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    Terry by CFranke

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    Author: Clemens Franke
    For the newest version of this faq and a lot more freaky Fatal Fury and Art
    of Fighting stuff, visit my homepage at http://members.xoom.com/realbout
    Welcome to another one of my Terry guides. Yes, no one needs a guide for him
    in Wild Ambition, cause he´s very strong and not too hard to play, but I was
    bored, so I typed this faq up. Oh well.
    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition is the first polygonal FF game. It runs on SNK´s
    Hyper Neo Geo 64 hardware. I still plan on buying a Hyper setup, if I do,
    prepare for faqs about some Hyper games and/or the Hyper itself.
    I only played the PlayStation version of Wild Ambition, so I´m sorry if any
    of the things here doesn´t work on the arcade version. But as far as I know,
    there are no differences at all.
    Mail me!!!
    If you have any suggestions, corrections or something to contribute feel free
    to e-mail me at realbout@t-online.de. Of course you will be credited.
    Or, even better, leave a message on my homepage´s BBS:
    Revision History
    Ver. 0.9  - 13.10.99/1.30 a.m. - I was bored, so I wrote this guide.
    About Terry in Wild Ambition
    He is not too different from his RB2 incarnation. He still possesses easy
    combo abilities and the two-part command attack Power Dunk. Overall, one
    of the strongest characters in the game, also very recommended for beginners.
    A Note
    - This guide is for people who have some experiences with Wild Ambition. If
      you want general information or explanations of the gamesystem of FFWA you
      should take a look into one of the various faqs which can be found at
    A list of the shortcuts for directions and moves that are used in this guide:
    up     - up (you expected that, right?)
    dwn    - down
    fwd    - forward
    bkw    - backward
    qcf    - quarter circle forward  (dwn, dwnfwd, fwd)
    qcb    - quarter circle backward (dwn, dwnbkw, bkw)
    hcf    - half circle forward     (bkw, bkwdwn, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd)
    A      - A button, punch
    B      - B button, kick
    C      - C button, heavy attack
    D      - D button, line switch
    In the combos lists:
    ,      - means the attack combos                  (stolen from Kao Megura´s
    .      - means that it doesn't combo                  Wild Ambition faq)
    Buster Throw         : near opponent, fwd + C
    Back Spin Attack     : near opponent, fwd, bkw + C
    Neck Hanging Crusher : from behind, near opponent, fwd + C
    Neck Breaker Drop    : while dashing A + B
    <<Command Attacks>>
    Back Spin Kick   : fwd + B
    Fire Kick        : bkw + C
    Jumping Knee Kick: dwnfwd + B
    Power Dunk       : push C after the Jumping Knee Kick  (must be blocked high)
    Power Charge     : bkw, dwnfwd + A
    Charge Kick      : while dashing + C (must be blocked high, you can start any
                                          combo with this move when you hit a
                                          crouching opponent)
    <<Special Attacks>>
    Power Wave      : qcf + A
    Round Wave      : qcf + C
    Burning Knuckle : qcb + A or C
    Rising Tackle   : dwn briefly, up + A (the first hit must be blocked low)
    Crack Shoot     : qcb + B
    <<Super Special Skill>>
    Power Geyser : qcb, bkwdn, fwd + B + C
    <<Overdrive Power>>
    Triple Geyser  : qcb, bkwdn, fwd + C
    Heat Up Geyser : fwd, hcf + C
    Important note:
    All combos can be started with a jumping C or with a Charge Kick, see Command
    Attack section.
    A, B, C (3 hits)
    dwn+A, dwn+B. dwn+C (2 hits followed by a sweep, will knock the enemy down)
    dwn+B, Dwn+C (2 hits, will knock down)
    C, C, C (4 hits, the first C will count 2 hits)
    A, B, B (3 hits, the last kick must be blocked high)
    B, B (2 hits)
    A, fwd+C, C (3 hits, will knock down)
    A, C (2 hits)
    dwn+A, dwn+C (2 hits)
    <<Involving Specials>>
    A, B. dwnfwd+C (2 hits followed by an uppercut, must be blocked high,
                    can be followd up with a 
                                             -light Burning Knuckle (hard timing)
                                             -heavy Burning Knuckle
                                             -Crack Shoot
                                             -Rising Tackle
                                             -Power Wave
                                             -Power Geyser (must be done fast)
                                             -Triple Geyser
    A, B. dwn+C (2 hits followed by a low kick which must be blocked low,
                 can be followed up with a
                                          -light Burning Knuckle
                                          -Crack Shoot
                                          -Power Wave
                                          -Power Charge
                                          -Heat Up Geyser
    C, C (3 hits, can be followed up with a
                                           -light Burning Knuckle
                                           -Crack Shoot
                                           -Rising Tackle
                                           -Power Wave
                                           -Power Charge
                                           -Heat Up Geyser
    Pre-fight pose:
    He puts his cap onto his head.
    Winning poses:
    -Terry turns, throws his cap away and yells "Okay!".
    -He swings his left arm and yells "Alright!".
    -He dusts off his hat on his knee while saying quiet "Hmpf", puts it back on
     his head and turns away.
    -Terry waves off and says "Good luck!".
    Terry says "Hey, come on!".
    Color palette:
    He has his classic outfit, with the red vest, white shirt and blue pants and
    the one where his vest, cap and pants are black.
    You              - For reading this.
    SNK              - For developing this great game.  Site at:
    EX Andy and Kao  - I took some names of command attacks and throws from their
    Megura             faqs.
    The legal stuff
    The Terry character guide was written by me, Clemens Franke. It is only for
    non-commercial/promotional use.
    All copyrights including Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, Terry Bogard and Real
    Bout 2 belong to SNK. Please send me an e-mail (clefranke@metronet.de) if
    you want to use this guide on your homepage.

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