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    Extra Guide by Dagwon

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    version 1.0
    done by Ryuusei
    email at acoi95@bdg.centrin.net.id
    Disclaimer that this guide are made by fans for fans only. If there's
    any comments, adds or discuss something about this guide, please noti
    gy me via email.
    I build this guide just for the other side of the Yuke's battle action
    game, Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju (Eretzvaju for short). The other side
    will be character storyline, omake stuff, voice casts, and character 
    If you looking for gameplay and stuff, please prefer to Kyo Kusanagi's 
    guide on Eretzvaju.
    Here's the characters storyline, summarized for your enjoyment.
    1. Kanzen Chuaku Danzaiver aka Mikagami Shou
       Birthplace : Space
       Occupation : Electro Inspector
       Gender     : Male
       Age        : 21
       Path       : Justice
       Story      : Kanzen Chouaku Danzaiver
       Summary    : Hot-blooded hero fan who later changed into a real hero.
                    His reason for entering Y Plasael is to save his partner,
                    Yuri Astrive, whose kidnapped by Ihadurca.
    2. Alty Al Lazel
       Birthplace : Y Plasael
       Occupation : Wizard
       Gender     : Male
       Age        : 15
       Path       : Justice
       Story      : Lost Legacy
       Summary    : Al is the only one who has the soul of Apocrypha, which
                    can only stand against Ihadurca. He is also doing this
                    for his love interest, Erel.
    3. Tenpouin Keiya
       Birthplace : Japan
       Occupation : Omyouji
       Gender     : Male
       Age        : 24
       Path       : Evil
       Story      : Tenpouin Souma Kitan Gaiden
       Summary    : Keiya is doing a task to find most powerful magics to
                    prove himself to his Tenpouin family. He has a lover
                    called Himika.
    4. Erel Plowse
       Birthplace : Y Plasael
       Occupation : Mercenary
       Gender     : Female
       Age        : 17
       Path       : Own interest
       Story      : Moe Moe Erel
       Summary    : Erel is a freelance mercenary, whose interest is unknown.
                    She has her own interest on his boyfriend, Al.
    5. Himeno Midori
       Birthplace : Japan
       Occupation : Fighter
       Gender     : Female
       Age        : 18
       Path       : Own interest
       Story      : Zettai Nekketsu Midori Ga Ichiban
       Summary    : With her Kuuin-ryuu Fighting Arts, she wanders around
                    looking for a strong and wealthy opponent for her skills.
                    Midori has developed a good friendship with Setsuna, who
                    oftenly called Yuki by Midori.
    6. Saizuki Setsuna
       Birthplace : Japan
       Occupation : Guardiangel
       Gender     : Female
       Age        : 14
       Path       : Justice
       Story      : Guardiangel Setsuna
       Summary    : Karin, the spirit inside her might have connections to
                    Ihadurca. Setsuna then walks into Y Plasael with Karin 
                    to aid her for this quest.
    7. Gally 'Vanish' Gregman
       Birthplace : Space
       Occupation : Bounty Hunter
       Gender     : Male
       Age        : 36
       Path       : Own interest
       Story      : Klutzy Rogue
       Summary    : A freelance bounty hunter, code named Klutzy Rogue. He
                    takes an order from a client to bust Ihadurca, so he
                    will not let anything getting in his way. He has a wife
                    named Sayaka Gregman.
    8. Linedwell Rainlicks
       Birthplace : England
       Occupation : Psychopath
       Gender     : Male
       Age        : 20
       Path       : Evil
       Story      : Day Breaker
       Summary    : Lie was an ordinary rock'n roll fan until an accident
                    occured. He entered an antique store and accidently held
                    a sword, which is the devil sword Shakhal.
    9. Kakurine
       Birthplace : none
       Occupation : Priestess
       Gender     : Female
       Age        : 10010
       Path       : Evil
       Story      : Mugen Saiyu
       Summary    : Kakurine felt disturbed by Ihadurca and she search for
                    Ihadurca to settle things out.
    10. Ihadurca
        Birthplace : none
        Occupation : Witch
        Gender     : Female
        Age        : 23
        Path       : Evil
        Story      : Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju
        Summary    : Ihadurca felt something bothering her. So she turns
                     off the Eretzvaju security system and went forth to
                     search for it.
    Next is the omake section, which refers to other extras in the game.
    In Kyo Kusanagi's guide there are talks about the omake, but not too
    deep. Well, here's the omake stuff.
    Encyclopedia section
    In Eretzvaju, there's a character encyclopedia which includes a very
    deep information on that character. To access that, you have to finish
    Story mode with a character to receive his/her character encyclopedia.
    Like the complexity of the name Al and Ihadurca's personal life, also
    on Danzaiver's twin partner (Yuri and Ruri Astrive) along with his true 
    enemy (Cryos Empire).
    Voice Collection section
    Choose a character in any game mode and you'll see that the character
    performs a different pose randomly. If done right, you'll have access
    to the voice collection option which let you hear voices of your chosen
    character. Not all that, that character will also have 8 different poses
    which you can select by pressing triangle button. My personal favorite
    character pose is Danzaiver's final pose, which describes Mikagami Shou
    changing himself into Danzaiver (Zerochaku!)
    Narrator section
    Finish 1P Mode with any character to access the narrator section. This
    gives you a chance to change the default narrator's voice into your fa
    vorite character's voice instead.
    Gallery section
    Just finish the Story Mode once and you can access to the gallery,
    which lets you view Eretzvaju character sketches from the basic design
    to the complete one.
    Getting Ihadurca and an extra stage
    Finish the Story Mode with three characters and you can play Ihadurca,
    while you have a new battle stage with its BGM called Dunjia Space.
