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    Geese by GLama

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    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition Geese Guide (Sony Playstation).
     By Gyan Lama
     Table Of Contents:
       1.Who is Geese? {Profile and other stuff}
       2.What is Fatal Fury Wild Ambition?
       3.How do I get Geese in the arcade?
       4.Basic moves, Command moves.
       6.Tactics/Common Errors.
       7.Othe stuff
     1.Who Is Geese?
       Geese Howard, also considered the King of Southtown is one of the most
      feared man in Southtown, using dirty tricks to control the town, Geese will
      do anything to get what he wants which is to be the strongest fighter in 
      the world and would crush anyone who stands in his way. (Well there is more
      to the story but I get on the other stuff first).
          Birthplace/Nationality: America
          Date Of Birth: January 21,1953.
          Height: 1.83 m
          Weight: 82kg
          Blood Type: B
          Hobby: Nothing (the old man gets tired very quickly to everything,
                         maybe that is why he never entered another Kof
                         Tournament in the Kof series).
          Dislikes: Anybody who stands in his way.
          Thing he cares the most: Himself
          Bodyguards: Billy Kane, Ripper and Hopper. (does he really needs
       2.What Is Fatal Fury Wild Ambition?
       FFWA (Fatal Fury Wild Ambition) is the latest installment to the Fatal
       Fury saga, it is also one of SNK's latest edition the it new 3D games
       (the latest being the Samurai Showdown WR2.) I think that this is a remake
       of the first Fatal Fury (well that is what everybody says.), so the next
       would might have Wolfgang Krauser being the boss. But most of all I
       think this is the best Fatal Fury I have ever played.
       3.How Do I Get Geese In The Arcade?
       Actually to tell you all the truth, this FAQ is mainly for the Playstation
       console, but the way to get Geese in the arcade is to move the cursor pass
       Billy Kane, the old man would be there.
       4.Basic Moves, Command moves
        All right lets get started.
       Moves: Movement
                Forward: fwd
                Backwards: bwk
                  Up: Up
                  Down: Dwn
                  Jump Forward: Up, fwd
                  Jump Backwards: Up, bwk
                  Crouch: Dwd
                  Block: Dwd, bwk
                  Crawl forward: Dwd, fwd(walk like a Duck since a Geese
                                      belongs to the duck family).Heh Heh.
               A: Light punch
               B: light kick
               C: special attack
               D: roll
               qcf: Quarter circle forward (Dwn,Dwn-Fwd,Fwd.)
               qcb: Quarter circle backwards(Dwn,Dwn-Bwk,Bwk.)
               hcf: half circle forward (Bwk,Dwn-Bwk,Dwn,Dwn-Fwd,Fwd.)
               hcb: half circle backwards (Fwd,Dwn-Fwd,Dwn,Dwn-Bwk,Bwk.)
               Dp: Dragon Punch movement (Fwd,Dwn,Fwd.)
          OTHER MOVES
               Taunt: Press AB together.
               Fake: Dwn+AB or CD.
               Heat Blow: press ABC together when heat meter is full.
        HEAT GAUGE
            The heat gauge in Wild Ambition is nearly the same as the one
          in the Real Bout series where you will get half the gauge at the
          starting of each match, it will increase a little every time you
          attack your opponent; taunting will also increase the heat gauge
          but getting hit by your opponent will decrease the gauge. When 
          the gauge is full it will read FULL and OK.this means you can
          execute an Overdrive Power when it does. You can also do a heat
          blow if it's desperation time. After using the heat gauge the
          meter will get low and will slowly increase again, beware if
          your opponent hits you, the meter might get empty and you will
          become dizzy; so be careful when the meter reads DANGER.
         SUPER POWER
          Super power can be done once your life is red and is flashing
         and can be done repeatedly.
          Overdrive power can be done once heat gauge is full.
        GEESE MOVELIST (Finally).
        Weak punch -Button A
           -small jabs, press rapidly (x3) and Geese will end his punch
            with a chop from his other hand, this is a good combo starter
            for this move comes very quickly, a dash forward will make
            Geese do an elbow smash.
        Weak Kick -Button B
            -short kicks, comes outs quite fast.
        Roundhouse kick- Bwk+B
            -Geese old roundhouse, this is a good move but comes out
             a bit slow, this move will also break anyone doing a crouch
             guard, perfect timing will a sometimes knock your opponent
             to the ground, this mostly happens when your opponent is 
             about to jump away.
        Palm Hit/kick (there is a Japanese name for this but sorry, I just
                  don't know the name.)- C button.
             -Geese hit with his palm then kicks once and then again
              (C button x3). This is a good combo starter with can be
              connected by Jaeiken after the second hit.
             Lift And Slam -Near opponent =Fwd+ C
             Tiger Palm Drop -Near opponent (back) =Fwd+ C
              Vacuum Throw (Shikuu Nage)Near opponent -Bwk, Fwd+C.
               -The most famous throw of Geese in my opinion, nuff said.
