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    Billy Kane by JTamangan

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    Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 12:10:49 -0800 (PST)
    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
    Billy Kane FAQ
    By Jim Tamangan. (ryo79@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ is best viewed in one of those Monospaced fonts...u know, like
    um...oh yeah Courier, DOS type, or better...Just open this in Notepad or
    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, and Billy Kane are Trademarks of SNK..  And
    this is an unofficial FAQ.  Now I made this FAQ, and I don't like
    people going and nicking it as their own.  It is not to be used for 
    personal profit, and if u are gonna use on your webpage, tell me, and
    give credit where credit is due.^_^
    About the Game!
    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition is SNK's second "3D" conversion for one of
    their many coveted games on the Hyper 64 board (The first was the,
    IMHO, the abysmal Samurai Shodown 64) and they sure learned their
    mistakes ^_^.  The chronological section for where this game is 
    placed is quite, well weird.  If u examine the game carefully, then u
    will notice the following:
    1)  Raiden is called "Raiden" and not Big Bear.
    2)  Geese has no scar on his chest!
    What does this state?  Well this means it is like a remake of Fatal
    Fury!  But all the characters have moves from their previous outings.
    Such as DMs, and SDMs.  Terry's Power Charge, and High Angle Geyser
    for example.  It is like, well, when Capcom made the Alpha series.
    But this does not detract from the game, so enjoy.
    The New Super System!
    I think I better explain the new "super" move system as well.  
    Whereas before, u could perform DMs when u either had a full charge 
    bar, or your life bar was flashing red, or SDMs when u had a full 
    charge bar AND your life was flashing red.  Now u can only use your
    DM (which is now renamed as the Super Drive) when your life is red.
    As for the SDMs (or the Overdrive move), u can only use this if u
    have a full charge bar!
    Now, to your charge bar starts at 50% at the beginning of match.  The
    more u attack this bar goes up.  If however, u start slowing down,
    your bar will gradually drop back to the 50% mark.  When u take
    unblocked damage, both your energy bar and your charge bar will drop!
    YES THAT IS BOTH BARS!!!!  IF your charge bar reaches 0% then u 
    "overheat" and become dizzy!  Also using a HEAT move will drop the
    bar to 1%. Also using the Guard Reversal, and Guard Counter, as well
    as the Heat explosion will also drop the bar.  The amount of charge u
    have is carried to the next road.  So if u have a somewhere between
    51% to 100% then that is carried to the next round, NOT the next
    match!  If your charge bar is below 50% it is reseted back to 50% for
    the next round.
    About Billy Kane!
    Name:         William Kane
    Birthdate:    25/12
    Nationality:  British
    Weight:       77 kg
    Height:       179cm
    Style:        Self Taught 3 section staff.
    Job:          Personal Bodyguard of Geese Howard.
    Appearances:  Fatal Fury (Boss)
                  Fatal Fury 2 
                  Fatal Fury Special
                  Fatal Fury 3 (cameo only)
                  King of Fighters 95
                  King of Fighters 96 (cameo only)
                  King of Fighters 97
                  King of Fighters 98
                  Real Bout Fatal Fury
                  Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
                  Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
                  Real Bout Fatal Fury Dominated Mind (mouthful or what)
                  Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
    A=            A button (punch)
    B=            B button (kick)
    C=            C button (Heavy attack)
    D=            D button (plane shift)
    f             forward
    b             back
    QCF           Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB           Quarter Circle Back
    QCD           Quarter Circle Down starting from forward
    ->            Means the following hit combos, or chains
    ~             means press the next button very fast after the
                  previous button.
    Standing A
    Quick hit with the back of the cane
    Standing B
    Standing C
    Swings the cane in front of himself
    Crouching A
    Small poke with the cane.
    Crouching B
    Extends his lead foot out.
    Crouching C
    Sweeps with his lead foot
    Jump A
    Small tap with the end of the cane
    Jump B
    Medium angled fly kick (note Jump straight up and B produces a
    lower angled kick.)
    Jump C
    Holds the cane in the middle and swings it downwards.
    Billy twist and bring his cane down.
    Billy hops forward hitting with the tip of his cane, following with
    A roundhouse kick
    b, Dwnfwd+B
    Billy looks as if he is about to start a Soaring Crackdown cane but
    he doesn't leave the ground.  Instead he slams his feet back down in
    a Circular arc.  This is an over head
    Billy does and "uppercut" with the cane.  This is a launcher and
    U can juggle your opponent for a second hit (Try using Sparrow Drop).
    Dwnfwd+C (opponent lying on the floor)
    Billy will ram the end of his cane into your opponent.  This work
    when u have knocked your opponent to the floor but all his combos
    either knock them to far away OR they don't knock then down at all!
    f+C (close)
    Throw move.  Billy throws the person up and hits him 4 times with his
    b+C (close)
    Throws the opponent over his head to the other side using the tip of
    his cane.
    f,b+C (close)
    f+C (Behind, close)
    Billy wraps the cane around the opponents neck and throws them over!
    3           COMMAND MOVES!
    Note?  Any move names with a ?? next to them means I don't know the
    SNK official name and just stuck in a name that describes the move!
    Mid Section Club Cruncher: b, charge, f+A
    Billy extends his cane forward about 2/3s the screen.  Basically his
    version of a "fireball".  It is slower than in most versions but his
    recovery time is pretty good.  And it pushes the opponent back a bit.
