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    Mini-FAQ by Kao Megura

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    aka "Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition"
    for the Sony PlayStation (import)
    by Chris MacDonald  
     Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2001 Chris MacDonald
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     The Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting game series are (c) SNK of Japan
     and SNK Corporation of America.
     1.  HOW TO PLAY
          - FAQ Notation
          - Basic Commands
          - The Heat Gauge
          - Super Moves
          - Overdrive Powers
          - Heat Blow
          - Andy Bogard
          - Geese Howard
          - Billy Kane
          - Duck King
          - Joe Higashi
          - Kim Kaphwan
          - Li Xiangfei
          - Mai Shiranui
          - Mr. Karate
          - Raiden
          - Ryuji Yamazaki
          - Terry Bogard            
          - Toji Sakata
          - Tsugumi Sendo
          - Other Modes
          - Enable Duck King
          - Enable Mr. Karate
          - Geese's Hidden Outfit
          - Arcade Version Codes
          - Menu Information
          - Translations
     5.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
          - Revision History
          - Special Thanks
     If you know Japanese and want to help contribute to this FAQ, I'm
     looking for someone to translate the info. found at SNK's Fatal Fury
     webpage, this section in particular:
     My Japanese just isn't good enough to figure out the move notes and
     stuff listed on that page.
     1.  HOW TO PLAY
     This section outlines the basic controls for all characters:
     (controller directions and results)
      ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back            Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
        \ | /
     b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Block       Neutral         Walk Forward
        / | \
      db  d  df      Crouch / Low Block      Crouch          Crawl Forward
     (button layout and effect)
     Square Button    :  Punch Attack       (You can configure these buttons
     X Button (Cross) :  Kick Attack        and the R1,L1,R2,L2 shoulder
     Circle Button    :  Special Attack     buttons in the Key Config. menu.
     Triangle Button  :  Line Sway          Start and Select cannot be
     Select           :  Cancels a choice   re-configured, though).
     Start            :  Confirms a choice
     (FAQ abbreviations)
      P,K,S,L    -  Punch, Kick, Special, Line Switch
      qcf / qcb  -  Press (d,df,f) or (d,db,b) on the control pad.
      hcf / hcb  -  Press (b,db,d,df,f) or (f,df,d,db,b) on the control pad.
      Rotate 360 -  Rotate the control pad in a complete circle.  You can
                    start and end the circle at any point (i.e. start at uf
                    and end at uf, or b to b, etc.)  The shorthand motion for
                    this is f,df,d,db,b,ub or the reverse.
      (air)      -  The move can be performed while on the ground, or while
                    in the air (during a jump or after an air recovery).
      x~x        -  All possible ranges are allowed (for example, ub through
                    uf, or P through S).
      . / ,      -  "," means the attack combos, "." means that it doesn't.
      (special)  -  Means that the move has a special effect if you Counter
                    Hit with it.
     Walk Back / Forward            Press and hold b / f
     Crouch                         Press and hold d
     Crawl Forward                  Press and hold df
     Standing Block                 Hold b when attacked
     Crouching Block                Hold db when attacked
     Mid-Air Block                  Hold b / db when attacked in air
     Guard Impact                   While blocking, tap f,f
     Counter Attack                 While blocking, press f + PK
     Quick Dash                     Tap f,f
     Quick Dash to Dash             Tap f,f, then hold f after Quick Dash
     Dash                           Tap f,f, hold last f
     Back Dash                      Tap b,b
     Small Jump                     Tap ub~uf
     Normal Jump                    Press ub~uf
     Big Jump                       Dash, then press u / uf
     Punch Attack                   Press P
     Kick Attack                    Press K
     Special Attack                 Press S
     Special Attack (alternate)     f + S
     Special Attack (launcher)      df + S
     Pursuit Attack                 df + S when your foe is on the floor
     Throw Techniques               When close, f + S  (or from behind)
     Throw Escape                   Press f + S as you are thrown
     Line Sway (into background)    Press L
     Line Sway (into foreground)    Press d + L
     Evade                          Press L the moment you hit the floor
     Spin Opponent Around           When close, press f + L
     Fake Attack                    d / f + PS / KS  (depends)
     Taunt                          Press PK
     Heat Blow                      Press PKS with a full Heat Gauge
     Shiraha Counter                Both characters attack at the same time
     Guard Destroyed                Keep attacking a blocking opponent
     Counter Hits                   Attack someone as they attack you
     Overhead Attacks               (see each character's movelist)
      - The Fake Attack is just that, a fake version of a special move or
        super move.
      - The Throw Escape only works for command throws.  So, Mai's Fuusha
        Kuzushi or Mr. Karate's Kyo Chuudan Tsuki would be escapable,
        but Xiangfei's Kita Senri or Raiden's Thunder Death Driver would
      - You have to time a Pursuit Attack in order to get it to hit.
      - Pressing f + L when close to your opponent makes you grab them
        and spin them around so that they have their back to you.  Be
        careful, though, since some characters have special attacks that
        they can use when you're behind them.
      - You can even use the Counter Attack while crouching.
      - If someone is performing a move and you hit them out of it, you've
        performed a Counter Hit.  Some moves that counterhit have special
        effects (for example, with Raiden's Dokugiri or Terry's Power
      - If someone blocks attacks repeatedly, their guard will be destroyed,
        which means that they stop blocking for a moment.  If your timing
        is good, you can hit them before they recover.  The best way to
        prevent this from happening is to jump or line sway instead of
        blocking all the time, or if you do block an attack, use the Guard
        Impact, which not only pushes your opponent away from you but doesn't
        contribute to getting your guard destroyed.
      - Overhead attacks are moves which must be blocked high (you'll still
        get hit if you block low).  Note that if someone does block low and
        gets hit, you can then combo off of that overhead hit (into a
        normal combo, not just a special move).
     A gauge with a life of it's own ;)  Well, not really, but the gauge is
     pretty annoying.  Here's how it works:
      - The Heat Gauge starts off at the 50% mark.  This is it's equilibrium,
        so if you have less than 50%, it slowly refills to that point.  If
        you have more than 50%, it slowly decreases back to 50 percent.
        This only happens when you're not being attacked or making an attack
        (i.e. moving or standing still).
