they easily go down with one hit from the Blaze
      Phoenix. They also have one more feature, long range. These creatures can
      jump from very long distances and get an attack in, so beware. The fairies
      are simple to find and you shouldn't have a problem if you keep on the
      lookout. After a couple of twists and turns, you will meet your next act
    Difficulty: |----*-----|
    Points Acquired: 40,000
      Ugh! Another simple boss. When you get into the battle, you will notice it
      a opening in the middle that is different than the rest of it's body. So,
      switch to the Blaze Phoenix and start unleashing! It uses a couple damaging
      techniques, but nothing you haven't already seen before. Once you destroy
      its middle 'core,' you will earn a whopping 40,000 Bonus Points and a ticket
      to the next act.
                |             ACT FIVE: THE PALACE RUINS            |
                          Difficulty: |------*---| 7/10
                          Monsters: [Coming Soon]
                          Bosses: Idon
                          Length: Medium/ Long
                          Recommended Weapon: Blaze Phoenix (Fire)
      Welcome to the Palace Ruins. This place is pretty difficult. The fairies are
      the most difficult to get in the game thus far, and the monsters are as
      well. Because of its length, you will take on many hits by the enemies in
      this act, so try your hardest to get EVERY orb and other health items before
      the boss. There is MANY winding trails ahead as well, and that is usually
      when the beasts attack. I would choose to use your Blaze Phoenix the entire
      act because the monsters will go down much quicker. When you get past it
      all, Idon waits for you in the clearing.
    Difficulty: |------*---|
    Points Acquired: 50,000
      This boss is fairly difficult. He is a very up-close and personal kind of
      boss that loves attacking you at close range. When he gets close, keep on
      him with the Blaze Phoenix. Soon enough, he will start firing at you. At
      this moment in time, try hard to know when, and how, he is attacking. When
      you pick up his pattern, you will soon claim to be the victor with a hefty
      amount of Bonus Points as well. A whole 50,000 points worth!
                |           FINAL ACT: PURPOSED TO PERISH           |
                          Difficulty: |-------*--| 8/10
                          Monsters: [Coming Soon]
                          Bosses: Maldel, Retraseal, Final
                          Length: Medium/ Long
                          Recommended Weapon: Water Snake (Water)
      So, you finally made it to the Final Act. Congratulations! But don't get too
      cocky yet, you must defeat three bosses in this act, and they will all serve
      to be the worst so far. Firstly, the level isn't difficult at all, really.
      It aids you with many Life Orbs that will help you for the oncoming bosses.
      The Water Snake will be your favorite weapon in this act. Monsters gather in
      huge numbers, and it will help you to take care of them moderately easily.
      After a bit more twists and turns here and there, you will enter the
      Sanctum. Here is where you will fight three difficult bosses...
    Difficulty: |-------*--|
    Points Acquired: 60,000
      Alright get ready to meet the toughest boss to date, Maldel! This beast is
      one heck of a fight. It has three deadly attacks. One is a projectile the
      looks a lot like a Green Orb. A pillar of purple static electricity. And the
      most deadly, a Dark Fire attack that is immune to Fire. When it uses the
      green orb attack, switch to your Blaze Phoenix and destroy it. The pillar
      can also be destroyed by attacking with Blaze Phoenix to the base. But the
      dark fire will be the difficult one. It is a VERY fast attack, and when it's
      used, I recommend switching to your Thunder Tiger quickly. If you don't
      destroy them in time, you will see a HUGE change in your life points. After
      you begin to see the pattern, the battle will go by much quicker and you
      will destroy it.
      After the battle, however, you will face your next opponent...Retraseal!
    Difficulty: |--*-------|
    Points Acquired: 70,000
      Despite it's figure, this is a VERY easy boss. He only has two attacks which
      are both easy to counter. One is a pink flurry of fireballs, and the other
      is a rather large fireball. Just use Thunder Tiger on the pink fireballs,
      and Blaze Phoenix on the large one. One thing about Retraseal that is
      different than the other bosses, is the fact that it utilizes a armor type
      that is has immunities to every element except Blaze Phoenix. So, the only
      way to get some life taken off of it is to use the almighty Blaze Phoenix.
      Very easy boss, just study its routine.
      You will finally fight the Final boss of the game. You only get one life
      orb, so make it count.
