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    FAQ/Move List by Otaku Tom

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                              PAL Version FAQ/Movelist
                                Version 1.0 25/6/00
                               Written by Otaku Tom
                            e-mail: otakutom@ghostmail.net
    This movelist is copyright to me, Otaku Tom.  If all or part of this FAQ is 
    reproduced without my concent you shall be eternally cursed by me.
    1    Introduction
    2    Key
    3    Universal Attacks/Defence
    4    Characters
    4.1  Alty Al Lazel
    4.2  Danzaiver (Sho Mikagami)
    4.3  Erel Plowse
    4.4  Gally "Vansh" Gregman
    4.5  Kakurine
    4.6  Keiya Tenpouin
    4.7  Linedwell Rainrix
    4.8  Midori Himeno
    4.9  Setsuna Saizuki
    4.10 Ihadurca (Secret Character)
    5    Secrets
    6    About the Author
    7    Credits
    1 _Introduction_
    Evil Zone was originally called Eretzvaju in Japan.  It stands out from many 
    beat 'em ups for two reasons.  Firstly it only has two, count 'em, two  
    buttons (Attack and Guard).  The second reason is because it is the closest 
    thing to an interactive anime there is.  This anime influence goes right 
    through to the strories being portrayed as a TV show!  The story very 
    quickly is that Ihadurca is evil.  You fight every one else to get a chance 
    to fight her so you can save the world / avenge someone / get her evil power 
    / etc.  It is a good departure from the complicated world of Street Fighter 
    and Tekken and, if you like anime, it rocks.
    2 _Key_
    Well you're going to need to know how to read the movelist aren't you?
    f  - tap forward
    F  - hold forward
    b  - tap back
    B  - hold back
    u  - tap up
    U  - hold up
    d  - tap up
    D  - hold down
    t  - tap triangle or attack
    T  - hold triangle or attack
    S  - Square or gaurd
    nr - Near opponent
    md - Middle distance
    fr - Far from opponent
    bk - close when opponent shows back
    ss - sidestep or sidesteppers
    +  - at the same time as
    /  - or    
    ,  - then
    (*)- needs crystal
    3 _Universal Attacks/Defence_
    Okay, all of the moves in the game are universal.  Here are the unnamed 
    nr t        - close attack
    nr t,t,t    - 3hit combo 
                  last attack can be substituted for any other attack 
                  example: t,t,d+t - 2hit, throw.
    md/fr t     - projectile
    md/fr t,t,t - 3hit projectile combo
    U/D+T       - ss attack
    F+T         - Step in attack
    B+T         - Retreat attack/projectile
    d,d+t       - Juggle starter
    md/fr u,u+t - Jump attack
    nr u,u+T    - Jump, back attack
    f,f+t       - Glide attack
                  on aired opponent it does a 3hit glide combo
                  (md/fr)on stunned opponent it does a dodge, juggle starter 
                  (This looks cool :P)
    T           - Charge crystal
    S           - Block
                  Reflect normal projectiles if timed right
                  break out of throws/traps if timed right
                  safe fall in air
    u,u+S       - Jump
    nr f+S      - Circle opponent
                  Big ss if in time with opponent's attack
    u/U/d/D     - ss
                  Roll when knocked down
    F           - Walk to run
    B           - Retreat
    4 _Characters_
    Ah, the best bit.  Here are the named moves for all the characters.  Feel 
    free to e-mail me with corrections.  The address is at the top.
    4.1 _Alty_Al_Lazel_
    The magician and youngest entrant in the game.  Fast, annoying but 
    unfortunately very weak.  If you get you can annoy your opponent all day 
    with the Dizam Low but it could cause real retribution (as I personally 
    found out).
    Story Name: Lost Legacy
    Best Quote: "May the flames BURN!"
    nr d+t - The Art of Court Fighting #34
             This is a funky version of the arm-drag takedown. 
    md d+t - Neza Juleido
             Fire spear to the gut.  Pain.
    fr d+t - Bazar Won
             Firball from the sky.  Like Armageddon in minature form.
    bk d+t - The Art of Court Fighting #21
             A spinning Frankensteiner.
    f+t      - Zaffa Vaal
               A mini comet that stuns the opponent
               Press f+t,t for a slower knockdown version
    b+t      - Diazam Low
               Shoots a fire dragon from his hands
               Press b+t,t for two dragons to hit ss only
               Press b+T for multiple drogons (*)
    u+t      - Ramid Zahm
               Puts himself in a fireball.  Good for defence.