      - Making an attack, damaging your opponent, and taunting can help
        fill up your Heat Gauge.  Getting damaged makes the Heat Gauge
        decrease.  Using a Counter Attack makes it deplete somewhat, and
        using a Heat Blow drains a lot of power (around 80%).  Using an
        Overdrive Power makes it almost completely empty.
      - When you fill up the Heat Gauge to 100%, it reads "MAX OK", and will
        stay at 100% for a certain amount of time.  You can use the Heat
        Blow or your character's Overdrive Power with a MAXed Heat Gauge.
      - If the Heat Gauge gets too low, it reads "DANGER".  If you lose
        what power you have left (you hit 0%), then your character
        becomes overheated (they are momentarily dizzy and cannot defend
        or attack).  One time when you must be careful about getting
        overheated is after using an Overdrive Power or Heat Blow, since
        your Heat Gauge will decrease significantly.
     Super Moves ("Chou Hissatsu Waza" or "Super Deadly Techniques" in
     Japanese), are unlike other moves in that, they can _only_ be used when
     your first life gauge has been depleted and your remaining gauge is
     flashing red.  Once it's flashing, you can use Super Moves repeatedly,
     until you die or until the next round.
     Note that performing a Super Move when you have flashing life and a
     MAXed out Heat Gauge has no effect, unlike in other SNK games.
     Overdrive Powers have varying commands depending on the character,
     but are always done by entering a command and pressing S.  Unlike other
     moves, they can _only_ be used when your Heat Gauge is at MAX.  If you
     perform an Overdrive Power that misses, the Heat Gauge will still empty
     Note that performing an Overdrive Power when you have flashing life and
     a MAXed out Heat Gauge has no effect, unlike in other SNK games.
     The Heat Blow is done by pressing PKS (no matter which character you
     use).  It can _only_ be used when your Heat Gauge is at MAX.  Once
     you perform the Heat Blow, your Heat Gauge almost completely empties.
     Not only is the Heat Blow unblockable, but you can follow it with an
     attack or combo (since it dizzies your opponent).  Furthermore, you
     can use it while being attacked, comboed, etc.  This doesn't work
     against Super Move or Overdrive Powers, though.
     Preceeding each moveslist is a short bio-sheet for each character.
     Moves are listed in this order: command throws, command attacks, special
     moves, Super Moves, and Overdrive Powers.  After the moves is a list of
     combination attacks, then some notes on playing with that character (if
     notes are needed).
     A note on special throws--some throws won't connect if your opponent
     is crouching, or if they are facing the other way (like Andy's Bakushin
     or Terry's Neck Breaker Drop).
     Nationality:           America
     Fighting Style:        Koppou (basic understanding of Ninja arts)
     Birthday:              8 / 16
     Height:                171 cm
     Weight:                67 kg
     Blood Type:            A
     Hobby:                 Shugyou (Training / Discipline)
     Favorite Food:         Nattou (fermented soybean) Spaghetti
     Dislikes:              Dogs
     Of Importance:         Photograph of him and Hanzou Shiranui back
                            from his early days of training
     Best Sport:            Short Track
     Sokugai                        When close, f + S
     Shiranui Chichu Karami         When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Jukuka Uchi                    When close, f,b + S
     Abise Geri                     f + K  (an overhead)
     Kaiten Kesa Geri               b + K
     Ushiro Chuu Kaeri Shuu Age     b + S
     Gyaku Mawashi Geri             db + S
     Age Tsura                      df + S
     Zan'ei Ken                     db,f + S
     Hishou Ken                     qcb + P  (d + PS to fake)
     Geki Hishou Ken                qcb + S
     Bakushin                       hcb + K  (unblockable)
     Shouryuu Dan                   f,d,df + P
     Kuuha Dan                      db,qcf + K
     Choureppa Dan                  qcb,db,f + KS  (d + KS to fake)
     Zantetsu                       qcb,db,f + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      P,P,P       P,S.S       K,K.f+K         K,K,S
     Nationality:           England
     Fighting Style:        Boujutsu (Pole Techniques)
     Birthday:              12 / 25
     Height:                179 cm
     Weight:                77 kg
     Blood Type:            B
     Hobby:                 Doing laundry
     Favorite Food:         Boiled eggs
     Dislikes:              Order (being ordered around?)
     Of Importance:         His younger sister, Lily
     Best Sport:            Pole Vaulting
     Ippon Zuri Nage                  When close, f + S
     Sansetsu Kon Seoi Nage           When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Jigoku Otoshi                    When close, f,b + S
     Dai Kaiten Geri                  f + K
     Zugatsu Gegata Geki              b + K
     Taryuu Taikyaku                  b,df + K
     Seimen Tobigeri                  db + S
     Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Uchi        Charge b,f + P  (d + PS to fake)
     Kaen Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Tsuki  Tap b,f + S during S.K. Chuudan Uchi
     Senpuu Kon                       qcf + P, tap P rapidly
     Suzume Otoshi                    qcb + P
     Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon              qcb + K
     Kyoushuu Hishou Kon              db,qcf + K, move b / f
     Kyoushuu Senpuu Kon              Press S before you leave the ground
                                      during Kyoushuu Hishou Kon
     Kyoushuu Hikuu Kon               Press u + S at apex of jump during
                                      Kyoushuu Hishou Kon
     Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon             f,b,db,d,df + KS
     Salamander Stream                f,b,db,d,df + S
     Guren Sakkon                     f,df,d + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     Nationality:           America
     Fighting Style:        Martial Arts
     Birthday:              2 / 2
     Height:                179 cm
     Weight:                62 kg
     Blood Type:            B
     Hobby:                 Dance, dance, dance!
     Favorite Food:         Butter corn
     Dislikes:              Terry's Rising Tackle
     Of Importance:         His pet bird P-Chan
     Best Sport:            Street basket(ball)
     Rolling Neck Throw             When close, f + S
     Rolling Neck Throw (rear)      When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Mad Spin                       b + P  (an overhead)
     Needle Low                     df + K
     Hop Buoy                       d,d + S
     Motor Motor~                   df + S during Hop Buoy
     Sway Kick                      While blocking, press f + K
     Aero Turn                      In air, press the L button
     Dancing Charge                 df + S when your enemy is on the ground
     (spin attack feint)            At apex of jump or when falling, d + PK
     Head Spin Attack               Charge b,f + P / S   (f + PS to fake)
     Flying Spin Attack             In air, qcb + P / S
     Secret Kick                    Press S after qcb + S in air
     Dancing Dive                   qcb + K
     Break Storm                    f,d,df + K
     Break Storm King               f,d,df,f,uf + K
     Beat Rush Star                 f,b,f + S
     Beat Rush Star (Fake)          Tap P during Beat Rush Star
     Beat Rush Star (Up)            Tap K during Beat Rush Star
     Beat Rush Star (Down)          Tap S during Beat Rush Star
     Break Spiral                   When close, hcf,uf,d + KS
     Spiral Brother                 In air, hcf + KS
     Space Cowboy                   qcb,db,f + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      K,S         P.S  (second hit only hits an airborne foe)
      - You can use the Flying Spin Attack, Spin Attack Feint, or Spiral
        Brother during the Mad Spin (before it hits).
