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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kain

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    Guide\Walkthrough for
    Elemental Gearbolt on the
    Sony Playstation by
    Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Anyone using this for anything besides non-profit must notify me.
    I recently rediscovered this great game on a visit to a friend's house and
    on a whim decided to write a FAQ for it...after all, I used to memorize the
    stage layouts, so why waste all that knowledge? I hardly think anyone knows 
    about or plays this anymore, but it's a fantastic game and deserves a FAQ, so
    Basic Tips and Hints :
    1) There are three weapons you have - Fire, Lightning and Water. Their uses 
    are as follows :
    Fire - Your main means of attack. Has the best range and power of all the
    available weapons, great for pin-point shots. It's main uses are taking out
    enemies before they enter firing range, sniping and when battling bosses.
    Drawbacks include a delay for shots (avoid pumping on the button - tap just
    a split-second after your first press) and small hit range. Note that you can
    actually nab all the coins held in a Treasure Gem if you time your shot 
    right. Also, due to it's power, a single shot of Fire tends to destroy 
    everything in it's area (though small) so remember this.
    Lightning - Very wide range and auto-homing capability are the advantages of
    this weapon, but it also has a delay and does weak damage in comparison with
    the other two. Use this to rack up combos and clear fields of enemies, but
    be careful that not too many are on-screen at one time or your shots will
    spread too far. Has bad range, but is excellent for hitting Fairies and 
    Treasure Gems if your accuracy is off. Another use is countering the clusters
    of shots bosses tend to fling at you.
    Water - The main asset of this is the ability to strafe. Works well at taking
    out streams of enemy shots (from bosses and otherwise) and hitting multiple
    foes that appear in a small area. Doesn't really do that much damage even 
    compared to Lightning, but it has it's uses.
    2) The screen moves around a LOT in this game, which will throw off your aim.
    Learn to compensate for this by not moving around your targeting cursor that
    much. Besides that, the only way to really compensate for that is by playing
    more so you get used to the stage layouts.
    3) Try to get a high Hit and Combo score (consecutive hits) so that you can
    max out your score...this is important even if you're not playing for points.
    I'll explain this in more detail later. On the same note, getting all the
    Fairies in a stage nets you a huge bonus, so try for that too.
    4) Only some of the enemies present on the screen at any given time will
    fire at you - when the green triangles form around them they're going to 
    fire. (Though you have perhaps half a second before they actually do.) Because
    of this, you should only concentrate on the ones which actually attack you,
    instead of simply harass. Same goes for fighting bosses - it's sometimes 
    better to just attack him\her\it.
    This also applies to a lesser degree to attacks and other projectiles - if
    they're now aimed directly at you they will tend to miss. 
    5) Now it's time for me to explain the point\life\levelling up system in the
    game. You see, you actually gain levels when you die. Well, it's not that
    simple, so bear with me...
    Anyway, for starters, the points you accumulate during a stage can be added
    to either your score or your level at the end of that level. (That is, if 
    you're not playing on Master, which means that all points get added to score
    whether you like it or not.) Score earns you places in the high score table,
    gets you better ranks (Stuff like Spirit Knight and Spirit Warrior as 
    opposed to the default Spirit Apprentice) and makes you feel good. Levels add
    more life and power to your attacks, making them a more viable choice for
    actually playing the game. ^_^
    However, if you die during the game and have enough points, you will
    automatically gain a level and your score will be reduced drastically (at least
    for two player mode - in one player, the same thing happens but you get sent
    back to the beginning of the stage as well) This doesn't mean you have 
    unlimited continues, though, since if you run out of points, you die for 
    good. As you can see, even if you're not playing for score, you don't want 
    to do this too often, so you're going to have to use your end-of-stage points
    to gain levels...and even if you're playing for score, you have to decide
    judiciously so you don't waste what you're earned. And that's about it.
    6) Pause the game. This might seem like a cheap strategy, but trust me - it
    helps a LOT when the screen is filled from top to bottom and is invaluable if
    you're stricken by a momentary fit of insanity and like me decide to try
    completing the game on Master settings.
    7) Completing the game on Easy unlocking the Sound, Movie, and Side Story
    sections. Normal seems to do nothing, and I have no idea about Master.