    But beware if someone jumps in while u are doing this.  Cos u are
    toast then!
    Club cruncher finisher: after club cruncher- b,f+C
    Second hit after the initial clubcruncher.  Sets your opponent on
    fire, knocking them to the ground.  Good when u get it in there,
    takes loads of energy!
    Soaring Crackdown cane: QCF+B
    Billy Pole vaults into the air and comes down with the cane spinning
    on your opponents head.  Quick, although if u miss do it from a
    distance say goodbye to Billy for he has a neon sign on him saying
    hit me!
    Forward propeller spin??: after Soaring crackdown cane-C quickly!
    Oh I love this move.  Billy begins a pole vault this shoots forward
    while spinning the cane like a propeller infront of him.  Since he is
    airborne he will go over some low attacks.  The recovery time is also
    great as well
    Angled Propeller spin??: after Soaring crackdown- Up+C just as he 
    begins to fall.
    Billy shoots into the air and begins to decend then pauses mid air
    and changes his move to downward angle propeller spin.  This is a 
    pretty useless, though it does have it's good point.  Like, um, like
    yeah! People will not be able to guess where u land! I suppose.
    Whirlwind cane: QCF+A
    Billy spins his cane in front of him.  The range sucks on this but it
    can stop fireballs.  Recovery is a bit slow.
    Dragon Rave: QCB+B
    Not the counter from the Real Bout 1 game, but rather the attack move
    like in Real Bout Special.  Billy whips the cane in front of him with
    both ends of the cane.  Not all that for range and the recovery is slow!
    Sparrow Drop: QCB+A
    Shoots the cane at about 45% upwards into the air.  Great air defence
    IF u can predict opponents who will jump in.  If not, don't use it
    cos it is slow to come out!  Recovery isn't all that great either.
    It hits opponents who are standing RIGHT NEXT to you but the 
    Damage dealt isn't all that!!
    4          SUPER MOVES
    Salamander Stream. F, HCF+C (Overdrive, full charge bar only)
    SDM he gained in Real Bout 2.  Range is ok. Recovery time is good.
    But I still do not advocate using this move.  The final "buster"
    bit of this move has fooled people before and this can get u out
    of a tight spot.
    Fire Whirlwind spin: F, HCF+BC (Super Drive, red bar only)
    Billy's old super move.  Unlike in the old Fatal Furys where this
    only had to touch the opponent to do monstrous damage, this now has
    been switched to the multiple hit form (Like in KOF series).  
    Still this is great air defence AND it CAN hit people who jump into
    it for a second hit.  Therefore a GREAT super.
    Leaping Spiral Fire cane??: QCD+C (Super Drive, red bar only)
    Billy's SDM from Real Bout.  Billy leaps into the air while a
    circle of fire, much like the Fire Whirlwind Spin, surrounds him.
    If it wasn't for the horrendous recovery as he comes down, this
    would also be 5 star.  Great in combos as well!!
    5 String moves
    Strings are a succession of moves that are special but do not all
    Connect if one move is not blocked.  They are usually done to fool
    people who are blocking in a certain way.  In the strings are
    sections that WILL combo.  It is usually the end part that does not
    Here is a list of strings.  It is by no means complete and there may
    be more.  Some may even be actual combos!!
    Standing A->Standing B, DwnFwd+C (this also acts as a launcher)
    Crouching A->Crouching B->Crouching C 
    Crouching A_>Crouching B, Dwnbk+C (The final part is an overhead)
    6 Chain Moves
    These ARE Combos!  All hits will connect if u land the first hit!
    Standing A->Standing B->Standing C (3 hits)
    Standing A->Standing B->Standing B (3 hits)
    Standing B->Standing B (2 hits)
    Standing B->Standing C (2 hits)
    Standing C(2 hits)->Standing C (3 hits altogether)
    7 COMBOS
    What u have been waiting for!  These are the combos that will rip
    Apart your opponent.. maybe.
    Standing A->Standing B->Whirlwind cane (QCF+A) 4 hits
    Standing A->Standing B->Dragon Rave (QCB+B) 5 hits
    Standing A->Standing B->Forward propeller spin (QCF+B~C) 8 hits
    Crouching A->Crouching B->Whirlwind cane (QCF+A) 4 hits
    Crouching A->Crouching B->Dragon rave (QCB+B) 5 hits
    Standing C(2hits)->Whirlwind cane (QCF+A)  4 hits
    Standing C(2hits)->Dragon Rave (QCB+B) 5 hits
    Standing C(2hits)->Midsection club cruncher and finisher (b, charge, f+A, b,f+C)  4 hits (1)
    Standing C(2hits)->Leaping spiral Fire cane (QCD+C) 5+hits (2)
    Note (1) this is Billy's best combo!!!  The charge for the club 
    cruncher isn't all that long so just hold back as u connect with
    the C first hit!
    Note (2) U have to be quite close for this combo to work.
    U can most probably preceed most combos with a jumping C but this
    has to be VERY deep and to tell u the truth I cannot do this properly
    Well this is the beginning!  I have more "research" to do on this 
    game and when I can I will update this Guide!!  If u have some stuff
    that u can help me with (names of moves would help!) I will credit 
    u for it!  Until next time... happy playing!

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