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    Walkthrough by Mr. Self Destruct

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *********   Fear Effect Walk-through;  Sony Playstation;  Version 1.5  
    *  By:  Mr. Self Destruct (Eraser015@earthlink.net)
    Updates:  1.5:  I added the rest of the walkthrough for Disk 1.
    I'm sorry, but I'm not going to get too elaborate here.  I'm not going to 
    setup the plot for you, or outline the characters.  I figure if you want to 
    know that stuff, and you have the game (which you do, or else you wouldn't 
    need help with it) you can just look in the instruction booklet.  All I'm 
    doing is a walkthrough as I go, so… here it is.  If you have any questions OR 
    comments, feel free to email me anytime.  By the way, I posted my review for 
    the game right here at Gamefaqs.com, go check it out.  I will update the guide 
    as I go along, as I haven't finished the game yet, so I couldn't possibly 
    write a walkthrough for the entire game.  Okay, enough talk, here we go:
    When you first get off the helicopter, save.  Now that you've done that go 
    over to the wall and pull the switch.  You'll view a cutscene, then head down 
    the pathway until you meet two guards.  Kill both of them,
    and continue on until you get to a small building with a ladder.  You can 
    climb up the ladder, but don't do that just yet.  Look through the glass 
    window.  After you view THAT cutscene, shoot out the window and hop inside.  
    Pull the level and ALSO don't forget to pick up a fuse in the very same room.  
    Now, exit back out through the window and climb up the ladder.  On the roof 
    you'll notice and hand level that you can turn.  Turn it, and watch the guard 
    below die.  Hop down the ladder, and take his key.  Then proceed to the gate.  
    Continue on, killing any guards you see, and you will come to a room that 
    requires the red key card.  You should have gotten this from one of the guards 
    you killed, so cycle through your inventory until you find it.  Then open the 
    door.  Inside, kill the guard.  You will notice you CAN'T open the lockers 
    just yet, but go over to the TV's and witness your friend get his ass kick.  
    Walk out the door by the TV's and continue on, 
    once again killing any guards you might come across.  Be sure to look out for 
    the LOCKER key.  It's right before a long, narrow pathway.  You'll eventually 
    come to a room with pipes and other big machinery (it's right after you come 
    down the narrow-passageway).  Well, kill those two guards and head over to the 
    big red pipe on your left.  Cycle through your inventory until you get to the 
    fuse (remember from earlier?)  Insert the fuse into the box to kill some scum 
    guards.  Now, kill the guard on that floor
    and you will notice a door.  Well, you can't go in there yet.  So head BACK 
    upstairs to where you kill those guys by inserting the fuse.  Needless to say, 
    you need to proceed across the electrified floor with caution.
    Just watch for the patterns, when one panel stops with the electricity,  get 
    onto it and wait for another to go off.  Eventually you'll make it to the 
    other side.  Kill the guard, and head to the room where you saw your
    friend on TV.  Open the locker to get a new gun and the BLUE keycard.  Head 
    BACK towards where the electric floors were, but instead get on the elevator 
    right before it.  Go down.  Right after getting off, go to your left and get 
    the wire cutters from the yellow panel against the wall.  Continue on and you 
    notice a door.  While the "USE" function comes up, you can't get in 
    regardless.  So, ignore it for now.  Kill the two upcoming guards.  Open the 
    door with the blue keycard and watch the cool sequence.  Kill the
    guards and watch another sequence in which they talk in detail about the 
    kidnapping and so on.  Oh, and that pesky little bomb strapped to Jin's chest 
    that you have to disarm.... do that and continue o.. oh, you want the disarm 
    code?  Okay, you have to cut 2 wires from each section, and here they are:
    First panel: red, blue
    Second panel: yellow, red
    Third panel: blue, yellow
    After that, the guy who killed your friend will run away, and you have to 
    chase after him.  Remember that door at the beginning of this section where I 
    said you didn't have the right stuff to get in?  Well guess what, you now have 
    some C4 explosives.  So head on over to that door, and plant that baby right 
    on the door.  Then get away from there very fast.  Go through the burning 
    door,  and then say to yourself "Hey, doesn't this place look familiar??"  
    Well, that's because it is.  Remember where you entered the "fuse" earlier in 
    the game?  Now you're in that same room.  Now, go back up that narrow passage 
    (towards where the floors were electrified earlier) and head to the door that 
    had the blue keycard in it (the one where you watched your friend get beat 
    down on TV).  Only THIS time, don't go into the room.  Right BEFORE the room 
    there should be a ladder heading down.  Go down and save your game before 
    going out on the ledge.  After you save, go out on the ledge and kill the two 
    guards.  Enter the room and prepare for a fight with the guy who killed your 
    Boss strategy:  This boss isn't very tough at all.  Use the blocks in the room 
    to your advantage.  Shoot him a few times (you should be crouching while 
    shooting him), then use your evasive tactics (hold L2 + whichever direction 
    you want to dodge) to dodge his attacks and roll behind the blocks for cover.  