      - You can cancel the end of the Hop Buoy with the Break Spiral, if
        you're close.
      - You can cancel the first hit of the Motor Motor~ into a special
        attack.  The second hit leaves the enemy stunned, and if you wish
        you can follow it (into a special move or combination attack).
      - The Aero Turn makes you face in the opposite direction (think Real
        Bout).  Once you're facing the other way, you can still attack or
        use special moves (try qcb + P for a quick getaway!)
      - The Dancing Charge doesn't hit your opponent, although it is a
        pursuit attack-style move.  Instead, it fills up your Heat Gauge
      - Note that the fake version of the Head Spin Attack imitates the
        strong version (charge b,f + S), and not the weak one.
      - If you miss with the strong Flying Spin Attack, Duck will crash into
        the floor.
      - The Secret Kick only works if you perform the strong version of the
        Flying Spin Attack in air, and it hits.  Just press S while Duck
        rebounds off of his opponent, and he'll kick his foe.
      - The three Beat Rush Star finishers only work if you tap a button
        after the 3rd or 5th hit.  They won't come out any sooner (or later).
      - During the Beat Rush Star, you can use the (Up) finisher (tap Kick
        during the move), then once Duck is in the air, you can use the
        Flying Spin Attack, Spin Attack Feint, or Spiral Brother.  For some
        reason SNK's page lists the (Up) -> Spiral Brother cancel as the
        "Break Spiral Brother", but the combo doesn't seem to do any
        additional damage or anything like that.  Anyone know why this combo
        has a special name?
      - The Break Spiral and Spiral Brother is unblockable.  Note that the
        Spiral Brother only hits an airborne foe (but you can combo into it
        from a jumping attack, though).
     Nationality:           America
     Fighting Style:        Kobojutsu  (Weapon Techniques)
     Birthday:              1 / 21
     Height:                183 cm
     Weight:                Unknown
     Blood Type:            B
     Hobby:                 None in particular
     Favorite Food:         Steak (cooked rare)
     Dislikes:              People who get in his way
     Of Importance:         Himself
     Best Sport:            None (but he's good at billiards)
     Kosetsu Nage                   When close, f + S
     Rinkai Otoshi                  When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Shinkuu Nage                   When close, b,f + S
     Kosetsu Shou                   When close, f,b + S
     Amatou Sakkatsu Nidan Geri     df + KS
     Raikou Mawashi Geri            b + K
     Hien Shikkyaku                 While crouching, f + K
     Tobi Renda Shou                In air, press S, then S,S,(d + S)
     (special pursuit)              df + S after Jaei Ken or Deadly Rave
     Shippuu Ken                    In air, qcf + P / S
     Reppuu Ken                     qcb + P  (d + PS to fake)
     Jaei Ken                       qcb + S
     Gedan Atemi Uchi               hcf + P  (counters high attacks)
     Atemi Nage: Rasen              hcf + K  (counters mid attacks)
     Atemi Nage: Kogetsu            hcf + S  (counters low attacks)
     Raging Storm                   db,hcb,df + KS  (d + KS to fake)
     Kyokuu Reppuu Zan              Charge db,b,f + KS
     Raging Dead End                f,b,db,d,df + S, then hcf + P / S
     Deadly Rave                    hcb,f + P, then P,P,K,K,K,S,S,S,qcb + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      P,K.df+S, then P,K  (df+S at final hit...doesn't work?)
      - You can only get full hits off of the Tobi Renda Shou if you use
        it against an airborne opponent.
      - The "Atemi" moves are all counters; if Geese is hit while posing,
        he'll take no damage and attack his enemy instead.
      - After performing the Raging Dead End, Geese's hands will glow for
        a limited period of time.  If you use the Gedan Atemi Uchi or
        Atemi Nage: Kogetsu successfully (it counters), then Geese will
        do a special series of attacks instead of the standard counter.
      - You can stop the Deadly Rave at any time, or even start a combo
        off the last hit (instead of using qcb + S).                 
     Nationality:           Japan
     Fighting Style:        Muay Thai
     Birthday:              3 / 29
     Height:                180 cm
     Weight:                71 kg
     Blood Type:            AB
     Hobby:                 Fighting
     Favorite Food:         Fried Alligator
     Dislikes:              Having to dress up
     Of Importance:         His headband
     Best Sport:            Any kind of fighting
     Joe Special                    When close, f + S
     Honoo no Koma Mawashi          When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Joe Cut                        When close, f,b + S
     Kubisumo                       When close, df,df + S
     Hiza Jigoku                    Tap K rapidly during Kubisumo
     Joe Final                      Press f + S after Hiza Jigoku
     Vertical Upper                 b + P
     Tiger Sword                    b + K
     Slide Deep                     f + K
     Ougon no Hiza Kozou            Press S during Slide Deep
     Sliding                        df + K
     Hurricane Upper                hcf + P  (d + PS to fake)
     Bakuretsu Hurricane            hcf + S during Hurricane Upper
     Tiger Kick                     f,d,df + K
     Slash Kick                     db,f + S
     Ougon no Kakato                qcb + K  (an overhead)
     Bakuretsu Ken                  Tap P rapidly
     Bakuretsu Hook                 qcf + P during Bakuretsu Ken
     Bakuretsu Elbow                qcf + S during Bakuretsu Ken
     Screw Upper                    f,b,db,d,df + KS  (d + KS to fake)
     Turbulence Upper               f,b,db,d,df + S
      - The Bakuretsu Elbow is an overhead attack.
