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    FAQ/Move List by Dorazio

    Updated: 08/16/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Dorazio <dorazio@ccnet.com>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony
    Subject: Update of Bad FAQ for Fighter's Impact  fighters
    Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 10:03:24 -0700
    Here's an update to the very, VERY poor FAQ for Taito's Fighter's
    This was written to shame all those great FAQ writers who haven't 
    written one yet.  
    This Document is a copy of the one Created by VanGriffin on August 30th,
    1996.  I'm too lazy to start from scratch so why not steal the format
    the Soul Edge FAQ?
    I'm old.  Really, really old, like pushing forty.  I don't have the time
    to write a decent FAQ, partly because I've got 5 kids and a job and a
    mortgage but mostly because I'm a selfish bastard who'd rather leech off
    the efforts of others.  Also, I'm not very good at these games.  Unlike
    the guy who wrote the big Tekken 2 FAQ, my fingers move slower than
    light speed and I don't own an Arcade.  But here it is.
    I.  The Story
    The story is of deceit and betrayal, of weaponless masses of polygons,
    some with cute skirts.  Actually, the story is that everything's in
    Japanese and we haven't a clue what the story is.  So much for the
    story.  The story's fine.
    II.  The Characters
    Hoi Hoi
    and Doc
    III.  Nomenclature (I was going to write "terminology" but this makes it
    seem so much more technical)
    "+" between two moves means that you hold them simultaneously
    "," between two moves means that you press them consecutively
    "!" between two moves means that you take games too seriously
    |                                                |
    |     Legend:                                    |
    |p=(/\ on psx)  Punch                            |
    |k=(o on psx)   Kick                             |
    |s=([] on psx)  Special                          |
    |                                                |
    |                                                |
    |               ub  up uf                        |
    |                 \ | /                          |
    |                  \|/                           |
    |                b--+--f                         |
    |                  /|\                           |
    |                 / | \                          |
    |               db  d  df                        |
    |                                                |
    |ws=3DWhile Standing from crouch (down to neutral)|
    |However, because I don't know any moves that    |
    |use this, don't hold your breath waiting to     |
    |see any of these.                               |
    |lowercase letters mean ONLY tap direction (uf)  |
    |uppercase letters mean HOLD the direction (DF)  |
    |                                                |
    |              3D Movement                       |
    |S+Down, Down - Move towards the camera          |
    |S+Up, Up - Move away from the camera            |
    |                                                |
    New Ver.I info and common notes:
    In this version I steal the format from VanGriffen and start editing.
    In this version no codes were tested--they're all off the top of my
    head.  In fact you should stop reading right now.  (If my wife gets to a
    save spot in Wild Arms before I finish the FAQ I'll double check these.)
    III and 1/2.  
    Fighting Style:  
       1.  Main (in the middle) 
       2.  The One to the Left of Main
       3.  The One to the Right of Main
    Here are styles to choose from.  Each character has 3 styles, except for
    the 4 secret characters.
    Street Fighter	
    Aiki Jiujitsu
    Pro Wrestling
    Martial Arts	
    Synthetic Skill
    Beastly Attack
    Hakke Sho (Faraha's only.  Very cool Asian-Indian moves.)
    IV.  The Moves
    ____________Character Moves _____________
    Name:  The cute anime type girl, I forgot her name.  NOT the blonde.
    Age: 22   
    Height: about 7 inches on our 19" Trinitron
    Weight: I could probably flip her around real good.
    Nationality-Japan or Millipitas
      Weapon-Fists only, sometimes feet.  But she never uses her rear end
    like the French maid in Fighting Vipers.
      "The Wind & the Toaster"
    Fighting style:  The one to the left, with the little skirt (aka
    b       Defend
    p       High Punch (duh)
    k       High Kick (alzo duh)
    s       Special, which when combined with nothing does "nothing"
    f+k	High face kick
    b+k     Spinning face kick
    f,f,k   Crashing forward flip head kick.  (Like that darn forward 
    	cartwheel kick that Jun does in Tekken 2)
    b,b     Flip back.  Don't do this near the edge of the ring.
    f+p     Mid punch.
    b+p     Different punch, maybe it's harder, maybe it's not.  In the
            scheme of things it's not that important.
    p,p     Two punch combo
    d+p	Knee punch
    df+k    Spinning crouch kick
    s+p     Throw, Prissy Takedown--looks like she's afraid she might 
            break a fingernail. 
    s+f	Running mid double kick
    f+p+k   Nothing special
    k+d 	(opponent on ground)  She walks over and curtly steps on his face. 
    laugh riot.
