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    Short Move List by Yoma

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (printable) move list
    Available at your local arcade (?) and the evil Sony corp's. PSX
    Version 1.0 - 4.11.01
    By Jerry "Yoma" Enzyme - Preferred by 1 out of every 10 smart marks
    Report any errors or whatever to stormhawk@subdimension.com
    I LOVE E-MAIL.  Really.
    Unpublished work © 2001 Jerry Enzyme
    All characters and the game title are © SNK of Japan/USA.
    This document is intended for free use.  It cannot be reprinted in any 
    magazine or strategy guide, or any other publication in any medium for
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    AHHHHHHHHH LUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV YEWWWWWWWWWW!  Once again, its time for a short
    move list, this one for a very underappreciated SNK game (oh, like THOSE are
    rare) called Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition.  All moves and names are from the US
    version of the game, so no credits for anyone!  YES!
    Legend time: Moves inbetween 2 *'s are super moves, moves inbetween 4 *'s
    are Overdrive Attacks, which require your bar to be at MAX.  That's it.
    Two things before we get started today:
    1. Tsugumi's Osaka Naniwa Deathlock is quite possibly the coolest move ever.
    If you watch wrestling, think "Sharpshooter Bomb" and you'll get the idea.
    2. I think Deep Impact is quite possibly (again!) the worst movie ever, and
    Armageddon was much better.  Discuss.
    Burning Knuckle 		qcb + P/S
    Rising Tackle			Charge d, then u + P
    Crack Shoot			qcb + K
    Power Wave			qcf + P
    Round Wave			qcf + S
    Power Charge			b, df + P
    *Power Geyser*			qcb, db, f + KS
    **Triple Geyser**		qcb, db, f + S
    **Heat Up Geyser**		f, b, db, d, df + S
    Slash Kick			db, f + S
    Golden Heel Hurter		qcb + K
    Tiger Kick			f, d, df + K
    Hurricane Upper			hcf + P
    Exploding Hurricane		Hurricane Upper, then hcf + S
    TNT Punch			P,P,P..
    TNT Hook			P,P,P.. then qcf + P
    TNT Elbow			P,P,P.. then qcf + S
    *Screw Upper*			f, b, db, d, df + KS
    **Turbulence Upper**		f, b, db, d, df + S
    Poison Mist			qcb + P/S
    Giant Bomb			db, f + S
    Super Drop Kick			Charge K 5 seconds, then release
    Thunder Death Driver		360 + S
    *Thor Hammer*			f, b, db, d, df + KS
    *Berserk Trident*		360 + KS
    **Circle Hurricane**		f, b, d, u + S
    Dream World Wave		qcf + P
    Sacred Elbow of Annihilation	qcb + P, then qcf + K
    Fluttering Crash		qcb + K
    Drunken Crash			qcb + S
    Bursting Heaven Mount		f, d, df + K
    *Tremendous Talus*		f, b, db, d, u + KS
    *Smashing Sacred Dragon*	S, then qcf + PK, then b, f + PK
    **Fanatic Fang**		360 + S (101 hits!)
    Crescent Moon Slash		qcb + S
    Flying Slice			Charge d, then u + K
    Cloud of Dust			Charge d, then u + P
    Flap in Cloud			Cloud of Dust, then Charge d + P
    Flying Kick			Jump, then d + K
    Discipline Kick			Jump, Flying Kick, then df + K
    Spirit of Conquest Kick		qcf + K
    *Heavenly Phoenix Kick*		Jump, then hcf + KS
    **Phoenix Kick**		qcb, db, f + S
    Ryu En Bu			qcb + P
    Deadly Ninja Bees		hcf + S
    Kacho Sen			qcf + P
    San Flash Dance			Charge d, u + S
    Squirrel Dance			Jump, then d + PK
    *Super Deadly Ninja Bees*	f, b, db, d, df + KS
    **Neo Lotus Storm**		f, b, db, d, df + S
    Zan Ei Ken			db, f + S
    Hi Sho Ken			qcb + P
    Sho Ryu Dan			f, d, df + P
    Sonic Split			db, qcf + K
    Baku Shin			hcb + K
    Hi Sho Ken Force		qcb + S
    *Super Sonic Swirl*		qcb, db, f + KS
    **Thorough Shredding Rush**	qcb, db, f + S
    Serpent Slash (upper)		qcb + P
    Serpent Slash (middle)		qcb + K
    Serpent Slash (lower)		qcb + S
    Sadomaso			hcf + K
    Double Return			qcf + S
    Venom Claw			f, db, f + P, then P,P,P..