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      P,K,K       d+P,K,u+S   P,S             b+P,S,f+S
     Nationality:           Korea
     Fighting Style:        Taekwondo
     Birthday:              12 / 21
     Height:                176 cm
     Weight:                78 kg
     Blood Type:            A
     Hobby:                 Karaoke
     Favorite Food:         Yakiniku (Japanese cooked meat dish)
     Dislikes:              Evil
     Of Importance:         His two sons
     Best Sport:            Physical exercises
     Karada Otoshi                  When close, f + S
     Engetsu Shuu                   When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Souryuu Kyaku                  In air, press KS
     Neri Chagi                     f + K  (an overhead)
     Bandal Chagi                   df + K
     Myondokal Chagi                Press S when Bandal Chagi hits
     Bakkan                         Tap d,d
     Kazawa Kyaku                   Press K when your opponent is behind you
     Haki Kyaku                     qcf + K  (special)
     Hangetsu Zan                   qcb + K
     Hien Zan                       Charge d,u + K
     Kuu Sa Jin                     Charge d,u + P
     Tenshou Kyaku                  Press d + P when Kuu Sa Jin hits
     Hishou Kyaku                   In air, press d + K
     Kai Kyaku                      Press df + K when Hishou Kyaku hits
     Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku             In air, hcf + KS
     Hou'ou Kyaku                   qcb,db,f + S  (d + KS to fake)
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      S,K,S       P,P,P,P     P,P,P.d+P       jump uf, P,K,S
     dash+P,d+K,S           dash+P,d+K.f+S              bakkan,P,K
     bakkan,K,K             bakkan,S
      - Using the Bakkan makes Kim turn his back to his opponent.
      - At SNK's page, they say that a possible combination attack is to
        use the 'foundation techniques.f + K'.  Anyone know how this
        is supposed to work?
     Nationality:           America
     Fighting Style:        Chuugoku Kenhou Zenpan  (all Chinese arts)
     Birthday:              5 / 25
     Height:                160 cm
     Weight:                45 kg
     Blood Type:            B 
     Hobby:                 Going home and sleeping
     Favorite Food:         Squid gyoza
     Dislikes:              Ettiquette
     Three Sizes:           Bust 77, Waist 54, Hips 79
     Of Importance:         Friends
     Best Sport:            Short Track
     Ryoukuchi Kou'en               When close, f + S
     Inshu Kusu                     When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Kaiten Komateki Kyaku          f + K
     Kakai Tai                      b + K
     Senpuu Kyaku                   f,f + S
     Sen Shippo                     df,df + P
     Tenshin                        Tap db,db
     Tenshin Sen Shippo             Press P during Tenshin
     Nanpa Shou                     qcf + P
     Nanpa Dai                      qcf + S
     Senri Chuu'ou: Kankuu          qcb + P, if it hits, qcf + K
     Kita Senri                     qcb + K
     Suida                          qcb + S, press and hold to delay
     Tenhou Zan                     f,d,df + K
     Dai Tetsujin                   f,b,db,d,df + KS  (d + KS to fake)
     Chou Hakuryuu: Kai             Hit with S, then qcf + PK / b,f + PK
     Majinga                        When close, rotate 360 + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      f+K,K,K     f,f+S,S.S   f,f+S,S.L       f,f+S,S.d+L
      - During the Suida, Xiangfei can only be hit by projectiles, or from
        the behind.  If you're delaying this move, you can cancel it by
        pressing L.  If you want to cancel it during the move, you have to
        wait until Xiangfei's fourth hiccup before pressing L (if you press
        it beforehand or afterwards, the move won't be cancelled).
      - The Kita Senri, Suida, and Majinga are unblockable.
     Nationality:           Japan
     Fighting Style:        Shiranui-style Ninpou (Ninja Arts)
     Birthday:              1 / 1
     Height:                165 cm
     Weight:                46 kg
     Blood Type:            B
     Hobby:                 Dieting
     Favorite Food:         Ozouni (New Year's dish)
     Dislikes:              Spiders
     Three Sizes:           Bust 87, Waist 54, Hips 90
     Of Importance:         Her grandmother's kanzashi (ornamental hairpin)
     Best Sport:            Badminton
     Fuusha Kuzushi                 When close, f + S
     Yo Zakura                      When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Yume Zakura                    When close, db~df + S  (only in air)
     Shouri Ryuu                    b + K
     Shinobi Zakura                 f + P
     Sakura Shu                     Press K during Shinobi Zakura
     Hien Kyaku                     f + K
     Hien Renkyaku                  f + K during Hien Kyaku, then f + K
     Kachou Sen                     qcf + P  (d + PS to fake)
     Ryuu Enbu                      qcb + P
     Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi         hcf + S
     Kagerou no Mai                 Charge d,u + S
     Musasabi no Mai                In air, d + PK
     Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi    f,b,db,d,df + KS
     Shin Hana Arashi               f,b,db,d,df + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      P,d+K       P.f+K       K,S             d+P,d+S
     Mr. KARATE
     Nationality:           Japanese
     Fighting Style:        Kyokugen-ryuu Karate  (Extreme Style Karate)
     Birthday:              8 / 2
     Height:                179 cm
     Weight:                68 kg
     Blood Type:            O
     Hobby:                 Doing carpentry on the weekend
     Favorite Food:         Mochi rice cakes, nattou (fermented soybeans)
     Dislikes:              Bugs with multiple legs
     Of Importance:         A motorcycle he found and restored
     Best Sport:            None
     Tani Otoshi                    When close, f + S
     Kyo Chuudan Tsuki              When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Kakato Otoshi Geri             f + K  (overhead)
     Dai Gatana                     Press S during Kakato Otoshi Geri
     Sokusaki Goroshi               df + K
     Koshuu Senkyaku                db + S
     Kiryoku Juujitsu               Hold P + K + S
     Ko'ou Ken                      qcf + P / S  (hold)  (d + PS to fake)
     Kuuchuu Ko'ou Ken              In air, qcf + S
     Ko Hou                         f,d,df + P / S
     Kyokugen-ryuu Renkyoku Ken     b,d,db + P
     Zanretsu Ken                   f,b,f + P
     Shichou Ken                    qcb + P
     Hien Shippuu Kyaku             qcf + K, qcf + K
     Haou Shoukou Ken               f,hcf + KS  (air)   (d + KS to fake)
     Ryuuko Ranbu                   qcf,hcb + S
      - If you counter-hit a crouching opponent with the Sokusaki Goroshi,
        they will be stunned.