    Stage-by-Stage Walkthrough and Translations :
    The scene opens on a strange orb-like object being carted through the city
    streets. A child runs by, remarking that it's boring, until we switch to a 
    view of some machines which, after conversation, decide to go ahead with
    their "plan" - upon which lightning strikes the orb, freeing the two 
    children. They promptly morph into frightening-looking armor-clad forms 
    (which are the first and second players, actually) and the screen fades out. 
    Scene 1 : Kanashiki Tenshi no Kourin (The Descent of Sorrowful Angels)
    This stage is easy - use it to familiarize yourself with the basics of
    gameplay. You can take out most of the enemies with well-placed Fire and
    Lighting shots, so take time out to raise Hit and Combo ratings if you can.
    Hot spots for enemies include the first two arches you come to sharp shifts 
    to corners in the middle of the stage and some parts near the end. Keep
    your eyes open. There are two Fairies that can be considered difficult to 
    get - one during the first big screen shift and the other appears over the 
    arch just before the boss.
    As for the boss, Wardom's easy. Just focus on blasting him and he should die
    before he can close and attack you. (in which case you're the one that's 
    dead) Use Water on the masses of enemies that approach and you should be
    We now see a young man sitting on a throne, reminiscing about he received a 
    piece of a pendant from two children a long time ago. He is awakened by his
    loyal servant, who informs him that he is reaching the palace and that their
    advance scout teams have found something. He acknowledges the information and
    settles down to wait...
    Scene 2 : Yasunaiki Ryu no Umi (Lake of the Quiet Dragon)
    Most enemies in this stage tend to hide behind trees and other obstacles, so
    keep a look out for them. Fire can pierce most barriers, though. 
    Again, nothing too difficult in this stage. The few enemy barrages you'll
    face can be handled with a mixture of Lightning and Water, or even prevented
    from occuring altogether with Fire. No hidden Fairies, but right when you see
    the tall spire and the glider-type enemies appear, there is a Life Bottle WAY
    at the top of the screen you can nab.
    Midguld, while not exactly a pushover, isn't very difficult either. Lightning
    should make short work of both it's spines and leaping fish (not all will 
    hit) while Fire mops up and does the main damage. 
    The fat king of the palace chases after the young prince and complains 
    about having to wait for him, and then, after being brushed off, taunts him
    with cryptic comments about his mother. As the prince leaves, the king talks
    about how he will wear his new war garb or something. (Not too certain 
    The prince is then seen talking to his loyal servant, who turns out to be
    his older brother, as they consider their plans. Heading into a room similar
    to the one seen in the opening, the prince muses about how he is under their
    control, but "that's fine..."
    Scene 3 : Imawashiki Haha no Dokutsu (Cave of the Fearsome Mother)
    Lots of shifts in this stage, so watch out. There are some hairy bits here and
    there which you'll need to be on your toes to avoid, the area near the boxes
    and the ridges in particular. There will also be a three Fairy chain near the
    start you'll have to use Fire to get all of. 
    Neethog is even easier than Midguld, mostly due to the fact that it will
    crush it's own allies underfoot occasionally. Because of that, well-placed 
    Fire shots will take out the remaining crabs and do enough damage to destroy
    it - the LONG time you get to fire at it when it loses it's head plating 
    should help too.
    More memories for the prince, who is also revealed to have some kind of
    strange markings on his face. He makes a visit to an underground cavern to
    talk to his mother, vowing revenge on something. (I suspect the things that
    are controlling him, though I can't be sure) He is then notified of one or
    two targets (first and second player again) which are closing in on the 
    capital. He cannot believe this, but leaves the matter to his servant again,
    while muttering "gods or devils, no matter which, I must hurry..."
    Scene 4 : Fukaki no Heigen (Wispy Plains)
    This is where the game starts getting hard. Lots of enemies all over the
    place...well, first things first. Your main problems in this stage will be
    caused by both the spider-like walkers and their ground escorts - take them
    out quick. Besides that, wait for the gliders to appear fully before hitting
    them, as they don't present much of a target from afar.
    Aumdra is one hell of a boss...you can tell just by looking at it. ^_^ Some
    things to remember :
    1) Not all the flyers it sends out will hit, but the ones that look like
    fans will. Use Lightning.