               Press u+t,t for a larger fireball.
    nr u,u+t - Gesh Elatole
               Big explosion behind opponent.
    b,b+t    - Gesh Sieode
               Al's ultimate attack (*)
    4.2 _Danzaiver_(Sho Mikagami)
    Power Rangers reject Sho is a great all rounder, so he's good for 
    beginners.  His ending is funny as well. Really.
    Story Name: Danzaiver (Ooh, inventive)
    Best Quote: "I can read you like a book"
    nr d+t - Danzai-capture
             Nice little suplex
    md d+t - HoundBreak
             Sword stab to abdomen. Painful. more so when he rips it out of 
             their side.
    fr d+t - Seingbraze
             Why fight when you've got a sattelite to shoot your enemy with?
    bk d+t - Danzai-suplex
             A German Suplex no less.
    f+t   - Vicetriver
            He shoots his laser gun once.
            Press f+t,t for a continuous beam
            Press f+T for multiple shots (*)
    b+t   - Lightening Drive
            Shoots a ball of lightening from his chest.  Stuns the enemy.
            Press b+t,t for a double shot to hit ss.
            Press b+T for a massive version (*).
    u+t   - Spiral Bomber
            Take a Pscho Crusher and add a sword. This is what you get ;)
            Press u+t,t for a double hitting version
    b,b+t - Danzai-Burst
            Charged-up slash.  Sho's ultimate attack (*).
    4.3 _Erel_Plowse_
    Armoured girl Erel excels in mid-range because she give into pressure 
    easily.  Has the funniest story in the game on her quest for Al's love 
    (Altogether now: aaahh).
    Story Name: Passionate Erel
    Best Quote: "Erel will self-destruct in five seconds!"  (Nope, I don't 
    know why either)
    nr d+t - Erel's Throw (I'm not making this up)
             Suplex while in body scissors.
    md d+t - Barkeillassal
             3 slashes then plants a bomb on their face. Nice.
    fr d+t - Chromferade
             Jumps in the air then dive bombs them.  Once again, nice.
    bk d+t - Erel's Throw "Tout Printemps"
             Clones herself then trips the enemy.  Bit like Yoshimitsu in Tekken 3.
    f+t   - Kareabra
            Shoots little blades off her arm.  Stuns.
            Press f+t,t for double shot to hit ss.
    b+t   - Nodislern
            Laser which goes up and down.
            Press b+t,t for a version which goes left to right.
    u+t   - Remivaloona
            Forward flips with a sword out stretched.
            Press u+t,t for side spins.
            Press u+T for a longer sword (*)
    b,b+t - Eldibirus
            Erel's ultimate attack.  She's going for the home run! (*)
    4.4 _Gally_"Vanish"_Gregman_
    This guy is your standard bruiser character.  Big, powerful and surprisingly 
    fast.  Use this speed to get some quick hits in at the beginning of the round.
    He also likes a drink after fights.
    Story Name: Bounty Hunter
    Best Quote: "Oh well, screw it!"
    nr d+t - PommelShock
             Spins the opponent then hits them with the handle of his sword.
    md d+t - Hardy Gardy
             Stabs the opponent then throws them while on the end of his sword.  
    fr d+t - Leichenberger
             Does a version of Goku's Soul Bomb from DragonBall Z.
    bk d+t - Banashing Bomb
             Kind of like King's Victory Bomb/Muscle Buster from T3
    f+t   - Geigenberg
            Swings sword to produce a ground wave.  Stuns the enemy.
            Press f+t,t for an explosion instead.  Good for defence.
            Press f+T for 3 explosions (*)>
    b+t   - Kriegelstein
            Shoots mini missiles.
            Press b+t,t for ground missiles.  Hits ss only.
    u+t   - Beesendolfer
            Charges the enemy then shoots them in the abdomen.
            Press u+t,t to shoot the laser straight off.
    b,b+t - Braunsrike
            The ultimate attack.  Shoots tonnes of missiles at the opponent (*).
    4.5 _Kakurine_
    Weird little girl.  Probably the cheapest fighter in the game.  When the CPU 
    plays as her watch for this invisible dash.  I's like Hsien-Ko from 
    Story Name: Fantastic Abilities
    Best Quote: "How could you?  Idiot."
    nr d+t - Nameless (No, it really is called that)
             Teleports around enemy then pushes them over.
    md d+t - Effigy Attack
             Takes a voodoo doll and blows it away.  Bye, bye enemy.
    fr d+t - Red Magic Wave
             Cuts the opponent in slow motion.  Looks cool.
    nk d+t - Nameless
             Picks up the opponent and teleports miles up into the air.  Then 
             drops them.
    f+t   - Fire Attack
            Says it all really, stuns the enemy though.