      - Normally the Dai Gatana doesn't combo when used after the Kakato
        Otoshi Geri, but if that move hits a crouching opponent, the Dai
        Gatana will combo.
      - The Kiryoku Juujitsu fills up your Heat Gauge.  Fans of AoF1 may
        remember that the former Mr. Karate had this power (although he
        could charge up much faster).  Just don't attempt this when you
        have a full Gauge, or you'll do the Heat Blow instead.
      - Hitting someone with the 'explosion' part at the end of the Ko'ou
        Ken inflicts more damage and knocks them into the air.  For this
        reason, the Ko'ou Ken works better from it's maximum range rather
        than from up close.
      - You can hold down P or S to charge the Ko'ou Ken, which makes it
        cause more damage (especially if you use the explosion trick
        mentioned above).
      - The first hit of the Kyokugen-ryuu Renkyoku Ken is an overhead
        attack.  You can cancel the end of this move with any special
        move.  You can also cancel into the Haou Shoukou Ken, but it
        won't hit.  The Ryuuko Ranbu will only hit once.
      - The Shichou Ken has a special feature that works only if it hits
        an attacking opponent--not a counterhit, but simply having him
        hit first.  If your timing is right, the Shichou Ken will always
        go through your opponent's attack and hit.  When this happens,
        there will be a pause, then the Shichou Ken will connect, causing
        Mr. Karate to then pose while his opponent is caught in an
        explosion.  There is a further trick you can do with this; if
        you out-hit your opponent successfully (you'll know if you did
        this because of the animation pause), hold down S.  Your opponent
        will recovery normally, but will now be glowing yellow.  You can
        release S at any time to do the finishing explosion of the Shichou
        Ken, but the longer you hold S down, the more damage the explosion
        will inflict.  Note that if you're hit while "delaying" the
        explosion, then the move ends without your enemy being hurt.
      - I should mention that in the game itself, the instructions read
        "ukemi ji tame ari", which I believe is a reference to the ukemi
        move (pressing L when you're knocked down).  However, holding the
        button I've used the ukemi recovery hasn't done anything, so I
        don't know what the message is referring to.
      - The 'K.u+S' combination attack is called 'Jigoku Mon' (Hell's
        Gate).  The last hit is an overhead attack and is cancellable, too.
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      K.u+S (Jigoku Mon)
     Nationality:           Australia
     Fighting Style:        Wrestling
     Birthday:              3 / 3
     Height:                202 cm
     Weight:                210 kg
     Blood Type:            O
     Hobby:                 Amusement Park "Chimeguri" (Security? / Rides?)
     Favorite Food:         Beef Au Jus
     Dislikes:              Koalas
     Of Importance:         Wrestling Mask collection (defeated foes' masks?) 
     Best Sport:            American Football
     Front Suplex                   When close, f + S
     Scrap Driver                   When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Death Lake Stamp               When close, b,f + S
     Doctor Bomb                    When close, f,f + S
     Buffalo Carry                  When close, f,b + S
     Neck Hanging Three             While crouching, df + S
     Buffalo Centorn                Jump b / f, d + S
     Double Sledgehammer            f + K  (an overhead)
     Hammer Swing                   df + K
     Buffalo Ball                   db + K
     Dokugiri                       qcb + P / S  (d + PS to fake)
     Giant Bomb                     db,f + S  (f + PS to fake)
     Super Drop Kick                Hold K for 5 seconds or more and release
     Thunder Death Driver           When close, rotate 360 + S
     Berserk Trident                When close, rotate 360 + KS
     Thor's Hammer                  f,hcf + KS
     Circle Hurricane               When close, f,b,d,u + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S.S,S      K,K.S
      - If you counterhit with the Dokugiri, Raiden's opponent will be
        stunned momentarily.
      - The Thunder Death Driver, Berserk Trident, and Circle Hurricane
        are all unblockable.
     Nationality:           Japan
     Fighting Style:        Self-made Fighting Karate
     Birthday:              8 / 8
     Height:                192 cm
     Weight:                96 kg
     Blood Type:            A
     Hobby:                 His knife collection
     Favorite Food:         Sliced horsemeat
     Dislikes:              Labor (working)
     Of Importance:         Only concerned with making money for himself
     Best Sport:            None
     Bun Nage                       When close, f + S
     Kamahori                       When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Bussashi                       f + P  (overhead)
     Metsubushi                     Press S when knocked down
     Kachi Wari                     df + P
     Dokan                          df + K  (overhead)
     Jigoku Geri                    Dash, then press KS
     Kachi Age                      In air, press KS
     Hebi Tsukai: Taikuu            qcb + P  (hold to delay / power up)
     Hebi Tsukai: Zenpou            qcb + K  (hold to delay / power up)
     Hebi Tsukai: Gedan             qcb + S  (hold to delay / power up)
     Hebi Damashi                   Press L while delaying Hebi Tsukai
     Sadomazo                       hcf + K  (f + PS to fake)
     Bai Gaeshi (Kyuushuu)          qcf + S, then perform again
     Bai Gaeshi (Dan Hassha)        qcf + hold S
     Dokute                         f,db,f + P, tap P rapidly
     Bakudan Pachiki                When close, f,b,d,u + S
     Guillotine                     f,b,db,d,df + KS
     Shovel                         Charge db,b,f + KS
     Drill                          Rotate 360 + S, tap S rapidly
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
      - If delayed, the Zenpou Hebi Tsukai knocks down, and the Gedan
        version will stun an opponent.  The Taikuu version just knocks
        someone further away.
      - Ryuji will attack his opponent if he's hit during the Sadomazo.
        However, not all attacks will trigger his counterattack--he'll
        just take damage as he normally would if that happens.
      - The Bai Gaeshi works a little different than in previous games.
        The Kyuushuu version makes Ryuji absorb his opponent's projectile.
        He can no longer absorb projectiles afterwards, but perform the
        move again (qcf + S) and he'll throw a projectile of his own back
        at his opponent.  You can do this at any time after absorbing a
        projectile, making it a great surprise attack.
      - As for the Dan Hassha version, it simply reflects the projectile of
        Ryuji's opponent back at them--Ryuji doesn't throw his own fireball.
      - The Bakudan Pachiki and Drill are unblockable.
