Review by DMattsen

"This game was too short...."

This is a game similar to the fighting games released on the genesis and SNES such as Final Fury, except in 3D. This didn't make it better, however. The game is too easy and way too short.

Gameplay-The game is fun while it lasts. The characters aren't too hard to control. Usually as long as you are close to an enemy you will grab/punch/kick him. My friend and I played 2 player and beat the game in 10-15 minutes. The one good point of this game is that you can choose different paths to take to the end.

Story I forget the story, but it's usually the same in these games. You try and defeat some evil businessman, but have to fight his henchmen first before you can fight him.

Audio/Video I have to admit, I loved the graphics. The characters and scenery were done well. Also the fact that almost everything can be attacked or blown up adds some fun to the game. The sounds were good, but mainly grunts and groans of people being beat up.

Replayability My friend and I played this game 3 times because we thought that one of the paths we didn't take led to a harder game. We were wrong. The game is still fun to replay so you can check out those places, but theres nothing really special.

Buy or Rent? RENT!! This game is barely worth the 3-4 bucks it costs to rent a game, but if there's no other good games in stock, this would be a good game to hold you off.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/26/01

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