    2) Only firing at the lower section or the city on top counts as damage.
    3) Cannon fire tends to arc at strange angles from the far left and rights,
    so keep your guard up. When you're circling the turrets themselves, the close
    distance to them allows them to fire almost without warning, so keep your
    Water handy.
    The prince stages a coup d'etat, taking control of the entire capital city,
    ordering everyone to ready a defense against the invaders.
    Scene 5 : Horabi Yuku Okan E (Towards the Capital of Destruction)
    You're probably going to have to accept taking about a bar or two of damage
    before even getting to the main part of the stage due to the falling 
    boulders - if you've never played this stage before, you won't know which
    will hit. If you have, two Fire shots will destroy each one. If you've gotten
    this far, you really don't need my help any more, but there are a few things
    you should look out for - two Life Bottles at the bridge (use Fire - they're
    tough to get) and a hard Fairy to find is just above the entrance to the 
    Once inside, I'd advise you to stop worrying about points and Fairies 
    altogether and concentrate on surviving - because there are a LOT, and I do
    mean a LOT, of enemies in there. Furthermore, the flying enemies which you
    don't destroy will return and cause you more trouble later, which is Not Good
    when the screen is as cluttered as it's going to be. You'll have to know how
    to use all your weapons well to get through here, and even after that your
    troubles aren't over, because who should turn up but...
    ...Ildon, who's your toughest boss to date. He'll send streams\bunches of 
    energy blasts at you that any weapon can take out, but you have to know how
    to use them right; hit in when in a bunch with Fire, disperse with Lightning
    and strafe with Water. Ildon also has a nasty attack in which he jumps forwards
    and claws you - nothing you can do about that, so take the opportunity to
    Fire at him. If you can get used to his jumping about the screen he should go
    down eventually.
    The prince, having attained the throne, indulges in his favorite pastime -
    you guessed it, musing. ^_^ The jokes aside, the final stage is set as the
    prince is carted off for his own safety and the two invaders close on the
    Scene 6 : Shime Tame ni Umarete (Born to Die)
    Considering the amount of Life Bottles there are in the early bits of the
    last level, it isn't THAT hard...don't let your guard down, though. Water
    will come in handy in taking out the masses of enemies due to it's fast
    firing speed. Get to the inner sanctum and it's face to face with the last
    few bosses. 
    Maldel is TOUGH. He has three attacks - a spread of green orbs of lightning
    which can be neutralized by a Fire blast at the outset and Water later, 
    columns of purple electricity that Fire shots to the bottom of counter, and
    the worst - dark purple flares which hang in the air and then track and 
    fire. Either use Water or Lightning on those FAST, or they will ALL hit you.
    He's got a lot of life, but hammer at him long enough and he'll go down,
    which brings us to...
    Retraseal, who's the appetizer before the main course mainly because he's 
    weak. Weak, you say? Yup. He's got some damn thick armor which only Fire can
    pierce, but he has only two attacks - pinkish fireballs which you MUST use
    Lightning to disperse before they hit, and a large fireball which a single
    Fire shot takes out. Once you master his pattern he's easy - counter his
    attacks with the respective weapons and Fire at him when he's prancing around
    the stage. Retraseal is also much more vulnerable on his left to right climb
    up the screen and can be dangerous on his normal run (lots of fireballs) and
    sharp right turns. (fast shots)
    You really didn't think he was the last boss, did you? Well, your suspicions
    are confirmed when the real one makes his appearance. If you thought the 
    first two bosses were hard...to top it off, you only get one Treasure Gem 
    with a Life Bottle. Again, three main attacks for this guy - a huge mass of 
    green fireballs which you must use BOTH Lightning and Water to take out, a 
    long stream of fire which Water counters, and extremely fast green swords
    that you use Fire for. (For the last one, note that only three out of the
    ten or so that he fires will actually hit.) He will raise his left arm before
    using the fire stream, but give no warning for the swords and lightning. He's
    actually very predictable, but the speed at which he attacks, along with the 
    incredibly-long life bar, make this a last boss to remember.
    Once killed, the game switches to the ending sequence. The prince lies dead
    among the rubble of the once-grand capital, 
    And that's about it. 

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