    Difficulty: |-----*----|
    Points Acquired: 100,000
      Finally, the final boss. This boss uses a wide array of techniques to try to
      knock you out. One is a barrage of green fireballs, line of blazing fire,
      and very fast swords. For the line of blazing fire, use the Water Snake as
      your primary weapon. It will easily dounce the flames. Note, he will raise
      his left arm before using this attack.  The very fast swords are a problem.
      He usually uses eight to ten of them! I still recommend using the  Blaze
      Phoenix. Knock out as many as you possibly can. Lastly, is the barrage of
      green fireballs. This is the difficult part because you need to use a switch
      of Water Snake and Thunder Tiger. To top it all off, he has a huge amount of
      life. All of his attacks are extremely fast, and can make this a very short
      end to you. Just keep up with him and you will soon be crowned the victor.
      After the finale, watch the ending. If you have been keeping up with the
      story of the game, you will witness the end of an era...
                                     9. Bestiary
      Welcome to the Bestiary section of my guide. Here I will list the monsters
      you will encounter during Elemental Gearbolt, and how much points they give
      you as well.
    Name: Tyrl
    Score: 150 Points
    Description: Purple and green with a cannon-like arm.
    Name: Vidal
    Score: 240 Points
    Description: Yellow beast that weilds a HUGE mallot.
    Name: Tiashi
    Score: 120 Points
    Description: Purple with wings. Shoots bullets out of mouth.
    Name: Saferimniru
    Score: 230 Points
    Description: Orange with a cannon protruding out of mouth.
    Name: Wardom *
    Score: 20,000 Points
    Description: VERY big beast that weilds a rather large axe-type weapon.
      Name: Ozle
      Score: 270 Points
      Description: Green and purple. Utilizes a cannon on right arm.
      Name: Flig
      Score: 240 Points
      Description: Bluish and red. Leaps out at you with a slash.
      Name: Redmag
      Score: 180 Points
      Description: Can you guess the color of this one? Also, leaps at you.
      Name: Bergemill
      Score: 240 Points
      Description: Pure green beast that flies in the air.
      Name: Sltole
      Score: Unknown
      Description: Pure purple with orange stripped fins. Also a flying being.
      Name: Midguld *
      Score: 30,000 Points
      Decription: Large, snake-like being that has large wings and fins.
      Name: Hadeline
      Score: 180 Points
      Description: Spider-like creature that is red. Very fast.
      Name: Halemod
      Score: 310 Points
      Description: Dark purple spider that is slower than a Hadeline but hits
      Name: Ari
      Score: Unknown
      Description: Caterpillar-like creature that is bright colored.
      Name: Neethog *
      Score: 36,000 Points
      Description: HUGE beast that utilizes quick legs. Looks like a spider and a
    Note: Any monster with a "*" in front of it, indicates that it is a boss.
                                   10. Tricks/ Codes
      Here are a couple of tricks and codes that will help you along the way. I
      don't have many but I will find some as soon as possible.
    Extra Music and Sound effects:  To access this, you must beat the game under
    -----------------------------   the "Practice" difficulty. This will get you
                                    the music and sound effects from Acts 1, 2,
                                    and 3. Beat it on Normal or Hard modes to get
                                    all music and sounds found in the game.
    Extra Movies and Galleries:  To acquire these, beat the game on either the
    ---------------------------  Normal or Hard mode. You should check them out in
                                 the Options menu.
                                   13. Contact Info
      My contact information is below.
    -----> The0pethAffinity@aol.com
      Please, E-Mail me here if you have opinions, suggestions, information, or
      anything else that could be of some value to my FAQ. All spam, threats, and
      other intolerable mail will be deleted. So please, be polite.
                                     11. Credits
      This is my section dedicated to the people and/ or companies that helped me.
    -----> www.gamefaqs.com for hosting my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    -----> Working Designs for helping create this game.
    -----> Sky Rendr X for giving me great tips on creating the guide. Thanks for
           all the help.
    -----> Elemental Gearbolt fans. Without you I wouldn't write this.
    -----> CMoriarty for some VERY useful tips on my FAQ/Walkthrough. Thanks man.
    -----> JWeeks for the multiplier
    -----> Myself. For writing this FAQ/Walkthrough
                                     14. Conclusion
      Thank you for reading my unofficial Elemental Gearbolt FAQ/Walkthrough. I
      hope you found it as useful and helpful as I did. So I hope you have fun
      with the game and my guide helped you along the way. Thanks for reading.
    ---------------------------------END OF DOCUMENT------------------------------

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