      - During the Drill, tap S rapidly to choose what style of Drill
        you want.  There are five levels--jumping fist, stomps and kicks,
        rapid headbutts, ground guillotine, or rapid Hebi Tsukais.  If you
        perform the Drill from far away, Yamazaki will not miss his throw,
        but will instead charge up and do the Level 1 version, no matter
        how much you tap S.  For the record, it's hard as heck to get
        anything higher than rapid headbutts without using a rapid-fire
        controller.  That, or my fingers are just slow :)
     Nationality:           America
     Fighting Style:        Martial Arts + Jeff-style Kenka Sappou
                            (Deadly Brawling Arts)
     Birthday:              March 15
     Height:                182 cm
     Weight:                82 kg
     Blood Type:            O
     Hobby:                 Video Games
     Favorite Food:         Fast Food
     Dislikes:              Slugs
     Of Importance:         Jeff's gloves
     Best Sport:            Basketball
     Buster Throw                   When close, f + S
     Neck Hanging Crusher           When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Back Spin Attack               When close, f,b + S / b,f + S
     Neck Breaker Drop              Dash, then press P + K
     Back Spin Kick                 f + K
     Jumping Knee Kick              df + K
     Power Dunk                     Press S during Jumping Knee Kick
     Fire Kick                      b + S
     Power Wave                     qcf + P
     Round Wave                     qcf + S, hold S
     Burn Knuckle                   qcb + P / S
     Crack Shoot                    qcb + K
     Power Charge                   b,df + P  (special)
     Power Geyser                   qcb,db,f + KS  (d + KS to fake)
     Triple Geyser                  qcb,db,f + S
     Heat Up Geyser                 f,db,d,df + S
      - The Neck Breaker Drop is a dashing throw.
      - The Power Dunk is an overhead attack.
      - The Rising Tackle hits low (first hit only).
      - You can hit someone who is on the floor with the Round Wave.
      - If you counterhit with the Power Charge, you can cancel it into
        a special move.
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S,S,S      P,S         K,K         d+P,d+S         d+K,d+S
     P,f+S,S    P,K,K       P.d+S
     Nationality:           Japan
     Fighting Style:        Dai Kitanan-ryuu Aikido Jutsu
                            (Great Southern Style Aikido Techniques)
     Birthday:              10 / 17
     Height:                162 cm
     Weight:                52 kg
     Blood Type:            AB
     Hobby:                 None
     Favorite Food:         Monaka (?)
     Dislikes:              Old people being mistreated?
                            (Toshiyori atsukaisuru yakko)
     Of Importance:         Himself
     Best Sport:            None
     Shihou Nage                    When close, f + S
     Hiza Mawashi                   When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Karasu Otoshi                  When close, db~df + S  (only in air)
     Irimi Nage                     When close, b,f + S
     Katahane Wari                  Press d + S during Irimi Nage
     Ura Irimi Nage                 d + S when your opponent is behind you
     Hinaka Satsu                   Press u,d + S during Ura Irimi Nage
     Hyouri                         Tap d,d
     Kurubushi Wari                 Press PK when your foe is behind you
     Haki Age                       Press KS when your foe is behind you
     Shihou Giri                    Press PS when your foe is behind you
     Nisou Renzan                   qcb + P / S  (d + PS / KS to fake)
     Tatsumaki Hobaku               hcf + P
     Aiki Kyousatsu                 f,d,df + P
     Gouten Satsu                   When close, f,b,d,u + S
     Marishiten                     qcb,db,f + KS, then hcf + S
     Fugutaiten                     When close, rotate 360 + S
      - The easiest way to pull off the Hinaka Satsu is to press d + S
        when you have your oppoenent behind you, then u + S.  This is
        because you have to do the moves really fast.
      - Using the Hyouri makes Toji turn his back to his opponent.
      - Toji has a variation of the fake Nisou Renzan, which is done by
        pressing d + KS.  However, he says "Shine" (Die) during the
        fakeout, which is weird since he doesn't say that during the
        normal Nisou Renzan.  Maybe it's a fakeout for a different move?
      - The Tatsumaki Hobaku is a counter-attack, just like Ryuji's
        Sadomazo or Geese's Atemi counters.
      - The Aiki Kyousatsu will negate projectiles.  If it does so, it
        will flash and hit Toji's opponent (it has a really good range).
      - The Gouten Satsu and Fugutaiten are unblockable.
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     Nationality:           Japan
     Fighting Style:        Wrestling
     Birthday:              9 / 10
     Height:                162 cm
     Weight:                43 kg
     Blood Type:            O
     Hobby:                 Cooking (but she's not very good at it)
     Favorite Food:         Octopus dumplings (takoyaki) from the
                            neighboorhood store
     Dislikes:              Ghost stories
     Three Sizes:           Bust 83, Waist 56, Hips 85
     Of Importance:         Special photograph of her and her mother
     Best Sport:            Swimming
     Tsugumi Driver                 When close, f + S
     Tsugumi Suplex                 When close, f + S  (from behind)
     Monkey Flip                    When close, df,df + S
     Rainbow German                 db,db + S if foe is behind + crouching ?
     Hold                           Press S,S,S during Rainbow German
     Catch                          When close, f,b + S
     Body Slam                      Press d + S during Catch
     Grand Pass                     Press f + S during Catch
     Rope Nage                      Press b + S during Catch
     Hiki Modoshi                   Press b + S during Rope Nage (?)
     Hiki Kikoshi                   d + P if your foe does a pursuit attack
     High Up Sobat                  Press K during Hiki Kikoshi (hard to do)
     Rolling Sobat                  f + K
     Benkeijiki Geki!               b + K
     Noutenjiki Geki!               b + S  (hold to charge up to 3 levels)
     Rolling Breaker                d + S when Noutenjiki Geki! hits
     Octopus Heat                   qcf + S
     Tsugumi-chan Elbow             qcf + P
     Hunting Blitz                  qcb + K
     Tsuutenkaku Driver             b,d,db + P / K / S
     Naniwa Lariat                  Charge b,f + P  (f + PS to fake)
     Okonamiyaki Ire                Charge d,u + K,K,K,K,S
     Power Bomber                   b,db,d + S against a crouching foe
     Tripping Up                    b,db,d + S against a standing foe
     Tsugumi Hip                    Press u + S during Tripping Up
     Super Drop Kick Light          Hold K for 5 seconds or more and release
     Flying Tsugumi Drop            f,b,db,d,df + KS
     Naniwa Death Lock              After Tripping Up, hcf + KS
     Rope Line Crash                qcb,db,f + S
     Combination Attacks:
     P,K,S      P,K.d+S     P,K.df+S    d+P,d+K.d+S     d+P,d+K.S
     S.S,S      S,S.u+S     K,f+K,d+S   crouching K,S.uf+S
     crouching K,S.hcf+S
      - The Octopus Heat, Hunting Blitz, Tsuutenkaku Driver, Power Bomber,
        Tripping Up, Naniwa Death Lock, and Rope Line Crash are all
        unblockable.  The Flying Tsugumi Driver is only unblockable if done
        from up close.