    I found that my fear meter was very low during the fight, so you can't make 
    too many mistakes.  It's a little tricky to pull off, but it shouldn't be TOO 
    After you beat him, grab his items.  He gives you a key, and notice a place 
    over on the wall where you can use it.  You have to input 4 symbols.  Hmm…. 
    Now how could anyone POSSIBLY know what to do here, right?  Well, just walk 
    outside (onto the ledge where you killed those 2 guards) and notice the 
    flashing, huge letter symbols.  There is your code!  Watch a short cutscene 
    and prepare to take control of Glas.
    Once the scene ends, run over to the wall with Glas and push the button.  
    ANOTHER scene will play out and a helicopter is firing on you!  After the 
    cutscene ends, run to your left, but be very careful not to touch the flames, 
    because if you do you'll burn.  Run over to the ladder and climb up.  Follow 
    the path (just as you did with Hana in the beginning of the game) taking out 
    the two guards.  You'll finally come up to the building where you can climb up 
    a ladder.  Now comes the tricky part.  Tricky because the helicopter is back, 
    and you have to be QUICK once you get up the ladder or you'll be dead.  The 
    method I used was to hold L2 before I ever got my feet on the ground, and then 
    once I did, just rolled forward.  That way you can evade the helicopters 
    gunshots.  After THAT is over with, climb down the other ladder and head over 
    to the left (or right, depending on which angle you're at).  Pick up the pipe 
    and put it into the switch on your left.  After that is through, shoot the 
    same switch you just put the pipe in.  It will explode and you'll watch a 
    cutscene.  Time to control Hana again.  Watch as Hana knocks the knife out of 
    the guards hand.  Now comes the tricky part.  He's going to chase you around 
    the room, you have to get in the middle and pick up the knife.  So, make him 
    run in circles until you have a second to spare, and pick up the knife.  Then 
    position yourself in a crouch position, and when he rounds the corner start 
    stabbing!  After you've killed him, take his gun and head out to the ledge.  
    Take out any guards you might find, and watch yet another cutscene in which 
    Hana is held hostage.  Now you will take control of Glas yet again.  When you 
    start out, you are on a series of pipes.  The only problem is the pipes will 
    go off (light up) every couple seconds, so be careful.  Listen for the sound, 
    you'll hear it building up to when the pipes go off.  Make your way straight 
    ahead, and turn the pipe handle.  Then you're going to make your way back down 
    and head to Glas' left.  It's kind of tricky getting there before the pipes go 
    off, but it shouldn't be a problem.  Once you've done that, head out of that 
    area and prepare for another boss fight.
    Boss Strategy:  The helicopter boss isn't hard at all.  The one thing to 
    remember is ALWAYS keep moving.  Use the evasive roll (Hold L2 + direction) 
    while he is shooting to avoid his shots.  When he stops, you're going to shoot 
    the banner (or poster, or towel, whatever it is) and it will fall into his 
    wing and cause damage to him.  After you've shot two of the banners into his 
    wings, roll left until you reach another screen, then shoot the third banner 
    into his wing and defeat him.
    Now you're back to another familiar area.  I found my ammo to be very low in 
    this portion.  I kept dying until I figured out a way to get more ammo.  I 
    don't know if this is a glitch or if I just had to exchange the ammo.  But 
    what I did was I switched to my double guns, and loaded the ammo.  Then I 
    switched BACK to my single gun and I had about 10 more rounds.  After you do 
    that (unless you have plenty of ammo) take out the two guards and pick up 
    their rifle ammunition.  Head down the corridor until you get to the burning 
    door (remember the one you blasted with some C4 as Hana?)  But don't go into 
    the door just yet.  Head LEFT to find two guards out on the ledge.  Take both 
    of them out (I ran out of ammo and had to beat the other guard with my club 
    stick).  Take their Rifles and then head through the burning door.  Get ready 
    for a semi-difficult fight.  There are a lot of guards that are going to come 
    at you, around seven or eight.  Take all of them out and collect their ammo.  
    Head up the corridor and take out the other guard.  Don't forget to save here!  
    Then proceed past where the floors were electrified, and take out the guard in 
    the next section.  Keep following the path, and take out two more guards.  
    FINALLY, head towards the red keycard door.  Of course you don't have the red 
    keycard, so head down the ladder.  Watch the sequence as Hana is about to be 
    killed.  After the clip is over (and Glas has killed most of the guards) get 
    ready for another boss fight with Mr. Helicopter and some of his goons.
    Boss Strategy:  This fight is probably the toughest one yet, simply because 
    there are people firing at you from behind as well as the helicopter.  When 
    the helicopter STOPS shooting, the people behind you START shooting.  So, when 
    the people behind you are shooting, stand in the middle and shoot the 
    helicopter, when the helicopter is shooting, take cover behind the wall.  It's 
    as simple as that…. Well, it's not that simple, seeing as I died a few million 
    times on this boss.
    Now watch as Hana takes care of business, and get ready to run towards the 
    helicopter with Glas.  Now watch as you are first introduced to Deke.  Watch 
    the final cutscene of disk 1.

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