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"A game that just screams: "I suck!""

To tell you the truth, I was excited about Fighting Force when I first heard about it. I always enjoyed games like Double Dragon and Final Fight, but this is nothing like that. A short game which suffers from shoddy programming, or something.

The graphics in the game are okay but what makes this game poor in the graphics section is the fact that when you are playing with two players, the game suffers from terrible slowdown when they are on the other side of the screen. There had to be a programming trick to prevent that or something. Now like most beat-um-ups, this game repeats its enemies over and over, but doesn't change the pallette, they all just look the same. Weapons are few but are at least distinct from each other.

The sound is bleh... basic beat-um-up stuff.

Controls are somewhat simple, with a punch, kick, special attack and backpunch and run.

Gameplay is fun at first, but after beating it once, I haven't played it much since. The game is not only short, but easy. Yes, I played it on the hardest difficulty and only used one continue throughout the game. I now only play this with friends, when they've never played it. After the first time, you never really want to play again.

Well I haven't played many Playstation beat-um-ups but compared to the Super Nintendo's library of the genre, I can tell you that this game is poor, very poor. Or maybe I'm just being critical... nah.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/26/01

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