     Beat the game with all the normally-selectable characters.
     Beat the game with any character, without losing a round or continuing.
     Beat the game once on any difficulty level.  You have to beat the game
     with a character in order to pick them in Data Mode.  To unlock the
     "Backbone" and "Command" options, you also have to beat the game with
     every character.
     Beat the game with every character.
     Highlight Geese, hold Start, then press any button.
      - To select Geese, go to Billy (hold start) and press right.
      - To select Xiangfei, once all characters are clear, insert coin,
        press and hold PKL at the title screen, then press Start. (?)
      - To select Geese in a suit, do the Xiangfei trick, then highlight
        Geese, hold Start, and press P or L.
     People have told me that the Xiangfei code doesn't work, and I'm sorry
     to say that I don't know why.  The only arcade that had WA near where
     I live replaced it with a second Tekken Tag Tournament machine.
     When selecting a character, press Select to cancel your selection.
     Chouhatsu                      Taunt
     Dai Jump                       Big Jump
     Dashing Shou Jump              Dash Small Jump
     Down Kougeki                   Down Attack (Pursuit Attack)
     Haigo Mawarikomi               Spin Opponent Around
     Iryoku Dai Kougeki             Great Power Attack
     Jiku Zurashi                   Line Change
     Karada Atari Kougeki           Body Blow Attack
     Kick Kougeki                   Kick Attack
     Nage Meke                      Throw Escape
     Nage Waza                      Throw Techniques
     Punch Kougeki                  Punch Attack
     Shou Jump                      Small Jump
     Ukemi                          Evade
     Abise Geri                     Shower Kick
     Bakushin                       Bomb Quake
     Chou Reppa Dan                 Super Ripping Bullet
     Geki Hishou Ken                Violent Flying Fist
     Gyaku Mawashi Geri             Reverse Spin Kick
     Hishou Ken                     Flying Fist
     Jukuka Uchi                    Ripe Melon Strike
     Kaiten Kesa Geri               Spinning Stole Kick
     Kuuha Dan                      Sky Ripping Bullet
     Shiranui Chichu Karami         Shiranui Spider Hold
     Shouryuu Dan                   Rising Dragon Bullet
     Sokugai                        Leg Cutter
     Ushiro Chuu Kaeri Shuu Age     Reverse Mid-Air Returning Leg Lift
     Zan'ei Ken                     Phantom Slash Fist
     Zantetsu                       Penetrating Slash
     Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon           Super Flaming Whirlwind Cane
     Dai Kaiten Geri                Great Spin Kick
     Guren Sakkon                   Red Lotus Deadly Cane
     Ibbon Zuri Nage                Fishing Rod Throw
     Jigoku Otoshi                  Hell Drop            
     Kaen Sansetsukon Chuudantsuki  Flaming T.P.C. Mid-Level Stab        
     Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon            Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane
     Kyoushuu Hikuu Kon             Flying Sky Assault Cane
     Kyoushuu Hishou Kon            Flying Assault Cane
     Kyoushuu Senpuu Kon            Whirlwind Assault Cane
     Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Uchi      Three Part Cane Mid-Level Thrust
     Sansetsu Kon Seoi Nage         Three Part Cane Over-The-Shoulder Throw
     Seimen Tobigeri                Hopping Back Attack
     Senpuu Kon                     Whirlwind Cane
     Suzume Otoshi                  Sparrow Drop
     Taryuu Taikyaku                Steep Dragon Opposite Kick
     Zugatsu Gegata Geki            Head Splitting Low Aimed Attack
     Amatou Sakkatsu Nidan Geri     Collapse of Heaven Deadly Two Part Kick
     Atemi Nage: Kogetsu            Hit Self Throw: Crescent Moon
     Atemi Nage: Rasen              Hit Self Throw: Spiral
     Gedan Atemi Uchi               Low-Level Hit Self Strike
     Hien Shikkyaku                 Reckless Flying Kick
     Jaei Ken                       Evil Shadow Fist
     Kosetsu Shou                   Tiger Killing Palm
     Kosetsu Nage                   Tiger Killing Throw
     Kyokuu Reppuu Zan              Empty Sky Gale Slash
     Raikou Mawashi Geri            Lightning Spin Kick
     Reppuu Ken                     Storm Fist
     Rinkai Otoshi                  Spinning Ring Drop
     Shinkuu Nage                   Vacuum Throw
     Shippuu Ken                    Gale Fist
     Tobi Renda Shou                Hopping Rapid Palm
     Bakuretsu Elbow                Exploding Elbow
     Bakuretsu Hook                 Exploding Hook
     Bakuretsu Hurricane            Exploding Hurricane
     Bakuretsu Ken                  Exploding Fist
     Hiza Jigoku                    Knee Hell
     Honoo no Koma Mawashi          Spinning Top of Flame
     Kubisumo                       Neck Sumo
     Ougon no Hiza Kozou            Golden Knee Child
     Ougon no Kakato                Golden Heel
     Bakkan                         Out / In
     Bandal Chagi                   Half Moon Kick
     Engetsu Shuu                   Crescent Moon Kick
     Haki Kyaku                     Ambition Kick
     Hangetsu Zan                   Half Moon Slash
     Hien Zan                       Flying Swallow Slash
     Hishou Kyaku                   Flying Kick
     Hou'ou Kyaku                   Phoenix Kick
     Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku             Phoenix Heavenly Kick Dance
     Kai Kyaku                      Commandment Kick
     Karada Otoshi                  Body Drop
     Kazawa Kyaku                   Ring Style Kick
     Kuu Sajin                      Air Grit
     Myondokal Chagi                Razorblade Kick
     Neri Chagi                     Descending Leg
     Souryuu Kyaku                  Paired Dragon Kick
     Tenshou Kyaku                  Ascention Kick
     Chou Hakuryuu: Kai             Super White Dragon Modified
     Dai Tetsujin                   Great Iron Man
     Inshu Kusu                     Gem Issuing Hand