    Bomb Bopper			f, b, d, u + S
    *Guillotine*			f, b, db, d, df + KS
    *Shovel*			Charge db, b, f + KS
    **Drill**			360 + S, then S,S,S..
    Tower Drop Driver		b, d, db + P/K/S
    Osaka Naniwa Lariat		Charge b, then f + P
    Octopus Heat			qcf + S
    Tsugumi Elbow			qcf + P
    Okonomi Kick Combo		Charge d, then u + K,K,K,K,S
    Hunting Bridge			qcb + K
    Super Drop Kick Light		Charge K 5 seconds, then release
    *Flying Tsugumi Drop*		f, b, db, d, df + KS
    *Osaka Naniwa Deathlock*	b, db, d + S, then hcf + KS RIGHT after S
    **Loop Line Crash**		qcb, db, f + S
    Strong Wind Slash		qcb + P
    Evil Shadow Smasher		qcb + S
    Spiral Parrying Throw		hcf + K
    Crescent Parrying Throw		hcf + S
    Below the Belt Blast		hcf + P
    Gale Slash			Jump, then qcf + P/S
    *Raising Storm*			db, hcb, df + KS
    *Empty Wind Blast*		Charge db, b, f + KS
    **Raising Dead End**		f, b, db, d, df + S, then hcf + K/S
    **Deadly Rave**			hcf, f + P,P,P,K,K,K,S,S,S, qcb + S
    Symbiotic Slice			qcb + P/S
    Mirror Murder			f, d, df + P
    Cyclone Seizure			hcb + P
    Thundering Heavens Homicide	f, b, d, u + S
    *Heaven Thrust*			qcb, db, f + KS
    **Mortally Inspire*		360 + S
    Midsection Club Cruncher	Charge b, then f + P
    Burning Club Cruncher		Charge b, then f + P, then b, f + S
    Sparrow Hunt			qcb + P
    Whirlwind Clubber		qcf + P, then P,P,P..
    Soaring Crackdown Cane		db, d, df, f + K
    Fire Dragon Pursuit		qcb + K
    Whirlwind Clubber Rush		db, d, df, f + K, then S
    Gliding Crackdown Cane		db, d, df, f + K, then u + S
    *Ultra Fire Swirl*		f, b, db, d, df + KS
    *Red Lotus Requiem*		f, df, d + S
    **Salamander Streamer**		f, b, db, d, df + S
    MR. KARATE (hidden, beat the game with anyone without continuing to get)
    Tiger Flame Punch		qcf + P/S
    Koho				f, d, df + P/S
    Lightning Legs KO Kick		qcf + K (qcf + K)
    1000 Kick Crunch		f, b, f + P
    Shi Cho Ken			qcb + S
    Extreme Successive Punch	b, d, db + P
    Flying Tiger Flame Punch	Jump, then qcf + S
    *Haoh Sho Ko Ken*		f, b, db, d, df + KS
    **Ryuko Ranbu**			qcf, df, d, db, b + S
    DUCK (hidden, beat the game with all the original characters to get)
    Head Spin Attack		Charge b, then f + P/S
    Dancing Dive			qcb + K
    Break Storm			f, d, df + K
    Break Storm King		f, d, df, f, uf + K
    Flying Spin Attack		Jump, then qcb + P/S
    Beat Rush Star			f, b, f + S
    *Break Spiral*			hcf, uf, d + KS
    *Spiral Brother Custom*		Jump, then hcf + KS
    **Space Cowboy**		qcb, db, f + S

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