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"Final Fight \ Streets Of Rage boredom in 3D"

Fighting Force is a 3D Fighting game developed by Core Design Ltd. This game tries to bring the gameplay of old school fighters like Final Fight\Streets Of Rage into the three dimensions and it manages to do so… with everything that comes with it! Final Fight was boredom in 2D, Fighting Force is boredom in 3D.

Story: N/A

Fighting Force's developers are so lame that they didn't even include the typical Final-Fight-like plot that most Beat ‘Em Up games of its kind have. You know… some bad guys kidnapped someone, (usually someone sexy and half-naked), and you must save him. Here, unless you look in the manual, you just choose between four unknown characters, start fighting tons of grunts and end up jailing the final unknown bad-guy.

Gameplay: 4/10
Replay Value: 0/10

Fighting Force is a Final Fight\Streets Of Rage clone in 3D… and I HATE these games!!! Why? Well all you do in these is fighting tons of generic grunts over and over again using the same 2-3 freaking moves. No strategy, no innovation, no nothing, simply totally boring, repetitive and with zero replay value. Fighting Force brings the boredom back but now in all its three dimensional glory. Honestly I expected something a tad better than these old games since we've come a long way since them… right? Wrong! Fighting Force is even worse! Why? Well we have the same freaking flaws of the genre. Endless waves of boring grunts, 3-4 available moves for you to choose from, extremely repetitive gameplay, no innovations at all and no reason to play the game again after finishing… if you manage to handle the sleepiness. However FF goes one step further and makes things even worse by having extremely bad controls. You'll have a hard time focusing at an enemy end hitting him since most of the time your moves will hit the air. That's extremely annoying when you get to hold a powerful firearm with a very limited amount of ammo and end up wasting 25-50% of the bullets because your character needs more than 2 second to focus on an enemy! So what else is there? Nothing special really. You can choose between 4 heroes. The typical balanced fighter, a very strong but slow one and two women, one stronger and one faster… the typical bunch of fighting games IMO. Fighting Force tried to improve the gimmick of using items from your surroundings but I'm not impressed. In older games you would use barrels, boxes and led pipes to hit your enemies. In FF you can use more items and even find various items by destroying various stuff in the level but in the end that doesn't really add something to the game. The only thing that makes the game a bit bearable is when you play along with the friend but for how long?

Graphics: 6.5/10
Design: 4/10
Sound: 6.5/10
Music: 5.5/10

First the good: For a first generation PS game it looks quite good, with nice urban areas and nicely designed and animated heroes… especially the female ones. Now the bad stuff: Boring enemy design, full of generic grunts and nothing else. Levels look good but get boring quite fast since its urban area after urban area. So while FF isn't a game you play for its visuals its decent alright. Audio-wise nothing spectacular. Boring music… simple but good SFX aaaaaand that's about it…

-A tad better when you play with a friend

-Flawed controls
-Boring gameplay. Repetitive and simplistic

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Overall: 4.4/10

The game brings back the old school fighters tradition all right… if boredom and repetitive gameplay can be called a tradition…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/13/11

Game Release: Fighting Force (US, 10/31/97)

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