            Press f+t,t for 4 fireballs.  Hits all ss.
    b+t   - Tsumiko
            Captures the opponent in a ring.
            Press b+t,t to blast the opponent instead.
    u+t   - Ring Magic
            Rolls a ring at the opponent.
            Press u+t,t to spins and throw rings.
            Press u+T to shoot rings (*).
    b,b+t - Devitalising Attack
            Her ultimate attack.  A kiss of death (*).
    4.6 _Keiya_Tenpouin_
    This guy rocks!  The onmyouji is best at fighting in close since is fast and 
    powerful.  He also can get crystals instantly.  Looks just like Kaji from 
    Evangelion too.
    Story Name: The Legend of Tenpouin
    Best Quote: "Ha, ha.  Ugly devil"
    nr d+t - Tenpouin Three Kicks
             Need I say more?
    md d+t - The Black Capture
             Turns the screen pitch black, then attacks the enmy from all sides.
    fr d+t - Kamitsuzumi
             Throws a card at the opponent which turns into a little monster 
    bk d+t - Tenpouin Shadow Dance
             Flips over the opponent taking their neck with him.  I spose it's a 
             kind of neck-breaker.
    f+t   - Kageyajiri
            Shoots a raven at the opponent to stun them.
            Press f+t,t to hit ss.
            Press f+T to shoot loads of ravens (*).
    b+t   - The Pentacle Capture
            Shoots pentacle across the ground.
            Press b+t,t to shoot a slower version.  This charges a crystal 
            if it connects ^O^.
    u+t   - Mizuuzakuro
            Shoots 5 pestles in a line.  Can get a 5hit combo with luck.
            Press u+t,t to shoot them in a semi-circle.  Hits everyone, even ss.
    b,b+t - Akekazori
            Shoots a nice beam of energy which takes off a third of their life.  
            Keiya's ultimate attack.  Also the only attack for which he uses his 
            right hand (*).
    4.7 _Linedwell_Rainrix_
    Why are all English portrayed as psychos?  Anyway, he's quite a good fighter 
    but needs to in close for any attacks to hit.  Bad story but cool throws.
    Story Name: Daybreaker (Why?)
    Best Quote: "Ha, ha, ha!  Bye, bye baby!"
    nr d+t - Heaven Fall
             Slams their face into the ground.
    md d+t - Albatel
             Grabs their leg and smacks them into the ground three times.
    fr d+t - Welm
             Uses Shahal (his sword) to cut a rift in time/space and pushes the 
             opponenet to the ground.
    bk d+t - Lunatic Fang
             Looks like Bass's Calf Branding from DoA.
    f+t   - Rajiel
            Shoots energy from his pentacle.  Stuns.
            Press f+t,t for a slower albeit more powerful version.
    b+t   - Remegheton
            Same as Gally's Geigenberg only it doesn't stun.
            Press b+t,t to shoot two to hit ss.
    u+t   - Albertus
            Rapid stabs but you need to be dead close for it to hit.
            Press u+t,t for aversion with greater range.
            Press u+T for a laser version (*).
    b,b+t - Lido Gade
            Cuts a pentacle in their chest and then stabs himself.  This prompts a 
            big explosion to the enemy.  Need I say "ultimate attack" (*).
    4.8 _Midori_Himeno_
    Your typical "in your face" girl from the dojo (there's always one...).  Don't 
    take her too far out of the way or you'll never hit the opponent.  Look at her 
    intro poses.  She got issues.
    Story Name: Passionate Midori
    Best Quote: "Here comes the special one!"
    nr d+t - Fuin Lion's Roar
             Belly-to-belly suplex crossed with the Rock Bottom.
    md d+t - Jinku & Senka
             Clones herself four times and then proceeds to beat the living snot 
             out of the enemy.  Watch for the uppercut!
    fr d+t - Vanishing Flowers
             Charges the opponenet and punches them like mental.  Looks cool?  
             Damn straight!
    bk d+t - Fuin Askura
             King's Victory Bomb/Muscle Buster.  Since when did she get six arms?
    f+t   - Vanashing snow
            Energy ball.  Can't say fairer than that.
            Press f+t,t for double shot.  Hits ss and normal close up.
