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"A terrible game from a terrible company..."

I got this game early on when I first received my Playstation. At that time, it looked like a good game because of the demo from Tomb Raider. Since Tomb Raider was my first game, and I was going from Sega Genesis to Playstation, any game would have looked good at that time.
After playing the demo, I was pretty impressed, as would anyone since the very first level is somewhat entertaining. After I went out to buy the game, and quickly came home to give it a whirl. But before I played, I called over a friend so we could both play the game on hard in two player mode. At first, the repetitious beat-em-up action is sort of fun, but it quickly drains your ''happy juices'' down to a pulp as soon as you get deeper into it, and you'll quickly see that there is no plot to save the game and become involved in. The characters aren't too wonderful either! I keep asking myself if Eidos did ANYTHING right at ALL!?
Later in the game, your enemies will have ridiculous amounts of HP, making it so just a normal thug can take 4 shots from a helicopter mounted machine gun. And guess what, you only have 4 shots in the gun. Every gun in the game only has up to 5 shots! Take a WILD guess and tell me how fun it is to do the same moves over and over through countless levels against countless enemies each with tons of HP? Basically put, even if you beat this game through on hard, looking like an invincible machine, you're still gonna be bored out of your mind. A word of advice, if you own this game, sell it like I did, and if you don't, stay away and load up on crosses, garlic, and bibles.
Now for the pleasure of reviewing this hellish CD. Graphics seem to be the only saving grace of this game, though they still fall in comparison to about anything else you'll play. And much like Siphon Filter 2's ''wagging butt when running'' animation, the main character here looks as if he's wearing childrens underwear and a nut cup seven sizes two small. His animations are just... bad. And Smasher, who seems like he'd be able to break a bar with his pinky, does serve up okay animations, however the boy just doesn't cut it damage wise. You'll play this game liking everything at first, but you'll quickly find it's all the same. And if anyone from Eidos is out there thinking I'm here to insult you, you're pretty much right, but I do like Fear Effect.
SOUND- 4/10
Not too good at all, explosions all sound the same, which isn't good, and the soundtrack is the same everywhere you go. It's all pretty plain. The soundtrack isn't completly terrible, but it could use some help.
One major problem with beat-em-ups in 3D I usually see is the controls. Allthough it wasn't the worst, it certainly became annoying to press the same buttons for the same moves over and over and over until I finally turned the game off. There's not really too much to do here, other than punch kick and through. However, if you're lucky enough to find a gun with any ammo, it's nice to shoot a huge bullet straight through an enemies heart and brain a few times in order to...WEAKEN him.
Basically put, it starts up too easy and ends up too hard. the HP on the enemies makes it a tedious nuisance to fight. Doing moves like the back breaker and other killer throws don't really do much damage. The only fun thing to use is a gun of some sort. Steal every copy of this game alive and BURN THEM!!! The last boss isn't really that hard, it's almost tougher to beat the crazy level before it. EIDOS... WHY!!!
There is litterally no reason to play this game again except for the usual different characters and challenge levels. Other than that, even if you choose to go a different path towards the end, it's all the same. If you are dumb enough to rent this, beat it once, then burn it.
STORYLINE??? WHAT STORYLINE??? You'll find yourself kicking butt without a causs ten minutes into the game. Every little nook and crannie of this game is terrible.
Hardly lovable or respectable. Lara Croft of Tomb Raider was all right, but jeez, come on!
An okay idea if you're a five year old, but someone forgot to make this game fun, and they forgot a storyline to go with it... Skip this one people, run away, FAST!!! YOU HEARD ME RRRUUUUUNNN!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/09/01, Updated 01/09/01

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