    ____________Character Moves _____________
    Name:  The Blonde, Silene
    Age: 22   
    Height: Too tall for me.
    Weight: She could drop a few pounds.
    Nationality-Great Britain, or possibly the United Kingdom
      "Happy Feet dancin, with Fred Penner"
    Fighting style:  The one with the red pillbox hat (Martial Arts)
    b       Defend
    p       High Punch 
    k       High Kick 
    f+k	Close in mid kick
    b+k     Close in head kick
    f,f,k   Crashing forward flip head kick.  (Like that darn forward 
    	cartwheel kick that Jun does in Tekken 2)
    b,b     Flip back.  Don't do this near the edge of the ring.
    f+p     Mid elbow punch
    b+p     Crossing mid punch
    p,p,p   1, 2, Uppercut.
    d,f+p	Uppercut
    d+p	Knee punch
    d,f+k    Jumping knee to face (Maybe its d,df,
    s+p     Throw
    s+f	Running mid kick
    d,b,k	Spinning high kick (leaves your back to opponent)
    k       (with back to opponent)  Aerobic lift face kick
    k+d 	(opponent on ground)  She grinds his midparts into the ground with
    her foot.
    Note:  having played this for a while on Hard I gave my wife a turn and
    through sheer button mashing she turned up the following moves.  I have
    no idea how to do these:
    ????	Grab opponents head and kick him in the groin.  (I'm not
    	making this up.  She then says "I love you, honey.")
    ????	Forward flip over oppenents head, leaving you facing his back.
    V.  General fighting tips
    Everything revolves around the p and k buttons.  Combinations of p and k
    with s does neat stuff, but I can't remember what.  P and k together
    does something nice too.
    Apparently you can do something by pressing p+k+s at the same time
    because it's listed as an option to configure button X.  Anyone know
    what this does?
    In wrestling mode you can pounce the heck out of a fallen opponent by
    pressing u,p or u,k quickly.  
    For a more strategy-oriented game set the # wins needed to 4 and the
    time limit to 
    none.  With this there's lots of stare-downs, a la Bushido blade.  And a
    VERY nice thing is that when the opponent starts stringing combinations
    on them you can actually break them without having to learn some
    god-awful combo-breaker.  
    If you don't want to get dizzy every time you repeat a move too
    frequently then you can turn that option off in the Configure Game menu
    in Options.  (Does anyone know what the other toggle, "power" something,
    VI.  Special Tricks
    When you do a ring out on an opponent you can still move.  Try doing b,b
    off the side of the ring.  Give yourself points for style.
    [From Anime Playstation at 
    http://www.aiai.com/~freddy/animepsx/.  Thank you Freddy.]
    At the title/select screen (That's the one with arcade, options and
    combo de mambo...etc)
    -- Hit select ten times, then play a game, the fighters will be
    "deform."  You
       will hear a bing if it is done right.
    -- Press right ten times, then the fighters will be "paper thin."  Bing
    you did it right.
    -- Hit Left ten times, then the fighters will be "stick."  Till you hear
    a bing.
    When your at Player's Select
    -- Hold down, x+o, then the fighters will be "small Fighters."
    -- Hold Square+o, then the fighters will be in "new outfit."
    -- Beat the game 4 times, then you get 4 new fighters.
    VII.  Colophon
    This was contributed to rec.games.video.sony on 15 AUG 97 by
    dorazio@ccnet.com.  It was written on a Compaq Presario 9642 P133
    running Netscape Navigator under Win 95.  The extra word "fighters" at
    the end of the subject line was included so that those punctuationally
    challenged persons who search for "fighters & impact" in Deja News
    instead of "fighter's & impact" will find this message.
    p.s.  For some reason everyone in our family gets a real kick out of
    this game.  If anyone has some clue as to the REAL moves, please
    [end of FAQ]

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