            Press f+T for big shot (*).
    b+t   - Fuin Gensui
            Throws a discus which stuns.  Different.
            Press b+t,t to hit ss.
            Press b+T for massive discus (*).
    u+t   - Midori Mix "Togetsu"
            Charges then shoots energy into the enemy.
            Press u+t,t to do a flying kick.
    b,b+t - Fuin Straight
            Midori's ultimate attack.  Levitates them using her left hand, then 
            beats them with her right (*).
    4.9 _Setsuna_Saizuki_
    Okay, we have here a school girl with another being co-existing in her (Karin).
    Fine...  Good all rounder, with a good range of attacks.  Bit weak though.
    Story Name: Guardian Angel Setsuna (Whatever...)
    Best Quote: "What a waste"
    nr d+t - Fuin Naghi
             Your basic Judo throw.
    md d+t - Abdomen Thrust
             Stab in the abdomen.  Keeps pushing until it goes all the way through.  
             A twisted school girl.
    fr d+t - Youshoken
             Fires fairies (yes, fairies) at the enemy.
    bk d+t - Fuin Waves
             Another Judo throw.  This time it hooks the leg and dumps them over.
    f+t   - FireBird Attack
            Shoots a bird.  Stuns opponent.
            Press f+t,t to hit ss.
            Press f+T for a flock of birds.
    b+t   - Zankouran
            Throws a sword at the opponent.
            Press b+t,t.  It's rainin' swords.
    u+t   - Revolving Attack
            Spins in the air while slashing away.
            Press u+t,t for 2hit version.
    b,b+t - Ultra Death Attack
            One Setsuna hits them up, three hits them down (*).
    4.10 _Ihadurca_ (secret character)
    Ah, here we go.  The boss of a game has to be good and she is no exception.  
    Good all rounder, she excels in long range combat.  Her moves look cool too.
    nr d+t - Nameless
             Picks them up and slams them using her staff.
    md d+t - Red Energy Attack
             Shoots them to the ground, then she flies up and shoots some more.
    fr d+t - Constrained Abuse
             Flies the enemy around a bit then drops them.
    bk d+t - Nameless
             Levitates them while Bendis and Meltis shoots them.
    f+t   - Spear-Beam Attack
            Shoots a beam from her spear (Duh).  Stuns, can hit enemy twice if near 
            and hits aired enemies.  Pretty good, then.
            Press f+t,t to hit ss.
    b+t   - Hex Attack
            Shoots a wall of energy at the opponent.
            Press b+t,t to hit ss.
    u+t   - Flame Technique
            Makes spheres surround her.  Flash defence.
            Press u+t,t to expand the area.
            Press u+T to shoot the spheres at the opponent (*).
    b,b+t - Ihadurca's Mighty Bisection
            Two words: Funky move! (*)
    5 _Secrets_
    There is a lot to keep the replay value high.  Just getting the secrets should 
    keep you busy.
    Complete story mode.
    Complete story mode
    Can you guess?  Complete story mode.
    Complete...1 player mode (didn't see that coming did you? You did! Oh..)
    Complete story mode with three different characters.  You'll then see the 
    preview trailer after the credits.
    Get Ihadurca
    Ready?  Go to Vs mode.  Choose a character and make both players the same 
    character.  Watch the pose.  Now keep fighting as them and eventually their 
    pose will change.  Continue until it has changed 8 times.  Now in the corner 
    it should say "Action Select".  Press circle to choose the action and X to 
    chose the character.  Now repeat with every character.
    Do all of the above.  On this listen to the last 10 quotes.  Most of these are 
    quite funny!  Okay it's just me...
    Get all of the above.  Now this really is funny.
    6 _About_the_Author_
    As this is my first FAQ, I thought I should say something about myself.  Ummm....
      I have been playing games since the hazy days of the Commadore 64 and I am 
    planning to get a PS2.  I mostly play beat 'em ups with my favourites being 
    this, DarkStalkers 3, SNK Vs. Capcom and Tekken 3.  I also love all things anime 
    and manga which is why my room has turned into something of a shrine.
    7 _Credits_
    Well since this is the first version I don't have much to say here but anyway.
    Otaku Tom    - for writing this FAQ.
    Yukes        - for making this game so damn good.
    Titus        - for publishing it here in the UK.
    AIC          _ for designing the great characters.
    Umm...That's it.  You can stop reading now.  Yeah, I'm talking about you there.  
    STOP!!  Well done.

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