              Konsetsu Shou -Near opponent -Fwd,Bwk+C.
               -Geese carries up opponent by the neck, smiles (if you see 
                nicely he is) and chokes him/her and dumps his blue faced
                opponent to the ground.
              Reppuu Ken (qcb+A)
               -Good move, but Double Reppuu Ken has been taken out
                use this move to stop incoming projectiles from your
              Jaei ken (qcb+C)
                -I think that this is the backbone of all of Geese's
                 moves, great finishing combo move and comes out very
                 fast, be careful thought, if this move does not hit your
                 opponent, they could calmly come towards you and give a
                 throw, do this move if you are really sure that it will
                 hit or to get away from them, you know, while they in the air
                 do this move to get to the other side. Remember that this
                 move has an additional move after it is done, much about
                 that later.
              Shippuu Ken (In Air=qcf+A/C)
                 -the shippuu Ken looks weak if you ask me but can 
                  sometimes be a good air break, do this when your opponent
                  is doing a move or in the air (not much help, they can
                  block in mid-air remember),the A button Shippuu Ken
                  can be done after an A hit from above, use this move
                  with caution for missing could give a good chance
                  for an ass kicking from your opponent.
               Gedan Atemi Uchi (hcf+A)
                 -Geese blocks below hits, if your opponent hits during
                  his pose, Geese will counter by giving a knee to his
                  opponent, leaving them dazed for a moment, good time to
                  kick his rear; make sure you have a good timing doing
                  this move.
              Atemi Nage:Rasen (hcf+B)
                 -those who would like to get a shot at Geese's head 
                  better think twice, this move counters airborne attacks
                  and most ground move (mostly air),when they attack
                  Geese will counter and spins their sorry self across
                  the screen, most ground moves (e.g Terry's bwk+C) can be
                  countered, once again timing is everything.
              Atemi Nage:Kogetsu (hcf+C)
                 - Mid level block, if an opponent attacks at mid level,
                   Geese will block, carries his opponent by his feet
                   and dumps them to the other side.
             Extra Notes:Atemi Nage Rasen is perhaps the most useful
                   of the three counters since many moves are countered
                   by it,(e.g Terry's burn knuckle, Yamazaki's snake mid
             SPECIAL MOVES
                Raging/Razing Storm (I think it is Razing but not sure.)
                  -Razing storm is truly a classic to me, it is no more
                   like the Real Bout version but like the original 
                   straight up motion, impossible to be block by your
                   opponent in mid air. (s.power).
               Kyokuu Reppuu Zan (hold dwn-bwk then bwk and push fwd+BC).
                  -Geese gives around 6 Reppuu kens and finally shoots a
                   projectile fowards, make sure your timing is right or
                   you can be left unguarded if the move doesn't hit. (s.power).
               Raging DeadEnd (fwd,bwk,hcf+C), then give an Atemi Nage:Rasen
                 or a Atemi Nage:Kogetsu.
                  -This is a more improve version of the Atemi Nage counters,
                   this move can only be done when heat gauge is full, when
                   this is done, Geese hands will glow for a moment, but this 
                   wear of after a while so try to be quick. (Overdrive power).
               Deadly Rave (Hcb,fwd+A,A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C+qcb C).
                 -My favorite move, the deadly rave can finish in two ways,
                  its normal way,or stopping at its 9hit and doing a jaei ken,
                  for beginners the move is hard because wrong timing would
                  end the move. This is how the timing is:
              one hit is one sec: when hit A A B BB C C C(after the 8hit/9hit)
                                  when Geese pulls his hand back give a
                                   qcb+c motion, (twice if you are not confident
                                   it will come out.) Always do the move calmly.
             ADDITIONAL MOVES(or moves I just forgot to put.)
                 Reckless Kick (Dwn-Fwd BC).
                  -Two kicks that will break an opponents guard if they
                   are doing a stand guard.
                 Reckless Flying Palm (in air press C rapidly)
                  -Geese hits with his palm rapidly, this is best when
                   your opponent is in the air.
                Low sweep (not real name) crouching=fwd B.
                  -not much usefulness in his move, Geese move forward
                   and knocks his opponent, maybe there is something else
                   that can be done after this but I don't think so.
                Pursuit(once again I still don't no its real name).Fwd-dwn+C
                       after Jaei-ken or certain other moves.
                   -this is the finishing move for Jein-ken, but it sometimes
                    works for other move, well just try, sometimes it does
                    and sometimes Geese just hit his opponent on the ground
                    with his palm.
                Knock up (fwd,dwn+C).
                    -Geese knocks up his opponent that all but can be finished
                     by jein-ken or Reppuu-ken.
                Since Wild Ambition follows Real Bout2 in a lot of ways,
             it still uses the same press A then B then C with something moves.
             Here they are:
                 =nothing much, this just does the same move like RB2's.
               2/.A,B,fwd-dwn+C =continue by pressing A only then do a pursuit.