     Kaiten Komateki Kyaku          Spinning Top Target Kick
     Kakai Tai                      Low Hanging Thigh
     Kita Senri                     Great Spirit Flash
     Majinga                        True Heart Fang
     Nanpa Shou                     Small Dream Wave
     Nanpa Dai                      Great Dream Wave
     Senpuu Kyaku                   Whirlwind Kick
     Sen Shippo                     Arrow Rapid Walk
     Senri Chuu'ou: Kankuu          Flashing Elbow Emperor's Sky Pierce
     Suida                          Very Drunk
     Ryoukuchi Kou'en               Thousand Strong Reverse Feast
     Tenhou Zan                     Collapsing Heaven Mountain
     Tenshin                        Body Roll
     Tenshin Sen Shippo             Body Roll Arrow Rapid Walk
     Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi    Super Deadly Ninja Bees
     Fuusha Kuzushi                 Windmill Demolisher
     Hien Kyaku                     Flying Swallow Kick
     Hien Renkyaku                  Flying Swallow Rapid Kick
     Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi         Deadly Ninja Bees
     Kachou Sen                     Flower Butterfly Fan
     Kagerou no Mai                 Dance of the Heat Haze
     Musasabi no Mai                Dance of the Giant Flying Squirrel
     Ryuu Enbu                      Dragon Blaze Dance
     Sakura Shu                     Cherry Raid
     Shin Hana Arashi               Pure Flower Storm
     Shinobi Zakura                 Concealed Cherry
     Shouri Ryuu                    Rising Dragon
     Yo Zakura                      Night Cherry
     Yume Zakura                    Dream Cherry
     Mr. KARATE
     Dai Gatana                     Great Sword
     Haou Shoukou Ken               Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist
     Hien Shippuu Kyaku             Flying Swallow Gale Kick
     Jigoku Mon                     Hell's Gate
     Kakato Otoshi Geri             Heel Drop Kick
     Kiryoku Juujitsu               Perfect Willpower
     Ko Hou                         Tiger Cannon
     Ko'ou Ken                      Tiger Gleam Fist
     Koshuu Senkyaku                Attacking Tiger Spin Kick
     Kuuchuu Ko'ou Ken              Mid-Air Tiger Gleam Fist
     Kyo Chuudan Tsuki              Empty Overhead Thrust
     Kyokugen-ryuu Renkyoku Ken     Extreme Limit Style Rapid Extreme Fist
     Ryuuko Ranbu                   Dragon / Tiger Boisterous Dance
     Shichou Ken                    Omen of Death Fist
     Soku Sakigoroshi               Forward Leg Killer
     Tani Otoshi                    Valley Drop
     Zanretsu Ken                   Momentary Violence Fist
     Dokugiri                       Poison Mist
     Bai Gaeshi: Dan Hassha         Double Return: Bullet Fire
     Bai Gaeshi: Kyuushuu           Double Return: Absorb
     Bakudan Pachiki                Bomb Headbutt
     Bun Nage                       Mosquito Throw
     Bussashi                       Stabbing
     Dokan                          n/a
     Dokute                         Poison Hand
     Hebi Tsukai: Taikuu            Snake Tamer: Anti-Air
     Hebi Tsukai: Zenpou            Snake Tamer: Forward
     Hebi Tsukai: Gedan             Snake Tamer: Lower Level
     Hebi Damashi                   Snake Trick
     Jigoku Geri                    Hell Kick
     Kachi Age                      Head Lift
     Kachi Wari                     Head Splitter
     Kamahori                       n/a
     Metsubushi                     Eye Injury
     Sadomazo                       Sadism / Masochism
     Aiki Kyousatsu                 Aikido Mirror Slash
     Fugutaiten                     Irreconcilable Rivals
     Gouten Satsu                   Roaring Heaven Slash
     Haki Age                       Throw Upwards
     Hinaka Satsu                   Concealed Center Slash
     Hiza Mawashi                   Knee Spin
     Hyouri                         Two Sides
     Irimi Nage                     Self-Attack Throw
     Karasu Otoshi                  Raven Drop
     Katahane Wari                  Shuttlecock Split
     Kurubushi Wari                 Ankle Splitter
     Marishiten                     (name of the Buddhist God of War)
     Nisou Renzan                   Dual Paired Rapid Slash
     Shihou Giri                    Every Direction Slash
     Shihou Nage                    Every Direction Throw
     Tatsumaki Hobaku               Tornado Capture
     Ura Irimi Nage                 Reverse Self-Attack Throw
     Benkeijiki Geki!               Straightforward Strongman Attack!
     Hiki Kikoshi                   Pulling Riser
     Hiki Modoshi                   Re-pulling
     Naniwa Lariat                  (a place in Japan) Lariat
     Noutenjiki Geki!               Straightforward Head Attack!
     Okonamiyaki Ire                (japanese pizza) Preparation
     Tsugumi-chan Elbow             Little Tsugumi Elbow
     Tsuutenkaku Driver             Heading to the Palace of Heaven Driver
     Rope Nage                      Rope Throw
     5.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
     Version 0.2  (March 20, 2000)
      - Finally bought my own copy (okay, so that was back in December, but
        hey, I'm lazy), and tested out some more stuff.  General corrections
        and revisions throughout the FAQ.
     Version 0.1  (July 3, 1999)
      - First release, not much to say.  I should note that this is a
        friend's game, not mine, so not everything has been verified yet.
      - For info. on how to evade, and releasing Duck King.
     Ura no Ura
      - For information taken from this page (www2.airnet.or.jp/~tac).
     Clarence DeRamos
      - For buying this game, helping me test out stuff in the FAQ, and for
        kicking my ass with Tsugumi repeatedly.
     EX Andy
      - For command attack info. and other misc. info., taken from his
        neato arcade Wild Ambition FAQ v1.0 (found at www.gamefaqs.com).
     SNK of Japan
      - For information taken from their homepage (www.neogeo.co.jp).
     Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2001 Chris MacDonald

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