    Here's a tough one. You must have all character encyclopedia,
    all character voice collection, all character narration voice and all
    characters' 8 poses which enables you to receive a congratulation scene
    from all characters, hosted by Erel Plowse.
    Extra stuff
    If you didn't skip the opening movie, the song accompanied the movie
    was the song Kiss In The Dark, which composed and performed by Okui
    Masami (Slayers fans may heard her voice in her duet with Hayashibara
    Megumi on songs Get Along and Kujikenaikara). If you listen closely to
    Erel's BGM called Be Fight, its actually a complete vocal song perform
    ed by Erel' seiyuu Kuwashima Houko (I play Eretzvaju mostly because of 
    Houko-san's singing voice).
    Next is the voice casts in the game. Looks like Yuke's has being serious
    working in this game. The voice casts are mostly the best seiyuus ever. 
    Here they are, along with their other works in anime and games (This 
    only occurs for some seiyuus that I knew)
    1. Seki Tomokazu
       Character voice of : Danzaiver aka Mikagami Shou
       Other works        : 1. Domon Kasshu in G Gundam
                            2. Suzuhara Touji in Evangelion
                            3. Van Farnel in Escaflowne
                            4. Eiji Shinjou in Tou Shin Den OVA
                            5. Arisaka Gou in Shin Kaitei Gunkan OVA
                            6. Rickey Leon in Critical Blow
                            7. Bartolomei Fatima in Xenogears
                            8. Killy in Lunar Silver Star Story
                            9. Stan Aileron in Tales Of Destiny
                            10. Daigouji Gai in Nadesico
    2. Yajima Akiko
       Character voice of : Alty Al Lazel
       Other works        : 1. Relena Peacecraft in Gundam W
                            2. Yoshinaga Sally in Might Gaine
    3. Midorikawa Hikaru
       Character voice of : Tenpouin Keiya
       Other works        : 1. Heero Yuy in Gundam W
                            2. Shinjo Naoki in Cyber Formula
                            3. Faust in Saber Marionette J
                            4. Might in Psychic Force 2012
                            5. Hiiro in Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
                            6. Wong Fei Fong in Xenogears
                            7. Lion Magnus in Tales Of Destiny
    4. Kuwashima Houko
       Character voice of : Erel Plowse
       Other works        : 1. Misumaru Yurika in Nadesico
                            2. Fillia in Slayers Try
                            3. Momo-hime in Katteni Momo Tenshi
    5. Hidaka Noriko
       Character voice of : Himeno Midori
       Other works        : 1. Tendou Akane in Ranma 1/2
                            2. Takuya Noriko in Top Ho Nerae~Gunbuster
    6. Hikami Kyoko
       Character voice of : Saizuki Setsuna
       Other works        : 1. Hanasaki Momoko in Wedding Peach
                            2. Ellis in Tou Shin Den OVA
                            3. Luna in Lunar Silver Star Story
                            4. Naruna in Katteni Momo Tenshi
    7. Genda Tessho
       Character voice of : Gally 'Vanish' Gregman
       Other works        : 1. Guile in Street Fighter II V
                            2. Mighty Kongman in Tales Of Destiny
                            3. God Reideen in Chouja Reideen
                            4. Takagi in Oss! Karate Bu
    8. Futamata Issei
       Character voice of : Linedwell Rainlicks
    9. Omi Manami
       Character voice of : Kakurine
    10. Inoue Kikuko
        Character voice of : Ihadurca and Karin
        Other works        : 1. Tendou Kasumi in Ranma 1/2
                             2. Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama
                             3. Avutu in Shin Kaitei Gunkan OVA
                             4. Panther in Saber Marionette J
                             5. Uranus in Tou Shin Den OVA
                             6. Philia Philis in Tales Of Destiny
                             7. Saginomiya Sakura in Aozora Shojoutai
                             8. Saori in Choukou Senki Kikaiou
    11. Wakamoto Norio as the narrator.
        Other works : Cell in Dragon Ball Z
    After I write down the voice casts, here's a very good one. In Japan,
    fans of Eretzvaju sent many writings about their favorite characters
    to Yuke's and looks like they payed attention carefully to them. Here
    they are from number 10 to number 01, along with their points.
    no.10 Linedwell Rainlicks - story : Daybreaker (45)
    no.09 Alty Al Lazel - story : Lost Legacy (48)
    no.08 Gally 'Vanish' Gregman - story : Klutzy Rogue (49)
    no.07 Himeno Midori - story : Zettai Nekketsu Midori Ga Ichiban (62)
    no.06 Tenpouin Keiya - story : Tenpouin Souma Kitan Gaiden (90)
    no.05 Erel Plowse - story : Moe Moe Erel (96)
    no.04 Ihadurca - story : Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju (135)
    no.03 Danzaiver - story : Kanzen Chouaku Danzaiver (271)
    no.02 Kakurine - story : Mugen Saiyu (302)
    no.01 Saizuki Setsuna - story : Guardiangel Setsuna (308) 
    Oh My! Setsuna-chan was the number 1 favorite Eretzvaju character and 
    she still the number 1 indeed. She also one of my two favorite charac
    ters (the other one is Danzaiver, who still hangs at number 3). Well,
    maybe Shou will have his luck next time.
    As you may know that Eretzvaju are going to be translated into the US
    version by Titus Software under the name Evil Zone, with an alternative
    band to do the soundtracks. Don't ask me about the details, 'cause EX 
    The World Of Anime And Manga (http://www.ex.com) has mentioned this 
    Acknowledgements and credits to :
    - Yuke's (http://www.yukes.co.jp) for making the original battle action
      game ever and to the seiyuus for giving their best voices.
    - God who always watching over me and myself for figuring out the game.
    - Doi Hitoshi-san (doi@usagi.com) for his ever extensive seiyuu database.
    - And you for the time to read this guide. You know who you are. 

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