                                =Continue with a A and a B.(the Gman kicks
                                   his opponent away).
                                =let your opponent fall like a rock
                                 and do a pursuit.
               3/.A,B,dwn+C =Breaks your opponents standing guard, does
                             a damm good mind game to any poor sap.
                             (Could be formed into a chain combo).
               4/.Crouch A,B,C =Geese gives 3 hits below, the third move
                                will knock down your opponent.
               5/.Crouch A,B then let go dwn button+C 
                               =Nearly the same as the previous one
                                but this time Geese will jump and kick
                                instead, knocks your opponent bwk,dwn
                1/.Stand A,B,qcb+C then fwd-dwn+C
                       =The most common combo, make sure the first two hits,
                        if it doesn't, don't continue, your opponent can come
                        towards you and do a throw or worst.
                2/.Crouch A,B,qcb+C then fwd-dwn+C
                        =Same like above, only crouching this time.
                        =Hit your enemy up so he floats for a while,
                         than a jaeiken just before he/she touches
                         the ground, Geese will hit his opponent on the
                         ground (normal hit) instead of a pursuit.
                4/.Stand A,B,qcb+C
                         =same like the first combo but ends with
                          a Reppuuken instead.
                5/.C,C,qcb+C then fwd-dwn+C
                          =Geese hits twice with his fist and legs
                           then gives jaeiken, do it nicely if not
                           two kicks will come out instead.
                6/.Best combo-A,B,Deadly Rave (hcb,fwd+A)
                          =The best combo Geese haves, it gives around
                           12 or more hits, instead of finishing the
                           Deadly Rave, try to turn it into the first
                           chained combo,(your opponent will be stun
                           for a while).
             Well here are some common errors that will be made by
             novices and scrubs(like me heh heh),here they are:
                 1/.Pressing the C button to many times
                    -remember that Geese will give 3 moves if
                     you press the C button too often,even if no
                     one is there, so if you miss then you will
                     get so good trashing by your opponent.
                 2/.Jaeiken too often
                     -not good you know,jaeiken has its weakness,
                      try not to do so often unless you are sure
                      it will hit.
                 3/.Reppuuken wrong timing
                     -fundimental(did I spell that right?) error
                      for scrubs, your opponent can jump over and
                      give an air attack on you or just roll over.
                 4/.Shippuuken wrong timing
                      -Give the shippuuken at the right time, if not
                       give will be a floating target ready to get
                       strike when reaching the bottom.
                 5/. Kyokuu Reppuu Zan when it does not hit.
                     -After Geese shoots the projectile, he becomes
                      a sitting duck for a while(a sitting geese I
                      should) but if you are luckily enough to get
                      an idiot walking near you, then that is a another
                      story. This is also the same for Razing/Rasing
                 6/.Use the Atemi Nage counters well, wrong timing
                    would be the worst mistake you could ever do,
                    make sure to use the right counter at the right
                 7/.Giving combos when it does not connect.
                    -be careful, some of your opponent reads you like 
                     the comic section, always do the unexpected.
                 8/.Finally,you think that Rugal and Krizalid
                    is the best boss.
                     -YEAH RIGHT.
            OTHER STUFF
               -To get the Geese business suit for the PSX, just hold
                the start button on the select screen when you chose
                Geese. (look smart when you trash your opponent).
               -If Geese loses, do not worry, he is immortal!!!!!!.
               -Have you ever wondered where did young Andy Bogard
                ran off to with young Terry's cap? (looks like he never
                came back.)
               -One last word, did you notice Jeff Bogard lost to
                Geese in lest than 5 minutes, ain't he like the best
                fighter at that time?.
               The Beautiful People Who Downloaded This Faq.
                 -Pros will think I am making all the moves up,
                  other will think I am good, but at lease you downloaded
                  this faq, thank you. This is my first faq, I apologize for
    		  any mistakes.
                 -for making the best games, keep it up and try not to
                  run out of ideas, thanks also for bringing Geese into
                  FFWA and making him so kewl.
               MY ELDER BROTHER
                  -for trashing me till I learned every single mistake
                   properly, and for letting me use his PSX to try
                   all the moves and sending in this faq for me.
                  -For making the PSX and making great games.
                  -Kao Megura and others for inspiring me to write
                   this faq,guys (and gals),I promise I never stole
                   any of your ideas,I have read your legalese and shall
                   obey everything written(hey I respect your work you
                   know), and Kailu Lantis must read faq for giving me Geeses
         This faq is for entertainment, if you use any resources in this faq
        you should add credit to the author (me,myself,and I).If you use 
        this faq for vile purpose than I hope you go to hell, use this faq for
        learning purpose, entertainment, or as a waste of disk space, never
        reproduce or edit this document in any way.IN OTHER WORDS,DON'T
       Fatal Fury, Real Bout2,Samurai Showdown, King Of Fighters(KOF)series
        and all of the characters are copyrights to 1999 SNK Corporation.

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