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"A bigger tragedy then Romeo and Juliet."

I like Final Fight beat em ups well just as long as they are fun and provide entertainment. Fighting Force tries to copy Final Fight and put it into a 3D world which would have been pretty cool but it just wasn't really fun to play at all and with a little(or a lot) more work it would have been exceptional. Well let us get to the characters and they are Hawk who is the basic jeans wearing main character,Mace who is kind of like Blaze from Streets of Rage,the big guy known as Ben who is strong but slow,and finally the teenage girl Alana who is basically like Guy from Final Fight. Well judging by it the creators are not going to win too many awards for original character design but I'll promise myself to save the rest of my zings on this game for my review which starts right about now.

The outside areas are all done well and look very good. The inside areas on the other hand all look bland and is mostly a same color wall and floor(with the exception of the mall stage). The characters themselves look drab especially the four characters who you can play as. The enemies are also weak looking and most of the time they are wearing bland street clothes or plain black suits. Wow judging by the looks things are starting to get good(note the sarcasm folks).

Slow paced and boring. I don't how many guys in black suits I beat up in the first level but it got old when the 50th one showed up. It takes so long to defeat some of your foes since they just keep on blocking your attacks and don't even get me started with the lame bosses. One thing that was cool was that you can choose your path to go and you will end up in a different level which gave it some positive energy(There is also a subway train level that is pretty much a rip off of the one in Final Fight). The concept was done before but it was still cool. Even with that added in the gameplay is still boring so that doesn't completely save it.

Almost silent screams and bland music scores that sound like the volume is below one await you in the sound department. There is also the occasional hitting sound effects and take note that I said occasional because of the stupid enemies blocking your hits. The sound is well just plain bad.

Why does my character move so slow and I'am not even playing as Ben the slow one? There is also both punch and kick buttons which kind of weird at first because in the majority of beat em ups there is only an attack button. The control would have been kind of good if it was not for the slow character movements.

Strange as it may seem I did play this game for a little while. However somewhere along the line it started to lose its fun fast and that what I have left is a bland beat em up game. So that about explains the replay value.

Final Word
Fighting Force just doesn't cut it and as of right now Die Hard Arcade from Sega does a better job at putting Final Fight into a 3D environment. Fighting Force is a game that outlines what could go wrong with a beat em up(repetiveness,slow paced gameplay,etc) and put all of those concepts into a game of its own. In short just avoid this stinker and go play Final Fight or Streets of Rage.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/19/01, Updated 04/19/01

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